DStv defends bouquet prices

HARARE - Multichoice Zimbabwe says criticism of prices of its DStv bouquets is unjustified as they are among the cheapest in Africa.

The digital satellite television company says the cost of DStv bouquets in each of the various countries depends on market conditions and other factors specific to each of the countries.

“Each country operates as a separate business, with local shareholders, agents or franchises and differing cost and tax structures,” read part of the statement from Liz Dziva, the company’s public relations and publicity manager.

“This is similar to other products sold internationally by multinational companies, with price and product offerings being country-specific and which vary according to the market conditions in that country.”

The MultiChoice Zimbabwe spokesperson was, however, unprepared to divulge the taxes her company pays in Zimbabwe that impact on the prices of DStv bouquets.

“Skynet (Pvt) Ltd, which trades as MultiChoice Zimbabwe, is a registered, legitimate business that pays all the required taxes in Zimbabwe. We do not provide this information (on taxes),” said Dziva.

According to a table of four countries provided by Multichoice, Zimbabwe’s Premium Bouquet at $77 is cheaper than that of Ghana ($78,75) Zambia ($81,49) and Kenya ($82,76).

Zimbabwe’s family bouquet is priced at $20 against that of Ghana ($19,17), Kenya ($19,24) and Zambia ($20,12).

According to the same table made available by Multichoice Zimbabwe, the local Access Bouquet is pegged at $10 while Ghana is priced at $9,58, Kenya ($9,62) and Zambia ($10,60).

At $31, Zimbabwe’s Compact Bouquet is 22 cents dearer than the price on offer in Kenya but cheaper than in Zambia ($31,19) and Ghana ($31,67).

The Compact Plus Bouquet in Zimbabwe costs $51 which is a dollar more than the price available in Kenya and Ghana but cheaper than Zambia ($52,32).

While the prices of Zimbabwe’s bouquets compare favourably with most African countries, they are considerably higher than those in South Africa and Botswana. The price table availed by

Multichoice Zimbabwe did not include the two southern African countries but an analysis of a similar table recently generated by technology website Techzim shows that Botswana offered cheaper bouquets.

According to Techzim, the Access Bouquet costs $10 in Zim, Botswana ($8,92) and South Africa ($9,29).

The Techzim table also shows that the Family Bouquet costs $20 in Zimbabwe, Botswana ($15,61) and South Africa ($16,43).

The technology website also states that the Compact Bouquet costs $31 in Zimbabwe, Botswana ($25,64) and South Africa ($25,81).

Techzim further shows that the Compact Bouquet costs $51 which is about $10 more than in Botswana.


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this satellite channel is crap ,repeats movies..we pay for football and ouyr kids cartoons otherwise dstv is a reap of

guvakuva - 4 February 2015

guvakuva you are very correct. i am disappointed with this company. it is because they do not have competition. it seems their prices favor Botswana and SA only and they want to fix us. even after paying $31 they still canot allow you to watch SS3 or Live Boxing. they are do not even consider the income per capita in this country. thats why sometimes politicians react ruthlessly because these companies are nonsense. the PR wants to compare us with countries in west Africa and no within our region, why, because they know the truth will come out. they are taking advantage of us because they know ZBCTV is the worst under the son. its not fair to take advantage of our desparate situation.

franco baresi - 5 February 2015

its better they reduce price not to compare us with West Africa

fred - 5 February 2015

DSTV is a rip off with repeat programmes of more than 2 years. Why compare us with West Africa and not countries within the region. Lack of competition means they will continue ripping people off. If it was not for soccer most people would not subscribe to this crap!

Tsano - 5 February 2015

To be honest, I do not see what the problem is here. DSTV is not a right, its a luxury. If you feel that they are charging too much, then simply do not register for it. Let those who can afford pay for it. PERIOD!!!

George - 5 February 2015

Take heed Multichoice Zim. Make your product more affordable and you get many more subscribers. This is not only simple business sense but it would also reflect commendable sensitivity to your customers.

Godfrey - 5 February 2015

we are going to indeginise it. 51pc and c who control prices

Lord Cremora - 6 February 2015

u chased this people from this country due to your political neusence . let them charge what they want.

johanne - 6 February 2015

I think we are missing the point that these differences in prices affect us more because we are using the U.S. $ , my point is if the $ gains in value against the rand then our price becomes cheaper , this is is a foreign currency risk that applies to any service or product bout from another country. SA will not be affected by any fluctuations in foreign currency because Dstv is their product , Botswana on the other hand suffers the same risk but is better off because they enjoy a stable economy and currency . The other point is that all countries have their costs associated with running Dstv , our Zim being a basket case will always pay more because of our very unstable economy .

Ndiniwo - 6 February 2015

saka whose fault is that? get your own currency. Multichoice Zim does not create any content. They just distribute whats already made. Vonai ZBC apa. The prices are very fair and comparable with other countries. Kuda kungogwauta rubbish maZimbo. Endai kumurimi wanhasi neNatiional ethos zvemahara.

Bob Chatunga - 6 February 2015

Kenya and Ghana are not in our region and have an East Africa and West Africa packages. Compare with countries on the Southern African Package only like you correctly pu Zambia, then put South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho. Thant, (TO ME) makes more sense.

B - 10 February 2015

Multichoice DStv is a South African based monopolistic greedy quasi-criminal enterprise. They are fraudsters who charged for the dish magazine that they stopped sending out. They endlessly advertise and promote themselves. They repeat many many programmes and episodes lying by claiming that that is what the viewers want. They offer special secretive discount rates to selected Zanu pf cadres – especially Ministers and CIO Operatives. Being a monopoly they screw the market place to near intolerable levels. They have an active racial employment policies. Seldom do their programs start and end on times advertised. They refuse to offer customers the right to select their own customized channel mix. They 'employ' mentally limited agents who pretend to be marketing analysts who are actually charlatans. They claim that they have no control over their suppliers yet they are the ones who enter contracts with these suppliers. They broadcast absolutely pathetic channels that are unfit for any purpose. Some visionary entrepreneurs need to create a meaningful alternative to these greedy clowns.

Liar,Mandiwanzira - 11 February 2015

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VTpass - 9 August 2017

Use https://www.vtpass.com/dstv to subscribe, renew and make payments for your DStv account.

VTpass - 9 August 2017

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