'Solomon Mujuru wanted Mugabe out'

HARARE - A fortnight after igniting a political brouhaha over his take of the Gukurahundi massacres of the early 1980s in Matabeleland and the Midlands, State media columnist, Nathaniel Manheru — widely understood to be President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba — has stirred another controversy.

In his latest column in the Herald yesterday, Manheru claimed that the late liberation war icon, Solomon Mujuru — who was widely credited with installing Mugabe as leader of Zanu PF in exile in the mid 1970s — had become “anti-Mugabe” by the time he died.

Solomon’s charred remains were found after a mysterious inferno at his Beatrice Farm nearly four years ago, and his hapless widow, Joice, has since been ruthlessly purged from the leadership of both Zanu PF and the government — as the ruling party’s brutal factionalism escalates.

“At the heart of the whole effort (Zanu PF ructions) is a whole legacy of internal, anti-Mugabe succession politics left unripe by the late general Mujuru, and whose truculent infrastructure the ejected past Vice President inherited, sometimes willy-nilly.

“Without taking away her own culpable input, there is a way in which Mai Mujuru is a figure of pre-ordination, a real Thomas Hardly female victim-character slowly grinding to a halt amidst a destructive immanent will.

“Whilst she recognised some features of those politics, of that infrastructure, she never quite encompassed both. And with her stalking husband gone, many dangerous goals encrusted onto those politics, an encrustation which in fact had started well before the demise of the General, creating little demons the late departed was seeking and struggling to exorcise, or at least quieten,” the voluble and often reliable barometer of Mugabe’s and government’s thinking wrote.

Commenting on the recent challenge to Mugabe’s stewardship of Zanu PF by a group of party stalwarts that include former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa — whom he rubbished to no end in his column — Manheru also alleged that this group was working with the opposition, although this would not be easy.

“Two potential stumbling blocks stand in the way. One is (opposition leader Morgan) Tsvangirai and his MDC. Whilst he might have a longer history of working with this group, both during days of its late founder, and surreptitiously during the days of the inclusive government, there is a feeling of angst in his camp regarding what is likely to follow in the wake of such an amalgamation.

“Tsvangirai fears displacement. So, too, does (MKD leader Simba) Makoni. That angst has taken the form of a new leadership structure which would incorporate Simba Makoni as the second in command in the MDC.

“Always the West’s favourite, such an arrangement ensures the resultant government in the event of “victory” will have Simba Makoni at the centre of an envisaged neo-liberal dispensation.

“His initial comments on his readiness to work with the Mujuru group, to which he is linked consanguineously by the way, whilst showing initial hostility, is just a negotiating posture, but one now aligned to the MDC-T or maximum traction,” Manheru said.

“The second stumbling block is that of (ZAPU leader Dumiso) Dabengwa.

Ironically, both Dabengwa and Makoni worked closely with the late General Mujuru, but fell apart when the 2008 project collapsed.

“While Dabengwa may have been amenable to overtures mounted through Rugare Gumbo, and developed at the recent wedding of Tshinga Dube’s daughter, Dabengwa has problems with some personalities in the emerging equation.

“More significantly, he is realising that his politics of raising fears of insecurity in Matabeleland in the wake of the appointment of the two Vice Presidents, might just help draw people towards his otherwise dying Zapu.

“He wants to engage the group from a position of power, which means engage it while flaunting the southern part of Zimbabwe is in his palm,” Manheru added.


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Of course Mujuru wanted Mugabe out and he was planning something to that effect but he was eliminated before he could see his plan to fruition. That is how Mugabe has remained at the helm for so long- he identifies potential opponents in advance and takes them out. This is exactly what is happening to Mai Mujuru who is being assassinated politically and financially. Mugabe will carry on with these games until he is taken out or until he dies.

Mamvemve - 18 January 2015

Compatriots let us understand the reality that noone is indispensable even if one tries by all means to cling to power.Where is Ingwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda?What we just have to thank God is that we are a peace-loving people and our region also SADC.Imagine if it was West Africa?What happened of late to Blaisse Campaoure?We just need to be a little tolerant and patient the old man is already powerless and clueless and shortly he would be declared incapacitated as he has shown of late.

carson Macate - 18 January 2015

(Revised) Even Grace doesn't even like his husband as president, she also fears to be eliminated if she doesn't do what she does. 3/4 of those in government under the ticket of Zanu PF don't even like Mugabe but for fear of victimization they do again what they do. Declaring Mugabe as incapable is the immediate answer here but fear is in the people who must do so? I lost hope in zanuPf many years ago. Those who are still in it are Heartless, they have decided to shane & neglect standing by the principles of the WORD of GOD by standing for a ruthless man for money & selfish gains. Repent from you evil deeds. Choose God instead of the evil thru & by Mugabe & HIS ZANUPF.

springboard - 18 January 2015

We all want Mugabe out thats why we have always voted for other candidates, and results being nikuved from year 2000. we all dont like that fossil. Its common knowledge.

George Charamba - 19 January 2015

Pasi neZanu 73 percent....sorry Pamberi...they will be an answer let it be...the problem with us Zimbabweans is we are educated fools, but we deny it, lets eat the fruits(ZANU) of our stupidity/foolishness. Thank you, I sit down.

Msuunuu - 19 January 2015

Mugabe treats us like North Koreans. he expects a full package of devotion to our leader, personaliy cult, hero warship and a hell lot of other inhuman things. he wants all this extended to his whole family. Manje it can't!! Viva Sankara spirit.

selele - 19 January 2015

Did this warrant them burning him?

maita - 19 January 2015

What goes around comes around....

Nyasha - 19 January 2015

zimbos,comenting,insults and all sorts of valgar does not shake matibili,we have many ideas,the biggest ?..who will tie the bell?????

gate - 19 January 2015

Yes Mugabe will soon go but I pity Grace.Mai Mujuru has been a widow for 4 years now& heartless people went on to ruthlessly remove her from the VP post.That was too cruel considering how her husband died.Added to that,her Ruwa house was gutted by a mysterious fire.Where is our humanity?Why are we so cruel?This woman suffered for this country all her life but she's now being treated like a robber!It's very bad&unfair......

rungisai - 20 January 2015

He wanted to say he was killed for "anti-mugabe"

chamvari - 20 January 2015

Foolish are those who continue to enjoy being played against each other: The murders of Chitepfo and Tongogara, the many ruthless planned accidents, the poisoning of perceived challengers, tsholotsho declaration, and now the reverse tsholotsho of 2014. They should wake up.

MassMerrymakingMole - 20 January 2015

manheru buda pachena

Harare - 20 January 2015

compensate gukurahundi victim

BIRD - 22 January 2015

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