Mujuru allies pin Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe faces possibly his biggest political challenge since he assumed the leadership of both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe, with his one-time trusted lieutenants evolving into a formidable tag-team in a determined bid to pressure him to reverse his recent controversial appointments and expulsions.

The pressure could see Mugabe completely losing his tight grip on Zanu PF and ultimately leading to the 90-year-old losing leadership of the party.

Serving party heavyweights, liberation war pioneers and analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the latest “frontal attack” on Mugabe by disaffected members sympathetic to former vice president Joice Mujuru had “never been witnessed before” and threatened to sweep the nonagenarian out of power.

They also blamed Mugabe’s wife Grace and some “Mafikizolos” (Johnny-come-latelies) for “the self-inflicted mess” that now confronted Mugabe and Zanu PF.

These sentiments followed the unprecedented move by many party stalwarts on Monday, including perceived allies of Mujuru, to confront Mugabe head-on — a development analysts say is set to shake the ruling party to its core, and possibly result in the party of liberation splitting down the middle.

The party heavyweights, led by former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, have bluntly called Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare late last year “null and void”.

They also, ominously, pooh-poohed all the party appointments and changes that were made just before, during and after the controversial congress — pitting themselves for a titanic showdown with Mugabe, Grace and party hardliners who led the assault on Mujuru and all party officials who were perceived to be sympathetic to her.

A statement availed to the Daily News, that was provocatively signed by Mutasa in his capacity as the ruling party’s secretary for administration, said “in the broad interest of democracy and in defense of the Zanu PF founding principles”, the disaffected party members called for the nullification of the entire process of “the so-called congress”, deeming it constitutionally flawed.

They also agitated for the re-instatement of “the entire constitutionally-elected office bearers of the party in all structures of all wings, as at the 1st of July 2014”.

The no-holds barred statement also called for the nullification of all “purported constitutional amendments drafted and rail-roaded immediately before this so-called congress”, as well as the restoration of the “elective dignity of congress and the one-man one-vote principle as enunciated by our armed struggle and constitution”.

The statement shook the local political world yesterday and prompted many serving Zanu PF bigwigs to proclaim in interviews with the Daily News that they were ready to join the disaffected members in their fight to “restore Zanu PF to its former self” and end the party’s dictatorship.

“Just watch this space, we have suffered enough,” said a central committee member who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.

“Since the liberation struggle, people have been treated unfairly and there is no justice in the party. We want Zanu PF to return to its founding principles and values and it is time that we all joined hands and ended this dictatorship,” the official added.

Former party spokesman Rugare Gumbo, who was initially suspended and then expelled altogether from Zanu PF, said he too yearned for the party’s “return to democracy”.

“We want to restore Zanu PF to its founding principles of democracy and constitutionalism,” he said.

Asked if he was not afraid of confronting the often brutal ruling

party bigwigs, Gumbo said, “Why should we be afraid? We want our rights to be respected. If you are afraid of such things then you should be afraid of your shadow”.

A war veteran and former member of Zanla’s High Command, Bernard Manyadza, described Mutasa’s statement as a “watershed”, as well as a necessary initial step towards restoring the country’s battered economy and fouled politics.

Manyadza, whose nom de guerre was Parker Chipoyera, said the ruling party should now reconvene and restore structures obliterated during the party’s turbulent build-up to its much discredited congress.

“That watershed statement has restored Zanu PF to its founding principles like when it was led by the likes of Cde Chitepo,” he said.

“As freedom fighters, we are going to strive to restore the true image of the party, not this thuggish behaviour. This statement signals our future. We are going to re-build the Dare.

“We are building something that is different from this current

rubbish. We want to build a culture of democracy. Leaders must come from the people and not one person,” he said.

Former Zanu PF politburo member, Dumiso Dabengwa, who now leads Zapu, said the ruling party ructions pointed to the need for all political parties to adhere to constitutionalism.

“Once you have a tendency to ignore your own party that will also extend to the country. I am glad that Cde Mutasa has challenged this.

Once we have set down rules, people must respect them,” he said.

Dabengwa said what Mutasa and “other comrades in Zanu PF are pointing to was the very reason why he had left Zanu PF.

“We are happy they have realised that Zanu PF has departed from its founding values,” he added.

Asked if the bold move taken by Mutasa and others was likely to bear fruit, Dabengwa said, “The fact that they have confronted the leadership and make reference to the violations will have an impact on the country and the future of Zimbabwe”.

Jabulani Sibanda, the popular war veteran who was also recently expelled from Zanu PF, chose to quote famed American leader, George Washington, saying, “Truth will ultimately prevail where pain is taken to bring it to light”.

“The whole Zanu PF, including Zapu comrades, could have been wounded by Ian Smith bombardments, but what transpired last year was even more deadly to the revolution, this country and the future generation and to correct this is the only way that will initiate the resuscitation of the party,” Sibanda said.

Pedzisayi Ruhanya, a media and democracy scholar, said the disaffected party members first had to challenge the Zanu PF political base in Mashonaland Central, West and East, where the party enjoyed its biggest support, if they were to win their war.

“They must be prepared to be incarcerated and they must be prepared to lose the property they gained during their time in Zanu PF.

“It would be advisable for them not to go to court because Zanu PF controls it (the courts). These people cannot go to Mugabe’s court and expect it to nullify congress.

“This is not a legal battle, it’s a political battle which can only be solved on the streets. Without doing that, they are living in cloud cuckooland because the only challenge Mugabe understands is in the streets of Mbare, Dangamvura and Tsholotho. Any other way is a fallacy,” Ruhanya said.

He added: “This is how the MDC almost dethroned Mugabe in 2008. The MDC had become part and parcel of society, as they were everywhere.

They have to go to the rural areas, as that is the language Mugabe understands.”

Alex Magaisa, a University of Kent law lecturer and former aide to Morgan Tsvangirai,  said Mutasa’s strong political statement showed that the Mujuru faction was beginning to fight back.

“If they are serious, they will field candidates in the by-elections to fight against the Zanu PF sponsored candidates,” he said.

“They may also go to court to challenge the constitutionality of Congress and I think they have a sound legal basis since the party flagrantly violated the Zanu PF constitution.

“The events will have important ramifications for the Zimbabwean body politic, especially with Mugabe approaching the end of his career. He is the glue that has held them together, but even now, he seems to be losing the iron grip of old,” Magaisa added.

MDC Renewal Team spokesperson Jacob Mafume said his party welcomed the Mutasa challenge because Zanu PF ceased to be a political party a long time ago.

“It is a personal property of Mugabe. The challenge is coming 10 years later. The balkanisation of Zanu PF is a long-overdue process and

Zimbabweans can only benefit from the break-up of this cartel.

“We are watching the developments with glee. They have no option but to renew themselves,” he said.

Mainstream MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said his party felt vindicated by the latest developments inside Zanu PF.

“We have been vindicated in what we have always said that Zanu PF is yesterday’s party that has hopelessly failed to adjust to the dictates of operating in the modern environment. Zanu PF will soon be extinct,” he said.

“Robert Mugabe is Zanu PF and Zanu PF is Robert Mugabe, hence he has the sole mandate to appoint the entire politburo of his moribund party. The demise of Zanu PF is the sweetest news to the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe. It is the best new year present that God has given us,” he added.

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It is now sour grapes on the likes of Mutasa because these violations of the constitution are not new only that he was not a victim before but a benefactor he did not stand up for other comrades who were victimised now he wants us to come to his rescue taste your own medicine Comrade Mutasa you were beating people in Manicaland to tow Zanu PF Line now you have it is your turn.

madube - 14 January 2015

The fact that the ousted Mujuru camp was going to re- group and fight back was inevitable. Whirlwind Grace was given a rope to help her to climb upwards but dull as she is, she ended up using that same rope to hang and tie up herself along with her ancient tired husband. The biggest undoing that Mnangagwa made was that of aligning himself mostly with those greedy Mafikizolos, abandoning his comrades in arms from the days of the liberation struggle in favour of unstable flip flops like Jonathan Moyo who have in no time already turned against him. This could be the straw that broke the camel's back for ZANU PF, and we welcome it with open hands. There is enough room for another opposition party, that's for certain.

Dr Know - 14 January 2015

Can one use rotten eggs to make a fresh omlette?

Abri - 14 January 2015

It's not sour grapes, why do you think all opposition is loving what Mutasa is doing? It's a blessing for Zimbabwe to have ZANU fight each other. The opposition is very weak, we need help and Mutasa is doing the right thing. What Mutasa is saying makes a lot of sense and the international community can see Mugabe is doing. It gives opposition more credebility now that we have ZANU fighting each other based on same things we been complaining about.

Mambo - 14 January 2015

God works in misterious ways. He knows the opposition can never bring down ZANU, ZANU will need to be destroyed by ZANU.

Mambo - 14 January 2015

What do Mutasa and his group, Mujuru included know about democracy and constitution? They created, zanu pf and walked mountains to convince people that mugabe is their leader. Mugabe is doing what they created him for. Mutasa and his group this time hamulume!!! Its game over. There is nothing new you can bring to the country. A solid 15years of non stop economy plunder and destruction, Mutasa and his group backing mugabe all the way. Mugabe will now get the "spark" to lock you up that you want him gone. Noone will emerge a winner in these zanu pf wars. Zanu pf will die a natural spectacular death. Zanu pf will not survive as an opposition party. It thrives on lawless, brutality and chaos such that when it loses such bennfits its dead. It is exactly what will kill zanu pf after mugabe era and that time is coming. Zanu pf will liquidate and sale its headquarters and properties.

X-MAN IV - 14 January 2015

kkk aya matsotsi avakuzhamba kuti isu tanga tirere vachiba tivanzwire tsitsi,sei vachida kufira mu party yavafinya zvakadaro ,pane twakavanzika apa,ukaona matsotsi orwa pane ranokora vamwe vakarivara,ibvai apo hamuguti makaitwa sei

sinyoro - 14 January 2015

I am not sure if inkosi Mugabe is back in the country . The moment he steps his foot on zimbabwean soil all this talk will vanish in the thin air .Have you seen how free are rats in the absence of a mamba this is the situation now all those who are celebrating will be very sad indeed Mutasa and his gang are so scared of the old guy such that when he comes you will hear them saying we want our dear president to solve this problem he is the only one who can do that and we think he was misled . Mutasa him self will say i am not against the president bcoz he is a good man just wait and see let him arrive all the rats will dash for cover and they shall be deafening silence all this ho ho ho ho will be a thing of the past . Mugabe wives will remain so and as he arrives he will screw all of them starting with wife Mutasa.

Diibulaanyika - 14 January 2015

If a hen walks around with its chicks it leaves what it saw/see or even food to the chicks ,why not the Zanu PF President

maingeni sigauke - 14 January 2015

Nightmares...nightmares....nightmares..! Can some one PLEASE be kind to wake them up; all the said 'Big-wigs'...they are in a very terrifying nightmare. Otherwise; I could have simply said "Dream-on Comrades," but surely that would be an irresponsible statement for me to say.

Chenjerai Makudo - 14 January 2015

Hahahaha Mugabe's biggest challenge since assuming office really ? As usual a weak opinion piece , the guys in power right now have shown that they are better strategists than the ousted ones . History will show us that over the years these are very people who have been driving Zanu Pf forward than these cry babies , who most them were either hospitalized for high blood pressure or stress related diseases after loosing their political positions. Very weak indeed , I swear I wouldn't vote for that lot .

Lesly - 14 January 2015

There are some people (myself ) included who support Gamatox. This notion of claiming that Matasa has no support is wishful thinking peddled by the Gwena supporters. Gwena will never be supported by any reasonable Zimbabwean. To quote from Wiwa , even his own pigs kkkkkkkk. People should not complain when glasnost is followed by perestroika .

Not Amused - 14 January 2015

Send a thief to catch a thief.

Dopori - 15 January 2015

pips - 15 January 2015

"The statement shook the local political world yesterday and prompted many serving Zanu PF bigwigs to proclaim in interviews with the Daily News that they were ready to join the disaffected members in their fight to “restore Zanu PF to its former self” and end the party's dictatorship" Baloney! Did you ask them whether they were prepared to give back the ill-gotten wealth? How many years has Zanu oppressed zimbos and where was Mujuru, Rugare and uDidimasi? Is your job Thelma, Fungi and Lloyd to ask those questions not to sensationalize a non story.

Qiniso - 15 January 2015

mutasa is just confirming the good reasons for their sacking from the party zanupf- planning to outist their elected leader.

zvorwadza - 15 January 2015

Regai Kurasika Only a Zimbabwean political party that was founded with the support of the people,whose background,leadership and principles are people oriented by promoting peace and harmony to its citizens is the party we voted for and that we will forever vote for.

tichaona hodzongi - 15 January 2015

i love that last statement

Arthur - 15 January 2015

Opposition is not weak as suggested by people playing in the ZANU PF dirty hands.And the opposition should continue with their programs regardless of ZPF infighting.A stupid man approaches a married woman for love only when she quarrels with her husband.Why should we expect the opposition to take advantage of ZANU PF's infighting?We all should know the evil practices of ZANU PF created opposition political parties.ZANU PF has always been fighting to destroy opposition parties&some pple now think that opposition is weak.That is playing ZANU PF's evil tune. We should continue applying opposition pressure till final victory.

ngendengende - 15 January 2015

We cannot hate the disgruntled former ZANU PF pple simply for their evil past.We cannot all see light on a single day.There are numerous ways of repenting. Former VP Mujuru, D Mutasa, R Gumbo etc should be forgiven.We should instead work together with them against ZANU PF,the common,undemocratic enemy. We all know who&what ZANU PF is!!

GUTSARUZHINJI - 15 January 2015

Chatsvuka chikakwata chiringazuva chamai vaya vaya kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

kkkkkkkkkkkk - 15 January 2015

Zanu PF has enjoyed a monopoly in politics for long and Mugabe alone has been doing as he likes but now he has got to taste from a cup of his stir. It is only sad that the Mutasas and the Gumbos just begun to realise who the man is after the breast had been pulled out of their mouths. All along weren't they seeing this?????????? Certainly I too believe if they fine tune their moves they can shake the elephant.

mck blended - 15 January 2015

This is the time the dictator is shown the exit door.The wind of change is blowing nonstop.

Truth - 15 January 2015


SIFASONKE - 15 January 2015


SIFASONKE - 15 January 2015

dzamutsana mutsana ...tsuro neimbwa

comrade Vadzvanyiriri imbwa - 15 January 2015

Mutasa akadhakwa dai Mujuru atsvaga mumwe munhu wekuita spokesman rugare gumbo, or anyone asiri Mutasa nekuti mutatsa akamakwa nepovo

HARARE - 15 January 2015

The prophecy has not yet been seen. Do you think it is yet to emerge?

lee - 15 January 2015

mnangagwa betrayed Rex Nhongo after they had privately agreed to revolt. dont trust that man

REX NHONGO - 15 January 2015

Interesting commedy. You just forgot to say it what you wish. At the end of the day nothing of this hype will materialize, and you will post a series of unfounded screams. End of story. Shame!!!

ADM - 15 January 2015

What matters most is the new Zimbabwe we are all yearning for. Let not our blotted past blind our hope. Any development that shall contribute to a new Zimbabwe is welcome never mind the person, his colour, or political allegiance. Time has come for the people of Zimbabwe to work together as Zimbabweans towards building pillars of democracy (if at all that's a national wish)

Phillip Kucherera - 16 January 2015

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