Mt Darwin says no to Mugabe

HARARE - Analysts say the surprising outcome of Tuesday’s Zanu PF primary elections in Mt Darwin was ultimately a slap in the face of President Robert Mugabe himself and the fact that he could no longer take for granted his leadership of the party.

This sentiment followed the dramatic loss by perceived allies of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF’s new political commissar Savior Kasukuwere in the party’s keenly-anticipated primary elections in Mt Darwin — as the seemingly omnipresent ghost of ousted VP Joice Mujuru continues to haunt the ruling party.

The Mt Darwin West seat fell vacant after Mujuru (pictured) was appointed VP two years ago — following the disputed 2013 national elections, and the country is set to hold by-elections on March 27 not only for this constituency, but also for the Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe seat which fell vacant following the appointment of Mnangagwa as VP late last year after Mugabe sacked Mujuru from the position. Godfrey Tsenengamu — a perceived key ally of Mnangagwa and one of the youth leaders who led the crusade against Mujuru, clinging on the back of quarrelsome First Lady Grace Mugabe — surprisingly lost the Mt Darwin primary elections to businessman James Seremwe.

The analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the outcome of the poll was not just a slap in the face of Mnangagwa, but also an ominous warning to Mugabe, after the Mt Darwin villagers said “no” to the candidates of Zanu PF heavies.

They added that the stunning vanquishing of a candidate perceived to be close to Mnangagwa suggested that both Mugabe and Mnangagwa had their work cut out in their alleged quest to completely decimate Mujuru.

However, analyst Takura Zhangazha said the politburo still had the power to overturn Seremwe’s victory as candidates needed the approval of the party’s highest decision-making body to go forward and stand on a Zanu PF ticket, even though the people in Mt Darwin had spoken loudly.

Another analyst and civil rights activist, Gladys Hlatshwayo, said the Mt Darwin result clearly showed that the Zanu PF succession question was far from being resolved.

“Mnangagwa might be the second-in-command now and enjoying an upper hand but clearly the odds are against him.

“How can a candidate belonging to the faction of a deposed vice president win such an important primary election? No wonder why Mugabe did not want people to vote for their leaders at their congress in December.

“Unfortunately, due to the conflation of the State and Zanu PF, these fights have serious ramifications for Zimbabwe as a whole. The succession battle is likely to be messy if it continues on the current trajectory.

“This might be a case of an unpopular president-in-waiting (Mnangagwa)and a popular deposed leader (Mujuru). This is a clear affirmation from the ground for Joice,” Hlatshwayo told the Daily News.

Analyst Maxwell Saungweme said: “In politics, the more you victimise someone, the more you make them a hero. Heroes are created by unwanted brutality”.

Another analyst said it was clear that many Zanu PF supporters on the ground did not understand why their leaders such as Mujuru were being chased away from the party.

“This is ultimately a slap in the face of Mugabe himself. It also tells us how important it is for a party to engage in its activities and processes democratically, otherwise their actions will be rejected by the electorate,” he said.

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Why scrounge for a story where there is none?

godfrey gudo - 28 January 2015

As of now, Kasukuwere, Mnangagwa and Mugabe cannot win a free and fair election at any level, starting from their own households. The writing is on the wall. Managagwa made sure that her wife should be "unopposed2 in Zimbabge. Ndoo chii ichocho?? Pu her in the ring with others so that we see can asses HOW MANY people are on her side.

selele - 28 January 2015

We are also sick of the rigging, lying, deception and blatant dishonesty. May the Lord expose everything. Zimbabwe can never go forward with all these lies hanging over us. Jesus said the father of ALL lies is the devil. And may these dishonest souls repent and be saved!

Righteous Justice - 28 January 2015

godfrey gudo uri zigudo chairo.

Mashonaland Dickmarsh - 28 January 2015

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CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 28 January 2015

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CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 28 January 2015

ko iyemi maverenga panyorwa negudo murichii? musatukane

tula - 28 January 2015

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d - 28 January 2015

ZANU is a minority party, they can't win any fair elections in Zimbabwe, that is a FACT..

Mambo - 28 January 2015

Just how did Mt Darwin say no to Mugabe if the winner is from ZANU PF. Even if he is in the "Mujuru camp" he i still a ZANU PF cadre because na Mai Mujuru vacho is a member of ZANU PF. There is no story here.

Ndugu - 28 January 2015

Just how did Mt Darwin say no to Mugabe if the winner is from ZANU PF. Even if he is in the "Mujuru camp" he i still a ZANU PF cadre because na Mai Mujuru vacho is a member of ZANU PF. There is no story here.

Ndugu - 28 January 2015

Ndugu indava? Can't you see that this was supposed to be one of the nails on "Mujuru's coffin" ? Makorekore arikunyunyuta where ever I go. Mai igorekore.

selele - 28 January 2015

This is all rubbish, this seremwe guy has never been in mujuru camp. Its only in this publication that we hear of that. Please stop this propaganda, we lov ethe daily news but the propaganda has just gone way too far. Its now looks like all of a sudden Mujuru,s past in supressing the will of the people of zimbabwe is forgottenand now she is a hero ? The Morgan tsvangirai and all who fought tooth and nail have been relegated to mere observers . Let me not judge , maybe she has repended as evidenced by the sudden hero worshipping by this pro democracy publication.

prof - 28 January 2015

You keep referring to Mujuru as popular when she is part of the corrupt violent zanupf

john moyo - 28 January 2015

It doesn't matter whether James Seremwe belongs to this faction or that. What is clear and was conspicuous is the fact that Godfrey Tsenengamu was seen in the company and propagating the agenda of the vitriolic first lady a.k.a Ndakamumaka. Godfrey and all systems that stood for him were vanquished. Prof do not disown your own and embrace the enemy because of a single event. Mujuru is not a saint neither is she innocent from all the trepidations that we have endured through the misrule of ZPF. She was an active and passive author of all the mayhem. The likely reason why Zimbabweans are consoling with her is the fact that the architect of her demise is neither innocent from the same accusations levelled on her. This is a story of a family ganging up with the help of willing gangsters to put up a story which truly reflects the gangsters' lifestyles. Citing from one of the gangsters, we don't need "a rocket scientist" to tell us Zimbabweans that the story of Mai Mujuru is all about grapes which have gone sour. It is ZPF's modus oparandi to sway Zimbabweans' opinions on political issues by attacking perceived opponents through false accusations of treason, corruption, adultery and ,you name them. This is their tried and tested method which Mai Mujuru and company are well aware of. ZPF is a party which Mai Mujuru and company made sacrifices for and how can one man through the advice of his wife, who happens to have been advised by a power hungry nephew aided by mafikizolos to deny others to lay claim to the reimbursements of having fought for the liberation of this country.

Fidel Castro - 28 January 2015

mujuru and allies are being used to ruin zanu pf when the job is done. she will be haunted again, she is not safe here i bet you. thats good riddance

The Atomic - 29 January 2015

2004 benefited mujuru at the expense of mnangagwa. 2014 benefited mnangagwa at the expense of mujuru. Both events show that in zanupf independent thinking and independent choice of leaders is not wanted or tolerated. When they chose mnangagwa in 2004, perpetrators were fired and mnangagwa himself was assigned to a ministry called rural housing and social amenities. 2014 saw party cadres thinking that they were going along with the choice of the party as reflected in 2004. They were fired and the guy they had been trained to hate, mnangagwa, was put up instead, relegating mujuru to a vice presidential pensioner. That is that party.

MilkWay - 30 January 2015

Zimbabwean are waking up now... the beginning of a new era...

simba - 2 February 2015

does this bring anything on ma table? surely zimboz are jus being taken for a ride by the few elite. the issue is u cant run economics politically

kk - 2 February 2015

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