Govt to seize remaining white-owned farms

MARONDERA - Amid an aura of calculated menace, Joel Biggie Matiza, State minister for Mashonaland East, announced today government's intention to press ahead with plans to seize Zimbabwe's remaining white-owned commercial farms.

“We have invited all the chiefs in the province to this ceremony where we are honouring the chiefs by returning land to the ancestor and rightful custodians," Matiza said.

"In this province, we were protecting the very people who yesteryear were our erstwhile oppressors.”

Chief Chikwizo (Peter Mawonera) receives his offer letter from the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Mash East Joel Biggie Matiza while Chief Fortune Charumbira, Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Douglas Mombeshora and Senator Chief Musarurwa look on. Pic: Annie Mpalume

Matiza was speaking in Marondera during the hand-over of A2 offer letters to 19 of the province’s 33 chiefs.

“This event is going to give a fresh outlook and perception in the way the land reform is going to be conducted in the province," he said.

"Freshly mandated from a cultural perspective, the province will conduct an orderly programme of land allocation. Chiefs, youths, war veterans, detainees, women, civil servants, diplomatic service and ordinary people will be considered.

“The white farmers who are carrying out farming activities on gazetted land will not be tolerated as it is illegal in terms of the laws of the country. Farms that exceed the recommended sizes will also be down sized starting February so that their sizes comply with government legal requirement on maximum size.”

The chiefs got between 60 to 80 hectares of land. According to Matiza, the province has over 20 000 people on the waiting list.

Only white commercial farmers into dairy and cattle breeding or those who openly support Zanu PF will be spared.

“The remaining letters will be ready in a week after we withdraw from those occupying your land including whites appearing in our system," he said.

"We are not racists because there are whites who are here because they have complied with our policies in line with the President’s expectations to spare those into breeding and dairy farming,” Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora said.

Chief Musarurwa welcomed the development and appealed to government to set up a revolving fund for chiefs.

Fortune Charumbira, the Chiefs Council president, lauded Matiza and blamed former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa for denying them land.

“I am happy although it is 34 years late," he said. "Mutasa was the minister for lands and security and had more than enough powers to give us land but instead he said he also wants to be a chief. Aaah how many offices do you want?"

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Nhai vaMatiza mapindwa nei. Zvamuri munhu wechidiki akafundawo , you are proving to be a disgrace to your clan I.Munoenderei pamberi izvo zvinhu zvavekuchinja , all those guys laying low havepengi.

Gushungo Munangagwa - 21 January 2015

We thought the young ministers were going to take us a step up in terms of inclusivity and development but ahhhh it seems a Zanu PF will always a Zanu PF no matter the age. Its pathetic hey.

Hey - 21 January 2015

Ayiwa mopana zvenyuka isu povho takangoti tuzu. Itai, inguva yenyu anamatiza ichasvikawo yedu.

maiwe zimbabwe yacho - 21 January 2015

Another sad racist development.

Cde Zvichanaka - 21 January 2015

In my view the fairest way remains that anyone who wants to do farming or wants more land should save money and BUY the farm or land starting now. This is for the sake of fairness and security of tenure. Minister Douglas Mombeshora and Matiza are no different to Didymus Mutasa who corruptly felt he has to look after his own relatives and friends before anyone else in giving out farms and land. Why should these chiefs get more land or farms when other people are not getting anything? If Zimbabwe is to move forward as a modern 21st century nation-state then it has to phase out traditional chiefs - they serve no purpose in the modern age. You cannot have Reserves with POWERFUL chiefs and a state government at the same time - states within a state as it were. This is a recipe for chaos. During Rhodesia chiefs were ceremonial but right now they are more like unelected ministers of state. Those getting land right now will only keep it for as long as ZanuPF is in power: once ZanuPF gets out of power then others who did not get anything during ZanuPF's reign will chase away those occupying land right now just like what ZanuPF is going to do to Mutasa's relatives who were corruptly given farms by Didymus. You can never say never. There's no security of tenure right now. People do not resign from ZanuPF - they automatically lose the free farms. I cannot invade the house you BOUGHT, now or in the future, because you have title deeds of the house, but I can invade the farm you corruptly got for free during ZanuPF's reign - it is not yours - it belongs to us all. This is how it will pan out in future. Mugabe has made the land question worse than it was 35 years ago. Black people do fight other blacks over land. Zimbabwe hasn't paid compensation to the ex-white farmers. Other countries like Mozambique paid compensation to white farmers believe it not.

Musona - 21 January 2015

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Rodney - 21 January 2015

Fungai Mbetsa and Didymus Mutasa VaMutasa pamwe chete naFungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland as their own household. They never followed proper procedures and through corruption installed their own people in positions of power totally disregarding people's choices. At the moment Fungai Mbetsa is going against the traditional procedure of appointing the Zimunya chief. The Zimunya people met and it was agreed that Mr Kufandada Dzobo be the new Zimunya Chief but Fungai Mbetsa THE PROVINCIAL Administrator through some corrupt ways is trying to install his own man. The District Administrator had agreed with the people that its time for the Dzobo family to be Chiefs as the chieftainship is supposed to rotate between three families namely Mungwende, Muchakaruka and Kuchakaakwa. Since the passing of Chief Zimunya there has been an acting chief and now the families met and agreed that its time for Mungwende family and Mr Kufandada Dzobo was chosen to be the chief-elect. However a splinter group from Muchakaruka family now wants to be chief again. His job as PA is to install whoever the people have chosen and not to choose himself.

CHAKS - 21 January 2015

FUNGAI MBETSA The record shows that the people had agreed on Mr Kufandada Dzobo as the new chief and were awaiting for President Robert Mugabe to second that and sign the necessary papers. Disregarding this Fungai Mbetsa went behind both the DA and the people and started parallel procedures to appoint someone else. We the people of Zimunya we want the authentic chief to be installed. It has to be through fair, transparent, and honest selection of the person. And according to the traditional way of selecting such a person. Fungai Mbetsa is probably being paid by whoever is to be installed. We need the police to investigate what is happening. We demand that Fungai Mbetsa follow the exact procedure and principles of installing a chief. This is how they Mutasa and Fungai Mbetsa have been running Manicaland. With Mutasa gone its high time Fungai Mbetsa is shown the door as well as they are the same people. Trying to stop Amai Dr Grace Mugabe from coming and campaigning in Mutare. We are exposing Fungai Mbetsa as being in Mujuru's and Mutasa's camp and he needs to be fired. He is well known for being a Mutasa man and boasting that His Excellency Cde Robert Mugabe is now too old to rule and Mujuru and Mutasa must come in. He calls himself the Emperor of Manicaland!!

CHAKS - 21 January 2015

The very last kicks of a dying horse

Changamira - 21 January 2015

The horse being Zanu pf

Changamira - 21 January 2015

Giving land to chiefs is honorable. Let good things be thanked.

liberty shungu - 22 January 2015

This chaotic land reform thing will never bring stability in Zimbabwe. Worse still the ruling party will never bring prosperity in Zw.It'll be disaster after disaster.Land seizures will continue & the economy will continue to suffer under a ZANU PF government.Despite age,no one in that party cares about building the country for today&posterity.ZPF policies are a complete disaster.

DONGAWATONGA - 22 January 2015

For 35 years and in particular the last 15 years ZPF raise the nations hopes that they are beginning to walk a better policy line and then they dash those hopes cruelly on the rocks. There is no hope in Zanu PF. Christ is our hope. White farmers should just walk off the land and let ZPF get on with it. The land has already destroyed Zimbabwe: from being a bread basket we went to being a basket case. It is sad when a government says because you are white you are not allowed to feed our starving children. The battle is the Lord's. The land actually belongs to the One who created it. May God have mercy on Zimbabwe. Musona you speak a lot of sense! You should be President!

Righteous Justice - 22 January 2015

"We have tainted what was a glorious revolution, reducing it to some agrarian racist enterprise," he said. "We have behaved as if the world owes us a living. It does not. We have blamed other people for each and every ill that befell us. As every peasant, worker, businessman or woman now stares at the precipice of doom, let us wake up and draw back. We must clear the slate, bury everything that has divided us, and begin again." Eddision Zvobgo ...enough said

ndaba - 22 January 2015

Nyika ndeyedu Matiza ariright. Mungada kudignifier varungu vakapamba ivhu redu? Kana ivi vacho varikuita dairy ngavaende titangise patsva. Hatidi kugara nereputation isiri yedu, vozotibata at ransom vachiti tisu madairy farmers. Why not get graduates from Agricultural colleges and put them in teams which will specialise in those so called critical areas?

wachekwa - 22 January 2015

Matiza if you are saying you are giving the land back to the ancestors whats your point there. do you think those ancestors will come out of their graves and till the land. sometimes people you must not prove your stupidity in front of the whole nation. people will wonder why they voted such a person in office that is if you were voted in. so far the land that you distributed to your supporters and members what is coming out of it. taking farms from these whites who are people just like you wont help but damage our beloved country's dignity and value. i have never heard of an Zimbabwean in any country being stripped off of his or her property so whats wrong with you zanu pf people. eisssh

The Atomic - 22 January 2015

All this pomp, funfair and publicity is meant to impress R.G.M. man.The sooner The sooner the old man departs the scene(dead or alive) the better!

Johno - 22 January 2015

Yes Zimbabwe is for blacks NOT exclusively for ZANU PF members. And we should not be primitive & deceive ourselves by pretending we can do without other races.Some white pple are true Zimbabweans.A wholesale vindictive attitude towards whites is not only foolish but retrogressive.Right now we are crying abt the western sanctions,a clear indication that we need a peaceful co-existence with whites in our country just like we have blacks in western countries.

realism - 22 January 2015

Let them take what the want to take but let them also take all the dirt what is lying on the road and on the side of the roads because this country is gone filty to the extreme or lets have a outbreak of ebolla and cholera maybe after that they will try and keep our buetifull country clean

jack - 22 January 2015

vamatiza kana musina zvekuita madiiko kungorara,posepamunotaura ndibva ndanzwa kuda kurutsa, makatora mapurazi izvozvi we are in the middle of the rain season and most of the land yamakatora muri kurima soragrass . i think va mutasa na mai mujuru vari right ,vazhingi vakasarudzana pa congress yapfura makoronyera and you all need a check from the neck up.u will be answerable very soon zanu yavora.kunyangwe vamugabe vakati pasinayo saka imi chizvionai kuti mukuru ndiyani sabuku na chairman - , vamugabe newe matiza mukuru ndoupi ndatenda.

mabhararima. com - 22 January 2015

an overzealous thief who will faint before the end of this race! wait and see!

Masvingo - 22 January 2015

Asi Chaks wanzwa nyaya yekupiwa minda kwemachief ukati regai ndimire mire kuti chana chaatete chikaitwa chief ,chowana purazi, chobva chakudamburirawo pamwe pekuti urime.Nyaya yako ndeyekupenga.Uri mboko.

chimuti - 22 January 2015

IT IS NOT ABOUT AGE. ZANU PF's policies do not encourage economic growth.Remember Big Matiza is a great bootlicker in the ruling party.And he loses nothing in this land grab madness.

muzvambarara - 22 January 2015

Not only is ZANU taking us back to medieval times economically, they are also replacing the modern rule of law with the law of the jungle. There is not one country today that can claim to strive from racism, it's so 17th century. We were recently told that black farmers can now openly form partnerships with white farmers. This is just an illegitimate way of raiding successfully run farms and imposing one lazy well connected person to reap where they did not sow, the same way the Indegenisation law is molded. Why can't we take a leaf from the Zambians, they are a very progressive nation on all fronts.

Dr Know - 22 January 2015

I am an indigenous North American and say Zimbabwe is probably the most racist country. I guess if we were to follow the reasoning of ZANU PF then we should not allow so called Zimbabwe indigenous to own land. Why in the world would anybody invest in Zimbabwe when many African countries provide stable predictable investment climates.

Buffalojump - 22 January 2015

Well said Buffalojump. According to Zanu pf dogma, no blacks can be racist. Zanu pf have been doing selective ethnic cleansing for at least 50 years. Typically governments of civilized democratic nations say nothing – they cower in fear of these tyrannical thugs. These western deadbeats would rather pay homage to the hierarchy and dole out aid funds to these self-anointed demigods. Observe the bootlicking utterances& antics of the following diplomats serving in Harare:- - - - - -

Mental Paraplegic Observer - 23 January 2015

Well said Buffalojump. According to Zanu pf dogma, no blacks can be racist. Zanu pf have been doing selective ethnic cleansing for at least 50 years. Typically governments of civilized democratic nations say nothing – they cower in fear of these tyrannical thugs. These western deadbeats would rather pay homage to the hierarchy and dole out aid funds to these self-anointed demigods. Observe the bootlicking utterances& antics of the following diplomats serving in Harare:-

Mental Paraplegic Observer - 23 January 2015

According to Zanu pf dogma, no blacks can be racist. Zanu pf have been doing selective ethnic cleansing for at least 50 years. Typically governments of civilized democratic nations say nothing – they cower in fear of these tyrannical thugs. These western deadbeats would rather pay homage to the hierarchy and dole out aid funds to these self-anointed demigods. Observe the bootlicking utterances & antics of the following diplomats serving in Harare:- Danish ambassador Erik Brogger Rasmussen,- - Catriona Laing - British Ambassador,- - -Philippe Van Damme – EU ambassador,- - Gera Sneller Dutch Ambassador.

Mental Paraplegic Observer - 23 January 2015

mwari honai vanhu vaye vatanga zviya

cde ngoma - 23 January 2015

Land grabbing is the best ZANU PF tramp card.They are in power for looting,corruption&enriching themslves at the expense of the majority. Just look at the Manzou farm.

NHAMOINESU - 23 January 2015

Minister common sense should prevail. you want to take the last of what was keeping the nation running. first take stock of what is happening to those who got farms then start talking. haaa nxaaa this is intolerable where are u taking the country.

peace - 23 January 2015

By openly supporting ZanuPF, I presume that means contributing to the royal birthday parties, party conferences ect.? I will openly support ZanuPF if I get a dairy, complete with dairy cows to replace the one that was stolen from me. I will happily contribute one beast to every party get together. Should be fun. Like the band that continued playing on the Titanic until it sank, to keep up the spirits of the those who were soon to drown. "Pour encourager les autres."

Janet - 25 January 2015

This is why the people of Rhodesia continue to starve and suffer.

Colonel Hoare - 25 January 2015

Talk about kicking a dead horse? So called culture from the most stupid race on earth. The idiots want their culture but also want to wear the white mans clothes, live in the white mans houses, use the white man medicines and drive the white mans cars. Don't enjoy the white mans inventions, now see how long the idiots will live. Go to your witch doctor........idiots.

Tokoloshe - 27 January 2015

Wow so many correct people, Janet,Tokoloshe,Colonel Hoare,The atomic, what can I say? You guys have said it all, sit up read,digest take note and maybe MAYBE,your country will get some where

Chipembere - 28 January 2015

I'm sure this is the work of saints who are rescuing the demise of farming from white people who have run the Zimbabwe economy into the ground. I have no doubt that this move will see the country's fortunes turn around and the real Zimbabwean life can be reinstated. Everyone can run around in animal skins and live off the land. The only problem is that the rich thieves who promote this ideological crap that has reduced the country to a joke and are living off SWITZER -land.

Lost Cause - 19 August 2015

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