What is Mphoko smoking?

HARARE - Gukurahundi was a sad chapter in our country’s young history and the sooner that our leadership admits it, the better for national healing and progress, but sadly we have a whole Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko choosing to bury his head in the sand and insult victims of the deadly purge.

Mphoko would have us believe that was a western conspiracy, when it is a fact that 20 000 unarmed civilians were brutally murdered by the North Korea-trained 5th Brigade in the 1980s under the current Zanu PF leadership.

Is North Korea in the West? Did Western militia kill the harmless children and women from Midlands and Matabeleland? Did the West deploy soldiers to Zimbabwe to kill civilians? What has really gone wrong with Mphoko, because each time he opens his mouth, he is making a blunder?

Why is Mphoko hysterically trying to defend the massacres? We know people in Zanu PF sing for their next meals and grovel in bootlicking, but that does not mean that a whole vice president has to lose his marbles in the name of praise-singing.

It is indeed shocking that a whole vice president seeks rather vainly to deny the obvious, which even his proud master (President Robert Mugabe) admitted was a “moment of madness”.

So Mphoko wants to rewrite history or maybe it is just another moment of madness, how incredulous.

Mphoko might not have been elected but it does not give him the passport to be reckless and as Jonathan Moyo would say, speaking with an open mouth and a closed mind.

It is worrying that Mphoko is in charge of the toothless Organ of National Healing and Reconciliation. Where can he take you with his waffling and high-sounding, silly conspiracy theories.

Even a kindergarten pupil can see that there is something wrong with Mphoko because the West never cut people’s noses and mouths and never slashed open pregnant women’s bellies.

Mphoko cannot put lipstick on a frog in broad daylight like this because it will remain a frog.

What we need is a commission of inquiry into the murders to root out and punish the killers not this.

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Iwe CARTRIDGE GALLERY get away washaya kwekunotengesera junk yako.This is not innovative,this is taking refrigerators to the Eskimos.We dont need junk here,we want people who contribute not who learn selling at the wrong place.

chimusoro - 17 February 2015

Taura hako Chimusoro.

Gogodera - 17 February 2015

VP Mphoko has been a diplomat for a long time. I just don't know what kind of representation he made on behalf of our country. His calibre is of very unintelligent man who does not know what will come out of his mouth in the next minute. One day he says vendors are stupid and lazy, but they sold his cabbages in the street, the next day he says the Gukurahundi massacres did not happen. But he does not even know that those vendors are the ones who are an important part of the economy of Zimbabwe today. Pple in power must learn to control their mouths. No sane person can just pretend away the massacres which happened in the Midlands and in Matebeleland. Can someone please advise him that he is now popularly known as Mboko, a pumpkin head. It is now clear that there is not much between his ears.

Chenjerai Hove - 17 February 2015

@chenjerai I agree with 100%. You can never wish away the massacres that took place in the 80s. How can someone sane lie through his teeth that it was a conspiracy of the west. this hatred of the west to this extend is really mind boggling as Zimbabwean know what to place then. If this man has been smoking ganja then he needs someone to tell him what really happened in Midlands. He doesn't seem to know our nation's history. No sane person could have elected a spineless mboko.

pride - 17 February 2015

koimimi vamuzvizive here kuti mboko i mboko , kwaaa kwaaa

kumabharaima.co - 17 February 2015

Mphoko is trying to be a spin doctor but fails to realize the dise he is spinning. Instead this is a disrespect to the 20,000 dead

tonyme - 18 February 2015

Hondo yemadzviti vs Gukurahundi? -1+1=0 Let's forget about it. Musatsvage zvakawanda, zvinozotsvagwawo zvikaonekwawo kuti zvakatomboitikawo kumashure-shure. Dindingwe rakazodonzwawo so take it easy.

zvairwadzawasara - 18 February 2015

How can anyone forget about something that happened so recently that the perpetrators are still alive and refuse to apologize? This will not go away because some are still trying to justify and are unrepentant.

Dr DL - 18 February 2015

haazi kupenga here mdara uyu?maybe zvaakadya ari c10 zvaakumupengesa.

Tahir Iqbal - 18 February 2015

C19 Mpoko learn to seperate your daily bread issues from Gukurahundi. The that you are flatly fed, must not be a passport to distort history. We all know that Shonas killed Ndebeles. No million lies will change this. Wake and smell the coffee. The day of reckoning shall come and indeed it is coming

un-Mpoko - 18 February 2015

you can say all sorts that u may want bt pls STOP being tribal and say out ur points smartly. ' We all know that Shonas killed Ndebeles-unMpoko' reads one of the comments, shem! What's that? Saka zvonzwii unoda revenge here? Remember Zimbabwe stretches from Limpopo to Zambezi and it wholly used to belong to Shonas & few ethinic groups like Kalangas, Nambyas, tongas etc until 1837 when the first Matebele (Madzviti) band arrived. Revisit ur history notes u'll learn why big herds of cattle are found in Matelebeleland, the raids that happenned in Masvingo Chivi (Gomara kingdom) areas, the forced tributes that were paid by Shona chiefs to the brutal Lobengula, the burning of Shona maize fields, capturing of tsvarakadengas EVEN the Great Brutal killing of Chaminuka. What more will u want to learn after reading these? Past is past lets unite & concentrate on something new and developmental.-Nkulumane

Nkulumane - 1 March 2015

Ganja is a weed of wisdom. In fact I advise Mphoko to smoke it. Then this madness might be a thing of the far past

Clappy - 10 September 2015

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