Magaya wins big in Daily News awards

HARARE - The country’s leading newspaper, the Daily News, yesterday announced its 2014 annual awards winners, with Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader, Prophet Walter Magaya, walking away with the coveted Personality of the Year award.

Despite the fact that 2014 was undoubtedly one of the most difficult years Zimbabweans have had to endure since 1980, Magaya proved to a wide cross-section of the population that he was one of a few institutions and individuals that provided a rare ray of hope to many.

Personality of the year award — Walter Magaya

The young charismatic preacher managed to attract one of the largest crowds Zimbabwe has ever seen during his Night of Turnaround in November last year.

An estimated 350 000 people from all walks of life attended the conference, a feat that all the country’s stage-hungry politicians have failed to achieve over the past 35 years of Uhuru.

The well-known philanthropist also won the hearts of many Zimbabweans when he gave the late Studio 263 actress Pretty Xaba $18 000 to cater for her travel and medical bills at an Indian hospital, in addition to awarding scholarships to several orphans dotted across the country.

But despite all his good deeds, Magaya did court some controversy during the year, including facing untested allegations of adultery and seeing one of his crusades in Kwekwe ending tragically.

However, through his ministry, characterised by fervent reports of healing and miracles, he managed to turn many Zimbabweans to God.

Financial Institution of the year award — CBZ

CBZ Holdings, Zimbabwe’s largest financial services group by assets, has made significant strides in the past few years and ensured that its subsidiary, CBZ Bank, surpassed the $100 million minimum capital requirements set for 2020 by the Reserve bank in 2014.

And despite operating in a tough environment, characterised by an acute liquidity crisis and high numbers of non-performing loans, CBZ Holdings has consistently rewarded its shareholders by declaring regular dividends and making sure that cash is always readily available for its clients.

Although the financial services conglomerate recorded a 20 percent decline in profit after tax to $12,8 million in the six months ended June 30, 2014, due to a rise in expenses, CBZ Holdings capped the year by winning the Best Governed Company on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Businessman of the year — Shingi Munyeza

Hotelier and businessman Shingi Munyeza made headlines last year when he clinched the Mugg and Bean, Ocean Basket and Newscafe franchises at a time when restructuring was the buzzword in the country.

It was thus fitting that Munyeza’s passion and vision to create employment in a nation that is battling a comatose economy and high unemployment, did not go unnoticed.

An accountant by training, a marketer by passion and a hotelier almost by calling, Munyeza has been instrumental in growing the pan-African hotel group, African Sun.

In 2013, he was awarded the most influential entrepreneur the country had had since independence.

Munyeza is also a recipient of the prestigious “Industry Mover and Shaker” award by the Hospitality Investment Conference Africa for 2010, for his outstanding contribution to the hospitality industry across the African continent.

In the same year, he was conferred an honorary doctorate degree in Business Administration and Development by Solusi University, in recognition of his immense contribution to the development of tourism in Zimbabwe and on the African continent.

He is the Institute of Directors of Zimbabwe award winner for 2008 and also won the Zimbabwe Tourism Personality of the Year for four years running from 2002 to 2005.

Businesswomen of the year award — Grace Muradzikwa and Zodwa Mkandla

Despite 2014 proving to be one of the toughest years Zimbabwe has faced, the industriousness and good leadership qualities of Nicoz Diamond managing director, Grace Muradzikwa, and Traverze Travel managing director, Zodwa Mkandla, shone like beacons under the harsh economic environment.

At a time when the local insurance industry was facing seemingly insurmountable challenges due to a tight cash squeeze, Muradzikwa bravely steered Nicoz Diamond to safety by diversifying the company into the property sector and also opening a new branch in Mozambique.

On the other hand, the maverick tourism player, Mkandla, last year made history by winning the best Travel Agent Award for a record ninth consecutive time.

Since founding Traverze in 2003, Mkandla has transformed the travel company into one of the most formidable firms in the tourism industry.

The company, which has already spread its operations into Botswana, has put in place plans to expand into other regional countries such as Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.

Woman personality of the year — Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda

Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda, a trained human rights lawyer with extensive experience in conflict resolution and mediation and, for some 20 years, an advocate on issues of women and children’s human rights — fittingly won this award.

Gumbonzvanda’s recent achievements include work on the integration of gender equality issues in the peace processes for the Sudan, Somalia and Northern Uganda, as well as a lead role in the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region that resulted in the adoption of the Protocol on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence for returnees.

Gumbonzvanda was also involved in the development of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on Women’s Rights in Africa.

In 2007, Gumbonzvanda became General Secretary of the YWCA, a global network of women and young women leading social and economic change in 125 countries.

She has also served in critical roles within the UN system, focusing on many post-crisis countries across Africa.

Minister of the year — Walter Mzembi

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi is no stranger to winning awards.

The youthful minister who has been described by President Robert Mugabe “as one of my best ministers” in the Zanu PF-led government really deserves the gong.

Despite being surrounded by decidely tired and clueless colleagues — and a Cabinet collective that analysts say is one of the worst to come out of Zimbabwe — Mzembi stood out of the madding crowd for his productiveness and innovation.

Faced with a meagre budget to market Zimbabwe, the Tourism minister still made the right noises last year and vociferously made brand Zimbabwe visible on the international market.

Through Mzembi’s hard work, Zimbabwe was last year awarded two awards by the ETTC, a private Romania-based organisation with interest in tourism and which brings together tourism-related organisations from 27 European countries.

Tourism personality of the year   — Karikoga Kaseke

The strong-willed Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive, Karikoga Kaseke, is a hands-on man.

Notwithstanding the fact that he is a regulator, Kaseke, with his team, deserve praise for working so hard to revive the country’s tourism sector.

After realising that Zimbabwe was losing a lot of revenue due to lack of tourists in the country, Kaseke has gone on a successful soft diplomatic offensive — and his efforts are slowly paying off.

Last year, the sector brought close to $1 billion in tourism receipts.

Through his dedication and commitment to the industry, Kaseke personally negotiated with Egypt Air to review its decision to withdraw from Zimbabwe.

Parastatal of the year — Tel One

Zimbabwe’s sole fixed telecommunications company, Tel One, is slowly emerging out of the woods under the leadership of Chipo Mtasa.

The company was drowning in debt and lacked the expertise to bring new products on the market in line with its competitors, but over the last year Tel One has recovered $100 million from debtors that has improved its working capital position, and is already expecting a four percent growth in revenue in 2015.

For a company that was fighting to stay relevant in the digital age, Mtasa has made sterling efforts to ensure that Tel One remains focused on network expansion, while improving client services systems and expanding broadband connectivity.

The State-owned company is also planning to expand its fibre access to homes and a Tel One Data Centre that could see it dabbling in things like software development and test platforms, as well as hosting services — in line with international trends.

Arts promoter of the Year - Biggie Chinoperekwei

National Arts Merit Award (Nama) 2013 Arts Promoter of the Year, Biggie Chinoperekwei, is a most deserving 2014 Arts Promoter of the Year after he successfully staged more than 2 000 shows. Through his Devine Assignments, Chinoperekwei co-ordinated music concerts, music album launches, birthday celebration bashes, commemorations, pole dancing, modelling, DJ clashes and dance showcases.

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nonsense and utter rubbish

chihombori - 18 February 2015

Mwari munoshamisa. Thank you lord for the blessed Man of God, Prophet Magaya. We shall be fruitful and we shall multiply.

amen inobhowa satan! - 18 February 2015

A true man of God will be seen by his works..congratulations Prophet, Mbiri kuna Jesu

Dorothy - 18 February 2015

Tinodzorera mbiri kuna Jesu nguva dzose, makorokoto munhu waMwari

Slivia - 18 February 2015

We give all the glory to God...Congrats Prohet Magaya May God continue to bless you in every area of your life!!

Sherryie Ncube - 18 February 2015

My Jesus!!! congratulations Prophet Magaya for sure its a year of being fruitful and we shall multiply...

David - 18 February 2015

A newspaper which should be the harbinger of the 4th estate is now busy parcelling out awards to controversial public personalities. Such subjectivism and mindless populism damages the presses claim to the right to publish unvarnished news.

Media observer - 18 February 2015

Wow... Good news indeed. Glory be to God

jada - 18 February 2015

Makorokoto my spiritual father Prophet W. Magaya. BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY

Engah - 18 February 2015

congratulations prophet W.Magaya be Increased in every area......We shall increase,We shall cross borders,we shall multiply in favour and testimonies...We shall reproduce,duplicate and replicate........

sophia - 18 February 2015

My Jeeeeesus!!!!congratulations Prophet Magaya.

jamie - 18 February 2015

Am I speaking to you somebody! ndirikutaura newe here iwewe! BE FRUITFUL AAANND MU L-L-TI-PLY! MY JESUS!! CONGRATULATIONS Papa Magaya. May your offices be increased in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Howard Matewa - 18 February 2015

Only goes to show how backward the country is. people expect miracles when hard work should be the focus. 99.9% of the people are Zimbabwe are criminally gullible and not clever. This Magay guy was unable to predict the deaths of 11 people at HIS CHURCH gathering and yet he is supposed to foretell events! He was not even able to heal or cure the injured. Why did he not go to Liberia and Sierra Leone to cure or heal those with Ebola. Of course his legion of blind followers will be up in arms at what I have said. What is the point of sending children to learn science when Magaya has got supernatural powers?

Musona - 18 February 2015

mwaaa dady,We love u Papa Magaya,u are our shining star to the whole nation and the world at large.BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY.YADAH

ome - 18 February 2015

mbiri kuna Jesu. Congratulations daddy Magaya.

Munyuki Vimbainashe - 18 February 2015

What a load of rubbish from something which should be a newspaper, but now a circus itself. what did you give them as winners, and who were the judges? daily madness!

reason - 18 February 2015

my Jesus !!!!congratulations my father ...we shall multiply in favour and testimonies....glory be to God

matthew - 18 February 2015

amhlope amhlope father, you have done it again. m so proud of you. keep it up. i wanna follow e footsteps

kimhood - 18 February 2015

aiwa ndokuita kwa prophet ka uku. you deserve to be in the guiness book of records. i salute you prophet Magaya. ndimi mune yese

lemme talk - 18 February 2015

This is a shame on Daily news.l suppose Magaya promised miraculous increase in your readership and advertising revenue and you have responded in kind.Scratch my back, go ahead and promote these bogus miracle workers but your own survival as a newspaper will hinge,not on miracles,but on your newsworthyness.

mascara - 18 February 2015

Dailynews please stop glorifying these guys. Leave these 'prophets' alone and let Zimbabweans go to churches of their choice! The more publicity you give to these guys and their colleagues, the more you make ordinary people accept them as prophets! This country and this continent have more prophets than during the entire period of Genesis to Revelations. Please!!!

Phaphamani - 18 February 2015

I really don't understand Zimbabweans, is it desperation or fear of the unknown? How do you explain a people that so idolises a human being to be so superior; man of God, munhu washe, Africa's hero, mhondoro Mugabe, amai Dr????? Aren't we told one man of God is currently on the run for fraud, aren't we suffering because of mhondoro Mugabe and amai Dr?

Qawe laMaqawe - 18 February 2015

I need to be taught on the term "Spiritual Father" from my Basic understanding of the bible, even Jesus said i am the son and He only in heaven ndiye Baba zvino zvatavakungoti he is my Father whether spiritual or whatever you may claim i dont understand hangu

Tatenda Banda - 19 February 2015

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Dr - 19 February 2015

Chihombori and Reason, which world are you from? its the norm all over the world that Media Houses give awards to deserving personalities and orgnanisations based on their own criteria. Whats wrong with that? its a democracy after all!

Chinotimba - 19 February 2015

There is a thing called blind faith, and it has got xenophobic characteristics, this is one. Wealth in true and open business is understandable but not in religion, it becomes suspicious and treachery in the realm of religious believers.

Ubuntu - 19 February 2015

I do not go to phd ministries but chakanaka rumbidzai. congrats to Prophet Magaya..,and Chipo Mtasa. Mwari akufudzei mberi murambe muchiita zvakanaka. kune vasvotwa nekuhwina kwaBaba Magaya ziva kuti kuroya chaiko hakusi kumuka usiku chete asi kungoita godo paitwa zvakanaka ndokuroya chaiko.uchadzidza rinhi kuti aaah mufunge makorokoto veduwee.. dai Jesu akubatsira

WWWWW - 19 February 2015

I do not go to phd ministries but chakanaka rumbidzai. congrats to Prophet Magaya..,and Chipo Mtasa. Mwari akufudzei mberi murambe muchiita zvakanaka. kune vasvotwa nekuhwina kwaBaba Magaya ziva kuti kuroya chaiko hakusi kumuka usiku chete asi kungoita godo paitwa zvakanaka ndokuroya chaiko.uchadzidza rinhi kuti aaah mufunge makorokoto veduwee.. dai Jesu akubatsira

WWWWW - 19 February 2015

what are the characteristics of a prophet?? Answer the above questions using practical examples from the bible. If we are not careful, pharisees and Sadducees knew prophets better than us. Open your eyes fellow zimbabweans-Endai kuchurch mawerenga bible kwete kumirira kuwerengerwa bible nemufundisi.

toko - 19 February 2015

congratulations Chipo Mtasa.

Jonathan - 19 February 2015

satan asingade asingade JESU wedu anoda anoda...congratulations daddy....iro rino gore nderedu THEN GOD SAID BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY

Mwana wemuporofita - 19 February 2015

Ita amen satan arwadziwa uyo, asingade achida tsvimbo hatichadzore. Then God said be fruitful and multiply 2015, TakeOver makayiona 2014 hapana chekutaura

Weby wekuPHD - 19 February 2015

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