Zanu PF expels Mutasa

HARARE - As expected, Zanu PF yesterday fired former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, as First Lady  Grace Mugabe attended her first politburo meeting as the party’s secretary for the women’s league.

Mutasa’s nephew, Temba Mliswa, was also expelled from the ruling party which is undertaking brutal purges of all its senior officials perceived to be sympathetic to former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Simon Khaya Moyo, the Zanu PF spokesperson, told journalists yesterday that Mutasa and Mliswa had been expelled for behaviour that was allegedly contrary to the expectations of the party.

“On Cde Didymus Mutasa, a detailed report by the national disciplinary committee was submitted to the politburo highlighting of course the disparaging reports said by Mutasa on party leadership and his rubbishing of the congress as illegal, null and void.

“He went further to write as well to Sadc leaders appealing for their intervention among other things.

“The committee treated his case as unique and extraordinary and determined in the end and, of course, in terms of its own rules that Cde

Mutasa has continued to be unrepentant and continues to issue statements which are not helpful to himself either,” Khaya Moyo said.

Efforts to get comment from Mutasa and Mliswa last night did not bear fruit.

Khaya Moyo also announced that following his expulsion from the party,

Mutasa had also now lost his Headlands parliamentary seat.

Turning to Mliswa, Khaya Moyo said the former Mashonaland West chairperson, was fired for disrespecting national leadership and interrupting meetings in his province.

“On Cde Temba Mliswa, the former chairman of Mashonaland West, he has also been expelled from the party on an array of charges ranging from insubordination, denigrating national party leaders, interfering with the running of youth and women league in Mashonaland West, extortionist behaviour and continuing to interrupt party meetings in that province.

“His expulsion from the party (also) renders his seat in Parliament vacant,” Moyo said.

The Zanu PF spokesperson added that Bikita West MP Munyaradzi Kereke, Mudzi South MP Jonathan Samkange and Murehwa North MP Daniel Garwe, who all stood as independent candidates in the disputed 2013 national elections, had been readmitted into the party.

He indicated that by-elections would soon be held in Murehwa North and Mudzi South, with Garwe and Samkange as the party’s chosen candidates.

Confusion abounded yesterday as to when Zanu PF’s disciplinary committee had met to reach its decisions on Mutasa and Mliswa, amid conflicting reports from lickspittle State media.


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Mutasa aenda kwasara Fungai Mbetsa. Mutasa use people like Fungai Mbetsa to do his dirty jobs!!! Fungai Mbetsa must be next

Bambo Imwii - 19 February 2015

Nyika yaakutongwa na grace marufu akomana ha zvakaoma, ivo varume vemu zanu vanozviti mikono vanotya grace. Kungodzoka kwake mutasa achidzingwawo, Mugabe anotya Mutasa because he's wise enough to know that Mutasa knows too much but because anobviswa ma pampers na grace akatoteerera grace even if it means ndozvichadonhedza chi evil party chavo zanu. Tichaonerera gore rino, manje mutasa wacho rinengewo bovorangoma zvichapedzerana.

tinorovawo - 19 February 2015

This is the start of good things to happen! Lets watch self-destruction of Vampires!

Simba - 19 February 2015

Grace PhD(passed high school with dificulty) is in charge of the country and we are in trouble. We can see that she is now the president and the husband is just an non-executive prime minister like Tsvangirai was. The two VPS are just a mere local decoration like flowers at a wedding party. What will happen when the old man goes to meet his creator is 'too ghastly to contemplate!'

Chenjerai Hove - 19 February 2015

All this is just hoodwinking people with few months to next elections all these people will be brought back to the party and you will see them again ullulating and as usual insulting the west and our onw Morgan just watch this space . They will be used to campaign for zanu and after that kicked out ask Jabulani that is what they do . After spending months in mashonaland villages doing pungwes threatening poor people in the process by saying if they voted for mdc they will be all sent to the gallows . Now after elections Jabulani was expelled from zanu and then he discovered that no mani they was bed room coup but it was too late now he is no more uhambile ,We know our fools very well and that is what they are going to do yanisi sibili.

Diibulaanyika - 19 February 2015

Thanx zanu for a job well done. We need the purge to extend to Chihwuri and his evil traffic police officers. The traffic police in Mutare have turned into anti-motorists vampires. A motorist is now in bondage in this police province.

tatambura kwamutare - 19 February 2015

vakomana mahwa here vara rechirungu rataugwa apo munoziva zvarinoreva here? Kwai "lickspittle" tsvakai mudictionary mudzidze knowledge

manu - 19 February 2015

Eish! If is was them I would have the mother of all parties that I am out of that wicked, evil party. be happy guys! Judgment is coming. You should begin to ask your nation for forgiveness and begin to tell the truth. Your stories could become best sellers. ZPF are FINNISHED!!!!!

Righteous Judgment - 19 February 2015

Nyati, if you recall, I warned you that once Grace lands in Zimbabwe, she will is going to kick ass and chuck you into the dust bin. Indeed that has happened. They have also chucked you out of your parliamentary seat. What is next? They want to ruin you financially. Yes, financially. They are going to block all proceeds from the said Zanu-PF properties you were renting out and finally chuck you out of the farm. They intend to see you on the streets as an example and precedence for would be rebels against Zanu-PF Mafia leadership. There is no democratic antics whatsoever. So what is your next move? Of course you have not been the real stereotype. You were supposed to say "Oh no, Baba Mugabe, I am so sorry. That will never happen again" Good you did not do that. While you are taking this to the courts, your real ace are the documents that snatched from Bobs office. I hope you got all all the Nikuv and Solomon Mujuru's file 5 material? Do not worry. They wont kill you. Not as yet. Obama has promised to send the same squad that picked Bin Laden out here to pick up the God father if things go out of control. This time around, a man and woman will be picked up for burial in the Kariba Dam. Kariba Dam is closer than the Indian Ocean.

Mbareboy - 19 February 2015

Oh Nyati, by the way, do you still keep that funny man size portrait in your hall way? Please do us a favour, for goodness sake, chuck it out in the borne fire to night. You will never save your boss. That chick has a vise grip of his udder. She is in charge. He is done!

Mbareboy - 19 February 2015

The problem with people in Zimbabwe, and Mashonaland provinces in particular, is that they have very short memories. How many people were suppressed or fired by Mutasa and Mujuru? People just cheer on on these morons just because they said nonsense about Zanu. Why do Zimbabweans see the light when they lose benefits? Why and how did mashonaland provinces vote for Mugabe so overwhelmingly since 1980? Do you guys have any moral compass or you just talk and live a care free, scavenger life? Do you have to wait for things to be so very bad at a personal level and then start denigrating the Great Lion of Zvimba? You heard and coined Gukurahundi, Karigamombe, and all other operations and silly names, and Mugabe was not there in the villages. You killed each other and burnt each others' houses, and Mugabe was not there in the villages. You expelled MDC supporters, Mugabe was not there in the villages. What happened to HUNHU hwenyu, loving thy neighbor, do you suspend it when dealing with Mugabe? You took farms across the country, even though you did not have a single cough or plowshare. You liked chasing whites away, not knowing that the same laws would be used against you once your enemies are out. I am ashamed to be Zimbabwean....... we are a helpless hopeless lot.

Phaphamani - 20 February 2015

Thats zanu pf for you!! Mutasa knew very that zanu pf does not have reverse gear, and now he has got what was coming to him. His elpulsion means nothing.Zanu pf still owns him 100%. He has a rope tied around his neck and zanu pf holds the leash. Any silly move by mutasa zanu pf pulls it. He will be lucky if brutal murder of " Maisiri family" Headlands is not thrown at him. Punishment plus good move. No chance in hell for Mutasa. "Mafia style". Mutasa's best shot at zanu pf can only succeed if mugabe dies first. Grace will never be zanu pf president. She is getting a fake impression from zanu pf so called big wigs at the moment, who in actual fact are waiting for mugabe to die then the final battle bigins. Zanu pf is busy dying a natural cause. There shall be a time when Grace will be told " wai vhaira se poto vhaira tione. Mujuru and company must simply take ambush positions and wait,.

X-MAN IV - 20 February 2015

Mutasa aenda kwasara Fungai Mbetsa. Ko nhai Cde Mandi Chimene why is Fungai Mbetsa still in his job?????????? He challenged Cde Robert Mugabe and said he is the Emperor of Manicaland!!!

Mambondiani - 20 February 2015

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