Fake love for 'Mujuru MPs'

HARARE - Ravaged by escalating factional and succession wars and fearing annihilation at the fast approaching 2018 national elections, Zanu PF has made a humiliating climbdown by moving to accommodate legislators perceived to be sympathetic to ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

This stunning policy reversal was confirmed over the past few days as the party’s political commissar, Savior Kasukuwere, continued to scurry around the country preaching the new gospel of tolerance and camaraderie towards the previously shunned Members of Parliament.

A central committee member was emphatic yesterday that the “fake love” for the previously shunned MPs was allegedly a  result of Zanu PF’s fear of losing the 2018 elections, as well as its quest to ward off the ominous challenge by the party’s liberation stalwarts to take President Robert Mugabe head-on.

“This is fake love for the MPs by the party which is in serious panic mode because of the challenge by (former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus) Mutasa and other party veterans, as well as the looming 2018 elections,” the senior party official told the Daily News.

Addressing, first, a Matabeleland South party meeting in Gwanda on Friday, Kasukuwere revealed that all MPs and senators who had been suspended from the party were now to be allowed to attend provincial coordinating committee (PCC) meetings as their suspension did not mean that they had been fired from the party.

His unexpected announcement followed a major ruckus in the region earlier this month when police had to be called to quell disturbances after “suspended” members were kicked out of a heated PCC meeting amid strenuous protests by the affected members.

To the surprise of many people gathered at the Friday meeting, Kasukuwere said the new party position was that only two Zanu PF members, former war veterans leader, Jabulani Sibanda, and former party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, had been expelled from the party.

“We want our MPs. Like I said, we only expelled two ... meaning that everyone else, if there is a meeting in the villages you sit there, listen and chant the slogan but you do not have a position, you sit with others.

“The district or branch chairperson will be your boss but if you are a Member of Parliament or senator, you come and attend a PCC meeting so that we push the party business because we did not fire our MPs from the party. This is the party position,” Kasukuwere said.

He also said that the party would only accept suspensions done before Zanu PF’s disputed congress that was held in Harare late last year, with any other suspensions that were carried after the damp squib “elective” congress to be nullified because they were not carried out in consultation with his office. Addressing a Manicaland PCC meeting along the same lines at Mutare Polytechnic yesterday, Kasukuwere openly admitted that the party had been ravaged by worsening infighting for some time — and reiterated that there would be no recall of MPs perceived to be aligned to Mujuru.

“Let us unite… let’s now get ready for the coming elections,” he said. Politburo member Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri also told the same meeting that the party would no longer pursue the estranged comrades, choosing instead to bury the hatchet while expecting the dissenters to reform at the same time. “There are some here who were at the fore-front of Gamatox,” Muchinguri-Kashiri said in apparent reference to suspended MP Enock Porusingazi who also attended the meeting.

“We cannot continue fighting. We now want to move forward. You just need to do self-introspection and amend your ways,” she said.

“Zanu PF inodya mazai ayo. Ikaona kuti warasika inokudzinga. Today it’s Mai Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo…mangwana ndiwe. (Zanu PF eats its own eggs. If it notices that you are losing your way, it will expel you. Today its Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo… tomorrow it’s you) if you are not careful,” Muchinguri-Kashiri added.

“All members who have not been expelled by the party remain in the party and retain their positions as MPs. Only two people were expelled from the party and that’s Rugare Gumbo and Jabulani Sibanda,” Kasukuwere underscored the point, adding that affected members would only face internal disciplinary action that would not affect their tenure as sitting MPs.

“Porusingazi has been suspended not expelled, hence he retains his seat,” Kasukuwere said and promptly went on to hug Porusingazi in full view of the gathered party members.

Meanwhile, Kasukuwere also said the politburo would determine the fate of the embattled Mutasa, amid a chorus of calls for him to be expelled from the party by his home province. “The province has given the recommendation and the highest decision-making body of the party will make a determination,” he said.

Muchinguri-Kashiri had earlier urged Kasukuwere to expeditiously take the province’s call for Mutasa’s expulsion to the politburo.

“Endai munotitaurirawo kuti vatibvisire Didymus Mutasa nekukasira. Tinoda kudealer naye zvakasimba kana politburo yatibatsira (Go and tell them on our behalf to quickly expel Didymus Mutasa. We want to deal with him strongly if the poltiburo helps us in that regard),” Muchinguri-Kashiri said.

In calling for the total expulsion of Mutasa from the party, acting Zanu PF provincial chairperson Samuel Undenge said Mutasa’s case needed to be treated as a special case separate from other suspensions.

“This is petitioned by his constituency asking for him to be recalled. We are treating the Headlands issue as a unique case and separately from other suspensions so that we completely remove Didymus Mutasa from Zanu PF,” he said. Undenge also said that there was a general feeling among Zanu PF members in the province that MPs accused of being aligned to the Mujuru faction had to be recalled.

“The feeling of our people is that these people should all be recalled,” he said, adding that there was another petition from Chimanimani West calling for the recall of former Energy deputy minister Munacho Mutezo.

But a disgruntled member who spoke to the Daily News said being subjected to an internal disciplinary process was still an “unnecessary ritual” considering that the charges they faced had been trumped up.

He described the mooted disciplinary processes as “just a face saver after all the allegations that were flying around”.

“They obviously can’t just call it quits, so they are now talking of this unnecessary ritual of disciplinary processes, they just need to try and find closure to the whole process,” the official said.

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If you are real men and women, refuse to be subjected to these tribunals. You won't die of hunger!! Find alternative occupations or go back to your farms and businesses.

selele - 27 January 2015

Love or without love we in Zanu Pf we just have to make sure we have removed the old man from power and put anyone within be it Cde Mnangangwa or Mphoko to take over and then we address our real issues as a power for 2018 recalling our victimized revered comrades back because they belong to Zanu Pf and we all know they are pillars and indispensable .the only person who does not know that is Mai Grace Mugabe and her mafikizolos people without a history like the Zhuwawaos,Chombos,Kasukuwere and the Jonas and a misguided Oppah Muchinguri.As for the old man we can not count on him for survival as he is already incapaciatated.akatotuka musangano pa ka illegal congress kakaitwa achiti "pasi ne Zanu Pf"

carson Macate - 27 January 2015

Circus chaiyo iyo zanu ndiyo institution yekushandira chete chero kuine mikana yekuba mari zvayo vanhu ngawafungewo. One day you are used the next you are humiliated and you still want to continue, isn't that a sign of lack of internal drive to do your own. It only means these people are not competent they call for black empowerment when they still want to be lead by that old man who is just finished and has nothing new to offer.

zayeed muchochororo - 27 January 2015

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Rodney - 27 January 2015

Bernard Cheketo you are one excitable chap behind a pen. Fearing annihilation naaniko? Amana musatiite mafuza hahaha fast approaching 2018 hahaha wandisetsa mufana usaite seunonyora composition ye zvandakaita pazororo mhani

Tams - 27 January 2015


Gerald - 27 January 2015

Very often the doctrine that says in politics there are no permanent friends/enemies but permanent interests is often proved to be true, this is one such case. Soon after getting rid of Mujuru as one team, there are now two more splits in the very same team. We remember vividly MPs from Mujuru's camp being castigated,and yet now they are 'comrades' again?

Dr Know - 28 January 2015

Fungai Mbetsa and Didymus Mutasa VaMutasa pamwe chete naFungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland as their own household. They never followed proper procedures and through corruption installed their own people in positions of power totally disregarding people's choices. At the moment Fungai Mbetsa is going against the traditional procedure of appointing the Zimunya chief. The Zimunya people met and it was agreed that Mr Kufandada Dzobo be the new Zimunya Chief but Fungai Mbetsa THE PROVINCIAL Administrator through some corrupt ways is trying to install his own man. The District Administrator had agreed with the people that its time for the Dzobo family to be Chiefs as the chieftainship is supposed to rotate between three families namely Mungwende, Muchakaruka and Kuchakaakwa. Since the passing of Chief Zimunya there has been an acting chief and now the families met and agreed that its time for Mungwende family and Mr Kufandada Dzobo was chosen to be the chief-elect. However a splinter group from Muchakaruka family now wants to be chief again. His job as PA is to install whoever the people have chosen and not to choose himself. He is behaving like Mutasa who used to impose chiefs in Makoni region.

Ngirazi We Jindwi - 28 January 2015

FUNGAI MBETSA However we wont let Fungai Mbetsa have his way. We are gonna appeal to the President regarding this issue. The record shows that the people had agreed on Mr Kufandada Dzobo as the new chief and were awaiting for President Robert Mugabe to second that and sign the necessary papers. Disregarding this Fungai Mbetsa went behind both the DA and the people and started parallel procedures to appoint someone else. We the people of Zimunya we want the authentic chief to be installed. It has to be through fair, transparent, and honest selection of the person. And according to the traditional way of selecting such a person. Fungai Mbetsa is probably being paid by whoever is to be installed. We need the police to investigate what is happening. We demand that Fungai Mbetsa follow the exact procedure and principles of installing a chief. This is how they Mutasa and Fungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland. With Mutasa gone its high time Fungai Mbetsa is shown the door as well as they are the same people. Trying to stop Amai Dr Grace Mugabe from coming and campaigning in Mutare. We are exposing Fungai Mbetsa as being in Mujuru's and Mutasa's camp and he needs to be fired. He is well known for being a Mutasa man and boasting that His Excellency Cde Robert Mugabe is now too old to rule and Mujuru and Mutasa must come in. He calls himself the Emperor of Manicaland!! He even said Cde Robert Mugabe needs to consult him if he wants to come to Manicaland. He is involved in many corrupt activities which we will expose soon. We appeal to Her Majesty Mai Dr Grace Mugabe to intervene as Fungai Mbetsa together with Mutasa people were involved in booing her and other dignitaries.Pasi naMutasa, Mujuru naFUNGAI MBETSA!!!!

Ngirazi We Jindwi - 28 January 2015

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