Mnangagwa allies lose Zanu PF poll

HARARE - Perceived allies of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF’s new political commissar Savior Kasukuwere lost the party’s keenly-anticipated primary elections in Mt Darwin yesterday — as the seemingly omnipresent ghost of ousted VP Joice Mujuru continues to haunt the ruling party.

The Mt Darwin West seat fell vacant after Mujuru was appointed VP on September 11, 2013 — following that year’s disputed national elections.

Former Zanu PF spokesperson and one of the main players in the group of liberation war heroes and pioneers who want to take President Robert Mugabe head-on, Rugare Gumbo welcomed the result of the primary poll but said they were worried that the party could reverse the results.

“We are happy that at least a vote took place, that is what we strive for in democracy. The people were given the right to vote and they exercised their one-man one-vote policy which is why we went to war to remove the Rhodesian regime.

“It’s good that an election took place — our only worry is that the results will be changed to suit certain people’s agenda,” said Gumbo. 

The country is now set to hold by-elections on March 27 not only for this constituency, but also for the Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe seat which fell vacant following the appointment of Mnangagwa as VP late last year after Mujuru was sacked from the position.

While it has been relatively smooth sailing for Mnangagwa in the Midlands, with his wife Auxilia set to contest for the seat — the VP is having a torrid time trying to exorcise the ghost of Mujuru across the rest of the country where she remains a force to reckon with.

Godfrey Tsenengamu, perceived to be a key ally of Mnangagwa, and one of the youth leaders who led the crusade against Mujuru, clinging on the petticoats of quarrelsome First Lady Grace Mugabe, surprisingly lost the Mt Darwin primary elections to businessman James Seremwe. Dickson Mafios, the Zanu PF chairperson for Mashonaland Central province, confirmed the results to the Daily News yesterday.

“The results have been sent to the party headquarters for official confirmation. Seremwe won the elections, but I am not allowed to give the breakdown of results. You can get them from the commissariat,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Kasukuwere said “mira ndikufonere manje manje (let me call you soon),” but never called back.

While the primary elections may appear insignificant, insiders said yesterday “it was the crucial stage for Mnangagwa and Kasukuwere to showcase their newfound powers”.

“The Mujuru factor is still very strong and that is why people voted for Seremwe.

“It is not that they liked him much but he is one of them and was not part of the crusade against Amai Mujuru. On the other hand, people are against the establishment of an empire by these people. Although Seremwe is not directly linked to Mujuru, the vote was a snub to the Kasukuwere and Mnangagwa camps which are seeking to remove the former VP from the political landscape and clear their path to power,” said the party official from the province.

To worsen matters, the coming by-elections are being snubbed by the main opposition MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai on the grounds that no voters’ roll was available.

Whereas Mnangagwa was said to be backing the outspoken Tsenengamu, Kasukuwere and his reported half brother, Mafios, were allegedly backing Caleb Karima, who came out third in the race.

The faction aligned to Mnangagwa is presently locked in a nasty and escalating fight for the spoils of their thuggish victory over Mujuru, with many hardliners in the camp apparently feeling that they have not been rewarded sufficiently for their role in annihilating the Mujuru camp.

So bad have relations become in the Mnangagwa camp that some of its members are even begrudging the fact that Mugabe rewarded Mnangagwa with the VP post despite the fact that he allegedly “played a lesser role in the ousting of Mai Mujuru”.

Kasukuwere is allegedly part of the so-called “Gang of Four” — said to also comprise Oppah Muchinguri, Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao, the group that is said to be already looking at life not only after Mugabe but also Mnangagwa.

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    Nhasi chaiye dai zvainzi vanhu vaMai Mujuru nevaMai Mugabe/Mnangagwa pito tsvee vhotai tione, shirikadzi iya inovarova zvavasati vamboona. Only that the rigging rig is still in place but Mutasa is working slowly but surely on it. Zvino ava kuda kusungwa.

    Kunda Kinde - 27 January 2015

    Ngavamboti mirei kumusunga so that we can know the inside of this rigging. Throwing out four voters rolls is no longer a viable tactic. Neither is the use of violence. What else can they do.

    Edzai - 27 January 2015

    Ngavamboti mirei kumusunga so that we can know the inside of this rigging. Throwing out four voters rolls is no longer a viable tactic. Neither is the use of violence. What else can they do.

    Edzai - 27 January 2015

    Thank you Mt. darwin/Dotito for refusing to be whipped into the wrong basket. Kasukuwere will live to regret his evil alliance with people who are thought to be behind decimation of all other provincial stallwarts. Munofunga kuit hatizive kuti you, Kasukuwere sold much of Mash central to Grace, Moyo and others who come from places far far away. Why is Moyo's farm in Mazowe and not kuTjolotjolo uko? Why is Grace disturbing Mbuya Nehanda's spirits? Is she in any way part of the lineage?

    selele - 27 January 2015

    The biggest problem is that Mugabe does have the election results of this pending By-Election. Its a matter of handing to ZEC to anounce them.

    X-MAN IV - 27 January 2015

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    Rodney - 27 January 2015

    Who is mbuya nehanda?Akambotonga kana village zvayo here munhu iyeye?Musangonamata zvamusingazivi.Its just a mascot name which was manipulated by Zanu PF after Independence inorder to control the masses.It sickens me when people say Chaminuka this ,Nehanda this mapfupa angu achamuka .....ahhhh imi kupiko?Musadaro mhani

    manu - 27 January 2015

    In a few hours time Mugabe will be flying to Addis Ababa to attend the 24th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly after recent trips from Singapore and Zambia. The man is insane. The country has never benefited from Mugabe's trips abroad since 1980.

    Musona - 27 January 2015

    @manu. Please stop insulting people who believe in African tradition and our ancestors. Please speak for yourself because some of us have a source of inspiration diffent to yours. In Zimbabwe tagara tiine mhondoro nemidzimu yedu. The Zanu-PF you talk about is a bambazonke organisation which likes your vote regardless of your beliefs. Kana mavotes achibva kumapostori, vanoita zvinodiwawo nemapostori iwayi etc. Ini I am simply traditionalist regardless of my political position at the moment.

    selele - 27 January 2015

    Do you think ZANU PF is so stupid it would let anyone who does not tow the party line to contest and goes on to win the primaries? Food for thought. In any case the party holds all the cards and can remove him any time if he fails to tow the party line.

    Ndugu - 27 January 2015

    “…the group of liberation war heroes and pioneers…”! Fungi Kwaramba I do not know how old you are by the way you write your fawning reports I can tell you were born after 1980 in the Reserves. Online news reports are talking about the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945 in Europe. Nazi fascists invaded equally ADVANCED societies and tried to impose their own fascist ideology. The word “liberation” is now being misused by people like you, Fungi Kwaramba, to refer to the frenetic almighty struggle between Zanu and Zapu for power from 1960 to 1987. Whites instead catapulted blacks in Africa who were in the pre-Iron Age into modernity. It sounds tendentious and sacrilegious. It took more than a century for whites to carve a modern, functioning, European-style society out of raw African bushveld where people had not even heard or seen a wheel, or a school or factory. Whites were using guns while blacks were using spears showing the wide gulf in technological advancement.. Black politicians are blowing their own trumpet saying they liberated the country when the truth is that black people were a billion times better off under white rule and it's a load of garbage to say blacks were oppressed and Zanu was voted into power by the ordinary folk after Muzorewa's reign. Blacks HAD always been very poor before whites came in 1890 - this was not the whites' fault and was not oppression. Local blacks were not at all on the brink of some technological breakthrough before the whites came in 1890. Rhodesia was the second most prosperous economy in Africa - Nyerere called it the Jewel of Africa. (continued below).....

    Musona - 27 January 2015

    (continued from above)....Mugabe and his gang have reduced this once prosperous country into a failed state but people like you have the audacity to talk about liberation! No way can any black government, now or in the future, can equal or better what the whites, who carved the raw African bushveld into a functioning prosperous society, did. I find it laughable and unintelligent black politicians FOOLING the gullible majority when they PRETEND to complain bitterly about whites denying blacks of educational opportunities and job opportunities and at the same time saying they did not want colonialism which brought education and industries????? It was the same colonialists who paid the school and college fees for these black politicians, gave them jobs and cheap houses to rent!!!!!!! Without colonialism there would be no education or jobs to talk about. Education and colonialism are Siamese twins - they came together to this land now called Zimbabwe. Why should the struggle for power between Zanu and Zapu be called “liberation”? Why not simply say they wanted to try their luck at governing which they have failed so dismally to do? During white rule all blacks were exempt from paying from paying income tax and black businesses were exempt from paying corporation tax. But when Zanu was voted into power Zanu compelled everyone in formal employment to pay income tax (at a rate of 45% of take home pay) and black businesses to pay corporation taxes. Where is the “liberation” here? It' daft to talk of liberation in such a case. It shows crass ignorance. Most of these politicians left S Rhodesia in the early 1960s and only came back in 1980 and they do not know what was happening. Some on the eastern border just skipped the border when Mozambique attained black rule and ended up in Zanu camps as reluctant politicians when they found the grass was not greener in Mozambique and they could not come back home because they had left illegally.

    Musona - 27 January 2015

    has the people of Zimbabwe won in that election?

    sabhuku chitsamwi - 27 January 2015

    You have dismally failed to realise that we were surviving of our own accord before the whites even came into existence. The blacks were the Biblical Israelites and God made them so.You must do some research mate not just pander some illguided rhetoric. Where did civilization start?Africa.Where did humans beings come into existence....again Africa. Remember Egypt and Mesopotamia.Africa had the best brains well before the whites came into play. Do some research before uttering ill gotten misinformation randomly so.

    Rodgers - 27 January 2015

    '@Musona u so much hate yourself that even your own shadow you by all means try to disown it. lets talk about zanu and zapu maybe you got good knowledge of it. OF civilisation and black people I suggest you revisit that history.

    garvey - 27 January 2015

    Kasukuvere is trying to built the Empire of the Kasukuvere people in Mash Central. But iye akambobvepiko. Muuyiwo kunge ana Grace, Mugabe naivo ana Moyo vamuchataura ava muMash Central. These people are just like ana Rhodes. Whats the difference now between the coming of the Europeans to Zim and the coming of the G4 to Mash Central. Why Mash Central???????? Why Why Why. Nhasi zvakunzi Mai Mujuru hana kurwa hondo. Saka vakarwei. Varwi vehondo va vana Grace, Kasukuvere , J Moyo nana Tsenengamu. Hoo zviya as long you align yourself to the First Family watove mu War Vet. Ko nhai iwo ma real War Veterinary aripi ko kana va Teurai Ropa vachinzwai ivo varipo. We begging to doubt their presence kana zvasvika pazvava apa. Again chii chinonzi kupandukira nyika ? Kunzi chibva wachembera kupandukira nyika. Does it mean Mugabe ndiyo Nyika yacho here. Hey plz help me ndinzwisise apa.

    dotito - 28 January 2015

    Two of the so many reasons why we will find it hard to advance as a society is that we keep remeniscing about the past instead of looking at the present and most importantly, the future. There is no point in glorifying racism in whatever form it comes, be it colonialism, slavery or the Zanu way of grabbing land from someone just because the hue of their skin is paler. Great man in history like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi fought very hard against systems that supported the oppression of one man against the other based on the difference of skin color and yet we still have some lunatics in the present praising the same evil systems. Zanu PF on the other hand will always remind us of the liberation struggle, we are tired of hearing about the past. The second reason why it's hard for us to progress is because we elect our leaders based on which party or faction they belong to instead of looking at the individual capacity of that particular person.

    Dr Know - 28 January 2015

    Ma results ari muhomwe kudhara honai takaenda ku Zambia ma results asati apera kudaidzirwa tatoziva kuti atakapa Lungu akakwana kuti ahwine.

    maita - 28 January 2015

    hanzi cheap houses to rent!!!!! not equal opportunities with them whites such that instead of renting the black folk would also own the houses. some are good for renting while others own. the other thing is that you are wrong to project future failure on all black zimbos. we are already seeing many blacks who are already sucessful even by the forbes standards. the failure of a few does not cast a bad spell on the rest of us. thats where mr musona is fundamentally wrong. we will make it in the end.

    taurai - 28 January 2015

    Good writing from @Musona, what he says is thought provoking to those who want to, war vet, and liberators have no place in the future thank God after 20years or so they will all be gone together with their stories, it will be shameful for a born free to share such stories to your kids considering where the country is at, and where it was when growing up..the same way you are rewriting history will be the same way those who will come in power will rewrite for thought..

    Nobodies - 28 January 2015

    @Nobodies. You are a nobody for sure, supporting the superiority of one race over another is so backward thinking. Look at Botswana which was left with nothing after colonialism, they have since built their economy to be one of the most successful on the continent, baTswanas are some of the happiest people on earth because they are progressing forward and not looking back. All it takes is to have a truly democratically elected person with a vision for a country to move forward whether that person is black, brown,white or yellow. Would the Americans elect Barack Obama if all black people were alike?

    Dr Know - 28 January 2015

    Wataura Dotito. Aripi maWar Vet? Kunzi ibva wachembera handi kunzi wapandukira nyika. Chokwadi chinorwadza.

    Bambo - 28 January 2015

    @Dotito. I like your polemic. You are asking the right questions and you make me feel like starting new pungwes and the dodging-games we used to do nguva yemaKeep. Kasukuwere is very foolish and was all along interested in building up his own ego at the expense of all big wigs in Mash Central. He is very Junior!! and came where he now is tricking and intimidating people. He is the incarnation of all what is bad in the CIO and all its political off-shoots. Manje chirikubvondoka. Makorekore haasi magwara.

    selele - 28 January 2015

    I have got a excerpt of an interview with Tongagara which is very interesting. Why they were fighting and things people were taught. I will post it later.

    Musona - 28 January 2015

    Under white rule you reaped what you sowed. It was the fairest you will ever get anywhere on earth. Whites were already rich and were always going to get even richer. It was not the white people's duty or obligation to mother black people. Whites never signed a contract with blacks to mother them. Whites are the ones who started to build businesses and had a right to employ who they chose. Some people just woke up, sat on their backsides and expected whites to come to them to offer them work instead of looking for work. Clever black people like George Tavengwa, never went to school, but managed to become the first black multimillionaire owning 9 large commercial farms in Rhodesia. George Tavengwa never gave silly excuses like these stupid politicians.

    Musona - 28 January 2015

    @garvey or taurai - I do not need your advice. I know the history - idiot.

    Musona - 28 January 2015

    @Musona. What you write could have come from Smith himself. But you should know that any system built at the back and without full participation of Africans was bound to have problems. In Australia and America those same whites culled natives whom they saw as a challange to their supremacy. I am glad this failed in Southern Africa, otherwise even your own forefathers might have been killed. I will agree with you on the fact that black majority rule had no capacity to maintain what Rhodesians (black and white) had achieved and that PF boasts about post-independence "achievements" which could only happen because of international good will and that Zanu-Pf is a clueless lot. Things started going bad the moment Mugabe and his lot made emotional and not rational decisions. That Party rides on people's emotions and not rational thinking.

    selele - 28 January 2015

    Interesting how people like Gumbo now glibly speak of 'one man one vote' when he was part of those who sought to deny us that right by putting all sorts of impediments in our way. He is only saying this now that he is a ZPF outcast. Downright dishonest!

    saundy - 28 January 2015

    @selele - do not write rubbish you fool. Smith was there whether you like it or not. You cannot change that. Smith was an excellent leader. Blacks participated fully but the advanced whites with the skills and money were leading. To start with blacks had no skills except to provide the brawn and the whites provided the brains which is why you have the massive Kariba Dam which blacks on their own would not have been capable of building. White immigrants built America on their own with slave labour and did not need the native Americans to build a prosperous America. The truth is blacks were very backward and whites were very advanced - this is unpalatable to some black people but that is the truth. Whites had guns while blacks were using Stone Age spears. Blacks had never seen a simple WHEEL or simple GEJO. You idiots take things for granted. I grew up in an era where owning a simple bicycle was regarded as a major achievement in the black society so I know where the blacks came from. It is not sensible or possible for people who were backward a few decades ago to say they have liberated the country - they wanted to try their luck in governing and have failed dismally.

    Musona - 28 January 2015

    @Musona. Once you start hauling insults on e.g. me, you involuntarily expose something about yourself which you might not want us to know. You don't know I old I am and how much I know about Rhodesia so stop making assumptions and claims which are not called for. The majority of the white world saw everything wrong in that system which you seem to defend unconditionally. A lot of balanced white people imposed sanctions on your beloved Rhodesia and AK47's made and supplied by white people led to the final downfall of your beautiful Rhodesia. Given, Zanu and Zapu had their own conflicts but their main enemy was racist Smith and his hated regime but not "physical Rhodesia". Yes, Zanu has failed us but those of us who were at least adolescent in the 70's will aptly dismiss your line of argument.

    selele - 28 January 2015

    @selele - stupid fool. Get lost.

    Musona - 28 January 2015

    essentially, you're the flip side of Mugabe. Same bad coin and you are the people who make this world unbearable.

    selele - 28 January 2015

    Kasukuwere your day is coming you big poof

    bobojaan spanela - 28 January 2015

    @selele, thanks for revealing Musona for the racist that he is, and you did that without using any foul language.

    Gatsi Rusere - 29 January 2015

    the end of ZANU PF

    simba - 2 February 2015

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