Mutasa a stupid fool — Mugabe

HARARE - An angry President Robert Mugabe slated former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa on his return from his long holiday in the Far East yesterday, branding his erstwhile lieutenant as “deranged, mad, little-brained” and “a stupid fool”.

The nonagenarian was particularly scathing about Mutasa’s moves to try and get regional and continental bodies to intervene in Zanu PF’s deepening factional and succession wars.

He told Cabinet ministers, top securocrats, senior government officials and placard-waving rank-and-file Zanu PF supporters who had gathered to welcome him at the Harare International Airport yesterday that Mutasa was also allegedly “insane”.

“We have no time for individuals of little brains, disorganised mentally, deranged and close to being insane,” he said much to the delight of party apparatchiks.

Mugabe said Mutasa was “a foolish man” who did not appear to know that bodies such as the 15-nation regional bloc Sadc, Comesa and the African Union represented nations not individuals. “Congress yatakaita yaive Zanu PF congress (The congress we held was a Zanu PF congress),” he said.

“Sadc, Comesa, and AU misangano kwete yevanhu pachavo, but yenyika dzavo (Sadc, Comesa, and AU are organisations representing nation states not individuals).

“Saka Gamatox akavhiringika achifunga kuti nyaya dzeZanu, zvinonyamutswa zvoenda kuSadc or kana uko, asi munhu uyu ibenzi kanhi?

Nyika ndiyo inowuya nezvichemo zvayo kwete individuals (Gamatox was confused to the extent that he appealed to Sadc against Zanu PF. He must be foolish. Only nation states can lodge complaints to Sadc, not individuals),” Mugabe added.

He further railed against Mutasa, branding him a hypocrite who had allegedly run away from congress.

He also described him as an “incorrigible stupid idiot that will never be corrected”.

“Hameno  kuti chakapinda uyu anonzi Gamatox chii. Ndotarisa shure kuti kuedza takaita kuvapa basa repamusorosoro kuvaisa kuoffice yapresident ndokwavanga vari tichironga congress tiri tese zvakanakanaka vozonzvenga musi wecongress tisingazivi kuti vaendepi (I don’t know what has happened to Gamatox. When I look back, we gave him a top post in the president’s office, that’s where he was as we planned the congress together. It was well, until he ducked and dived as we approached the congress),” the 90-year-old said.

“Ndakazonzwa vari kuti ndiri kurwara ndiri kuSouth Africa; kuri kutiza.

Chauri kutiza chii murume mukuru. Waakunyorera Zuma nezve Zanu PF. Zuma anozvizivira kupi? (I later heard him saying he was not feeling well and was away in South Africa. He was running away from the congress.

What was he running away from, a grown man like him? Now he writes to SA President Jacob Zuma about Zanu PF. What does Zuma know about Zanu PF)?” he asked.

“KwaMakoni vovhota kuti vanoenda kucentral committe ndevapi? Waruza iwewe  party yaruza. Huyayi mundibatsire, chipepa chacho chinonzi ‘we, we’ vanani, vabude izvezvi, ‘we, we’ zvekunyepa. A stupid fool cannot be corrected. Jongwe rarasika rinokuma. (In Makoni, they selected candidates for the central committee. Because he failed to garner a nomination, now he says the party has lost its way. He later wrote some statement

replete with lies. A stupid fool cannot be corrected. A lost cock crows),” Mugabe added.

Mutasa released a damning statement last week which was provocatively written in his capacity as the ruling party’s secretary for administration — which set the cat among pigeons after calling Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare last month “null and void”.

He also, ominously, pooh-poohed all the party appointments and changes that were made just before, during and after the controversial congress — pitting his group for a titanic showdown with Mugabe, his ailing wife Grace and party hardliners who led the assault on former vice president Joice Mujuru and all party officials who were perceived to be sympathetic to her.

The no-holds-barred statement called for the nullification of all “purported constitutional amendments drafted and rail-roaded immediately before this so-called congress”, as well as the restoration of the “elective dignity of congress and the one-man one-vote principle as enunciated by our armed struggle and constitution”.

“The sad events of the past months reflect a deep-seated historical failure by the party leadership to correctly handle internal contradictions in the party. Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force,” the statement said.

“It fails to sum up its mistakes and experiences and provide durable solutions. Contradictions within the party and society as a whole are natural and expected, but these are non-antagonistic and should be resolved through debate, dialogue and negotiations.

“Leaders’ energy should be channelled towards enhancing democracy, freedom and unity within the party.

“Constructive criticism and self-criticism are some of the positive core values of the liberation movement and should be encouraged and embraced.”

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Zvatosworana apa nhaka tichaonerera, bwaaaa regai zviwee

Upfumi - 23 January 2015

Mugabe is the worst fool murume anotaura kuti 'Ndinotongwa nemukadzi' This a clear admission that he takes instructions from his wife another psychiatric patient. What he said about Mutasa were consistent with Grace behaviour. Saka ngaatinyarire kuita pamuromo nokuti Grace. He was ordered to sit down during the so called 'congress'. He also denounced the party by saying 'Pasi neZanuPF!!!!' He also revealed a party secret that he rigged the 2008 after Tsvangirai got 73% of the national election. Saka who is a fool Mugabe or Mutasa?

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 23 January 2015

mwari itai kuda kwenyu asi muchionawo kuti tatambura munhu munyika inotongwa nekamupengo kane 91 years kasinganeti kutuka vamwe varume vakuru.

mutape - 23 January 2015

The greatest FOOL is you Robert. A fool is found under Grace's smelly under pants.

jonatha mtsinzhe - 23 January 2015

Mugabe is a very big fool and insane. Mutasa raised some petinet issues which must be answered. Like Grace his wife he goes on to say some stupid things like a five year old boy. He must answer to what Mutasa has raised

Edzai - 23 January 2015

Mutukudzi akaimba kuti vabereki musatuke vamwe vana varipo . I think let's all rally behind Mutasa for the final push . These guys are so sick apawo Munangagwa. Is now bringing in the wife like his master .

Chokuda Chaita - 23 January 2015


SHIBOBO - 23 January 2015

Since when did the President note he was leading fools as he claims Cde Mutasa and others that were victimized by him and his wife are insane and deranged as he says it.Can he point out one sensible person from his team i.e from his cabinet and other structures that are totally outside Gammatox team?

carson Macate - 23 January 2015

It is the man under petticoat gvt, Mugabe who is foolish.The verdict of Mutasa's letter to SADC or AU is predictable. Yes, Mugabe has influence all over but the truth remains the same; that congress was unconstitutionally handled. Mugabe has never won a fair contest,hence his outbursts against Mutasa who never denied participating in calling for the 6th congress.It is the wrong handling of the congress that Mutasa rightly complains about.His past cruelty in ZANU PF does not take away his right to a fair court hearing.

bofu - 23 January 2015

Hero dikimbwa va Mutasa . now if you fire back Mutasa the whole nation will salute you as you know Mugabe is zim number one enemy so you have every one ;s support hit back you will loose nothing but you will gain respect . .Mugabe himself is big time fool never worry fools never know they are idiots hit back too muck come on tell the world how he Mugabe had been stilling from Morgan .We know you baba you respect people but not scared of anyone including this oldest fool ..

Diibulaanyika - 23 January 2015

If Mugabe had and has fools like Mutasa as he says and has been having these lunatics and demons in his gvt and decomposing zpf party all these yrs then the conclusion is simple;Mugabe himself is the Belzebul, the chief demon and fool,That is why our country is teetering on the brink of extinction!Fullstop. Hazvitombodi kana comma izvi.

Gora - 23 January 2015

So the acting president, the whole cabinet & other bootlickers are wise waiting for the president to decide on the way forward to rebuild the economy of the country?We wait & wonder how Mugabe'll do it. Only reviving Zimbabwe's economy&job creation,will demonstrate Mugabe 's wisdom,NOT,denigrating Mutasa . Mr.President, leave Mutasa alone & work for the country. We don't need your foul language.

MANATSAMUKANWA - 23 January 2015

zanupf chiwororo wa mutasa makanonokwa. imbozamai tione .

watson hondo - 23 January 2015

Those who held placards against Mutasa should have done so against the biggest fool of all times. fools don't know how foolish they are until they open their mouths to speak, in this case

pride - 23 January 2015

But vaMutasa can you please comment on what really happened in 2008. Mugabe confessed that MDC won 73%. You have nothing to loose in saying the truth.

Edzai - 23 January 2015

zanu chiwororo ,wa mutasa makanonoka imbozamai tione

watson hondo - 23 January 2015

Now we have a feel of what Family Mugabe talks about and how they communicate when having chinese and japanese tea in asia. But this behaviour and this choice of words is not presidential.

selele - 23 January 2015

harahwa iyi inoda zvituko! tsve kugadzirisa nyika. svakatiza nyika for 40 days...kudzoka kungoita zvituka kana word one about fixing things or showing kurwadziwa nevakafa pamafloods, maaccident nevari kuvata panze kuti mhuka dziiswe papurazi. dzakatamba nepwere chokwadi!

George Charamba - 23 January 2015

Whichever way you may choose to look at it, whether diplomatically, from the African custom (ubuntu) point of view or just as an adult, it is very wrong to call another human being by such unwarranted names just because they have raised a different opnion from yours, especially on a public platform. What lessons are the young expected to learn from a President with such a foul mouth? Remember what he said to Condoleeza Rice and to Jacob Zuma's spokeswoman Lindiwe Zulu? And it's not just him, the same goes for just about everyone in that heap of rubble called ZANU. The more one can hurl insults, the more ZANU PF they are, it's disgusting to say the least.

Dr Know - 23 January 2015

What next Mutasa? According to ZanuPF the expelled cabal had “reached irreconcilable point with the party” meaning even apologising to Mugabe will not be entertained. There are no other options Didymus: you have got your back against the wall and the only way out is to fight like mad. Mugabe has attacked you now you have to go for broke. Give Mugabe a piece of your mind: damn the consequences. Tell him a few home truths. A few days ago you said you were not afraid of anyone - show Mugabe you are not afraid of him. Tell him Zimbabwe is not his personal property. Tell him his misrule has destroyed the country and that he is a power-mad expansive despot. You can always seek refuge in Zambia or S Africa or UK if the going gets really tough hoping you do not meet Roy Bennett there. Your best bet will be Zambia.

Musona - 23 January 2015

mugabe anororwa nagrace basa kuvhundutsira vamwe vanhu varume kumba zero murume zipu.vanhu vakafa vakawanda nemaaccidents nenyaya yenzira dzako.mafloods,vanhu vakabviswa pavaigara nemupengo wako nanhasi inhamo chete.ivo vakaiswa pau vp vese imboko kana kuenda kumavictims or to send condolences sms.uyuwo bhalanzi mphoko kuenda nematomato sauce parufu come on mugabe u have already passed on ur stupidity ideas to ur vp.tubvise tose.apa mai munangagwa vanga vava kutonzi mai president check check baba munangagwa will kill u both u and u wife make my words ingwe want ur presidence gwara.tsvangirai was acting president during ur absence he covering every corner having problems and going to the sin of accident ur vp vakarara vachita musangano wekudzorera mapurazi nemacompanies kuvarungu.ask him he will tell in details.vanhu vakabvisa mari yeparty in return of companies.that itsvukuviri with two heads ,nyika yaenda wakangotarisa munangagwa hamheno ukasamubvisa.remove his wife pakumirira ump ok

ABRAHAM ZEKA - 23 January 2015

Saka ndozvaakaudzwa na Grace kuti usvikotaura handiti? Hey these people knew each other from very long ago and for another to suddenly call a comrade in arms foolish is very foolish indeed.

maita - 23 January 2015

The highly flammable Mutasa has been playing with matches for the past few weeks. Mugabe has set him alight. Mutasa has been finding it difficult to move from stage five of anger management , my biggest guess is that he has gone straight to stage one after this verbal attack. Is Mugabe's potrait in Mutasa"s house still hanging at this hour? Daily news get to mutasa as soon as possible we want the reponse. Zanu pf rejects must stop this court battle and fight the zanu style. Zanu pf is Mafios.

X-MAN IV - 23 January 2015

Nyati, Nyati! You said that you would like to rescue RG Mugabe from the mafikezolos. I have pointed this out to you. Do not waste you time on your boss. He is worse than a bond coin. . RG is beyond redemption because of his wife who is the root cause of all this from way back. One predictable event, Zanu-PF are going pull an incriminating dossier for you. Oh, it is like watching a cheap Mafia movie whose Godfather is RG Mugarbage. Now after calling you an idiot, a fool and incorrigible, are you still keen to rescue your former boss? Do you still have his portrait in your house? If that is the case , then for sure, you are incorrigible. All that is happening to you is so predictable to the general public of Zimbabwe. We all saw it coming. We tired of these Zanu-PF baboon shenanigans

Mbareboy - 23 January 2015

You would think that when Mugabe comes back from 5 weeks on vacation he would talk about the floods and economy, but not this one. He talks about Mutasa

Rugare - 23 January 2015

thumbs up for president mugabe. zimbabwe ndeyeropa, and our internal affairs and solved by zimbabweans alone... stupid mutasa for sure

patriot - 24 January 2015

Cde Mutasa, never again try to fight for Mugabe, look what he called u on his arrival-a lost braying donkey,donkey akomana here shuwa.Maybe he knows kuti u a indeed a fool cz of nyaya yenyu yedhiziri paChinhoyi, mahwani.Better fight for truth, democracy and principles instead of trying to please Mugabe.Now that u hv been disowned publicly by Mugabe, what next?You shd now speak your mind without reservations cz u have nothting to lose now cz u are already lost.I know u are man enough and can fight like a cornered buffalo.Zvakutoda kuti urambe uchipopota otherwise if u let Mugabe 's acidic words eat into yo bones and silence u, u will stroke and die cz of stress, so speak your mind Bp isakwire.One hint:If you hear a despot/buffoon like Mugabe using the heaviest of words against a perceived foe it means he feels seriously threatened and weakened.Rememeber 90 % of the provinces donot like him reason why 9 out 10 provincial chairpersons were booted out, so you have a lot of backers.Big up to cde Rugare Gumbo,he is unflinching and does not mind Mugabe 's vitriolic attacks.If we can have just 2 Rugares the dictator will surely pee in his pants if at at all he still wears one.

Cde Dokora - 24 January 2015

This is the only issue i agree with mugabe. Mutasa is a fool staying for so many years under mugabe, worshiping him and killing all those that opposed him, You are right Gabriel

dotiyenja - 24 January 2015

Varume regai kunyengera Mutasa sezvamakaita mujuru ZNU pf chiwororo. If you are dumped, no flies will need your smell. MUTASA chitoonai nezvemucheche wenyu politics dzaguma.

n.g - 24 January 2015

Mugabe is a FOOL he insults Mutasa for talking to SADC about zanu problems and he ends there . So that mean all the allegations that Nyathi made that the congres which was held last year was illegal stands . Can stupid Mugabe refute those allegations convincingly . Mutasa has a strong case against Mugabe and his Mafikizolos which Mugabe chose to bypass and insteady talked about SADC insulting Malume Mutasa in the process then if that is not foolish what is it ? Talk about llegitemancy of the congress Mr president why are you always off topic .Pasi na Mugabe .Is it true or false that the congress was illegal .Mugabe 's explanation on this issue is vague.Mugabe nchilegwaleza , sithutha ., pasi naye .

Diibulaanyika - 24 January 2015

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