'We are sick of Zanu PF wars'

HARARE - Zimbabweans say they are sick and tired of Zanu PF leaders expending all their energy and time fighting each other viciously at the expense of fixing the country’s battered economy, creating jobs, upgrading roads, providing clean water and maintaining health facilities at acceptable standards.

In interviews with the Daily News last week, analysts, opposition figures and ordinary folk said it was time that President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF concentrated on bread and butter issues for a change, as the country had bled enough politically and economically since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

They also all interpreted Mugabe’s glaring omission of the most pressing challenges bedevilling the country when he addressed his supporters on his return from his long holiday in the Far East last week as a demonstration that he did not care about the welfare of the people.

Speaking at Harare International Airport, Mugabe said very little about the myriad problems confronting Zimbabwe, preferring instead to launch a blistering and unbecoming attack on his former confidant Didymus Mutasa.

And although he did apologise for returning home late from the long State-funded holiday, his critics said the fact that he had immediately flown out of the country to Zambia on his return was clear evidence that he was more interested in his own welfare and that of his family than that of Zimbabweans at large.

Upon his return from holiday, Mugabe — who left his wife in Singapore — attacked Mutasa, caricaturing him as “an idiot” and a “braying donkey” — much to the delight of his bussed-in supporters.

And barely 24 hours later, he controversially flew off to Zambia, well before the results of the neighbouring country’s presidential poll were known.

Mugabe embarrassingly spent three days in Lusaka waiting for election results to be announced so that he could attend the swearing-in ceremony having been in his own country for just 24 hours.

Dewa Mavhinga, a senior researcher with Human Rights Watch said Mugabe had always been absorbed with himself more than he cared about real bread and butter issues.

“That is typical Mugabe style, always to put personal political interests ahead of the collective interests of the people of Zimbabwe.

“He talks passionately about Mutasa and problems within his Zanu PF party because that is what he cares more about and this is a taste of things to come.

“Do not expect that there will be any serious focus on addressing the welfare of civil servants or reviving of our comatose economy. It is all about increasing his grip on political power at all costs. And that is very sad.

“Yet Zimbabwe needs caring political leaders who are motivated by improving people's lives and not just about political authority,” Mavhinga said.

The soon-to-be 91-year-old strongman also came under heavy criticism for not only holidaying in the Far East, but also relying on expensive foreign hospitals for him and his family at a time when the country’s facilities were in dire straits.

Since Mugabe was barred from travelling to Europe more than a decade ago, he has been enjoying lengthy and costly State-funded holidays in the Far East, while back home people are wallowing in abject poverty.

Opposition political parties said they felt vindicated that Mugabe had now exposed his true colours in the past few weeks.

Obert Gutu, spokesperson for the mainstream MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai, said scathingly that Mugabe was “no longer fit for the purpose”.

“Robert Mugabe does not seem to appreciate that Zimbabwe is in a debilitating national crisis as evidenced by the crumbling economy, the endless closure of companies, the collapsing health delivery system as well as the severely under-performing agricultural sector.

“He is not even aware that the country is on virtual auto-pilot. Instead of addressing these critical and pressing national issues, he returns from his lengthy State-funded jamboree in the Far East and he starts talking about petty little issues affecting his moribund political party, Zanu PF.

“The sooner he retires from both government and politics the better for all patriotic Zimbabweans across the political divide,” Gutu thundered.

While he contemptuously dismissed Mutasa, political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said the president’s preoccupation with ructions in his party showed that he no longer felt secure in the leadership post that he had held for decades.

“It shows that at this juncture, the president is worried more about his political survival and goings-on in his party.

“His preoccupation over the past 12 months has been on internal issues and challenges within his party. He has suddenly realised he has more enemies from within.

“And like anyone else when all is not well at home, you do not perform well at work. For him now, he would rather speak of key issues on his mind, issues about his party, forgetting that not all Zimbabweans care about his party but service delivery by the government he leads.

“Zimbabweans who are not necessarily members of Zanu PF expected him to talk of real issues facing the nation such as the economy, liquidity problems, civil servants remuneration, corruption, floods, our roads that are now death traps, and so forth,” Saungweme said.

Alex Magaisa, a law expert, said there was now an admission in Zanu PF that as long as Mugabe was in power then the country’s current socio-economic problems would persist.

“Evidently, there is a bankruptcy of ideas in government. They all know there is nothing new that he is going to do to solve these long-standing problems and they all know that a new start will only begin when real power passes on to his successor but they do not have the courage to usher in this new era.

“Another thing is that it has become clear that as a general rule the much-vaunted theory of ‘African solutions to African problems’ does not apply to the health problems of African presidents and their families.

“They shout themselves hoarse about African solutions but when they feel a twitch, they will hop onto the next plane to a foreign hospital, a privilege which the majority of the people they lead cannot even dream of,” he said.

A Harare street vendor Francis Shumba said life was very hard for him and his colleagues and he doubted that the country’s leaders cared about them.

“We are sick and tired of their (Zanu PF) fights. All we want is to be able to make a living and for our leaders to help us, but this is not happening,” he said.

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For me, 2018 seem like 34 years from now!

selele - 28 January 2015

What that tourist named Robert Mugabe, his ilk and supporters need to know is that an enemy to us the public is one who is anti-progressive, one who doesn't deliver as an elected person is expected to, one who consults foreign medical practitioners at the slightest itch, one who sends their children to foreign schools and enjoys long holidays outside the country at our expense. It's certainly not those that are anti-Mugabe, they are actually our beloveds for we have some hope in them to change our fortunes for the better.

Dr Know - 28 January 2015

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CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 28 January 2015

anu ezanu tairiranai muvhime pamwepo sekare kaye. izvi zvekudashurana zvirikuodza party. garai pasi mureetekerane.

taurai - 28 January 2015

Nhayi vanhu imi battered economy inoitwa fix chirudziyi? Wacho wamurikuti agadzirise nzira, economy, ma jobs acho ndiyani? Totozvibatsira. Mugabe agara arikuchingoita basa rekufamba famba kunedzimwe nyika haana nguva ne zve nhamo dzenyu. Hanzi aka vhoterwa ne 62%. Zvinoshamisa chaizvo.

Der - 28 January 2015

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dr - 28 January 2015

And while the pythons of sickness Swallow the children And the buffaloes of poverty Knock the people down, And ignorance stands there Like an elephant, The war leaders Are tightly locked in bloody feuds, Esting each other's livers. poem by Ugandan poet, Okot b'Bitek.

Chenjerai Hove - 28 January 2015

Mugabe is a failed President of a failed state, who has failed his people and he must be ashamed of his failures of 34 years

sherpard - 28 January 2015

we have not yet suffered enough. even hondo chaiyo yakakurumidza kupera. time will come when there is nothing to do and eat. then we will know what, how, when and why we have do do something. for now seat back and relax

mariyawanda - 28 January 2015

It is fun that we still have people who hope that Mugabe can do something for this country . But that does not worry me bcoz they are party of the 1.3m mental sick zimbabweans . If someone had been failing to do something for 35 years and someone still thinks he will manage some day then that chat thinking like that is silly . Telling Mugabe to improve the economy is like going to a big rock and ask it produce food for you.That is total kuhlanya , kupenga mazhimu .Mugabe is useless nothing else finish and klaa

Diibulaanyika - 28 January 2015

Everybody in the whole the country, in Zanu-PF party and also Mnangagwa and company very well know that this country has been mismanaged for past +20 years. We all know that RG Mugabe is not a production oriented manager but an assert stripper. Assert stripping is the catch. That is looting. So people are in Zanu-PF to loot, for protection and receive Mafia spoils. The factions are fighting over the control of the spoils. RG Mugabe and his missus simply chose a Mnangagwa faction to side with. Now Mutasa and Mujuru are in disagreement with the Mafia leadership and all of a sudden their looting dossiers have been pulled out and throwing in the public. There is no more protection I have mentioned before. To sum it up, we Zimbabweans are a cheap, selfish and unpatriotic lot. The real problem is the leadership who are in those positions for looting. Looting is now a culture. It will not stop because of Mugabe's departure. Looting is like picking salted peanuts from a jar.. You will not stop until they are finished. Mnangagwa and company love the Mafia status quo. Most of these old folks have been looting since the attainment of independence. We are potentially a success story but will never be unless we change. Rhodesia was stopped. The onus is upon us to rise and stop the rot!

Mbareboy - 28 January 2015

I agree with u compatriots this old man apart from the fact that he is now incapacitated he is clueless over crucial issues as he is remotely controlled by his wife who in turn ia a pawn moved for the convenience of the Zvipfukuto team.

carson Macate - 28 January 2015

asi nhai mazimbabweans, hamuvhuri maziso enyu kuti muone seiko,mai stop it ,kubvira grace, ndivovava kutonga nyika saka .va mugabe vakataura zvakawanda, 72% ya tsvangirai pa 2008 election, vakati pasi nezanu,pa congress vakanyorerwa chitsamba na gra zikanzi gara pasi wakurotomoka , vamugabe vakataura pamberi pe jekerere kuti kana kumba ndozvandinoitwa ndinoudzwa zvekuita,saka mai stop it ndoarikutonga vamugabe vakamirirra kudoka kwa amai kuti vagozotaurirwa kuti votonga sei nyika vavora iyi.ma zimbabweans ,eramuna regererai gushungo havana mhosva, mai stop it ndovavakutonga saka zvicheo kuna amai. aluta continuo. vamutasa havadi zvema group.

kumabharaima.com - 29 January 2015

Dear comrades our mantra about Mugabe this and Mugabe that will never bring any solutions to problems bedeviling our country. We all knew from long back that we are being led by a communist and like all communists, power is centralised and the dear leader is immune to criticism. What new thing do you expect Mugabe to offer. Go to North Korea, Cuba or Russia, its all the same. They sing from the same hymn book. The only difference is that ours is darker and has a penchant for travelling. The problem is he read too much Lenin and Vasco da Dagama's diaries. Lets allow him to finish up his own, he is on the last page.

Fidel Castro - 29 January 2015

What bread and butter issues are you talking about. ZanPF have their bread and butter and those who eat crumps under their table wold want it to remain so hence why they sing and dance daily at the airport (Mugabe uses the airport everyday) instead of reviving the economy. If they create 2.2 million jobs who will sing for them at the airport?

maita - 29 January 2015

Zimbabwe haina kwaichaenda. As long as Mugabe mantains a strong hold on that country with his counter productive and aversive approach, haina kwainoenda.

taps - 29 January 2015

When all the painful truth has been spoken, even the ranting by the Zambians, "Mugabe must go" that's no enough until amai stop it tells him to relinquish power. Now that amai stop it will only be here mid February if at all it is true, that means our fate is in her hands. The Almighty God is watching and one day is one day. Our hope is in the Lord not these monsters who created a mess they have no clue how to deal with it.

pride - 30 January 2015

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