'Mugabe, we don't want you in Zambia'

HARARE - Zambians have mounted a demonstration against President Robert Mugabe after the nonagenarian flew to Lusaka on Friday for the expected inauguration of the country's new president, although counting of votes was still in progress last night.

Edgar Lungu, who enjoys a close relationship with Mugabe and who belongs to the late Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front ruling party was said to be leading.

What appears to have irked the opposition in the country is that Mugabe flew to Zambia even before the results of the tightly-contested polls had been announced, prompting fears that Lungu — who controversially came to see Mugabe in Harare late last year ahead of the election — may have worked with Zanu PF to rig the ballot.

As a result, hundreds of angry demonstrators — mostly supporters of the main opposition candidate, Hakainde Hichilema, of the United Party for National Development — repeatedly and animatedly chanted “Mugabe must go” slogans yesterday.

This is the one of  the rare cases of Mugabe being decampaigned on the continent at such a large and public scale, as until now he has been relatively popular with youths across most of Africa for his strong pan-African rhetoric.

Mugabe flew to Zambia after spending just one day in Zimbabwe, following an unusually long and costly State-funded holiday in the Far East — where his wife Grace is still recuperating after undergoing a minor operation.

But the reception that miffed Zambians gave him was far from the normally cosy one that he routinely gets within the region — and certainly a far cry from the over-the-top welcome he got when he landed at Harare International Airport from Singapore on Thursday afternoon — where hordes of bussed in Zanu PF supporters addressed him as the “Supreme Leader”.

Well-known Al Jazeera Africa correspondent Haru Mutasa — a Zimbabwean — posted on social network Twitter that protesters in Lusaka “don’t want Zimbabwe President here, they say Mugabe must go”.

Videos of the protests were also posted on YouTube and had been accessed by thousands of people by last night.

Efforts to solicit a comment about the demonstration from Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, were unsuccessful yesterday as his mobile phone rang without being answered.

Mugabe, apart from being Sadc chairperson is also incoming African Union (AU) chair.

He was met at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on Friday by Zambia’s minister of Chiefs and Traditional

Affairs, Nkandu Luo, as well as Zimbabwe’s ambassador to the neighbouring country, Getrude Takawira and her deputy Marshall Matutu.

Most of the anti-Mugabe demonstration took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital Lusaka — which has been the base for the popular Hichilema in the run-up to the elections.

Lungu — who is very close to Mugabe — was reportedly heading for victory in the presidential election against Hichilema, amid strong charges of irregularities.

The Zambian elections followed the death of Sata in October 2014 in a London hospital.

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Mugabe passed through Zimbabwe on his way to Zambia from the Far East. Then some fools say we have a leader, an icon.............someone who does not spend time in his country, I laugh at it as if it is nothing but really this is a Guinness Book of Records statistic. I don't think there is a leader who will ever beat this record, if anything he has spent less time in Zimbabwe than outside either attending to cataracts, funerals of popes or other presidents, inaugurations of younger presidents than him, weddings, holidays (some masked as UN meetings), world youth meetings and the list goes on and on. It has been worse since the death of OUR 1st Lady (may her soul rest in peace).

Qawe laMaqawe - 25 January 2015

Thank you Zambia for showing Mugabe the backside.(kumufongorera). I wish you guys can do it again on a larger scale during the inauguration. Katinetsa kachembere aka hatichakada bhati karikuda kungonamatira sechikwekwe. Who knows your elections might have been rigged if your new leader is in love with ZANU. Boot him out.

maiwe zimbabwe yacho - 25 January 2015

The Post 4 hrs · INAUGURATION CEREMONY: African leaders arrived in Zambia ahead of inauguration. Zimbabwean president Robrt Mugabe gets his customary loud cheer as he arrives in the stadium ...

Ban'a - 25 January 2015

Lungu's visited mugabe to fetch election results.

X-MAN IV - 25 January 2015

I wish we could hire some Zambians to demonstrate to Mugabe on our behalf to Mugabe when he gets back to Zim from Zam.Our Zim folks are too weak to do so.

Gora - 25 January 2015

Isuwo maZimbo tinonyadza, kutomirira vavakidzani kuita demo on our behalf. If everyone says enough is enough and goes onto the streets kanoswera kaenda kamudhara aka. But alas, we are too educated, too smart and the most nauseating 'MaZimbo will always find ways to survive'.

Mutasa - 25 January 2015

For any demonstration to be a success in Zimbabwe we would all have to go it....naked....without a stitch on us, first that is a mhlolo/ mathura, and secondly it speak deeply of our disguist at all the skullduggery that has been our staple diet of politics......naked march...will take away our identities, so police, soldiers, teacher, all people of all races will join in this erstwhile effort, to show Mugabe he is ruling us by proxy now..you are a liabilty now Mr Robert Gabriel Grace Mugabe...we don't love you or your family or ideals anymore, again we never did, we saw through the lies. you are Satan himself, Butcher of ZimbaMalawi....sorry manhingi and shame on you, sir.

Muumuu - 25 January 2015

There is just no job for Mugabe in Zimbabwe,hence his flight to Zambia shortly after his arrival from the Far East.

KURWAISIMBA - 26 January 2015

Since independence if we count the number of days Mugabe has been in Zimbabwe we may get 5 years only. And how did he go before results had been officially announced, something fishy is happening and I think this man has found a fool proof way of rigging elections. Unfortunately the economy cannot be rigged. And tell me which normal president can spend 35 days in a hotel, it is true they have a house in Singapore then, yet his lying wife say they don't have properties outside Zimbabwe and are poor, my foot

maita - 26 January 2015

Eish! Some are talking about a "th" President while we are still talking about a "st". kikikikiki Regai Steve Dhongi akati "Handiende" ende haaende for sure.

Tichaonerera - 26 January 2015

yu praise and wish the Zambians to do demonstrations here, ko iwe chinokutadzisa kuita chii. Fongora uone bara ,live bullet,richikunhanzva.Hamunyari ,hamusvodi,sveee. Pamberi na suprem-leader wedu.Pasi nezvimbwasungata zvkaita sana Gora navamwe vanofunga kuti mazambians anogona.

n.g - 26 January 2015

What we and our SADC brothers and sisters need to understand is that a little leaven spreads throughout the whole loaf. And that is why the bible tells us to beware the leaven of the Pharisees. One small packet of yeast spreads through a whole loaf. The evil that ZPF have become is spreading throughout the region. The leaders of SADC all KNOW that ZPF have rigged to stay in power and the temptation is too great for these SADC leaders; Ian Khama exempted. May the Lord expose all the rot and all the deceit for the people have had enough. That evil house is going to come tumbling down like a pack of cards. Repent!

TruthBTold - 26 January 2015

musava neshungu nezvamusinga kwanisi kushandura. shungu dzinoitisa stress. stress inokonzera depression. depression is no good to any of us. ngatisiyeyi shungu nezvinhu zvatisingagoni kuchinja. mukuru uyu ndiye mutungamiriri watiinaye kwazvino. we can do nothing about it. don't worry, be happy.

taurai - 26 January 2015

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Paul Mhlolo - 26 January 2015

shungu nezvinhu zvausinga gone kushandura dzipokupa chiyi shamwari yangu. do something for yourself rather than spending part of you life hurting whenever you see these guys still going. i am suffering just like you are doing but i choose joy. if there is something else i can do besides policing these guys, i will do it. so why worry when you can hardly change the situation?

taurai - 26 January 2015

Handioni chinorwadza muCIO taurai. Shungu ndidzo dzakaita kuti vanhu vabvise Smith pachigaro.Izvi zvakatora makore uye pakatofiwa. Saka taurai usazvifadza uchifunga kuti ZANU PF ndiyo ALPHA & OMEGA ye Zimbabwe politics. Zvinhu zvinosanduka urimupenyu.

pachipamwe - 26 January 2015

Today's Herald headline: 'Hero's welcome in Lusaka'. ..........more than 40 000 Zambians gave President Mugabe an uproarious welcome". I might have believed that had it not come from the same paper that tells us Zimbabwe's unemployment rate is a measly 5%. Why then would a quarter of our population choose to relocate to foreign lands where most live as second class citizens?

Dr Know - 26 January 2015

well done to Zambians for telling the 90 year old off well done keep it up and urge the new president to do so well done you are probably tired of feeding your neighbours

Cucukoorooko - 26 January 2015

Muno mu zimbabwe mukada kudaro chete dai takatonzwa kuti pane one or two vakashaikwa vatorwa nevakomana. and you would never know their where abouts, It would be said that it is amai Mujuru and her cronies who incited the demos, and headinding on the herald will be like ''Mugabe warns Mujuru'' Mai Mujuru's Plan to assasinate The President fails. Mutasa arrested.

Cde Ben - 26 January 2015

mungangotuka henyu Taurai bt he is ryt. shungu dzakatoresa nyika or dzakabvisisa Smith is bcoz pakatorwa action. imi mukungowawata pasina kana action yamuri kutora. why risk your life uchisiya mhuri yako ichitambura? if u cant beat them join them or forever suffer silently nd peacefully. unofira mafufu segonzo. tsvaka zvinoita kuti mhuri yako irarame. wava Jesu here anofira vanhu iwe. siyana nazvo. gwara harina mbonje.

nyashaldino - 27 January 2015

Ugwara noutengesi zviri muZimbabwe zvichapera shanduko ichiuya. Vana Smith vakasunga nokuuraya asi hazvina kubatsira.Avo vanodada nemabara kune mumwe munhu mutema vachakohwa havo mabara avo iwawo kana nguva yakwana. Vamwe vakatonga for 42yrs asi zvakapera sesipo kuwacha. Mazimari, gold, oil nemabara zvakasara zvakadaro.HAPANA CHISINGAPERI asi magumo omunhu akaipa anogona kurwadza .


Hanzi'' If you can't beat them,join them.''This is typical of a defeatist attitude. Yes,one can easily give up if there is no principle or direction. The faint hearted have already sold out yet they still masquerade as freedom fighters.Nyati was in the armed struggle for years but sold out to join the enemy: And what did he reap?

tsukukuviri inyoka - 27 January 2015

Upenyu huri kudzimba thats for sure but it may be beneficial to look on the bright side of life and try do something for our families that is if we can. we have to find a ways of moving on hoping that change is on the horizon.

taurai - 27 January 2015

mugabe nevamwe vake vakatanga vachichema semachemero aurikuita kuna smith ndokubva vazoshinga kuti chaitoda smith kuzvipira kufa kana kupona. vamwe vakazvipira namugabe kubvisa smith pachigaro vave vashakabvu saka kana wafunga zvekubvisa mugabe pachigaro hazvingoiti nekunyora pamacomments. bvunza vanatsvangirai kuti kuda kubvisa umwe pachigaro zvakaoma umwe wangu mwari chete ndiye muiti wezvese. kana wanyatsoona kuti wave kuda kubvisa umwe ekutaura kwakoka gadzirira kuita mushakabvu . apa ndirikutaurirawo vamwe vangu der na kuremara kwepfungwa

jakara - 27 January 2015

muno maakungoda hondo pfuti dzikamborira zvofamba anaenge afa afa, then we will start again afresh shittttttttt

dmutasa - 27 January 2015

mugabe is good man

Gerald - 27 January 2015

pasi pane vatongi vapo. Kumusoro ndiko kumba, kune mutongi mumwe. Prepare kugara asingaperi makore. Siyazvenyika nenyika.

kare chatumwa chinouya - 28 January 2015

Mugabe do us a favour and resign on your birthday....that would be the biggest birthday gift this Country could have.....then new elections for 2015

Chrys - 31 January 2015

gerald uri mhata yemunhu muromo sedinji renguruve.nxaa

samanyanga - 1 February 2015

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