Mugabe, Zanu PF have failed people

HARARE - Both political and economic commentators say President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF government have failed dismally to get Zimbabwe ticking and to implement a single one of the ruling party’s 2013 election promises.

In interviews with the Daily News yesterday, the analysts said in a normal democracy, the Zanu PF government would have long resigned to allow a new administration to try and pilot the country into less turbulent skies, given the extent of Zimbabwe’s escalating political and economic crises.

They bemoaned that government had failed to implement just one of Zanu PF’s plethora of election promises, as well as the fact that the majority of Zimbabweans were now “decidedly worse off” than they were before the July 31, 2013 elections.

Political commentator Francis Mukora said the disastrous shrinkage of the economy and the country’s collapsing social services, as witnessed over the past 18 months, had resulted in the fatal outcome that Zimbabwe’s per capita economy was now at its lowest in 60 years.

“The government’s failure to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans stems from the fact that the ruling party has always prioritised the consolidation of its grip on power ahead of everything else, including service delivery,” he said.

Mukora also noted that the “unholy trinity” of misplaced priorities, mismanagement and corruption — which seems to have permeated almost every government sector — made it even more difficult for the government to fulfil its service delivery mandate.

“Hence we continue to witness deteriorating social services, blossoming poverty and a ballooning national debt even after discovery of rich natural resources such as the Marange diamonds,” Mukora added.

Economist Brains Muchemwa said the government had created the current economic mess that was being experienced in the country, adding that it also lacked the capacity to turn around the country’s economic fortunes.

“We have got a government that has no capacity to stimulate economic activity. It is proving very difficult for them to run government in a stable environment where you can’t print money,” he said.

Muchemwa added that the country’s economic growth prospects would “continuously shrink”.

MDC spokesperson, Obert Gutu said Zanu PF was irreparably divided and as a result, the government was completely unable to craft and implement a sustainable economic development trajectory for the country.

“As the MDC, we call upon the Zanu PF regime to publicly admit that the economy is comatose and that they are clueless regarding the way forward.

“Thereafter, the people of Zimbabwe should then be allowed to call for the resignation of the Zanu PF government in its entirety.

“After the government has resigned, the relevant constitutional provisions should be invoked leading to the holding of free and fair elections, preferably conducted under the auspices of Sadc and the African Union so that political legitimacy can be promptly restored in our country,” Gutu said.

Gutu also asserted that Zimbabwe’s main challenge was lack of political legitimacy.

“For as long as we fail to cleanse our electoral system and in the process regain political legitimacy for the government in power, the Zimbabwean economy shall remain in the doldrums,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s economy nearly collapsed during the hyperinflationary period between 2002 and 2009 and was only saved by the Government of National Unity which breathed a new lease of life into the economy by introducing a multi-currency system.

Experts also say the economy is slowly sliding into deflation after shrinking from a high point of 12 percent growth in 2011 and 10,7 percent in 2012 — before plummeting to growth levels below four percent in both 2013 and 2014.

As a result, economic analysts were predicting a zero economic growth rate this year, unless there were fundamental changes in the country. A recent report by local financial services firm, Inter-Horizon Group (IH Group), revealed that the government needed to urgently implement productive and proactive policy reforms in order to attract foreign direct investment, as the economy was buckling under increasing stress.

The report, which singled out policy inertia as the largest impediment to growth, in addition to panning the lack of a compromise solution to the indigenisation policy, also said that the economy was being weighed down by depressed aggregate demand, high unemployment, pervasive structural issues linked to poor funding and weak commodity prices in key sectors such as mining and agriculture.

“We believe that 2015 will see government becoming compelled to take a more moderate approach to indigenisation, with the focus shifting towards creating a more conducive environment for much needed investment,” read part of the Economic Outlook survey.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya has said that there is need for the country to concentrate on competitiveness and rebalancing of the economy. This was after the country’s trade balance had widened to $3,3 billion in the full year to December 2014.

“The subdued export performance reflected, in part, the retreat in international commodity prices, lack of competitiveness attributable to infrastructure deficits, high utility costs and high cost of capital and finance,” Mangudya said in his 2015 Monetary Policy Statement this week.

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    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk ma1

    jokonia madluka - 13 February 2015

    I am sure we all agree that those Zanu PF promises were all talk and a bunch of lies. Lets not waste time expecting anything.

    OBSERVER - 13 February 2015

    Zanu-PF is not lead but mislead from the top. Rotten fish-head.

    selele - 13 February 2015

    The economy is already in deflation. One does not need to be a senior commentator, analyst or expert to see the pathetic state of the economy. VIVA ZimAsset, VIVA 2.2mil jobs, VIVA diamonds, VIVA bond coins, VIVA chairperson on SADC & AU, VIVA macro-economic fundamentals

    Garikayi - 13 February 2015

    They were failures from the very beginning and they never even bothered trying. Some were looting from the onset but now all are looting.

    Galore 123 - 13 February 2015

    viva bond-age coins kkkkk!

    gerry - 13 February 2015

    At least there are good at one thing :persuading Zimbabbweans to vote for them. Why on earth did the majority vote ZANU-PF in July 2013? We knew that they had been rescued by MDC in 2009 but we continued to believe their lies . I might sound cruel but I think we just need to sink further for us to start "thinking"

    sam khumalo - 13 February 2015

    Mugabe and ZanuPF will not win because they have lied all along that blacks were being held back by racism and/or oppression in Rhodesia. That was the wrong diagnosis. To be voted into power you have to come up with some plausible ideology to galvanise the gullible majority - this is what Mugabe and Zanu have done but have so far failed to perform better than the whites. It has taken people a few years to realise whites were not the problem and it took them a few years to realise Mugabe and Zanu were not the solution but the problem. People like Mugabe read novels by Karl Marx on Communism, which was all the rage at the time, but is now discredited by the most ardent followers except, of course, Mugabe who still thinks everyone is out of step except himself. The majority of Africa's post-colonial leaders have tried some sort of communist socialism but abandoned it leaving their countries on the verge of collapse. Mugabe calls it “land reform” to fool the gullible. Nyerere called his Ujamaa. Nyerere abandoned Ujamaa. Nyerere had ignored what fellow nationalist Oscar Kambona had told him that communism was not the way to go. But for Mugabe it is too late to dismount the tiger at 91 years. Whoever succeeds Mugabe will have their work cut out picking up the pieces from the wreckage left by Mugabe's socialist land reform and other outlandish programmes. Mugabe was appointed leader on the strength of being able to string English sentences together but with no managerial experience of any sort and this has been a disaster. I cannot see how you can successfully run a government when you have not so much as run a tuckshop. Nobody is able to divert or discourage Mugabe from his chosen path. If Mugabe's foolish decisions did not affect us we would just ignore the mad man and his experiments but it affects us all. While Mugabe is still around people can forget about progress.

    Musona - 13 February 2015

    We continue to succumb to Zanu PF lies and propaganda we the Zimbabweans.Ndabaningi Sithole was a victim of lies,a rightful leader of the party,then come this Mujuru circus and sanctions brought by MDC lies.We need to be more analytical tisati tangoti pamberii

    Manfred - 14 February 2015

    Not beating by the bush the problem in this country is Mugabe . We can bring other theories but all will end up pointing at Mugabe . How many times has Mugabe been told to leave.? Does he listen ?No ! .Why? Bcoz he does not have people of this country at hart he never cares what happens to them they are not of his father 's origins . But the happiest person is that CIO called Jealous and Chidiabusiku who rushed too have elections DESPITE RESISTANCE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE INCLUDING THOSE WHO WERE THE PEACE BROKERS WHICH CREATED A JOINT GOVT. That is exactly what Jealous went to the court for bring more misery to the citizens of this decaying country . Can Jealous and Chidiabusuku say what did the country gain from the elections which they forced down our throats . ?They may have got some rewards from zanu but if they are sane they are feeling exactly the same way Iscariot felt after betraying the only begotten son god .

    Diibulaanyika - 14 February 2015

    the only begotten son of god.

    Diibulaanyika - 14 February 2015

    Didymus Mutasa's interview with Mail & Guardian in early February was revealing. Mutasa said - “We have taken away people's land and we are not making good use of those farms. When you see how many Zimbabweans are in South Africa, it's millions. What are they going there for? It's work. We draw up fantastic blueprints but with no money to achieve them. It makes me very sad. I have always wondered about our Look East policy that confines Zimbabwe to Russia and China. You then see how faulty some of our policies are. You never think about them clearly and they are given to you in a memorandum and when you meet your Cabinet and politburo colleagues to discuss them, you are told there is no time and we move to other issues”. ---- This clearly shows what I know already that the cabinet and politburo are just parrots who follow and have no input in policy. Mugabe expects cabinet and politburo members to praise all his one-man policies whether they like it or not. It's quite an ordeal being in Mugabe's cabinet. The country is under a mad man.

    Musona - 14 February 2015

    Musona, I could not agree with you any better. "It's quite an ordeal being in Mugabe's cabinet. The country is under a mad man." One thing for sure is that the madness is contagious. Do you think Mnagagwa and his lot not equally mad? How do people with sound minds let let a sick mad mad suffering from "NPD" -Narcicistic Personality Disorder- run our country for this long? Do you all remember Mnagagwa say that he got that far by being a yes man? He meant every word he said. He has swallowed every crap RG Mugabe has dished out for his own good not for Zimbabwe. Zanu-Pf has failed. they have to be forced out one way or the other.

    Mbareboy - 14 February 2015

    My feeling is that the ZimAsset blueprint was drafted by Zhuwao and he gave it to his uncle who might have made some corrections and was given to politburo and cabinet as national policy. These guys in politburo and cabinet do not know what this crackpot ZimAsset is they just follow blindly. Black people are not poor because they were deprived of fertile land by whites. That is misguided nationalists' garbage. Whites had big tracts of land because they had the unique farming skills, MONEY and dedication to do serious commercial farming, end of story. Commercial farming is a science. Each farm is another form of firm or factory. To do farming you need the farming skills, loads of money to buy fertiliser, farm machinery, fuel, water and pay employees and good management skills. Top government officials were given free farms, and farm machinery and equipment which they are unable to pay back this is why this government is trying to force taxpayers to pay the RBZ's $1.3 billion debt. Money money money is what prevented blacks owning large tracts of land. Why give fertile land to a poor person who will not do much to the land and removing someone who has the skills and money to use the land productively? If the whites had not brought the GEJO (ox-drawn plough) the situation would be even worse with back-breaking hand-hoes. These politicians put unnecessary pressure on themselves by getting the diagnosis wrong, forcing through wrong solutions and giving people false hopes that they will all be millionaires if they have land. But the silly thing is they do not buy farm machinery or give free farms to ALL the citizens but for their cronies and relatives only!!!

    Musona - 15 February 2015

    @khumalo do you think the outcome of the 2013 elections was a true reflection of how people voted? dont be gullible!

    tongesai - 15 February 2015

    We did all became millioniers ,billioniers and at last trillioniers but we do not have money kkkkkkkkkkkkk and we are all very very very poor except security bosses and Mugabe .Heish !!!! this country has gone to the dogs after we allowed the gate crusher to lead us in 1980. We should have supported Gwasela and company these guys had a feeling that Mugabe was going to shiite on us like this . To me these guys were my true heroes where ever you are guys all sane citizens of this country salute you we late you down bcoz we are a country of cowards who pretend to be so educated ,

    Diibulaanyika - 15 February 2015

    @dibulanyika i Agree with you on the fact that we are a country of cowards who pretend to be educated. i add that we are not honest enough to accept that we are failures as black people what is it we do with our education despite being armchair critics. y not do the right thing of going into the streets snd make this beloved country of ours unruly. thats the only language zanoids understand those who cant go on the streets must support those who can ,,morally or otherwise.I recently watched a programme on BBC about the constitution drafting . its so pathetic to see all that violence go unchallenged. we should take it to those people who are refusing us our say

    teddy bee - 15 February 2015

    @musona You are welcome to rent a couple of hectares from me. I can teach you to grow cabbages or something. Come my brother I want you to ENJOY FREEDOM!

    sleepyhead - 15 February 2015

    musona is jusr an old punk.

    selele - 15 February 2015

    Is Zanu-puff not a one man band led by a vindictive child abandon by a male figure parent, with a weak membership and falls bravado at it's centre fold.

    Gudli'ndlu - 17 February 2015

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