'Chombo wants Mugabe ousted'

HARARE - As Zanu PF’s gladiatorial factional and succession wars continue to fester, party structures in President Robert Mugabe’s Zvimba home area have made sensational claims that newly-appointed secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo is among the people allegedly plotting to oust the long-ruling nonagenarian from power.

As a result, they want Mugabe to fire the Local Government minister forthwith, as they claim that Chombo is a key member of the hounded party faction allegedly led by former vice president Joice Mujuru.

The damning allegations are contained in a letter that is in  possession of the Daily News, that was addressed to quarrelsome First Lady Grace Mugabe and former Zanu PF Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri ahead of Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare in early December last year.

Although the Zvimba party members were emphatic in their claims that Chombo worked hand in glove with the decapitated Mujuru faction, no action has been taken against the controversial minister — who has since been elevated by Mugabe to the influential party position of secretary for administration.

But the public surfacing of the letter could set the cat among the pigeons, particularly given the growing talk that Zanu PF’s hardliners who worked together to decimate the Mujuru camp are now wrangling furiously among themselves, primarily for the spoils of their bloody victory.

The letter was undersigned by Zvimba District members of the party’s youth and women’s league structures, and alleged that Chombo only ditched the Mujuru team at the 11th hour after he saw that the faction would be annihilated ahead of the disputed congress.

“We are happy and were happy when we found out that Amai Dr Grace Mugabe is revealing all the culprits who are corrupt, anti-the-First Family and bhora musango (vote against Mugabe) faction.

“We believe our member of Parliament (MP) Ignatius Chombo imbwa nyoro chaiyo. Vanoruma vachifuridzira (Chombo pretends to be nice but is dangerous),” reads part of the letter.

“We salute you for taking the bull by the horns, by exposing all those who are linked to bhora musango, corruption, the assassination (sic) of our President. We are registering our support for the good work you are doing by exposing all the culprits associated with bhora musango,” it added.

The Zvimba supporters who want Chombo out went on to list other former top heavyweights — most of whom have since been purged from the ruling party — as co-conspirators in the anti-Mugabe plot.

“We believe that honourable Ignatius Chombo is very much linked with corruption, with those planning to assassinate the President and bhora musango teams,” their letter added.

Efforts to contact Chombo yesterday to solicit his comment were not successful, while Muchinguri’s phone was picked up by a person who only identified herself as her secretary and who promised to call back, but to no avail.

Similar efforts to talk to party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo did not bear fruit.

Among the allegations that they made, the Zvimba party structures also claimed that Chombo had invited Mujuru to a rally in the constituency in the run-up to the country’s disputed 2013 elections.

“During the 2013 campaigns he (Chombo) had two rallies in our constituency which he invited Joice Mujuru, Simon Khaya Moyo, Walter Chidakwa, Dzikamai Mavhaire.

“How can he be separated or distanced from the (ex) VP Mujuru faction?

“As if this was not enough, he invited the same at Yomba Mafuta and Simon Khaya Moyo was the guest speaker,” their letter went on.

According to the aggrieved party supporters, former war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda also actively campaigned for Chombo in the run-up to the disputed elections.

“Some of our comrades in Zvimba namely Sigudu, Makusha and Mai Mutyavaviri from Katawa District, were beaten during the 2013 campaign because they were found putting on regalia with the President on it (sic), the news got into (Chombo’s) ears but he never sympathised with them.

“This is anti-First Family at its best.

“Constitutionally, we voted him out during the primary 2013 elections, but because of his association with Zanu PF chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo and political commissar Webster Shamu, he was declared the winner,” claims the letter.

“We are women and youth league members of Zvimba District and would like to seek clarification on how our MP is not linked (ostensibly to Mujuru). We are against those teams 100 percent hence we need him also cleared if he is clean.

“Of late, after the exposure of these corrupt (sic), the bhora musango and the assassins, Hon. Ignatius Chombo has crossed the floor unnoticed,” It added.

Chombo is viewed as a controversial Zanu PF heavyweight who rose from humble beginnings in the 1990s to become one of the wealthiest and biggest land owners in the country, after being appointed to the post of minister of Local Government.

Court records during his high profile divorce case showed that Chombo owns land and houses in many towns of Zimbabwe.

Analysts said yesterday that the letter could open a can of worms and shake Zanu PF to its core as any allegation that any of the party’s members are anti-Mugabe and Grace is career limiting.

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One day we will wake up to hear that Grace Mugabe and Mnangagwa indeed lead the Mujuru faction.

selele - 4 February 2015

CHOMBO, MUTASA AND FUNGAI MBETSA ARE WELL KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN BOASTING THAT MUGABE WILL GO!!!! fire them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAMANYIKA - 4 February 2015

It was an open secret that Ignatius Chombo was in Mujuru's faction. Yes, he survived the primary elections because he was supported by Webster Shamu and SK Moyo, otherwise he was defeated in those primaries.

Nkosi Mambo - 4 February 2015

Rina manyanga hariputirwe

pride - 4 February 2015

We hear that Chombo is the most corrupt of all ministers and owns land and houses all over Zimbabwe. Why is he not being investigated. Even in the Crow hill saga we are told he is also involved. When are the responsible authorities going to deal with this Chombo guy?

Stainley Muchenje - 4 February 2015

I think you need to investigate an advert I got from your Monday 2d Feb 2015 addition by a Peter James with the following email address adoration_grant@outlook,com. I belive he is a conman.

Lucia Muza - 4 February 2015

Zvozodii? Does it bring food on people's tables? Lets forget what happened and start working for the good of our country. why do we worry that much about who belongs where? What value does that add to the future of our children? Are we even aware that our own children and grand-children will curse our graves because of this destruction we are doing to this nation? What legacy are we leaving? That of fighting for positions? Is that a good thing? Where is our being educated in all this? Are we educated to be fools?

Letsmoveforward - 4 February 2015

@Stainley (kkkk) Muchenje "When are the responsible authorities going to deal with this Chombo guy? " Responsible what? Those "authorities" are responsible for one thing and that is corruption. Sankara woye!!

selele - 4 February 2015

@Letsmoveforward - 4 February 2015: Moving forward going where? You must be one fo the dubious beneficiaries of this system.

selele - 4 February 2015

The truth is Chombo muzukuru chaiye waMudhara. They are related Will give u more evidence tommrw

Tozvidura - 4 February 2015

How do w expect a corrupt leader like Mugabe and his other corrupt buddies to investigate and fire other corrupt buddies!! Dream on guys. The whole bunch needs to be investigated...but by who???

Garikayi - 4 February 2015

Zimbabwe gone to the .....dogshonas.....

Msuuunuuu - 4 February 2015

Let me add fuel to the fire - On the 21 September 2014 (*Before Congress) Ignatius Chombo said the nation stands to benefit immensely from Mujuru's judicious guidance. “We look forward to your continued astute guidance as we strive to bring sound local governance to people of Zimbabwe,” he said. “May your achievement be an inspiration to your family, women and the nation at large.” “Your military prowess (Joice Mujru) that you exhibited as a guerrilla fighter set you in good stead for ascendancy to the position of vice president of the Republic of Zimbabwe and your academia achievements will further widen your knowledge base for the benefit of the people you serve,” Chombo said. Chombo belongs to the Mujuru camp.

Musona - 4 February 2015

One sentence should read, "Your military prowess (Joice Mujru) that you exhibited as a guerrilla fighter set you in good stead for ascendancy to the position of President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and your academia achievements will further widen your knowledge base for the benefit of the people you serve,” Chombo said.

Musona - 4 February 2015

Musona Whilst I have great admiration for some of your posts, I must hasten to say I think you lost it completely on this one. You have turned into a gossiper of great proportions. What exactlly did Chombo say to label him a Mujuru camper? Is the accolade not true. Why behave like quarrelsome disGrace of no morals and the gang of four (now reduced to three) Why should people not embrace other people's achievements. Musona you have conveniently left out the fact that the speech was during Joice's graduation celebrations and at that time Joice was VP. Much ado about shit

rudi - 4 February 2015

@rudi or taurai or whatever - you are a fool. I posted the exact words by Chombo including the dates. The accolade is not true because Chombo was not in Mozambique in the late 1970s and has no clue what Joice did or didn't do. Whether the speech was made during Joice's graduation or after is of no consequence - Chombo made the speech, end of story you stupid moron. How does a person embrace another person's achievements? You wanted to say appreciate Joice's achievements. “Embrace” and “appreciate” have different meanings. Appreciating Joice's achievements will not change you life or my life but will have a devastating effect on ZanuPF apparatchiks like Chombo and others. Your pennyworth is meant to rile me you stupid moron. ****On the 21 September 2014 (*Before Congress) Ignatius Chombo said the nation stands to benefit immensely from Mujuru's judicious guidance. “We look forward to your continued astute guidance as we strive to bring sound local governance to people of Zimbabwe,” he said. “May your achievement be an inspiration to your family, women and the nation at large.” “Your military prowess (Joice Mujru) that you exhibited as a guerrilla fighter set you in good stead for ascendancy to the position of vice president of the Republic of Zimbabwe and your academia achievements will further widen your knowledge base for the benefit of the people you serve,” Chombo said. Chombo belongs to the Mujuru camp.

Musona - 4 February 2015

It is 100% that Chombo said those words all of us heard that and it is still fresh in our heads that Chombo uttered those words . He said it they is no reason to try and cover up for him .If you were promised standson council land any in the country by him then i am sorry you may not have that piece of land as he may be fired before he fulfills his promise bcoz of what he said and from what the people from his home area want to have him expelled from the party bcoz he tried to kill their king .

Diibulaanyika - 4 February 2015

Mugabe fell down at the airport and was literally on all fours like the country's economy. The man is too old. He does not want to use a walking stick or Zimmer frame for old people. Kaunda who is the same age as Mugabe now uses a walking stick so that he does not fall down but Mugabe wants to fool the world he is fit. The pictures of Mugabe falling are pitiful and embarrassing. I wonder what excuse ZanuPF spin doctors are going to come with - fell down because of sanctions or it was the Mujuru cabal's dirty tricks!! The Anti-aging specialist in Singapore is not doing a good job on Mugabe.

Musona - 4 February 2015

Fall claims are Falls/false Mugabe being a pious Jesuit Order disciple, was only on fours to pray and thank his god for a arrival.....sudden kneeling is not a fall. Risk assessment of ..Prone to falls. Person at risk..R.G Mugabe, is not approved at the mo, but keep same under observation.

Msuuunuuu - 4 February 2015

Or the ground came to Mugabe's face! And aides were pushing the ground away from Mugabe's face.

Musona - 4 February 2015

musona sahwira munhu wese wausina kuwirirana naye haunga ngoti ndi @taurai. hauone here kuti manyorero edu akasiyana? i am not always against your opinions. sometimes i affirm you. cheer up mukuru wangu i am not your enemy at all. its just that sometimes we may not see things the same way.

taurai - 4 February 2015

@taurai - the only one idiot who uses multiple idiotic names to post silly comments is you, employed by Daily News. Idiot

Musona - 4 February 2015

The fighting in Zanu PF will not stop now that it has began until there is no one left standing.

Wilbert Mukori - 5 February 2015

ZPF must go! Full Stop! They have failed! We want electoral reform NOW!!!! And it must have no hand of a politician near them! Now!

TruthBTold - 5 February 2015


JOSE - 5 February 2015

dzorai moyo kukuru musona. I do not work for the daily news. from the way you argue in your posts, i can see that you are clever enough to figure out when i comment and when its not me. take it from me sir musona, I am not @rudi.

taurai - 5 February 2015

This time around we dont want African solutions to falling African Presidents but Singaporean solutions to falling African Presidents.

tongesai - 5 February 2015

Mnaje (now) Chombo hamumugone (u cant touch him) Baba vake ndivo vakachengeta Mbuya Bona nevana vake after Gabriel Matibili (Robert's father) vanished to Matebeleland. Ndovayivarimira Mbuya Bona nekechengeta Mbuya... Before Mugabe's mother passed she made Robert to sware that he will forever look after the Chombo family. Actually Chombo is from Mahusekwa Kwa Chihota originally anotori sabhuku ku Mahusekwa uyo.

zvakare - 5 February 2015


mduduzi - 5 February 2015

@Musona What happened to your rhetoric parrot song"...whites brought us civilisation, they brought schools, gejo, jobs.. - if it was not for whites, Africans would be very poor,naked, illiterate and bussy hunting and ploughin the vilage with badza blur blur blur, " Have you run out of steem these days or the disc you were playing from got erased? We really miss your high on zed stupidity man!! Come on say one or two of those silly, white man's stuff wil ya?

Shame - 5 February 2015

@shame: Please ndapota, don't ask him to write that Mugabe-like trash. These are people trapped in yesteryears and see doom everywhere. I call myself "cosmopolitan" and will want to have as few Musona-Mugabe-like people as possible.

selele - 5 February 2015

@Shame or taurai or selele - what you are trying to say you silly cretin? “Rhetoric parrot song”?? “run of steam”?? stupid bastard. Swine.Son of a harlot. You swine do you not know it was the whites who brought education and industries to this land? Do you think education was brought by Mugabe? If you went to school you should know that a GEJO is made in a mechanical workshop from metal components shaped accurately from engineering drawings. The chain that connects the GEJO to the yoke is also made in a mechanical workshop. Before 1890 there was o single factory in the land locals were using back-breaking hand-hoes only. If you can come up with the name of the factory or factories which used to make GEJOs before 1890 tell me where there were and who owned them and where he was getting the metal to make the GEJOs you idiot. Without the whites there would be no education to talk about you stupid idiot. There is no rhetoric here - these are the unpalatable facts. Parrot? These are my original statements. The other thing is Rhodesia with sanctions was the second most prosperous economy in Africa but now ZanuPF has reduced it into the second worst economy in Africa. Put that in your pipe and smoke it you ignorant son of a harlot.

Musona - 5 February 2015

I will forever be grateful to colonialism. Without colonialism I and everyone else would just be hunters and gatherers. It took more than a century for whites to carve a modern, functioning, European-style society out of raw African bushveld. “despicable oppression and ill-treatment under white colonial rule”!!!! Utter utter codswallop. These are lies spread by those who wanted power. How can someone say these things when their school and college fees were paid by the colonialists? You have to have very low intellect to fall for this nonsense. They have totally FAILED to make lives for the people better and are now resorting to Mafioso tactics. How can you say colonialism which brought the GEJO was oppressive? Would you have preferred to use a badza? Silly. If this land had not been colonised would we be having (1) No jobs OR (2) Less jobs OR (3) No jobs at all? If this land had not been colonised would we be having (1) No education OR (2) Less education OR (3) NO education at all?

Musona - 5 February 2015

When I write about Zimbabwe a country which is not your mother's property. It also belongs to me. You get upset as if you personally own the Zimbabwe that I write about. If you had any brains at all you would not say anything. There is nothing in what I write which is not true. GEJOs are manufactured they do not fall from the sky on grow from the soil. Before 1890 blacks had no need for big tracts of land - what for with hand-hoes only shared per village? Blacks were hunter-gatherers only. How much can you till with a hand -hoe? Not more than an 18-yard area of a football field. Civilisation is relative. Africa was very very backward compared to other parts of the world. Civilisation is defined as advanced development of society: an advanced level of development in society that is marked by complex social and political organization, and material, scientific, and artistic progress. Blacks were using spears while whites had advanced to using guns. Making guns is very sophisticated technology which Africa did not have.

Musona - 5 February 2015

First sentence should read, " I write about Zimbabwe a country which is not your mother's property".

Musona - 5 February 2015

I will ever be thankful to those who found against minority rule. What they acheived for us is only the beginning of a journey. We may feel confused as it is now because of corruption within our government but I think we can have 'hope' for a better tomorrow. I would never wish for the former oppressors to oppress us again.

taurai - 5 February 2015

@taurai - idiot son of a harlot. The oppressors oppressed your mother's bottom. Batstard

Musona - 5 February 2015

@musona. All said and done, thank you for remimding us that indeed Mugabe is a necessary evil. You found your match. For as lond as we have people like you out there, those Zanu goons feel justified in their racist rethorik. No-one wants those "Whites-Only" benches in parks.

selele - 5 February 2015

@selele - moron - if the whites put up benches in the parks they had a right to forbid whoever they did not like to sit on these benches. Would you let one sleep in your bed? Idiot If you want to sit on a bench you either buy one or make one not muscle your way on other people's benches. You have very low intellect - dependency syndrome is what most black people suffer from.

Musona - 5 February 2015

@musona. you are an angry man. Denial. But even Germans are now largely denazified so your time will come. Rhodesia lost for good!!

selele - 5 February 2015

@shame watiparire zvimwe nhasi. Hona tese tavakutukwa nasekuru musona. havadi kuti ufunge zvaunoda. zvavo nasmith ndizvo zvinokosha kwavari. pane basa baba ivavo.

taurai - 5 February 2015

Mugabe should wake up and understand that corruption eats its own. Makaisa Cde Chombo wenyu paposition yakakosha zvikuru mumusangano. Now you are reaping the awards

wutangcrew - 6 February 2015

Ko asiri gamatox ndiyani? Please let us have sanity in ZANU PF. Nyika is bleeding uko vanhu vachitotamba nenyaya yemagamatox. Chenai misoro zvakanaka

Tony - 6 February 2015

the fact that chombo congratulated joice mujuru for her lifetime achievement does not mean the guy belongs to the putchet cabal.

badger 6 a.k.a FIRELINKS - 6 February 2015

The revolution continues to suck and eat its own children...

Dany Boy - 7 February 2015

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