Where are these people taking us?

HARARE - Zimbabwe is once again fast-descending into debilitating political and economic chaos, with President Robert Mugabe and his misfiring Zanu PF Cabinet trapped in the deadly jaws of the ruling party’s savage and seemingly never-ending infighting.

The Daily News on Sunday, as the authoritative voice of the voiceless, once again poses the same question we asked last year: where are these people taking us to?

Both political and economic analysts who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday yesterday agreed that the Cabinet changes that were made by Mugabe late last year were unlikely to help resolve Zimbabwe’s myriad crises as the country was apparently following “toxic” policies.

In addition, the mooted fresh Cabinet changes said to be in the offing when Mugabe returns from his holiday were also unlikely to help matters as they will be dealing mainly with factional fights more than a quest for development.

As a result, said the analysts, ordinary citizens would continue to pay a heavy price for the ruling party’s lack of prudent policies coupled with  the internecine intra party fights — which were seeing them having to make do without basic necessities such as water, electricity and access to affordable health facilities, among many other issues.

“Yes, this old crop of ‘new’ ministers will take Zimbabwe to another level. A deeper and worse level of mediocrity and economic mismanagement because with Mugabe firmly in control, there is simply no room for new thinking or innovation,” political analyst Dewa Mavhinga said.

He noted ruefully that people in Zanu PF were elevated to high positions based on their loyalty to the nonagenarian leader, as opposed to what they could do for their country.

“All these ministers know that political loyalty is ranked higher than the capacity to resolve Zimbabwe’s deep-seated economic problems.

“In any case, it is unlikely that international investors will come to the party because there is no evidence that Zimbabwe is taking a new political path, if anything, the impression one has is that hardliners and bootlickers have taken over,” Mavhinga said.

Amidst all this, government sources say that Mugabe — the only leader Zimbabweans have known since the country’s independence from Britain in April 1980 — is increasingly heavily reliant on members of the so-called “Clean Dozen” to help him resolve the current political and economic crises.

But the analysts and Zanu PF insiders who spoke to the paper felt that the group, that includes Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Edna Madzongwe, Prisca Mupfumira, Oppah Muchinguri, Monica Mutsvangwa, Makhosini Hlongwane, Ignatius Chombo and Josiah Hungwe, had “little to nothing” new to offer the country.

Political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya agreed with Mavhinga’s views saying that the “recycling of deadwood” by Mugabe would neither revive the country’s comatose economy, nor bring food on the table — as the same “political crew” had failed to deliver similarly in the past.

“The change that is required is the system the he (Mugabe) governs not the change of individuals. We need to reform the system. There is need for the transformation of electoral laws and the alignment of the laws with the new Constitution,” he said.

Ruhanya also noted that there was need for a complete overhaul of the institutional framework that governed the State.

“This requires that there must be a clear separation between the operations of Zanu PF and the government. As it stands now there is a conflation between the party and the State.

“The State is larger than the political party. How many reshuffles has Mugabe made since 1980 and to what effect?

“The regime of Mugabe is bankrupt of both ideas and money,” Ruhanya said.

He added that Zimbabwe’s problems were also premised on the dichotomy between what he called “the will to power and the will to transform”.

He said some of the government’s policies like indigenisation and the land reform programme were solely aimed at looting by Zanu PF bigwigs and their acolytes.

He gave as a stark example of this the much-criticised evictions of poor families that were currently taking place at Manzou Farm in Mazowe, where First Lady Grace Mugabe is to establish an animal sanctuary.

He said it was clear that the affected villagers had been allocated the land at the height of Zanu PF’s chaotic land reforms, but were now being evicted to pave way for Grace and the animals.

“The change of individuals must be a product of an overhaul of the governance system in Zimbabwe.

“When Zanu PF took over power in 1980, it did not democratise the State,” he said, citing the example of how security and law enforcement agencies conducted their operations in the country.

Ruhanya said the way the law enforcement agencies did their work was not in any way different from the Ian Smith regime era.

It was thus expected that the newly-appointed ministers would not proffer any tangible solutions, beyond empty slogans, to the country’s problems.

“How can they have a solution when their master does not have any solution? Do you think a soon-to-be 91 leader will bring in new ideas? He has reached his political dead end,” Ruhanya said.

Another analyst, Francis Mukora, wryly said while the so-called Clean Dozen members were credited for rescuing the Zanu PF Women’s League congress, by providing food and other logistics, the group lacked the requisite skills and resources to save the country’s economy from collapse.

“Going forward, I don’t see any prospects of progress under the current leadership.

“In fact, the relative socio-economic stability we witnessed during the government of national unity era is quickly evaporating by the day,” he said.

“ZimAsset is yet to kick off, and on the contrary since the last election, we have witnessed massive company closures and thousands of people losing their jobs, resulting in an ever dwindling government revenue base — which makes it impossible for the government to deliver in almost every sector,” he added.

Mukora noted that in an effort to satisfy its leaders’ huge appetite for resources, the Zanu PF-led government would soon introduce more taxes aimed at robbing the poor out of their hard-earned meagre incomes.

“From what we have seen so far, it’s most probable that the poor will continue to be milked even further, through increased numbers of toll gates and fuel levies. Nothing new should be expected this year, or until 2018,” he said.

Over the past 35 years, Mugabe and Zanu PF have transformed Zimbabwe from once being seen as the breadbasket of Africa to a basket case — poverty levels continuously rising and the unemployment rate hovering around 90 percent.


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chere mugabe aripo hapana chino famba. ma bootlickers chete apa. bona akatizvarira zvimwe akomana. mugabe is a big mambara. zuva raanofa tichaita big mabiko. tanzwa na mugabe.

Der - 18 January 2015

The bootlicking IDIOTS in Britain and the EU think that these crooks are “iconic heroes”. They cannot wait to fill the pockets of these mafioso with western taxpayers money. This gang of Zanu pf felons actually laugh at and love these stooges because they know how naïve and stupid the local western diplomat in Zimbabwe really are.

Aziz Goolam Pahad - 18 January 2015

They are leading us to stone age period . Very soon they will be no shops from where we can by what we want just as it was in 1924.No roads no portable and safe water , no toilets and we will relief ourselves in the bundu , no hospitals and we will have to consult zangomazi for sickness . We will have to use one hoe for the entire villages . We will resort to eating rats and bull frogs again if we crave meat .Our wives and daughters will use cow dung and tree leaves as sanitary pads , We shall have no proper bathing soap and will continue using chinkondiya as bathing soap and we will keep our recently gain status as the dirties people in Africa . They shall be no govt and the country will be divided into small tribal countries . Curable sicknesses like cholera and TB will descend on us and we will die in large numbers .That is where these morons are leading us to .

Diibulaanyika - 18 January 2015

thank you for giivng me this space my editor, ivwant to air my views on what i see about the problems being faced by zimbabweans.firstly the ministers are now very old to generate new ideas and money for such a loving country with so much educated people in the region.. truely speaking they should retire by now.am a born free zimbabwean and love the revolutionary party..a rich country like zimbabwe should now be led by people 55 to 70 years of age within ZANU PF .That is from the presidium up to the lowers class.look at our neighbors mozambique president is very young, want to believe that guy would do something for mozambicans , he even sited that he would reduce the size of his ministers to a manageable sturcutres..... not same people but changing their portfolios, its wrong ... save for savouir kasukuwere . chete, the rest handei kumushaaaa

mesuli tshuma - 18 January 2015

Zimbabwe is going nowhere, it will remain stagnant as long as ZANU continues to rule. This party has no clue as to its role as a party and worse as a government. Bootlicking has been its norm all these years and no one has ever lifted his/her finger to do some work cos work is viewed as taboo in ZANU. One has to praise sing Mugabe to be assured of a place on the gravy train. You don't praise sing then you are booted off and considered a "sent from the west". That is why MDC is considered a party sponsored by the west coz it will work for the people and people will realise how bad ZANU is. ZANU is no good and the longer it rules the poorer we are going to get. A land full of minerals yet the citizens are living in adject poverty. Where is this wealth going to and who is benefitting. Mugabe is clueless on bringing zimbabwe back to what it was in smith's time. His cabinet and bootlickers will never help us in any way. They must be booted out and jailed for massive corruption and embezzlement, murder,neglect,greediness can add more. Zvichavawanawo rimwe gore, ichiri nguva yavo to abuse us.

maiwe zimbabwe yacho - 18 January 2015

The snake as changes almost everything about itself, length, colours, width, tail etc... as long as it does not change its heart & head it will remain itself & see things the same way as before & always.v

springboard - 18 January 2015

The snake has changes almost everything about itself except for its heart & head.As long as it does not change its heart & head it will remain itself & see things the same way as before & always.

springboard - 18 January 2015

The more zanu pf changes the more it gets worse. Zanu pf merry go around of its failed CDEs has brought all the mess that we find ourselves stuck in. The problem is zanu pf thrives on corruption, plunder,lawless and chaos. Zanu pf ceased to be a political party long time ago .Its a full blown criminal syndicate/Mafia. Its not about serving the country, but what an individual can benefit, steal and influence corrupt activities.

X-MAN IV - 18 January 2015

For as long as ZANU PF remain bigger than gvt,paying ghost workers & maintaining their idiotic policies,lawlessness,looting,corruption&many other vices,we are going nowhere as a country.Yes Mugabe has the big idea what's needed to rebuild our economy but that may cost him personally.He therefore deliberately allows things to degenerate as long as he&his family are not affected.Mugabe is a very cruel,selfish,greedy,&power hungry leader.

kunyangoreketa - 19 January 2015

Mnagangwa and co = Zimbabwe's death knell. Zimbabwe has the most selfish and corrupt politicians on this planet as personified by the gang of twelve dwarfs above.

connie - 19 January 2015

With statics that point out that our standard of living is now at par with that of the 1950s, need we be asking ourselves such a question? Unless and until we get to change our governance system and there is a radical policy shift and rule of law, we will either remain stuck where we are or keep sliding backwards. My guess is we will do the later.

Dr Know - 19 January 2015

the bible tells us to be still and know that He is God so lets do so.

Trinity - 19 January 2015


ruramai - 19 January 2015

Imi ana Chombo apo nehuori hwavo vakapona sei? hanzi mbiriso shoma inoodza makanyiwa akawanda, ini kumeso kwachombo kwatondiondongera group rese iri...hapana kwatinosvika.

Chidondova - 19 January 2015

What do you expect from thieves they will always be protecting their loot. They are taking us down the drain and we are just clutching at straws.

maita - 19 January 2015

We are in fact much worse than we were in the 1950s.It's more painful being oppressed by a government one has actually fought for. Those thieves are leading us no where.If anything,we will continue to sink even lower.

bonga - 20 January 2015

The opposition needs a much stronger,more purposeful UNITY than ever before.Rebels work for their own stomachs,hence they now hypocritically call for a return to MDC founding principles without involving the founding leader.This political outburst will get us nowhere. What did the MDC's founding principles bring? They failed to free Zimbabwe. What is so special about them???

DZASUKWA - 21 January 2015

Let us not deceive ourselves with the so called(grant coalition)which is a ZANU PF creation to confuse the opposition.Neither can we expect to be led anywhere sensible by ZANU PF. We simply need purposeful,strong unity against our oppressors.We have to keep fighting to the bitter end.This struggle is necessarily long, hard & bitter.Remember Smith's evil but defeated tactics during our armed struggle.Mugabe is doing the same but victory is certain although it might take long to come.

FOOL - 21 January 2015

Surely,it is mind boggling that Dr.I Chombo who worked in the late chief J Chirau's ZUPO up to 1980 is now secretary for administration in ZANU PF.No,it can't be abt national reconciliation.

KUPERERWA - 21 January 2015

ZANU PF ndiyo, imi namai mujuru endai kwenyu kwamunoredza matacha.

reason - 21 January 2015

How many ZANU PF MPs does it take to fill up all those pot holes that have ruined our cars in our roads? Instead of squabling amongst themselves over who should remain in the politburo or who should be booted out, why not they all get all those potholes repaired? The reason why we have all those potholes country wide is because our ZANU PF MPs are a bunch of incompetent politically illiterate buffoons. Look at Chinotimba, a buffoon in Parliament.

Sekuru VaDHONKEY - 21 January 2015

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