We're going nowhere: Mutasa

HARARE - As Zanu PF’s brutal factional and succession wars continue unabated, amid growing suggestions that President Robert Mugabe’s party could split down the middle, disaffected senior members now taking the nonagenarian head-on say they will neither leave nor be forced out of the former liberation movement by anyone.

In an interview with the Daily News last week, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa  — who still defiantly regards himself as the ruling party’s legitimate secretary for administration — said his group had no desire “whatsoever” to leave Zanu PF and form another political party.

He said their sole aim was to restore “order and constitutionalism in the broken party”.

The outspoken nationalist contemptuously dismissed suggestions that he, along with former vice president Joice Mujuru and all her perceived sympathisers wanted to form a new party, saying the only political home he knew was Zanu PF, and his group was determined to stay put.

“No, no, there is not going to be anything of that nature and I will not start a party and I have told you before that I do not want to be a president at all. I have said this again, again and again.

“In fact, if you look back there is one time that I was being cartooned kuti ndiri kuramba chigaro (that I was refusing to take higher office), so I have not changed. I do not change like weather, I am very consistent — very, very consistent right through my life,” Mutasa said.

While he had now crossed swords with some of his former comrades who have remained in government, Mutasa said he had a very good working relationship with Mujuru.

“My working relationship with Mai Mujuru has always been good.  It is very good and it will always be good,” he said.

Despite repeated murky reports in lickspittle State media to the contrary, Mujuru and her supporters have consistently denied ever hatching plots to remove Mugabe from power and to assassinate him.

Mutasa also said he was yet to engage Mugabe on the turmoil devouring the party, but would gladly do so if the 90-year-old made himself available when he returns from his long holiday in the Far East.

Asked about the alleged and inordinately negative influence that Mugabe’s wife Grace now had on the nonagenarian, Mutasa said, “I do not know. I really do not know. I can tell you the influence my wife has on me and not the First Lady’s influence on Baba. I do not know, that’s the truth.”

With the country’s economy almost on its knees and the government evidently clueless, Mutasa said only Mugabe could rescue the country from collapse.

Quizzed on why he was speaking out now, he said he had chosen to do so because Zanu PF was now like “a broken bicycle” that was in serious need of repair.

“I am speaking now because this has never happened before. This, what we are experiencing now, has never happened. I couldn’t talk last year about what is happening now, so why shouldn’t I talk about it now.

“There is somebody who said you cannot mend a bicycle until it is broken. This is the principle I am taking. The bicycle is broken and so it needs mending. I could not have mended it before it was broken,” he said.

Regarding Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare last December, Mutasa said: “I was part of the preparations but when the crime was being committed I was ill in India.

“I would have stopped it then, and in fact the way they took it forward was to avoid people like me. I put this issue on the agenda three times and three times it was evaded. That I can say now.

“I tried to see what was going to be in the final constitution and it was not discussed and I gathered from those who stayed that it was never discussed at all. It was simply presented to the central committee as they had gotten it and that was it.

“If you ask for copies of that constitution now, you do not get any. I have been asking for a copy and I have not received it”. In the first part of the exclusive interview that was published in the Daily News at the weekend, a defiant Mutasa said no one could expel him from the “real Zanu PF” — vowing to do everything in his power to “rescue” the strife-torn party from the brink of collapse.

Pouring his heart out in the interview, as party hawks ratcheted up their vitriolic attacks against him, including pushing for his summary expulsion from the former liberation movement, the strong-willed Mutasa said their “machinations” would come to nothing and he was at peace with the world. He also dismissed contemptuously the recommendation by his Manicaland home province for him to be expelled, saying the only Zanu PF that he knew and recognised was the one that existed prior to the “criminal congress” held in Harare late last year.

“I want to know which Zanu PF they are talking about. Is it the Zanu PF after congress where they are members of, or which came to being after the 6th congress?

“If it is that, I am not a member of that. I am a member of Zanu PF which goes up to the 6th congress and they cannot expel me from that and because they are not anymore members of that Zanu PF,” he said.

Although Mutasa still fondly refers to Mugabe as Baba (father) he said his erstwhile comrades who participated in the damp squib “elective” last December effectively fired themselves out of the real “law-abiding Zanu PF”.

“They all moved to their Zanu PF after their congress, which was illegal, and I don’t mind how many times they expel me from that because I have never been a member of it,” he said.

The outspoken nationalist added that given the liberation struggle history that he shared with Mugabe, he was shocked that Mafikizolos (Johnny-come-latelies) were now calling the shots in “the Zanu PF after congress” and “even advocating” for his dismissal from the “real” ruling party.

He gave as examples of Mafikizolos, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and Agriculture minister Joseph Made, both of whom, he said, had opted not to join the liberation struggle although they had been old enough to do so.

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honestly can somebody tell me kuti baba vanouya riini vagadzirise saMutasa?

mushaka - 20 January 2015

Well, I think Dydmus Mutasa is doing the rigt thing and should be given credence for that. My observation is that all those Mafikizolos he mentioned partly by name are very very nervous and extremely clueless as to how they can qualify themselves by delivering what is expected of them. Zanu-PF has failed and is getting worse with each day: This they know. You cannot claim to be doing the right thing when people are getting poorer, leaving the country and all noteworthy economic activity is folding. The only honourable thing these people should do is accept defeat.

selele - 20 January 2015

@mushaka. Surely waiting for a 91 year old to come and get things done for you ? Pathetic!!

selele - 20 January 2015


hamadziripi - 20 January 2015

regai president vazorore hama dzangu. sei musingadi kuti vatore wo leave? sei tichi netseka nekuzorora kwevamwe vanhu?

taurai - 20 January 2015

the truth of the matter is that zanupf know that they were wrong. This is what happened somone sold out the mujuru clique that they wanted to pass a vote of no confidence in bob. the mafikizolos then went to grace and brought in grace hence why muchunguri said we brought her in. They then munipulated her into thinking that mujuru will humiliate and all that. ngwenya then got ropped in to use his cio links to start hiring with jonso the staged managed vote of no confidence against the chairpersons. Ngwenya then put through the amendments on the promise he would be given VP for that only after grace knew she could not gather enough votes to be made new VP without people complaining and zanupf refusing. Now the new plan was for bob to retire when he comes back and for ngwenya to take over as president and grace as VP with the promise that ngwenya would be killed allowing grace to finish the term and get ready for elections. Now the question is that grace seems to be developing cold feet to the plan hence why jonso and co are currently not happy and mutasas challenge is a problem. IF mutasa can keep this up they would be a problem as when they call a special congress mujuru could still win as she had the grassroot support because ngwenya has never won an election even in his home province.

petros - 20 January 2015

Petros muri vakuru vespeculation kkkk. But you could know more info than the average person

R.G. - 20 January 2015

How can taurai honestly call Mugabe's overstay in the Far East a rest?From what really is Mugabe resting?He is simply our big liability. Nobody really needs him here.It's pathetic that the whole of ZANU PF should wait for an equally clueless man to fix the economy of this country.This is a clear testimony that we are going nowhere with this new government of dead wood.

TAMBURAI - 20 January 2015

ukuda copy yeconstituition kuita sei kwacho DHIDHIMASI tanga waita kut copy reVOTERS ROLL RITARIDZWE maparty ose.

chasura - 20 January 2015

For those not in the know, ZANU PF means reaping where you did not sow, grabbing shares in companies and any productive land, impunity, ill gotten wealth, corruption and some such vices. Now ask yourself why Mutasa would choose to disassociate himself from that when it's all he has known all his adult life? Forming another party would be like following in the footsteps of Dabengwa, Makoni, Margaret Dongo and others who have since found out how difficult life is outside ZANU,- no perks, no brand new vehicles every other year, no power to invade land with ready to harvest crop and no recognition apart from the rare bark they give when they sometimes comment on an event. There are those who left the party and died paupers with nothing to show for all the time they spent in the bush, he does not want to be counted as one of those. Mutasa should just tell us the truth and say he knows no other employer, no other way of making a living other than through the ZANU way and that's why he would be damned if he let 'Johnny come latelies' enjoy that while he is still alive and breathing.

Dr Know - 20 January 2015

question for Mutasa...y is he convinced that this same Mugabe who has overseen the collapse of Zimbabwe in his active years is still the right person to save Zimbabwe in his ninenties? Ooops the mind boggles!!! If Mutasa wants to be taken seriously he must stop deifying this old man who is totally bent on taking Zimbabwe to his grave!! Mutasa you must man up and take a cue from Rugare Gumpo....finish and klaar!!!

Ndlangamandla - 20 January 2015

Ya Mutasa will not succeed in his appeal. His main problem? Wanting to revive ZANU PF which is like a broken bicycle. The children of Zimbabwe have been praying for the demise of that bicycle and GOD is now answering their prayers and you want to reverse it, ah. Tasa!

Kunda Kinde - 20 January 2015

The mistake was made long back when the party let one man hold dual posts of president and first secretary, abolishing the position of secretary-general. The person was also allowed to pick occupants of the politiburo offices instead of them being elected by the party membership. Both the party and the country paid heavily for this over time and the honourable former minister thinks he can save the country by bottomlicking the same individual who has presided over national ruin. The same individual has paralysed national institutions like parliament, the judiciary, local government structures, parastatals and personalised state security apparatus. mutasa let this pass all along and now he thinks we should wait for the destructive man to return so he can sort out the mess which he has failed to do in more than 38 years of party and government rule.

Didymus Edwin - 20 January 2015

mugabe akato tiza haachadzoka arikutya mai mujuru, police , army nepovo zvakaita asi hamuzvizive

Harare - 20 January 2015

Mutasa used to be cruel to others enjoy the taste of yo medicine, no sympathising with you ...

Wallace - 20 January 2015

Mutasa will have his chance to fight for a place in zanu pf when mugabe is dead. Mutasa behaves like he dont know zanu pf. Mutasa himself said "zanu pf does not have reverse gear". It was during zanu pf internal elections which mujuru faction was winning. Mutasa is going through the notorious five stages of anger management. When Mugabe fires him, he will move swiftly through the stages. Its game over for mutasa and the rest will follow when mugabe dies. Zanu pf is dying of a natural cause.

X-MAN IV - 20 January 2015

Nyati (D.Mutasa),how can you say Matibili (RG Mugabe)will rescue the economy?the man has no solution to these problems , even you infact you played a bigger part in retarding finally destroying both the economy and country at large.I will take you back to Rusape,Headland,Nyazura and part of macheke ,here and there,Nyati maiita madiro muchipa ,ma 6 months old and salads who ran away to uk because of your dirty party zpf,people who don't even know hohwa,imi moti "purazi iyi muzukuru"....THis interview was a shame because the journalist still take you like 2008,igwara,atya kukubvnzai humhondi during elections,kunyanga vakadzi vevanhu kusvikira MAFENDA and many things.Theres no good in you Mr Mutasa.kO IKO KUZOTIDZINGIS BASA MU ZRP RUSAPE,SHAME

osca - 20 January 2015

Who in his /her rt senses needs Mugabe back?What can he do now for Zim which he failed to do in 35 yrs?Let us be serious guys.Cde Bob must remain where he is bcz his coming back without solutions to our present predicament will surely further insult some of us who have suffered all these yrs bcz of his misrule.If he comes back I think for goodness sakehe shld just head straight kwaZvimba quietly. Mutasa shld simply shut up!He is beginning to talk too much like Grace, and what he is saying is an insult to the suffering Zimbos.Why would he want to revive Zpf, so that the party can further torment us?Whether zpf pre-congress or zpf post-congress,both are two evils fighting each other with us being the grass beneath.He is still thinking tht Mugabe has solutions to to our problems?What utter rubbish!He really sounds cowardly abt challenging Mugabe and his wife.If he still believes Mugabe can still continue ruling us then pliz cde Mutasa,follow him to Asia and spend yo last days of life together, u ruined our future,fullstop,Hazvitombodi kana comma izvi.

Gora - 20 January 2015

Why is Mutasa fooling himself to think Zanu will suddenly come to its senses but because he is the victim? Zanu has done with thuggery to Zimbabwean ple but he didn't see it bcz he was on the other side. And stop trying to sanitize Mugabe, he's very much part of the whole plot.

Zuze - 20 January 2015

So, Muasa don't leave Zanu PF because we are going nowhere and don't go somewhere because we are going nowhere. Why do you care anyuwhere - or no - you have lost t control of the 20+ farms and the protection fee from the white farmers - GREAT. Get out you thief!

clement moyo - 21 January 2015

Someone says we need a new opposition party with new ideas because we have failed to remove ZANU PF from power.But we are the same people.I wonder if the new opposition party will create a new generation. No,we don't need any new opposition leadership to unseat ZANU PF.We all know the enemy's dirty tactics to remain in power.What will the so-called new opposition party do about it?All we need is true,strong unity in opposition NOT rebellions.Hopping from one opposition party to another won't get us anywhere.It is even mere political rhetoric, a call for a return to MDC's founding principles while shunning the founding leader of that party.Of course rebels will say anything to regain lost credibility&relevance. That empty call can only be retrogressive & we will get nowhere with it.''UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL.''

dhakwa - 21 January 2015

@Dhakwa. Ask yourself why there were "rebels" against Tsvangirai. Do you sincerely believe that he can harness support from all corners of Zimbabwean society ? People are glued together by common interests and this glue weakens when differences in interests start to appear. Remember we all voted Zanu-PF and PF in 1980 and a few years thereafter.

selele - 21 January 2015

didmus to b onest u confused ,u i n the middle of nowhere wat is it that u want to fix that u couldnt fix for the past 35 years that u want to fix today coz u fired from e party ........u jus the sem nd u wont fix any jus go hom unorima

chibaba - 21 January 2015

I don't have to ask myself abt the obvious motive behind the rebels's actions.After all it's not about MT anyway.We simply need genuine, purposeful unity NOT these ZANU PF creations masquerading would be liberation fighters only to seek relevance&further confuse us. Why was Ncube hurriedly acquitted in a treason case he was being tried jointly with Tsvangirai? How could he acquire a farm yet the MDC itself viewed the whole land reform method as unfair ? Indeed how could Biti turn round&claim that the 2013 elections were free&fair when he earlier on attacked the same system?How could Biti attack an election manifesto he actually authored? There are numerous grey areas about these guys that I can't understand.

dakwa - 21 January 2015

Welshman Ncube was used by Mugabe to demand that MDC participate in the senatorial elections which was then against the mainstream MDC policy.That was basically the excuse Ncube used to break away from Tsvangirai NOT the smokescreen dictatorship he is now talking about.And that is part of the MDC's founding principles which we should go back to. NONSENSE!!!

jambwa - 21 January 2015

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