Welcome to sanity, Cde Mutasa

HARARE - It is refreshing to hear Zanu PF stalwarts attacking their own party on the same grounds and using the same language we in the MDC have used over the years.

Reading the press statement by former Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa and the allegations he makes against his former party is like reading a statement from the MDC’s information and publicity department. 

Here is a senior Zanu PF official, until very recently the secretary for administration, bemoaning the lack of democracy in Zanu PF and the endemic violence, intimidation, fear, dictatorship and corruption in the party.

This had been the MDC charge sheet against Zanu PF but the tables have turned!

The former defendants in the MDC charge sheet are now the complainants, raising the same issues we have raised over the years.

It can only be a vindication of the MDC when Zanu PF is now accusing itself of electoral theft, violence and intimidation!

And while Mutasa is at it, he has further charges to make about his party’s royalty!

“Amai Mugabe went around the country preaching the gospel of hate in the presence of our impressionable youths and the traumatised, impoverished nation,” said Mutasa.

Since when has Mutasa begun to realise that the nation is traumatised and impoverished?

Mutasa even has the audacity to repeat what we in the MDC have been saying while he was in that party’s cockpit; that Zanu PF is a danger to the culture of constitutionalism in the country.

“This approach to constitutionalism (of disrespecting its own constitution) by a ruling party can pose a risk to constitutionalism at the national level,” said the Zanu PF former secretary for administration.

The refreshing thing is that it is not the MDC saying Zanu PF is a threat to the national Constitution.

This is Zanu PF saying so to itself.

Mutasa makes a humbling admission that Zanu PF uses violence, fear, intimidation and victimisation. And this was a senior man in Zanu PF only a few weeks ago who is admitting to these traits of his party.

The question is: If Zanu PF can unleash such fear, violence and intimidation to its own members in internal central committee elections, as admitted by its former senior official, was the MDC wrong all these years in its characterisation of the national electoral environment as poisoned?

Put simply, if Zanu PF has the capacity to so brazenly rig its own election, is it capable of running a credible national election?

Mutasa talks of the planting of “fear” in the minds of Zanu PF structures during the central committee elections, fear which “deprived party cadres of their right to elect leaders of their choice!”

A party which deprives its own members from electing leaders of their own choice in an internal party election can only do worse when it comes to subverting the rights of ordinary people in a national election.

Surely, if you can rape your own daughter, you can only be a greater threat to the broader society and it cannot be an empty allegation if your neighbour makes the same accusation!!

For some of us, the best was yet to come from Mutasa: “Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force.” What more would MDC cadres like us add if a former secretary-general of a party, who has been part of its leadership for over 40 years, can sum it up so aptly like this.

Certainly, if the “December Zanu PF meeting” masqueraded as a congress as Mutasa puts it, it did so in the same manner the July event masqueraded as an election.

Mutasa says Zanu PF “denied innocent members their constitutional right to freely elect leaders of their choice”.

We would add, Nyati, that the same party, with you in the cockpit, committed the same crime on July 31, 2013.

The same way Zanu PF is now being run by an “illegitimate leadership” is exactly the same way the country is being run by a leadership without a mandate from the people.

Ironically, Mutasa unwittingly admits to being part of the rot: “The sad events of the past months reflect a deep-seated historical failure by the party leadership………”

If the failure is historical as you put it, and you have been part of that history in the leadership of the party, are your hands clean and are you suddenly out of that bracket of failure, Nyati?

The good news is that at least you can now see the rot in your own party. Vana vembwa havasvinuri musi mumwe chete.

That you are repeating what we have been saying all these years is a confirmation of the magic national phrase of the moment: national convergence.

There is emerging national consensus from diverse groups and political parties on the identity of the beast that needs confrontation!

Even Robert Mugabe knows what is wrong and who is to blame for the current sad national predicament.

That is why he can afford to boldly say, with neither shame nor compunction: “Pasi neZanu PF.”

Welcome to sanity! 

*Tamborinyoka doubles as the spokesperson to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and the party’s director of information and publicity. He writes here in his personal capacity.

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mdc yakarasiswa ne mukuru waiyo aienda kupurezha odzoka mavhoti abiwa onanga ku court. that is his cycle all the time. pamusoro paizvozvo, apfurikidza term of office ndo kuchinja constituion and effectively made mdc t a twin of zanu pf. there is no difference. people are waiting for a real opposition party not mdc tsvangirai. its another of the dead parties in zim.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 January 2015

mdc and zanu pf are different sides of the same coin,because their policies are almost the same,we are tired now we want new opposition with better options

owen - 16 January 2015

cde Mutasa kana makambonzwa pataiti paya pasi nevatengesi type dzakaita semi ndodzataireva. Chionai madiro enyu ekutonga zvoodiridza mufandichimuka yakaita saana tamborinyoka. ko mukangoitawo card carrying member sesu muchidya pension yenyu munobvei?munofunga kuti muchinemanganiko nhai nyati?inga kupenga hakuna ndakura nhai veduwee, by the way how close are yo to this nyati who betrayed our revolution at chimoio and nyadzonia? your behaviour manifests a high degree of resemblance, watch out this spirit is likely to lead you to the same destination and all your previous efforts of nation building if it ever was will be put to naught, kungotaurawo hedu

baba rue - 16 January 2015

regai nyati vaturaye zvavarikuda kuturaya @baba rue. nyaya iyi tese hatiinzwisisi. vanhu ivava ndivo vane inside information. isu kwe kupindira nyaya dzevanhu varimuchitima isu tiri kufamba netsoka. regai vaedze nekuti zviro zviyedzwa chembere yekwa chivi yabika mahwe ikanwa muto awo.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 January 2015

Well said Luke. Gure razvifumura. Nothing to add. Nyati vatibatisa .com

open eye - 16 January 2015

@Luke, having said that the conclusion is that Nyati ngavauye vachibata nevamwe kurwisa kuti muvengi achienda...zanu yaora waniko.@owen above...politics dzinonetsa shamwari....unoda imwe oposition inobvepi...munyika hamuna mari saka unoti new opposition inoita marally ichishandiseyi pasina cash....rega ngunzi dziripo dzipfumbure guruva mugan'a kuchekana huma nenyanga dzichirwa....kana dust ragarana isu mabornfree totanga party yedu nekuti nyaya ye varwi vehondo hee takaenda chimoyo panenge pasisina...ko maO vets iwaya ahcapera ose apa nyika inofanira kuendererea mberi handiti akirkukura here akomana....

Luke - 16 January 2015

We will achieve absolutely nothing by changing our opposition party leader.We all know what happened in July 2013&thereafter.All those calling for leadership change in MDC on the basis of Biti&company' s arguments are playing in the hands of our enemy.It is foolish to accuse MT of our failure to take power from ZANU PF when we know ZANU PF'S evil ways. Just look at the fighting going on in that party.The struggle is long, hard & tiresome guys but the end is on the horizon.

zano - 16 January 2015

Dear Readers of the daily news & even the Herald & especially those of you who have long waited for change/democracy/peace etc ... Allow me to stress a point. Those of you who are Christians will quickly get the point. Remember the man Paul, he used to attack & even kill those who were followers of Christ, but look then who became the most powerful, outstanding & the most influential Gospel preacher (follower of Christ) with signs & wonders following him. The same guy Paul. I say this in the light of what is happening with zanu & Mutasa. I cant say much now but we seem to have a "Paul" here. If you doubt him please give him a benefit of doubt from the fact that he has managed to stand up BOLD Head ON to challenge the Evil. Yes its normally to remember his bad deeds as "Saul" the then Paul. But this will put him on a springboard to write his wrongs doing the good for the write reasons. Lets support any means of HOPE as in Mutasa and others who have the reach to the Bulls horns.

whitehorse - 16 January 2015

Is this the same D. Mutasa who for years was f*** praising RG and his liberation movement?? Things change...even those with triple PHDs would not have foreseen this spectacular fall-out. Back to the drawing board Mr. Mutasa and well come to opposition politics. At your age you you learnt circa a bit late! Your grand children will not forgive you. One wonders how long you will remain on your ZANU allocated farm??

garikayi - 17 January 2015

When people or media asked you about Mugabe's intergrity, Mutasa would some up l quote" he is the only son of God "now Didymus how come you r crying has he now the son of God turned to be devil.Zvino mutambo wacho wokukwevana wakuda pa loan asi waisimbodhonza vamwe mugomo ,interestingly nguruve yazvikanga nemafuta ayo.

Tatonga Nyika - 17 January 2015

Mutasa once famously said," Zanu pf does not have reverse gear" It moves forward only. Now he wants the decisions made reversed. He forgets the gears that zanu pf have. Mutasa's expulsion is imminent. Thats his pension from zanu.

X-MAN IV - 17 January 2015

Well said it to the dot in this above article Tambo! I agree with @ Whitehorse who has likened Va-Mutasa to Saul turned Paul. True Christians believe in positive change. Va-Mutasa's article was to the point. “Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force.” This sums the country's predicament in the nut shell. What we all along suspected, 80% of people in Zanu-PF do not support and believe in the way our country is being managed. People are in Zanu-PF for mafia protection and patronage support. We have always known that Zanu-PF did not bring democracy into country because it is not democratic within itself. That party mutated into Mafia cult whose Godfather is RG Mugabe. What Va-Mutasa and his allies are actually saying is that they are tied of despot management like all of us. Having observed that, let us not ridicule (Paul) va-Mutasa. I for one always thought lowly of him. The man has a positive change of nature or at least he has been brave enough to take the bull by its horns. Let us embrace this positive attitude in Va-Mutasa. There is a saying "Evil prevails because good man keep quiet" His only problem is that he thinks of rescuing his boss RG Mugabe. RG is beyond redemption because of his wife who is the root cause of all this from way back.

Mbareboy - 18 January 2015

Mutasa, Mujuru and who ever were in Zanu PF for selfish gains and are unprincipled people who let people suffer for them to get rich. To me they are the same as their King MUgabe. They are liars and hypocrites. Now that things are not going well for them, with me its very good. They were never politicians but opportunists. I never liked them anywhere, so to hell with them.

clement moyo - 19 January 2015

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