Zim's best 'O' Level schools

HARARE - For the second year running, Monte Cassino Girls High, a Catholic boarding school in Mashonaland East, has emerged as the best school at ‘‘O’’ Level in the country, yet again recording an amazing 100 percent pass rate in 2014.

According to national pass rate statistics availed by the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) yesterday, girls seemingly proved that they were academically superior to boys as another girls’ high school, Kriste Mambo, came second with a 98 percent pass rate from its 109 candidates.

Monte Cassino, which in 2013 also recorded a 100 percent pass rate from the 82 candidates who sat for exams that year, repeated the feat last November after all its 83 candidates managed to pass at least five Ordinary Level subjects.

Perched between two mountain ranges, Monte Cassino is situated about 7km south-east of Macheke, and has always done well academically, even during the time when Zimbabwe’s socio-economic environment hit rock bottom around 2008.

The school was founded by Catholic missionaries in 1902 and has established a rock solid reputation for academic excellence.

In 2012, the school featured in the Top 10 for both ‘‘A’’ and ‘‘O’’ levels, coming in at positions nine and seven respectively.

Completing the 2014 national Top 10 schools at ‘‘O’’ Level are Nyanga High School (97,92 percent); St Dominics Chishawasha Secondary (96,84 percent); St Davids Bonda, another girls’ school (96,83); Zimbabwe Republic Police (94,89); St Ignatius College (94,52); Anderson Secondary School (93,85); Regina Mundi Secondary (93,48); and Knowstics Academy, which recorded  a 92,98 percent pass rate.

A total of 316 003 candidates sat for their ‘‘O’’ Level final examinations in November 2014. Of that number, 86 308 were female public school candidates and

77 545 were female private school candidates.

On the other hand, the total number of male public school candidates was 99 999, while

52 151 were male private candidates.

Esau Nhandara, Zimsec director, said yesterday that Zimbabwe had experienced an increase in ‘‘O’’ Level candidates of 30 743, a 10,77 percent spike from the 2013 figure of 285 260.

“The November 2014 pass rate for school candidates was 22,38 percent and for private candidates it was 8,47 percent.

“The performance of both school and private candidates was consistent with pass rates for 2013,” he said.

The Zimsec boss added that the pass rates for both public schools and private candidates for November 2014 indicated that the reported examination leakages had not had a significant impact on candidates’ performance.

“It would appear that in the English Language and Mathematics that had reports of suspected leakages in the first papers written, the performance of candidates in the papers that were re-sat was comparable to the November 2013 results,” he said.

Nhandara added that the total number of candidates who sat for five subjects and above was 173 856 and that those who passed five subjects and above with Grade C or better were 36 031.

“The overall pass rate for November 2013 was 20,72 percent, a 2,32 percent increase from November 2012 pass rate of 18,4 percent,” he said.

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Well done to all the Zimsec O'level graduates & those who didnt make it this time, if at first you dont succeed try and try again. if there was a people centric and vision led government, vocational qualifications could also be in the mix as an option for those turned off by academic route. Editor the picture is incomplete and headline misleading when you exclude those schools that write international examinations. Anderson Secondary School is in Singapore, the one in Zimbabwe is called Anderson High School. There is a difference between secondary and high school you know.

Marcello - 10 February 2015

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Wenyasha - 10 February 2015

Kriste Mambo well done. Mheta ndizvo.

wasu - 10 February 2015

Thanks to COLONIALISM Monte Cassino Girls High School was founded by Catholic missionaries in 1902 and has established a rock solid reputation for academic excellence. If it was not for that great man Cecil John Rhodes who opened up the jungle to development there would be no education to talk about. This is one true Hero to all black people when this land had no single school. Roman Catholic missionaries were Caucasian from Europe and were indeed part and parcel of colonialism. Some morons are embarrassed that despite their idiotic hypocritical bluster against colonialism it was colonialism which brought EDUCATION to this land which had no schools. If you are able to read this comment then you have to thank Rhodes who made it all possible for you to read and write. Education might not have started in Britain but the bottom line is education was brought by the British and their WHITE missionaries to this borderless land now called Zimbabwe. This is why I praise colonialism. Without colonialism there would be no education to talk about. Thank you Cecil John Rhodes. I will not rest my case.

Musona - 10 February 2015

@Musona, u are very wrong, your shadow, your intestines and everything related to you are all wrong. This c*nt never helped in the development of Zimbabwe's education, he instead fueled the destruction of our lovely motherland. If you see the wish these your friends have to to be in the country, you will understand that its not because of Rhodes that the country attracted the interest of all foreigners. He was actually attracted to the country as well, because of how we maintained our land. Don't even rest your case, you have to rest yourself!

Nama - 11 February 2015

Catholic Schools have over the years mastered the art of opening exam papers in advance and secretly teaching kids the right stuff prior to the examination day!!

Garikayi - 11 February 2015

thanks to colonialism i am planing a journey to go to Britain and call them i miss them so much

gamatox - 11 February 2015

Shallow minded Musona, a racist par excellence an idiot of all idiots. A man without destiny, a man without a past, present and future. If he has children at all, I will be damned, they are clueless of who they are. What of your wife Musona? she sees a racial demented man, destroyed and hopeless.

Sdazo - 11 February 2015

GOD is good

Tinashe - 11 February 2015

ATTENTION HARARE CAR OWNERS!!! It has come to my attention that there are thieves that are moving around in free parking places around the greater Harare (along the Avenues Areas, Fifth Street, Livingstone Avenue, etc.) stealing from parked cars. These thieves are targeting small items like grill badges, fog light covers, wheel covers, etc. and any other outside accessories on cars. The thieves' modus operandi is that they pretend to be the car owners or those guys who clean vehicles before stripping the vehicle of some of these accessories. Please make sure that when you park on these free parking bays you reverse park as their main target are accessories on the front of the vehicle. Also make sure that all doors are locked and report any suspicious person milling around cars to the police. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH FRIENDS AND RELATIVES.

tino zagorakis - 11 February 2015

Enrol many female teachers than male and give awards to best teachers

R MAWUNGWA - 11 February 2015

@Garikayi- You might want to back your allegations with fact. i have sent two kids through catholic schools and there has never been a whisper of scandal relating to opened exam papers. vana vari kupasa fair and square.

Proud Monte Cassino Dad - 11 February 2015

Note something, where is Harare and where is Bulawayo. Looks like Manicaland and Midlands are running away with it. I think as many pple or migrate to Harare in the face of economic hardships, the schools become congested and the the teacher per child ratio is higher in Harare than anywhere else in the country. I think the govt should do one of the few things they are well credited for since independence, to provide education for all. Schools should be built in all new sububs. How can there be no govt school in Westgate, new Malborough, just to mention a few

jore - 11 February 2015

Musona my bro,there is nothing extra-ordinarily special about colonial gains as all that was done with us Africans working under forced labour "chibharo".so all what u see and praise done during colonial era our ancestors were part of that development onlt that they were slaves by then.I agree with you that our governments now have failed us and we need to have some change first and foremost a new face as a Head of state

carson macate - 11 February 2015

Which one is the correct pass rate, Zimpapers says its 30% which is an increase of 10% from last year and you guys (Daily news) say its 22% which reflects a 2% increase now who is telling the truth. I think i will be very optimistic and go by the Herald figures.

Kudakwashe - 11 February 2015

I salute you once more Sister Monica and the entire Monte Cassino community , not only have you continued to churn good results you have also moulded our young girls into societal role models. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU. May you continue to shine !!

samaz wekwa vhumbunu - 11 February 2015

I have written a very clear comment praising Cecil John Rhodes and some moron tries to pour scorn by invoking chibharo. I have a lot to say about so called chibharo but my point was that Rhodes is my HERO because of opening the jungle to modernity notwithstanding the real or imagined chibharo which I never experienced or told about by my own grandfather who saw the whites come in 1890s. To those who invoke chibharo I say if it indeed happen then it was a very small prize to pay for the priceless development blacks, who were in the pre-Iron Age, got from the white colonisers. MY MAIN POINT WAS WE HAVE TO THANK CECIL JOHN RHODES FOR THE EDUCATION THAT BLACK PEOPLE NOW BOAST ABOUT. EDUCATION WAS BROUGHT BY COLONISERS. EDUCATION WAS BROUGHT BY COLONISERS.EDUCATION WAS BROUGHT BY COLONISERS. EDUCATION WAS BROUGHT BY COLONISERS.

Musona - 11 February 2015

Chibharo is happening now - ZanuPf officials gave each other free farms. The Reserve Bank then goes on to give these officials and some opposition officials farm machinery and equipment without any collateral whatsoever and now they have failed to pay, all taxpayers are being bullied to pay and ZanuPf says it is not the taxpayers' business to know the details or names of the culprits - this is worse than the so-called chibharo. Workers going for over a year without pay is worse than chibharo. What is the difference?

Musona - 11 February 2015

@Nama - incoherent tosh.

Musona - 11 February 2015

well done chindunduma,gret improvemnt

vanessa - 11 February 2015

well done to my lovely school MGHS proud of you guys.Major yaib for life

nicki damzzy - 11 February 2015

Dear Editor, I would like to say well done to all the students that did well. However, if a school enrolls Form one students with 4 or 5 points only at Grade 7, the academic cream of that stream and achieves an O'level pass rate above 90% for that same stream of students I do not think that school deserves special recognition. I think for us to have a better perspective on schools performance or on how much value they add to the education system it is necessary to know the academic intake requirements for schools when measuring their respective O' level results. A better indicator on schools performances would be measuring how much value they added to students. The practice of praising schools attaining good results when they creamed off the best students at Grade 7 is wrong. I would rate such schools as having achieved a standard performance. A practice of praising performances by just looking at the surface serves to discourage other schools from doing the hard work of taking average or not so bright students and developing them into better students. Mr. O.

Mr. O. - 11 February 2015

30% is a zimpapers lie trying to give zanu pf undue credit. The pass rate can not jump 10 percentage points in one year. 22% is more credible as it is consistent with what the pass rate has been for more than 30 years.

magame - 11 February 2015

well done MGHS ..... you made us proud ladies...

poppy - 11 February 2015

I think more needs to be done to improve the pass rate...its actually shocking that people don't realize that 22% pass rate is deplorably low!

Gwatsvira - 11 February 2015

Don't take my hubby serious, at times he resist to take his dosage for mental problems

Mrs Musona - 11 February 2015

Please spare us this nonsense about Monte Casino, Kriste Mambo etc as being great schools. If we are to take the same students without the teachers and place them at Bumi High school they will still perform the same. This has nothing to do with the teachers effort as assumed by this categorisation but the way schools recruit e.g. Monte Casino takes the best students from all junior schools across the country yet Bumi Hills school (all abilities) recruit from within their area yet they are labelled the best. This ranking should be abolished as it does not reflect the true effort placed by teachers. Schools must not discriminate based on grade 7 results as its not proper to punish students who will have failed because they are on an autistic spectrum. The exam testing methods must surely be changed as it does not cater for students from different learning ability as opposed to intelligence. All kids are intelligent but learn differently. Any student if given the right method to learn and be assessed can achieve higher grades. Its high time the Ministry focus on the individual child than petty issues with no bearing to the child in the classroom. Teaching is about the individual child and NOT the school.

Brighton - 12 February 2015

Well done Pamushana you actually make us proud

Manjokoto Evermary - 12 February 2015

If a school takes students with 5 units or better, they should produce 100% pass rate with minimum 8subjects and 5As minimum. Those schools are guilty of destroying the future of many bright students. Some have achieved a paltry 90%. How do you justify 10% of students with 4units failing to get 5Cs at O'level. Government must make these schools accountable. It's nauseating.

George - 12 February 2015

MY FLETCHER HIGH SCHOOL......we led by example...we were the best in zim so wat hapenned...or why why

ZIMBO - 14 February 2015

Well done Biriiri, first time in history after a long time. You really put us on the map.

Fathers - 14 February 2015

Asi tirikungohwavo nembiri kuti vana kupasa-kupasa havo asi Havana chavari kuziva. Hanzi kuvhurigwa kwemapepa (and leaking of papers) is now the norm from Zimsec down to schools. Tivudzeiyivo maeducationists ari paground - ichokwadi here kana kuti vana vedu zvangova zvikwapuro zvoga-zvoga. KumaUniversity kwedu uko ndimi mungatotivonesa: Zviri kuratidza here kuti vana vedu vari kupinda nema 12 to 20 pts zveshuwa vasiyana nesu taipinda hedu nema 5 pts mumaearly 90's or Sylabus yedzacho dzaka dhailutiwa here? Tibetsereyi vo vehama. Handi kushovora vana vedu vari kupasisisa; asi kungoti mazuva edu taivona kuti munhu akapasa form 4 nemaC oga-oga chaiwo aigona kutonodzidzisa paSecondary as temporary Tr achitotaura zvinohwikwa; asi parizvino maA-level edu ane ma 20 pts anoratidza kuti angatotatarika chaizvo kudzidzisa muForm1 kuti anzwisise. Saka, zvokwadi tavakudoshaya kuti zviri kudofambasei? Todotya isu vamwe.

mapingu - 14 February 2015

daramombe and st annes goto keep up the momentum u make us proud as anglicans

sinyoro - 16 February 2015

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...nyamuzuwe...ululululululu madadisa prizzzzz

nina - 16 February 2015

Pakanaka high ine vana 100 pakapasa 50. Bhazooka high ine vana 200 pakapasa 125. Ndepapi panorohwa chikoro?? halala!!!

herber - 17 February 2015

congratulations Bonda Ladies

chihera - 17 February 2015

well done howard and emmanuel

andrew - 17 February 2015

zvikoro izvi zvine mushonga

wellington chiunye - 27 February 2015

hapana hapana those schools only take those children with 6 and bellow think of MUTARE BOYS HIGH inotora munhu wese you expect it to be their to its totally unfair I think zimsec must do of with these public praise of results

samlie - 28 January 2016

hapana hapana those schools only take those children with 6 and bellow think of MUTARE BOYS HIGH inotora munhu wese you expect it to be their to its totally unfair I think zimsec must do of with these public praise of results

samlie - 28 January 2016

Good day, i hope this message finds you. I have a 13 years daughter doing grade 7. I'm kindly looking for the best and affordable school in Matebeleland. Kind reagards Ms. N. Ndebele.

Nokuthula Ndebele - 9 February 2018

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