Mutasa strikes again

HARARE - Former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa says he will attend Zanu PF’s planned disciplinary hearing against him, if only out of his “enduring respect” for President Robert Mugabe.

Commenting publicly for the first time about the mooted hearing in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the ex-party secretary for administration said he would, however, ask some of the committee’s members to recuse themselves as it was clear that they hated him.

“Well, I shall attend the meeting out of respect for the president who is the sole legal official of the party. I shall request that some members of the committee who have shown extreme hatred for me be left out of the committee,” Mutasa said.

“There is more that I want to say in the future following receipt of their invitation (to the disciplinary hearing),” he said.

Mutasa said he had not yet been served with either the official notice or the papers for the hearing.

The Manicaland supremo commented as the gladiatorial battle between party hardliners and a group of aggrieved liberation pioneers is hotting up, amid suggestions at the weekend that the party stalwarts who are unhappy with the recent turn of events in Zanu PF were close to launching their planned court action.

“My understanding is that all the papers for the court action are virtually ready and that it is now a question of timing when these will be lodged. It is imminent and this can happen anytime now,” a Zanu PF official who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation said.

Former party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo would only say that the court challenge would proceed soon.

“It’s going to proceed,” he said.

Mutasa’s comments regarding the mooted hearing against him came in the wake of a weekend interview conducted by the Daily News with Pupurayi Togarepi, the Zanu PF youth league chairperson, in which he insisted that Mutasa’s proposed hearing would proceed whether he turned up or not.

Togarepi, who is part of the six-member disciplinary committee set up by Mugabe to deal with Mutasa’s alleged misdemeanours, said the committee’s verdict would not be dependent on whether Mutasa attended or didn’t attend the hearing.

The other members of the committee, chaired by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, are Patrick Chinamasa, secretary for legal affairs; Savior Kasukuwere, political commissar; Kembo Mohadi, secretary for security; and Mugabe’s wife Grace, chairperson of the women’s league.

The mooted hearing comes amid calls by some party hawks such as Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, Ignatius Chombo and Kasukuwere to have Mutasa expelled from the party altogether.

“The process will not stop whether Mutasa comes or not as it is his constitutional right not to attend.  It is his own business if he does not come as he is claiming and it will not change anything as we will go ahead and sit as a committee,” Togarepi said.

He said he would not predict the outcome of the hearing before the sitting.

“I can refer you to the chairperson, vice president Mphoko on that matter but we are waiting for him to set the date and time for the hearing. We are all looking forward to it,” Togarepi said.

Mutasa and other party stalwarts are adamant that the party’s December congress was illegal, and they have gone on to implore Mugabe to “listen to the voice of the majority” in the ruling party and ignore the advice of Mafikizolos (Johnny-come-latelies) who they say have hijacked the party and are leading the nonagenarian down the garden path.

Mutasa first courted the wrath of his erstwhile Zanu PF comrades when he recently signed a damning statement which was      provocatively written in his former capacity  as the ruling party’s secretary for administration.

The no-holds-barred statement called for the nullification of all “purported constitutional amendments drafted and rail-roaded immediately before this so-called congress”, as well as the restoration of the “elective dignity of congress and the one-man one-vote principle as enunciated by our armed struggle and constitution”.

Meanwhile, legal experts say the planned hearing against Mutasa has “fatal defects” even before it gets off — particularly because almost all of the committee members who are going to look into the case have allegedly “compromised” themselves already.

“If the committee attempts to sit to look into the case, it can easily be challenged because apart from all the issues that Mutasa is raising, the bias that its members have already publicly displayed is glaring,” he said.

In the meantime too, Zanu PF’s propaganda war had gone a notch up with another faceless Facebook character, in the mould of the controversial Baba Jukwa, surfacing in recent months and dishing out damaging tidbits about the ugly goings-on in the ruling party. The intrepid political gossip phenomenon, going by the name Zimbabweans for Prosperity (ZFP), already has more than 14 000 likes in the months it has been running.

However, it is believed that hundreds of thousands more people are accessing the page anonymously daily for fear of ending up being accused by thin-skinned officials of being associated with the Internet troll, as happened to some during the Baba Jukwa era.

Like Baba Jukwa before it, it comes across as intimately connected to and in the full know of many of the ugly goings-on within Zanu PF  — dishing out a steady stream of sensational claims about the party and its bigwigs, from the days of the liberation struggle to the present.

The page, which uses both Zanu PF and Baba Jukwa lexicon such as Aluta Continua and Asijiki, was created after the disputed July 31, 2013 elections, but only started blowing full steam following the recent worsening of ructions in the ruling party.

ZFP has a cover photo with questions like “why did you go to war you Zanu PF idiots?” and “Where are 2,2 million jobs Zanu PF maggots?”

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Fool. Waste of space. Clamouring to govern when you had no clue how a country's economy works you morons.

Musona - 3 February 2015

Mr Mutasa must be advised tht is not the gang of 4( now 5) who are the problem, but its the man on top. At 90 + he surely should pass on the baton.

Milton - 3 February 2015

Mugabe is difficult to tackle head-on because small opportunistic piglets all around him will quickly stand up shouting as if they are defending the President when in actual fact they want to "improve" their self-esteem and "show-off liberation credentials however insignificant. Cunning Mugabe knows this and uses them when and as he likes. Unfortunatey this virus has spread even into the AU corridors. Looks like Mutasa is aware of these traits thats why he avoids direct confontation with HE himself.

selele - 3 February 2015

Mutasa was in charge of the ZanuPF oppressive security apparatus which has been causing mayhem up and down the country for years. He is getting his comeuppance. Mutasa says, “If this country went to war to achieve one man one vote, why should we spoil that?” Nonsense. The Zanu that I know wanted a ONE-PARTY State - that is not one-man-one-vote, is it? Proper one-man-one-vote is a myth and leads to catastrophe. The illiterate and semi-literate should not vote in my opinion. Mutasa says, “We have taken away people's land and we are not making good use of those farms. When you see how many Zimbabweans are in South Africa, it's millions. What are they going there for? It's work. We draw up fantastic blueprints but with no money to achieve them. It makes me very sad”. The fool is only admitting failure of ZanuPF's policies because he has been kicked out (ZimAsset). All along he went along with these stupid policies and selfishly kept quiet. Zimbabweans were never traditionally farmers. My belief is anyone who wants to do farming should buy the farm not be given a free farm. If you give someone a free farm and he does not produce what do you do? Send him/her to jail? And if he is a top government bully? To do farming you need the special SKILLS, MONEY and total dedication - those given free farms have none of these qualities. A government cannot transform non-farmers into competent commercial farmers by government fiat. Farms are “big factories” and you need to be a good business manager to run a successful farming business. This is another failed Ujamaa. Ujamaa failed in Tanzania but ZanuPF decided to ignore the failure in Tanzania. Mugabe is not a farmer and is not the right person to lead the farming crusade. This fawning idiot Mutasa says, Mugabe has a wonderful legacy. Utter garbage. I reckon this is the worst leader this land will ever have.

Musona - 3 February 2015

There is a clear pattern in Mugabe's ZANU-PF, If you are "behaving" doing what you are told to do when you are told to do it how you are told to do it etc...kissing his ass... you get posts and positions but the moment you cross him.. One of two things will CERTAINLY happen. 1. you may get into an accident, (i.e. if you are inconsequential in the eyes of many), or 2. You will commit a "crime" and will be in jail or in the court system for a very long time. If anyone thinks this is not accurate go back from the time of the liberation struggle and see anyone who ever disagreed publicly with RGM and did not face one of these two situations... Just one I ask.

tino16 - 3 February 2015

Saka strike irpapi apa nhai reporter

Timothy Thorton - 3 February 2015

This Mutasa dude thinks we are dumb and dull he was busy giving out farms to girlfriends and his reign of terror is well documented and now he wants everyone fighting on his side. For what ? Not anymore Cde sorry

makikizolo - 3 February 2015

In Mutasa's case most people have taken the stance, Send a thief to catch a thief. This is why they are behind Mutasa. It's not that there is new love between those beaten since 200 and Mutasa, No. And as of now, corner offers a good opportunity to point at many things we talk about every day but cannot be taken further than the pub entrance.

selele - 3 February 2015

@Musona, you nailed the last pin on the coffin. For the past 34 years Mutasa was so blinded by corruption and absolute power he had over Zim security. He is now tasting his own medicine and no matter how powerful his lawyers may be, he is fighting a losing battle against this former guerrilla party (ZANU Pf).

Mentalist - 3 February 2015

The appealing Mutasa attribute is not his tainted history by his guts to say things that everybody is too afraid to say. We can go back and forth hating individuals but what really needs to change is the system so it can accommodate true democracy and freedom of speech. if Mutasa can steer us towards that change then we should support him.

Tambaoga - 3 February 2015

the head line should have read "mutasa eats humble pie"

DrudgeReport - 4 February 2015

Good to see the cannibals in the Zanu pf mafioso devouring each other. Long may the feasting continue. No doubt the EU idiotic bootlicker Philippe Van Damme will be in a quandary about which faction to sponsor with EU ring fenced funds. Philippe Van Damme is a notorious sick joke for running away from Ebola in West Africa.

Reza Hossani - 4 February 2015

Daily News for Mutasa

uncle - 4 February 2015

check out this cool link

lovejoy - 4 February 2015

VaMutasa havana deri ava. Tried to pretend like a man apa vavakuti I will attend. Your heart and soul in within ZANU Mutasa. Zvaiwana ngwarati. Wakaenda ndopavachakuita munhu wavo, mark my words.

felix - 4 February 2015

the title of this article is misleading. i don't see where Mutasa is said to have struck. "Mutasa chickens out' could hve made a better heading. after claiming he does not recognise the current zanu pf, and accepting to attend the hearing ,fo whatever reason, is really a climb down. the other thing i find irritating about the current level at Daily News is this tendency cut and paste what they reported earlier on together with current news and come up with an article. please, the powers that be, rescue yo paper and improve yo reportage or u will sure b like herald. surely, there must be some one to read through the article bfo they are published

prof - 4 February 2015

God is NOT afraid to tackle Mugabe-or anyone else for that matter-head on. God will NOT be mocked!

Righteous Justice - 4 February 2015

Fungai Mbetsa and Didymus Mutasa VaMutasa pamwe chete naFungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland as their own household. They never followed proper procedures and through corruption installed their own people in positions of power totally disregarding people's choices. At the moment Fungai Mbetsa is going against the traditional procedure of appointing the Zimunya chief. The Zimunya people met and it was agreed that Mr Kufandada Dzobo be the new Zimunya Chief but Fungai Mbetsa THE PROVINCIAL Administrator through some corrupt ways is trying to install his own man. The District Administrator had agreed with the people that its time for the Dzobo family to be Chiefs as the chieftainship is supposed to rotate between three families namely Mungwende, Muchakaruka and Kuchakaakwa. Since the passing of Chief Zimunya there has been an acting chief and now the families met and agreed that its time for Mungwende family and Mr Kufandada Dzobo was chosen to be the chief-elect. However a splinter group from Muchakaruka family now wants to be chief again. His job as PA is to install whoever the people have chosen and not to choose himself. He is behaving like Mutasa who used to impose chiefs in Makoni region.

Mbanje - 4 February 2015

The record shows that the people had agreed on Mr Kufandada Dzobo as the new chief and were awaiting for President Robert Mugabe to second that and sign the necessary papers. Disregarding this Fungai Mbetsa went behind both the DA and the people and started parallel procedures to appoint someone else. We the people of Zimunya we want the authentic chief to be installed. It has to be through fair, transparent, and honest selection of the person. And according to the traditional way of selecting such a person. Fungai Mbetsa is probably being paid by whoever is to be installed. We need the police to investigate what is happening. We demand that Fungai Mbetsa follow the exact procedure and principles of installing a chief. This is how they Mutasa and Fungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland. With Mutasa gone its high time Fungai Mbetsa is shown the door as well as they are the same people. Trying to stop Amai Dr Grace Mugabe from coming and campaigning in Mutare. We are exposing Fungai Mbetsa as being in Mujuru's and Mutasa's camp and he needs to be fired. He is well known for being a Mutasa man and boasting that His Excellency Cde Robert Mugabe is now too old to rule and Mujuru and Mutasa must come in. He calls himself the Emperor of Manicaland!! He even said Cde Robert Mugabe needs to consult him if he wants to come to Manicaland. He is involved in many corrupt activities which we will expose soon. We appeal to Her Majesty Mai Dr Grace Mugabe to intervene as Fungai Mbetsa together with Mutasa people were involved in booing her and other dignitaries.Pasi naMutasa, Mujuru naFUNGAI MBETSA!!!!

Mbanje - 4 February 2015

Daily news is being opportunistic here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since when do they support Mutasa. For your information MUTASA AND FUNGAI MBETSA are the most hated people in Manicaland for being dictators and going against people's wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how can the daily news be anti-people?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ngirazi - 4 February 2015

Mutasa ngaarege kutivhara. He caused the death of so many people during election campaigns in Rusape and Haedlands including my cousin and the young Maisiri boy. Ngaarege kutinyaudza.

Chabvondoka - 10 February 2015

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