Fresh Zanu PF purges loom

HARARE - With President Robert Mugabe back from his long and costly State-funded holiday in the Far East, fear has gripped his ruling party, amid talk that a new round of savage purges targeted at Cabinet ministers, service chiefs and senior civil servants perceived to be loyal to former Vice President Joice Mujuru are imminent.

Speculation over the far-reaching purges first hit the headlines soon after Mugabe went on leave mid last month, and were re-ignited upon his return to the country on Thursday afternoon — amid a relentless push by Zanu PF hardliners to completely annihilate Mujuru and her allies.

Although Mugabe was in Zambia yesterday for the expected inauguration of that country’s sixth post-independence leader, Edgar Lungu, his shadow continued to haunt many in the establishment who fear that he will crack the whip as soon as he settles back in his office in the coming few weeks.

The speculation was given impetus on Thursday evening when hardline members of the ruling party, led by Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, attended a Sapes Trust debating forum in Harare where they voiced their determination to continue cracking down on Mujuru and her allies until they accepted that they were down and out.

Information minister Jonathan Moyo and his Water Affairs colleague, Saviour Kasukuwere, also Zanu PF’s political commissar, were part of the ruling party team that appeared at the Sapes meeting.

Speaking during question time at the forum, Moyo urged the disaffected Mujuru camp to accept that they were now ordinary card-carrying members of the ruling party — going further to compare their situation with what had happened to him and other bigwigs when they were fired from their positions by Mugabe in 2004 after being accused of organising the infamous Tsholotsho Declaration that allegedly sought to oust Mugabe from power.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that the only issue that was up for discussion at the moment was “when” the mooted reshuffles and brutal purges would happen, not whether they were in the offing.

“There is no question that a new and major Cabinet reshuffle is in the offing now that President Mugabe has come back from his holiday. It’s just now a question of when the president will deem this opportune.

“The reality is that there are a lot of Gamatoxes (Mujuru supporters) that still need to be smoked out of Cabinet, as well as the key security sector and the civil service if factionalists and putschists are to be defeated once and for all,” said a party official close to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

A senior government official corroborated the claim, adding that the mooted “imminent Cabinet reshuffle” would also see many senior civil servants such as permanent secretaries either losing their jobs altogether or being assigned to lesser important and influential areas.

The Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, reported a fortnight ago that Zanu PF hardliners were taking fresh aim at embattled police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri, in a bid to force Mugabe to relieve him of his post when the 90-year-old returned from his holiday in the Far East, because the top cop was allegedly too close to Mujuru.

Speculation around Chihuri’s position, and that of other service chiefs such as intelligence boss Happyton Bonyongwe and prisons head Paradzai Zimondi, first hit the headlines during the turbulent build-up to Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress in Harare late last year.

But while the heat appeared to have cooled down somewhat around the other service chiefs, including Air Force commander Perrance Shiri, a dark cloud seemingly continues to hover around  Chihuri — as fresh turbulence, emanating from fear and suspicion, threatens to wreak further havoc within the divided ruling party.

Zanu PF sources also told the Daily News then that the amiable police chief was “definitely a marked man”, with Mugabe’s wife Grace and party hardliners apparently continuing to suspect that he still had a close relationship with Mujuru — “hence the charges of alleged slow police investigations into Amai Mujuru’s cases”.

“That Chihuri, who has a complicated history in Zanu PF, is under pressure is not a secret, which is unfortunate as he is actually a nice, God-fearing and competent man who concentrates on his job rather than petty party squabbles.

“His sole crime is that party hardliners perceive him and other service chiefs to be very close to Amai Mujuru and thus want him sacked, as he holds a very important position in the running of the country.

“The suggestion is thus that when President Mugabe next re-organises his Cabinet on his return from his holiday, Chihuri and others (service chiefs) will also be cut loose,” the source said.

There has also been talk within Zanu PF circles that the likes of Masvingo resident minister, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, as well as Primary and Secondary Education minister, Lazarus Dokora, would be dismissed when the mooted purges take place.

Bhasikiti was dressed down by Mugabe during a politburo meeting late last year when the wily nonagenarian accused him of belonging to the wrong “basket” (faction) in front of his colleagues and gathered journalists.

Speaking at the Harare International Airport on Thursday, when he returned from his prolonged holiday, Mugabe said only two people — Rugare Gumbo and Jabulani Sibanda — had so far been expelled from the ruling party, as he tore into his former close confidant, Diydmus Mutasa.

While he dared Mutasa to reveal the names of the people he was working with in the latest bid to reverse the outcome of Zanu PF’s controversial congress last December, insiders say Mugabe — with his vast intelligence network was well aware of the government and party officials who were working with Mutasa, and was thus merely grandstanding.


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" With President Robert Mugabe back from his long and costly State-funded holiday in the Far East.......". Dailynews, you seem to know how 'costly' the president's holiday was. Do you mind giving us, your loyal followers, the figures please.

Ndugu - 25 January 2015

I refer to my above post. If you don't have the figures then shut up because your story will be incomplete. You can not just tell us that the holiday was 'costly' without giving us supporting evidence. I for one am waiting for the supporting evidence so the I believe your story.

Ndugu - 25 January 2015

@Ndugu mfana kithi, you doth complain too much. If u follow this newspaper u should remember that they have reported many times in the past, especially during the days of the GNU, that the trips were siphoning about US$3 million per trip. We can now expect the trips to be more expansive, factoring in inflation and the infamous medical holidays for the family.

Khumalo - 25 January 2015

Am I reading the Dailynews or some other title. Since when have regarded the police supremo in such glowing terms. Please go into your archives. He is now an amiable God fearing and professional guy coz you slant for Mujuru. So all these years you were lying to your readers that he is an unprofessional and partisan police Chief presiding over a corrupt and brutal force? "Zanu PF sources also told the Daily News then that the amiable police chief was “definitely a marked man”, with Mugabe's wife Grace and party hardliners apparently continuing to suspect that he still had a close relationship with Mujuru — “hence the charges of alleged slow police investigations into Amai Mujuru's cases”. “That Chihuri, who has a complicated history in Zanu PF, is under pressure is not a secret, which is unfortunate as he is actually a nice, God-fearing and competent man who concentrates on his job rather than petty party squabbles"

ChiPfukuto - 25 January 2015

what an uneducated imbecile you are ndugu. of course mugabe was living with his extended family in predintial suites in luxury 5 star hotels in the far east for almost 2 months on state funds. the cheapest presidential suite is $5 000 a night times 2 months times extended family. not forgetting the royal meals and exorbitant medical bills. i know that its your job as an ignorant CIO but i thought i should educate you tremendous ignorance

Lionel - 25 January 2015

FUNGAI MBETSA IS ONE OF THE PEOPLE USED BY DIDYMUS MUTASA TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK. HE IS THE PA AND THEREFORE ANSWERABLE TO MANY ISSUES Fungai Mbetsa and Didymus Mutasa VaMutasa pamwe chete naFungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland as their own household. They never followed proper procedures and through corruption installed their own people in positions of power totally disregarding people's choices. At the moment Fungai Mbetsa is going against the traditional procedure of appointing the Zimunya chief. The Zimunya people met and it was agreed that Mr Kufandada Dzobo be the new Zimunya Chief but Fungai Mbetsa THE PROVINCIAL Administrator through some corrupt ways is trying to install his own man. The District Administrator had agreed with the people that its time for the Dzobo family to be Chiefs as the chieftainship is supposed to rotate between three families namely Mungwende, Muchakaruka and Kuchakaakwa. Since the passing of Chief Zimunya there has been an acting chief and now the families met and agreed that its time for Mungwende family and Mr Kufandada Dzobo was chosen to be the chief-elect. However a splinter group from Muchakaruka family now wants to be chief again. His job as PA is to install whoever the people have chosen and not to choose himself. He is behaving like Mutasa who used to impose chiefs in Makoni region. However we wont let Fungai Mbetsa have his way. We are gonna appeal to the President regarding this issue. The record shows that the people had agreed on Mr Kufandada Dzobo as the new chief and were awaiting for President Robert Mugabe to second that and sign the necessary papers. Disregarding this Fungai Mbetsa went behind both the DA and the people and started parallel procedures to appoint someone else.

Ngirazi - 25 January 2015

We the people of Zimunya we want the authentic chief to be installed. Fungai Mbetsa is probably being paid by whoever is to be installed. We need the police to investigate what is happening. We demand that Fungai Mbetsa follow the exact procedure and principles of installing a chief. This is how they Mutasa and Fungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland. With Mutasa gone its high time Fungai Mbetsa is shown the door as well as they are the same people. Trying to stop Amai Dr Grace Mugabe from coming and campaigning in Mutare. We are exposing Fungai Mbetsa as being in Mujuru's and Mutasa's camp and he needs to be fired. He is well known for being a Mutasa man and boasting that His Excellency Cde Robert Mugabe is now too old to rule and Mujuru and Mutasa must come in. He calls himself the Emperor of Manicaland!! He even said Cde Robert Mugabe needs to consult him if he wants to come to Manicaland. He is involved in many corrupt activities which we will expose soon. We appeal to Her Majesty Mai Dr Grace Mugabe to intervene as Fungai Mbetsa together with Mutasa people were involved in booing her and other dignitaries.Pasi naMutasa, Mujuru naFUNGAI MBETSA!!!!

NGIRAZI - 25 January 2015

Lol Fungi so Chihuri is now an angel. Come on!!

Marshall - 26 January 2015

Ndugu is a first class IDIOT....One does not really need figures to believe that Mugabe & his extended family were living a very expensive life in the Far East where he left his wife still at our expense.

FUNGAI ZVIMWE - 26 January 2015

"Behold the Lord rides on a swift cloud. The idols of Egypt (ZPF) will totter at His presence and the heart of ZPF will melt in its midst. 'I will set ZPF against ZPF; everyone will fight against his brother. And everyone against his neighbour; city against city and kingdom against kingdom. The spirit of ZPF will fail in its midst. I will destroy their counsel and they will consult their idols and their charmers; the mediums and sorcerers. And I will give them into the hands of a cruel master........Surely the princes are fools...Pharaohs counsellors give foolish counsel...And let them know the Lord of Hosts has purposed against them... " Isaiah 19: 1-16 It will be better for ZPF to repent!

Righteous Justice - 26 January 2015

So now, out of the blue Cde. Commissioner-General Chihuri is now a saint? Really? I wonder what the victims of police abuse, extrajudicial killings, those killed in ZRP Traffic-kombi cat and mouse games and those fleeced by corrupt junior ZRP officers have to say.... I hold no brief for nor against either faction as i simply want the best for my country and for the future generations but once the media buys into these silly games pashata. No wonder the Nutty Professor laid into all media kuZINEF. Agenda set, be subjective alll you want but please do not take your loyal readers for a ride. Taneta ne silly media and unverifiable reports. Nxaa, Fungi Kwaramba if that's your real name why not simply stick to issue of fresh purges looming without having to pain us who lost relatives due to ZRP incompetency under that AIDS ridden, collapsing top cop.

Cde Nyeee - 26 January 2015

this a reply to ndugu the figures for the presidents holiday are listed below : air fares us$ 397 000 one way since he commandeered the whole plane :hotel accomodation for the president and his wife at us80 000 a night x 47 nights us$3 760 000 the president slept 36 nights the other nights were for a security sweep :accomodation kids combined (bona and husband, chatunga and robert plus hangers on ) us$ 6 000 000 :accomodation security us$2 800 000 OTHER EXPENSES: us (food , drinks ,gifts for foreign security , christmas presents ) us $10 000 000 so do the maths: security extras us $ 2 000 000

gabanga - 26 January 2015

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