Mutasa petition timely: Analysts

HARARE - The recent statement by former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa demanding the nullification of Zanu PF’s elective congress held in Harare last year at a time President Robert Mugabe was expected back from his annual leave is timely, say political analysts.

A statement availed to the Daily News last week, that was provocatively signed by Mutasa in his capacity as the ruling party’s secretary for administration, said in the broad interest of democracy and in defence of the Zanu PF founding principles, the disaffected party members called for the nullification of the entire process of “the so-called congress”, deeming it constitutionally flawed.

The statement also agitated for the re-instatement of “the entire constitutionally-elected office bearers of the party in all structures of all wings, as at the 1st of July 2014.”

Political activist Tabani Moyo believes Mutasa’s statement was aimed at opening many fronts for Mugabe to attend to as soon as he arrives home from his annual leave and also giving confidence to the group as it re-groups post the December 2014 congress.

“In essence, it sought to consolidate the culture within the group of eroding stronghold of power by one person in the party. Above all, the statement also seems to test the waters on how the party will respond way on time ahead of the 2018 elections.

“The bulk of the founding fathers of the party are challenging its leader to return the party to constitutionalism and respect of the party guidelines and sanctions upon deviation.

“However, the message seems to have been focused more on the group members as a mobilisation point and declaring the lines for internal battles with the other group,” said Moyo.

He added that if the court action mooted by Mutasa to nullify the outcome of congress is implemented before the by-elections, “the group will then use the confusion to field contestants which will entail double barrel candidates for Zanu PF.”

Journalist and Zuj secretary-general Foster Dongozi says the tone and agenda on the future of Mutasa has already been set.

“Mugabe’s responses to Mutasa’s statement and of intent to approach the courts can be difficult to predict and he may respond in a manner that nobody least anticipated,” said Dongozi.

He believes statements attributed to Emmerson Mnangagwa, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Chinamasa, Oppah Muchinguri and others, “who are part of the winning team at the December Congress are likely to resonate with Mugabe and processes to expel Mutasa which have already started may be endorsed by Mugabe.

“This may actually trigger similar retributive actions against Mutasa’s allies, perceived, imaginary and real.”

A political analyst who declined to be named said Mutasa would be fired, harassed and asset-stripped of properties like farms.

“His actions are a brave and direct affront on Mugabe’s power and unprecedented in Zanu PF’s history. This is the first time ever, someone from the liberation party has contested a Zanu PF congress outcome presided over by Mugabe.”

He said others like Dumiso Dabengwa, Simba Makoni, and Margaret Dongo just left and formed their own outfits.

“Mutasa will pay heavily for it.

“That said, if Mutasa has a strong resolve and plays his cards well, he may cause real problems to Zanu PF while riding on the back of disgruntled supporters purged just before congress.

“Will they (those disgruntled) openly side with Mutasa? That remains to be seen and those people include Mujuru.

“If Mujuru openly sides with Mutasa, this will present a genuine political headache to Zanu PF attracting an intense crackdown.”

He added that Mujuru seems too scared to oppose Mugabe openly as she went through perhaps the most humiliating experience ever faced by a high-ranking official in Zanu PF.

“I do not see her standing up at all unless Zanu PF blunders by firing her based on Mutasa’s current actions, itself a risky move.

“In that case, she may be forced to openly join forces with Mutasa and others because then she will have nothing to lose.

“It is debatable whether Mujuru’s reactions to date are informed by prudential political strategy or downright cowardice.

“I choose the later. But, Mnangagwa used the same strategy in 2004 and it paid off.”

Political commentator Mcdonald Lewanika says Mutasa is a senior nationalist who has little to fear and Mugabe knows this, “but he was not an operator or a strategist during the war which Mugabe also knows and may give him some relief.”

“While Mutasa can fight, Lewanika believes Mugabe will take the opportunity to make him an example like he did on Gumbo.

“Mutasa has already been rubbished, now he will be ostracised and this time without any protection in the presidium.

“Mugabe maybe persuaded to embarrass Mutasa if he does not keep his head down, including stripping him of his seat, re-opening cases and other forms of harassment.”

Lewanika said what will be interesting is how far Mutasa will go with this and “who else will openly join him.”


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In 2002, Mutasa controversially said that it would be a good thing if the population were halved: "We would be better off with only six million people, with our own people who supported the liberation struggle. We don't want all these extra people." The idiot must stew in his own juice.

Musona - 19 January 2015

Mutasa should not fear to challenge in court the way the ZANU PF 6th congress was held.Clearly there were serious unconstitutional amendments to the original ZANU PF constitution & Mutasa has the right to question that although it's well known that Mugabe has a record of defying a constitutional ruling when it goes against him.

dongorerai - 19 January 2015

Where is Mugabe? We thought he should have returned to Zim last week???

Just Asking - 19 January 2015

Where is Mugabe? We thought he should have returned to Zim last week???

Just Asking - 19 January 2015

Joice Mujuru is incapable of forming a political party or joining another political party. She is a doormat. They will have to fire her - she will not resign. She was thrust into a high position far far beyond her station in life simply because Mugabe wanted to please the man he was scared of - Solomon. Once Solomon died Joice had to be jettisoned - she no longer served any purpose to Mugabe. Mutasa is already out of the party. I expect the owner of the country and ZanuPF, Mugabe, to deliver one of infamous putdowns when he comes back.

Musona - 19 January 2015

Cde Dyd Samutasa once fell on hard times; I recall seeing him catching lifts pa flyover iwe .... nhasi wakanganwa. Bob anokupamha zvakare sithutha somuntu. All these years usidla ufisa kuze kufike nini.

Jamengweni Godonga - 19 January 2015

mutasa wanga wanyanya kudzirwa zvino urikuona moto. mapurazi achatorwa uku mukadzi arikurwara iwe uri kurwara. hameno zvako.

Der - 19 January 2015

The purgery on Mutasa has already started, it started some three months ago when Grace went on her whirlwind tour around the country when he was accused of pouring out state secrets to a woman of loose morals. Other stories are already doing the circles in preparation for the final onslaught to be struck by Mugabe himself when he arrives back. Promises were made from behind the dark shadows by some disgruntled ZANU members when Makoni decided to cut ties that they would soon be joining him but up until this day we haven't seen not one. It wouldn't be surprising if history is repeating itself in the case of Mutasa, why are they hiding, what have they got to hide, why can't they come out in the open, what are they particularly waiting for? And why is Mujuru herself so quiet? Mutasa could be a lone ranger in this quest, the rest are cowards who are so scared of losing their ill gotten wealth and other benefits. Welcome to the real world Cde Mutasa where you eat from the sweat of your brow.

Dr Know - 19 January 2015

kingdoms rise and fall

swine - 19 January 2015

people in manicaland have no sympathy for Mutasa.He was a brute who cared less fo his own its paybac tym


Mutasa continue fighting Mugabe and Orchestra Weevils. We would love to see you guys killing each other with zeal as you did to MDC supporters. Come-on ZANU PF fools, start real fights..Gukurahundist vs Gamatox vs Weevils (Gang of 4)

Cde Mabhunu - 19 January 2015

All farms will be taken away! He will face court charges emanating from thumped-up charges! Finally, he might get involved in a fatal road accident!

True Makepekepe - 19 January 2015

I am not surprised why there is very little sympathy for Mr Mutasa. Only recently he was boasting about how the CIO was so well equipped they knew what was happening in citizens' private bedrooms. He helped to create this Mugabe monster, but he forgot to realize that the same monster would devour him. The man was one of the most arrogant Mugabe ministers, and he never imagined himself out of power. And now he even naively expects Sadc to intervene in a party matter. Where has that ever happened? He should just quietly sit at home and enjoy his own gamatox.

Chenjerai Hove - 19 January 2015

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Blessing - 19 January 2015

Zimbabweans, we have to learn to "evolve" quickly and adopt to new dispensations quickly, using them to effect that much needed change. Its no use to give Mutasa his own poison, continuously castigating him one of the perpetrators or architects of Mugabe's unbound ego. In today's politics there are no permanent enemies but common interests whose lowest common base is determinant and always shifting. As such, there is no reason why the purged comrades should not lead the assault on Zanu-PF. They are better poised to deliver since they know all the inside "mechanics". For some of us, Zanu-PF is a "black-box" which has left trails of distruction on its way to self-preservation. We are not prevy to some of the things Gamatoxans know. Lets have one strong front which can make Mugabe realise how far he has drifted away from the people of Zimbabwe.

selele - 19 January 2015

Selele you are right. I totally agree with you. Let us side with Mutasa as he strives to remove the current poisonous politica leadership. Because if we d not, then the leader's son who is in China under military training, can come and take over from his father, thereby making Zimbabwe a family country on one person. Yes Mutasa had all the benefits of the system that s why he behaved the way he did in the past, But now he can help destory the evil sysytem. Lets embrace him. After all, who is clean among ourselves??

Danai Pazvagozha - 19 January 2015

Knowing Mutasa as I well do, is a fighter who used in an fighting contest during our school days at St Faifh mission in Rusape. I don't doubt he had do his homework thoroughly before issuing the statement. I don't think he is going to be silenced by Mugabe. Alternatively, Mutasa might have first hand information on Mugabe's decorating health. Hence Mugabe is now vulnerable. THE poor health is no longer a secret, the old man is very sick. When a buffalo shows symptoms vultures will always guard it to get the juicy pieces from its fat carcass.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 19 January 2015

You intelligent people vanoshandisa munzwa kutumbura mumwe munzwa.Mutasa and other disgruntled Zanu PF members we can work wih them to achieve our goals.You don't keep resentment.Kana akaura Mutasa then what?Iwe

madofo - 19 January 2015

madofo - ndiwe dofo chairo. daily news yanyora nezva mutasa saka urikuti tese tinyarare? mutasa i politician tinofanirwa kutaura zvatinofunga kwete kuti iwe utinyararidze. iwe ndiwe ani? handii nyaya ya mutasa yabuda mu nhau? futseki wako. usade kutidzidzisa zvwkutumbura minzwa. mutasa kwatiri vamwe munhu akaipa hatimbo muda kudivi redu.

Der - 19 January 2015

Mutasa's quest to get to mugabe is is self centred and to him its a personal matter. It has nothing to do with the entire population. When I look closely in this whole saga there is no clear picture that Mutasa wants mugabe replaced or gone within zanu pf. Mutasa wants his place in zanu pf restored. Its zanu pf "Internal wars" which from time to time rage in flames since its formation. Where was mutasa when jabulani was under fire.Where was mutasa when Gumbo was putting a resistance in his last Politiburo meeting up to the time when he was fired. Its only when mutasa was stripped his position he started to make all the noise. Mutasa is presently highly flammable and he is playing with matches in these zanu pf wars as long mugabe is alive, Mugabe will fire him very soon. Zanu pf will die when mugabe is dead. After that Mutasa can fight for his place in zanu pf.

X-MAN IV - 19 January 2015

Pane and charger he tsono here ?

tawz - 19 January 2015

I agree with Selele who has appealed to Zimbabweans evolve by embracing Va-Mutasa as Saul turned Paul. True Christians believe in positive change. Va-Mutasa's article was to the point. He stated,“Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force.” This sums the country's predicament in the nut shell. What we all along have known, 80% of people in Zanu-PF do not support and believe in the way our country is being managed. People are in Zanu-PF for mafia protection and patronage spoils. We have always known that Zanu-PF did not bring democracy into country because it is not democratic within itself. Neither would this party practice democracy in running the government. That party mutated into a Mafia cult whose Godfather is RG Mugabe. What Va-Mutasa and his allies are actually saying is that they are tied of despotic management of our country, as all of us feel and see it. Having observed that, let us not ridicule (Paul) va-Mutasa. I for one always thought lowly of him. The man has a positive change of nature or at least he has been brave enough to take the bull by its horns. Let us embrace this positive attitude in Va-Mutasa. There is a saying "Evil prevails because good man keep quiet" His only problem is that he thinks of rescuing his boss RG Mugabe. RG is beyond redemption because of his wife who is the root cause of all this from way back. One predictable event, Zanu-PF are going pull an incriminating dossier for Va-Mutasa. Oh, it is like watching a cheap Mafia movie whose Godfather is RG Mugabbage.

Mbareboy - 19 January 2015

Guys, Mutasa kwete. Fight your revolution with the likes of Dabengwa and Makoni.

felix - 20 January 2015

If Mutasa is really genuine, he must disclose the power behind his actions to buttress that several other zpf idiots have also woken from their slumbers.

mukanya - 20 January 2015

Der watukwa nani zvanzi let us help Mutasa fight this evil. Yes he was once one of them, drinking the same Zimbabweans people's blood, but he met the light and we need to help him. Now we want to see who are the amadoda sibili, not what they did to Simba Makoni, pushing him to form a party and then dump him, now that they have been dumped they have no option but to form their own party or form an alliance with the opposition parties not that renewal team because that one is not a party but a team.

maita - 20 January 2015

the biblical Saul became Paul after knowing the Lord and the truth. i wouldnt mind if the ousted trio and their Mujuru, Mutasa and Gumbo and their sympathisers do the same.

The Atomic - 20 January 2015

hama musa tukane. nyika yedu ndiyo iri pamoyo pedu tese. there is no need of scolding one another. its my supposition that we are grown ups.

taurai - 20 January 2015

Mbareboy spot on!Let's embrace Mutasa despite his sad past.He might've been following RGM unwillingly. Now that he is with us the common people,we can work with him&learn a lot from him. Some people blindly follow ZPF's undemocratic policies without due care for the future of their very children. Apparently,there is no meaningful future in ZPF's policies. What can we expect from such people like Mandi Chimhene with her partisan outbursts against MDC T supporters working at Chiyadzwa diamond mines?

nhambetambe - 20 January 2015

maita - iye madofo arikutuka isu tirikuti mutasa ndezvake. hatisirisu takati ave mu zanupf. vanhu ve zanupf imhondi ne mbavha akimbo varegerera. tirikufara kuti mutasa arikuona moto. ndikokuti azive kuti kunze kurikurwadza. Ndozvakaita vanhu jonathan moyo paakadzingwa muna 2005. vanhu vakamhanya kumunzwira tsitsi asi zvino akadzokera ku zanupf arikungoita zvaaingoita kare nhasi makuti toastier mutasa. hazviite ngaaone moto adzidze.

Der - 20 January 2015

just look across the zambezi, elections so peaceful....idiots leading us ....God can you please take them off power so we can start a new life.....look across limpopo,,,,look across eastern highlands, look across bots boarder...why only you....

mutasa chaiye - 20 January 2015

Surely,Mozambique&all other countries surrounding Zimbabwe periodically holding free&fair elections but NEVER Zimbabwe. SHAME!! '' Hanzi tichawondonga kusvika madhongi amera nyanga.'' While we fought & voted for true freedom in Zimbabwe,ZANU PF was concerned about power&looting.

TAPERERWA HAMAWEE - 21 January 2015

The herald is tirelessly trying to pour water on Mutasa's case but I think it's too late.Mutasa seems to have a very strong case which worries ZANU PF. MAFIKEZOLOS would be ideal for Grace to control ZPF in future.The veterans like Mutasa&those with a credible war record would indeed be a headache for our first lady.

DAIDZANAI - 21 January 2015

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