Tsvangirai rescues Mbire villagers

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai spent the whole of last Friday with ordinary Zimbabweans who lost homes, property and crops in Mbire floods that wrecked livelihoods in the Zambezi Valley in Mashonaland Central.

The MDC leader left tonnes of household packs that included tents, blankets, clothes and groceries for the hundreds of families in the flood-ravaged area.

He had first visited the makeshift tents that are providing temporary shelter for some of the families.

Tsvangirai said government must ensure that there is non-partisan distribution of any form of assistance that will be rendered to the community.

He then gave some families goodies that included food packs and left the rest of the packs he had brought with local traditional leaders and village heads.

He told them to ensure that the handouts went to all deserving families, regardless of political affiliation.

Addressing thousands of villagers in Nyambudzi village in ward 12 in Mbire, Tsvangirai bemoaned the natural calamity that befell the hapless families in the Zambezi escarpment and other parts of the country, where floods destroyed homes and crops, impacting negatively in a huge way on the lives of the people.

“I hope that government and NGOs will also assist,” he said.

“There is no reason for anyone to render assistance along partisan lines. I hope everyone will be assisted and I hope the village heads will assist all affected people.”

Tsvangirai also urged the youth to reject being used to unleash violence on  people but to positively channel their energy to demand jobs so as to improve their livelihoods.

The former prime minister later visited homes of survivors of the 2008 violence.

He was shown houses that were destroyed by vigilantes who unleashed unprecedented violence following Zanu Pf’s  presidential poll defeat in 2008.

The MDC leader promised to source more food for the distressed families.

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thats what we like

zvenyika ganda - 9 February 2015

Tsvangirai is now showing real signs of true leadership. Haatuki munhu he embraces everyone. May the hand of our Lord Jesus be upon you Mr M Tsvangirai. Some leaders are so stupid to the extend that they expose their stupidity to the public by uttering nonsense and trying to hide behind their nails. I used to doubt this man leadership qualities but this time around he has proven me wrong. You got my X on the next election. I had not excercied my right to vote but now I think I should because there is someone who is sensible now in our political parties

George - 9 February 2015

isn't it a classic case of vote buying

fire links(able weathers) - 9 February 2015

tsvangirai has always been like that although now it is more showing. it is only that the papers like the herald and the chronicle have always been good at propaganda for the sake of mugabe. we zimbabweans are so stupid to believe lies.

see - 9 February 2015

If this is vote buying, then ini ndatotengwa vanguard by this great leader! At least we still have someone humane enough to care for the neglected and disadvantaged. Keep it up Baba Tsvangirai, yang u vote yaw yenyu, you are our only sober hope for a future president!

Kuzalunga - 9 February 2015

food or no food, blankets or no blankets, Chamatama yangu vote haulume. Zanu Pf cadre

wind - 9 February 2015

Of course you can expect such comments from misguided, brainless and brainwashed people like Wind. You would not expect them to know the difference between a good leader and a bad one. Just as the name suggests, Wind - pupuru-pupuru, kupupuruka se Mhepo, kutevera nevakananga musango

Jackson Magaya - 9 February 2015

Wind, it is not about food or clothes but about compassion and responsibility.Do you remember vaMugabe vachiti Bulawayo neHarare endai munodya kwaTsvangirai simply because they had voted for him?Tsvangirai has just demonstrated that he is a national leader and vaMugabe failed this test.Tsvangirai loves the people because of who they are(Zimbabweans) and not because of what they are(MDC orZANU PF).Thank you Mr Tsvangirai for reaching out to the needy and displaying a national character.Voting or not voting for him,he has assisted a desperate situation.My fear now is that it will not be long before he is blocked by those who are so desperate for votes,we all know them.

Mwana Wevhu - 9 February 2015

This man is a leader a true one and he deserve to lead this country .He associates himself with the poor ,victims of politics and natural disasters . He is the only leader that we can bank on in this country across all tribes . I have never heard him saying pasi na so and so even under extreme provocation these are the types of leaders we zimbabweans had been craving for we want more such stuff for the good of our country . If we can have a leader like this one in power our country will regain its dignity ,respect and rule of law which we had been missing for 35 years .

Diibulaanyika - 9 February 2015

That is being a leader Morgan. Go where the greatest need is.

perfect moyo - 9 February 2015

Ndokugona basa Save pindai muvanhu muhwe kuchema kwavo kwete zvokungovata paHarvest house mozongovuya nguva yemavotes . Tambai mose muhwisisane 2018 TOVUYAKO HOKOYO

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 9 February 2015

If i have a faith that can move mountains,but do not have love,i am nothing,i am only a resounding gong.This love has been Demonstrated by Morgan Tsvangirai.

Macheka - 10 February 2015

wakanganwa gore riya Chamatama achiti hamusati manzwa nzara. he dooest have pple at heart. Munhu arikunyangira kupinda muhofisi wee. hindava muchibatwa kumeso mhani

wind - 10 February 2015

What can you expect from a Border Gezi graduate by the name of Wind. He nolonger has a brain of his own. When Tsangirai warned people "hamusati manzwa nzara" ,all he was saying was that voting for Zanu Pf means more hunger and suffering which is the case today. I know with a few crates of beer and mbanje the likes of Wind, come election time, will force the suffering masses to vote for Zanu PF.

Referee - 10 February 2015

kuti ndikuvhotere tsvangison unotanga wandipa munda wakakura kudarika wandakapiwa nava Mugabe, fullstop

wind - 10 February 2015

save musacheua miridzo pindai muvanhu muchibatsira chembere,harahwa ne zvirema kunyanyanyanya mumamisha tinokunda chete 2018

tawana mubaiwa - 10 February 2015

save musacheua miridzo pindai muvanhu muchibatsira chembere,harahwa ne zvirema kunyanyanyanya mumamisha tinokunda chete 2018

tawana mubaiwa - 10 February 2015

save musacheua miridzo pindai muvanhu muchibatsira chembere,harahwa ne zvirema kunyanyanyanya mumamisha tinokunda chete 2018

tawana mubaiwa - 10 February 2015

go on Mr Tsvangirayi in doing good to the family of Zimbabwe. Do not be tired in doing what is good fro in due season you shall reap.

tonga man - 10 February 2015

go on Mr Tsvangirayi in doing good to the family of Zimbabwe. Do not be tired in doing what is good for in due season you shall reap.

tonga man - 10 February 2015


peter george - 10 February 2015

As wind blows, it carries with it any crap

shephard - 10 February 2015

ko kana munhun agona pembedzai ,ngazvirambe zvakadaro ,voruzhinji vanoona nekunzwa mabasa akanaka,chitigadzirisirai economy yaita marengenya,chokwadi Jehovah pindirai

sinyoro - 10 February 2015

kana neni ndamufarira tsvangison uyu. this is what is needed in our country kwete zve michato isingaperi. akafamba nenzira iyi tinobva tawirirana. well done morgan. pamberi nekushandira nyika yedu.

zvirozviyedzwa - 10 February 2015

Two votes from me for MT and minus two votes for some stupid president. Whilst villages were suffering the effects of flooding he was on holiday in far away lands and proceeded go another country to celebrate before presidential results are even announced!! The rest is history!!!!!!!!!!!!!

garikayi - 10 February 2015

mmmmmmm good than celebrating the dead others suffering go on save

collin - 10 February 2015

i love u my great father

petre - 10 February 2015

Keep it up Our president,we love you.Ubuntu wevanhu

mhukahuru - 10 February 2015

agona munhu uyu chero isu tisinga mufarire tiri kutoona kuti agona. well done mogiza.

zvirozviyedzwa - 11 February 2015

Well done son of the soil Morgan Tsvangirai,charity begins at home and action also speaks louder than words.Iam Zanu pf but first and foremost Zimbabwean.More so iam not this Zvipfukuto Zanu Pf iam for the sober senses group.The group which appreciates and love and appreciate good deeds of one another irrespective of our political affliation,ethnic,religious and racial differences among other attributes. Ahoy M.T for a job well done as a son of the soil

carson macate - 11 February 2015

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