Magaya prophecy comes to pass

HARARE - Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader Walter Magaya says his prophecy about a fire gutting a building near First Street in Harare two weeks ago has come to pass.

This follows a mysterious fire that broke out in the security guardroom at the entrance of the High Court in Harare on Thursday.

Police confirmed the inferno saying it broke out after a security guard at the High Court left an electric heater turned on in a wooden guardroom and it exploded.

The fire, according to police spokesperson Charity Charamba, destroyed issue vouchers, files, two chairs, one table, two heaters, one steel cabinet, a telephone handset, cell phone, seven cases of soft drinks and a window to the deputy registrar’s office.

Magaya told the Daily News yesterday that he was glad that no-one was injured in the inferno after he and his congregation had prayed hard to avert disaster. 

“I spoke about it recently and I am happy that there were no fatalities.

“We prayed for it when we were given the prophecy and God responded to our call. Glory to the Almighty,” he said. Magaya had told thousands of his congregants during a church service in Waterfalls that he had been shown a vision of a building catching fire and  immediately asked his flock to pray hard so that there would be no deaths or injuries.

The celebrity preacher said the building, which he did not identify at the time, would be gutted by a mysterious fire.

“I have been getting this vision for some time,” Magaya said.

“I see a fire, a fire that will destroy a building near First Street. May we all raise our hands in prayer so that danger will be averted so that there will be no deaths, no injuries,” he added to thunderous applause from his church faithful.

The prophecy comes less than a week after he predicted good fortunes for the economy this year. In his New Year message delivered on the eve of 2015, Magaya said the country would experience an economic boom as more minerals would be discovered.

“So there shall be ways of discovering Africa, for instance I see new minerals being discovered in Africa…I am saying we have reached a point whereby you are going to be fruitful rather than going down as the previous years, but in 2015 the world is going to recognise Africa more and Zimbabwe in particular,” Magaya  said.

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believe what u want. im an atheist. what's gonna happen to me when i die and how do u know?

atheist - 18 January 2015

Thank you Man of God

Denice - 18 January 2015

This is powerfull..We give all the glory to God..

mwanawako - 18 January 2015

Thank God there were no injuries..Hope people will now learn to listen when a Prophet speakes..

Sherryie Ncube - 18 January 2015

Powerful powerful my Jeeeeeeeeeeesus....when a Prophet speaks the wise listen. We thank you Prophet Magaya

jada - 18 January 2015

A guardhouse? Really?

TTM - 18 January 2015

In First Street and near First Street are two different things you stupid fools.

Gore - 18 January 2015

the security guard must b investigated and beaten for receiving payment to cause this gimmick fire

fatso - 18 January 2015

high court is not close to first street but second street so we are still waiting for the collapse of a building near first street lol

fatso - 18 January 2015

Proph Magaya must be investigated, who knows he could have sent arsonists to justify his claims.

tindo - 18 January 2015

Magaya said a tall building was going to collapse in First Street not that there was going to be some fire in Second Street! Do not lie to the readers.

Gore - 18 January 2015

Deuteronomy 18 v 18 "I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their own people; I will put my words in the mouth of the prophet, who shall speak to them everything that I command. When a prophet speaks the wise listen.

Favour - 18 January 2015

Ezekiel 33 v 33 "But when all your words come true - and they will come true - then they will know that a prophet has been among them". This is the word of God.

Tindo - 18 January 2015

#atheist #look for near death experiencies on google (NDE) find NDEs for atheists you will learn my friend.Dont waste time this is your chance to repent. Dont say I didnt warn you, heaven is for real and hell is for real. take time do what I am telling you to do!!!!!!!!!!!

richman - 18 January 2015

don't quote us bible scriptures supporting yo prophet as if there are no scriptures warning yu about false prophets. What yo prophet is doing is real false prophesy and its clear that he is playing with people's minds simply to inherit the world and become rich from unsuspecting troubled followers. All prophesies in the bible were clear and straight to the point not this confussion we are seeing.If at all yo prophets are real and they posses the powers they claim to have, why are they not visiting hospitals where we have many patients who need their help? why should they wait for people to come to their churches for them to perform their magic? are hospitalised people not in need of yo prophets' help? are miracles only for those who attend yo services? don't take advantage of people's problems and commercialise God's work nd pliz be real and don't yu people of blind faith, watch out for yu are going to be left counting yo loses through giving these prophets real money when they claim to posses powers to create miracle money.Its high time yu wake up and be able to pray for yo self knowing tht God created yu in his own image .the reason why yu fall victims to these false prophets is becoz yu ar lazzy to pray and yu believe in them so much tht yu even look for scriptures to defend them forgettin tht the same bible warns yu of false prophets and their works

wafawanaka - 18 January 2015

@richman Thank god for atheists !!!!

mugu - 19 January 2015

Thank you Jesus. To God be the glory

kimhood - 19 January 2015

I thought the prophesy was about a building collapsing? People of Zim, let's all be careful now. I remember another 'prophet' claiming twice that he 'saw' things getting better for us poor, gullible Zimbos last year. I don't for the rest of you guys, but I have seen no such improvement. All I can say is may the true God, who is called Jehovah, help us.

Gamatox - 19 January 2015

This is the joke of the Century! Please dont take the educated and God-fearing masses for a ride with your false and trivial "prophesies!" saka what redemption and deliverance can that bring to the nation kuti "MAGAYA PROPHESIED A FIRE IN THE GUARDROOM ALONG FIRST STREET" inga makati THE PROPHESY WAS ABOUT A "BUILDING COLLAPSING ALONG FIRST STREET!" zvatove zve feja feja izvi! Surely if this Prophet can prophesy about a small guardroom catching fire then he is indeed an insignificant prophet for this our Holly land. My question still stands" WHAT HAPENED TO THE 11 PEOPLE WHO DIED RUTHLESSLY AT HIS KWEKWE RALLY? WHY HAS THE NATION RESORTED TO SILENCE OVER SUCH A HORRIFIC ACT BY A PURPOTED MAN OF GOD? WHY DIDNT HE FORE WARN THE PEOPLE PRIOR TO THE KWEKWE RALLY IF HE IS INDEED A TRUE PROPHET?......Musatibate kumeso hanti

MASHURA ANGU!!! - 19 January 2015

Magaya followers are very foolish! in 1st street and near 1st street are 2 different things. magaya sells annointing oil 5ml $25 in church apa anenge atenga cooking oil $3 2litres he duping pple of their hard earned cash anhu makavharika maakunamata magaya

1st SECRETARY - 19 January 2015

Mbiri kuna Jesu, kudzai vaporofita vari pakati penyu. Thank you Jesus for raising Prophets amoung us. We were living a blind. Jesus may you increase more true Prophets,Bishops, Teachers,Evangelists and more God fearing children. Let Zimbabwe be you tourism destiny my God

eddie - 19 January 2015

What we heard from this prophet of doom is that a building on first street would collapse, why is he taking this unrelated act of a guard house at the courthouse catching fire and claiming that to be the prediction he made. To the writer of this story I say please stop taking us down that road again and again, there are enough bootlickers in ZANU PF doing that bootlicking already and we have had enough.

Dr Know - 19 January 2015

Fake prophets! was that first street? do you mean God missed First street and let the incident happen at seond street? musanypera Mwari vana Magaya. Maybe you paid the security guard to do such things. nxa! Kure uko.

Peter Matibili - 19 January 2015

Can we define a guardroom as a big building? The story initially said a big building will collapse along 1st street. A guard room along Samora between second and third streets can it be said is along 1st street? No prophet has come to pass here Mugove Tafirenyika. U might be a member of PHD but dont try to wrongfully justify the prophecy here. Prophet Magaya's prophecy is yet to come and the nation is waiting.

Parmuda - 19 January 2015

Mashura angu ndiwe vataura yese. false profits vanenharo

Bhoramusango - 19 January 2015

God honours His word ndazviona sure aiwa zvaonekwa Makatendeka Jesu. Wataura Muporofita Denga rikazadzisa. Lke my spiritual grandapa always say"The Heavens have permitted it and the earth have witnessed it". Porofitai maporofita kusvika vanokutukai vadhamba miromo

Trinity - 19 January 2015

@ Wafawanaka - yr analysis is shallow. Lets refer to the holy book. Where in the bible do we read about Jesus/Apostles going round searching for the sick or people who needed help. At one point when he saw a crowd around Him, He actually gave orders to depart to the other side of the sea. And that was not successful as they caught up with him. Remember that is when he performed the miracle of multiplying bread and fish. What did it take? It started as a desire to follow him and they did not give up when he jumped into the boat . That calls for perseverance and in some situations persistence too. What about the woman with the issue of blood? Do you think healing would have come her way if she had not made frantic efforts to touch Jesus' garment. What does that say to you? It means you also have a role to play to get your healing and deliverance. One has to step out in faith. Faith without works is dead - meaning there has to be corresponding action. If one knows where healing/deliverance is taking place then one has to make an effort to visit the place.

Tindo - 19 January 2015

If his god could not see the fate of those who died at his church and can only see some building somewhere near second street then lol. Prophet of Doom

jerry kakono - 19 January 2015

we don't expect this kind of journalism with daily news.let this kind be herald stuff. what u are claiming to have come to pass is so different from what u said was the prophecy. i remember, you claimed "a building will collapse in first street." now u want us to believe (1) that 2nd street has become 1st street. (2) that a guardroom gutted by fire has become a tall building. this kind of hero worshiping is the cancer that has destroyed's permeating in all aspects of our live. u creates monster nd demi-gods, would u blame them if they treat u badly in the future. the journalist z a magaya follower. he must learn to separate facts from fiction, his allegiance and desire to prop up his leader and professionalism. we are tired of such journalism,especially if its coming from Daily News.

prof - 19 January 2015

Vaprofita venhema. This was not the prophesy everybody knows it. Why prophesy on something general like that on minerals. This is so general and obvious. Daily News are you being given something by this False Prophet i wonder. Musashatisa zita renyu like that. Vanhu ava ndevenhema who sometimes use black magic from western africa. Muchatongwa naMwari

False Prophet - 19 January 2015

When someone says near first street is it the same as along first street. Aiwa ngatimbobatsiranei ipapa. Chamakango bata kuti first street vara rekuti 'near' harina akazoona.

Tindo - 19 January 2015

from what we gather in the reports, this is not a mysterious fire but a fire that was caused by an electric heater left by a person who is quite negligent.

blazo - 19 January 2015

What a sad is now true that false prophets are all over.Magaya zvake zwanya vakomana.kochii nai kutshwaga mhari.and vanhu ipapo kasikuziwona

Nhliziyo - 19 January 2015

Guard house........maybe it's you to blame Magaya.......

Bhaiton Kamani - 19 January 2015

Guys iyi yekamoto ke mu guardroom ngatimboisiya pasi lets focus on the SERIOUS ISSUE AT HAND....Nhai WHAT REALLY HAPENED TO THE 11 PEOPLE WHO DIED AT PHD CHURCH IN KWEKWE? IF THEIR GOD CAN FORESEE A SMALL FIRE WHICH IS 20KM AWAY FROM THEIR WATERFALLS CHURCH, CAN NOT THE SAME GOD FORSEE SUCH A REAL DANGER WHICH BEFELL THE PHD FLOCK IN THE CHURCH AT A PRAYER MEETING FUTI? ZVEHUPOROFITA ZVAMADA IZVI....Manje Blazo vataura idi hanzi its not a MYSTERIOUS FIRE, it was actually an electrical fault and since when has Electricity become a mysterious thing? i wonder

GOLDEN QUESTION - 19 January 2015

from what we gather in the reports, this is not a mysterious fire but a fire that was caused by an electric heater left by a person who is quite negligent.

blazo - 19 January 2015

All Atheists go to hell when they die.

believe chizeya - 19 January 2015

Magaya anoda kutamba nesu nhayi. you prophesy about unimportant events just like some of you like who would prophesy about scores in the English premier league. Stop wasting our time. Kana washaya zvekutaura just keep quiet.

tongesai - 19 January 2015

@believe chizeya Are you sure you believe in the right 'god' ?? 'Hell' is a theist invention to instill fear in those who do not conform to idiotic rituals & believe in nonsensical myths. ATHEISM is a non-$profit (& non-prophet) organization.

prophet atheist - 19 January 2015

Reason I have always hated you for being ZANU but for a second time I agree with you on yor observation that we have so many gullible people in pour country that brags of a high literacy rate. Can you imagine one idiot saying the disciples never went to hospitals! My goodness! We're there any hospitals then? Ignoramus!

Amir - 19 January 2015

I thot Believe Chizeya is a prophet,if he does not believe in Magaya ,rangove jerasi.

kahope - 19 January 2015

kuchauya maprofita enhema achati iwe gomo ibvaapa uyende apa iwe nzizi ibva apa uyendeapa not this small little misleading thing we are hearing .why is it that we encounter major disaster happen to help from your so-called prophets

BABYLON - 20 January 2015

haya inga......

girlycee - 19 February 2015

No one knows the truth if Walter's magic is from God or not.Only the suffering poor ,yes ought to be victims of those prophets but when their problems get solved,why condemn them.The only need a person should acquaire is to live in harmony,with peace of mind and without defects of life as evil spirits.Sometimes even those who criticise those prophets may be in an everlasting trap of the Devil.Or else those prophets may be used by the Devil also.No one knows the real.Only heaven holds everything.Leave alone those who rush to those prophets if they have some evil spirits infections because hospitals already failed even to get rid of cancer,H.I.V,B.P and some diseases that can affect a person for longer priods of his live. Makwai ne nembudzi zvichaoneka but kwete nemi.

Chipangayi Gaal - 19 March 2015

A Prophet is not respected in his land as Jesus Christ passed the same situation.Leave Prophet W. Magaya as many are receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ through him.There is no doubt that he is servant of God Jehovah because the Bible says an kingdom can,t fight itself and all those who cast demons in the name of Jesus Christ belongs to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.Mbiri kuna Jeus

Augusto Gasteni - 16 April 2016

how can you people be so foolish not to realise that prophet Magaya is a true Man of God....this is the reason why your lives are so miserable note that the annointing you dont recognise will not bless you.....the Gog of prophet magaya isimbi inopisa dzimwe simbi.....if youe eyes are that blind not to see what God is doing through PAPA PROPHET MAGAYA then you need deliverance..

lindsay - 27 May 2016

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