New war breaks out in Mugabe's Zanu PF

HARARE - The mother of all wars has now broken out in President Robert Mugabe’s sharply divided Zanu PF party, with many of its leading lights, including some liberation war pioneers, deciding that it is time to confront the nonagenarian head-on.

In an unprecedented move which is set to shake the ruling party to its core, and possibly result in the party of liberation splitting down the middle, party heavyweights led by former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, have called Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare late last year “null and void”.

They also, ominously, pooh-poohed all the party appointments and changes that were made just before, during and after the controversial congress — pitting themselves for a titanic showdown with Mugabe, his quarrelsome wife Grace and party hardliners who led the assault on former Vice President Joice Mujuru and all party officials who were perceived to be sympathetic to her.

In a statement availed to the Daily News yesterday, that was provocatively signed by Mutasa in his capacity as the ruling party’s secretary for administration, “in the broad interest of democracy and in defense of the Zanu PF founding principles”, the disaffected party members called for the nullification of the entire process of “the so-called congress”, deeming it constitutionally flawed, and agitated for the re-instatement of “the entire constitutionally-elected office bearers of the party in all structures of all wings, as at the 1st of July 2014”.

The no-holds barred statement also called for the nullification of all “purported constitutional amendments drafted and rail-roaded immediately before this so-called congress”, as well as the restoration of the “elective dignity of congress and the one-man one-vote principle as enunciated by our armed struggle and constitution”.

“The sad events of the past months reflect a deep-seated historical failure by the party leadership to correctly handle internal contradictions in the party. Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force.

“It fails to sum up its mistakes and experiences and provide durable solutions. Contradictions within the party and society as a whole are natural and expected, but these are non antagonistic and should be resolved through debate, dialogue and negotiations.

“Leaders’ energy should be channelled towards enhancing democracy, freedom and unity within the party. Constructive criticism and self-criticism are some of the positive core values of the liberation movement and should be encouraged and embraced,” the statement said.

Mutasa said he had signed the statement on behalf of “the entire membership of the party who believe in constitutional law and authority, and the principle of one-man one-vote”, as well as “all elected office bearers who have been unconstitutionally and unceremoniously removed from office without charge, all current office bearers who recognise and accept that they are unconstitutionally appointed, and all past members of Zanu PF, expelled or who dissociated with Zanu PF voluntarily in prior years due to perceived lack of democratic principles and practice in the party”.

The group said it was “determined to restore the image” of Zanu PF, adding that the statement was a follow-up to Mutasa’s letter to Sadc leaders late last year in which he also slated the party’s December congress.

“As loyal members of Zanu PF, we agree with these points (that Mutasa raised with Sadc) and further appeal to Sadc to assist in resolving this crisis created by the so-called ‘congress’ which continues to be a serious threat to the stability of Zanu PF, Zimbabwe and the region at large,” they said.

They also “categorically” refuted and dismissed all the allegations “peddled by certain counter-revolutionaries, that Amai Mujuru and others plotted to oust the First Secretary and President of Zanu PF and the Republic of Zimbabwe, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe from being President through assassination.

“Amai Mujuru and others categorically deny the allegations. The allegations are malicious and preposterous, and have no foundation whatsoever.

“It is a clear political smear campaign intended to tarnish and obliterate Amai Mujuru’s history of commitment and dedication to the liberation of this country and the betterment of the people of Zimbabwe.

“Zanu PF has never been a platform for settling personal vendettas, but a revolutionary movement with a clear mandate to foster unity, peace and development, and most importantly to champion the economic recovery of Zimbabwe. We should go back to the founding principles of the Patriotic Front.

“We refuse to allow our beloved party to be destroyed by power hungry political imposters who have abused party structures for personal gain. All provinces under the leadership of the ousted chairmen had unanimously endorsed Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe as the First Secretary and President of the Party.

“How could they rebel against a President they have endorsed? This was propaganda which was aimed at making people fear to associate with Amai Mujuru, and must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves,” the group said in their hard-hitting statement.

Zeroing in on Zanu PF’s “illegitimate congress”, they condemned the alleged disregard of Zanu PF’s constitution in the lead-up to, and during the gathering.

Irregularities at the congress included the “questionable constitutionality of the so-called” congress and unprocedural changes to the party’s constitution.

“According to the constitution, a true Zanu PF congress must be elective, providing a free and fair platform for all the party members to elect leaders of their choice without intimidation, victimisation, fear or trepidation.

“This unconstitutional meeting denied members of Zanu PF their constitutional rights through often violent intimidation and coercion and the last minute illegal amendments made to the constitution.

“The politburo and central committee meetings immediately preceding the so-called congress were shrouded in threats, fear, and total failure to express individual opinion. This unconstitutional meeting therefore denied innocent members their constitutional right to freely elect leaders of their choice,” the statement said,

And because the procedures for making changes to the party’s constitution were not followed, the changes that were made to the Zanu PF constitution in December were “a nullity”.

“We believe that if Zanu PF allows this to go unchallenged, we would be indirectly posing a threat to the National Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe. This approach to constitutionalism by a Ruling Party can pose a risk to constitutionalism at the national level,” the group said.

They also panned the ?“unlawful and irregular votes of no confidence” that had been aimed at people perceived to be associated with, or sympathetic to Mujuru.

“It must be noted that it is not a criminal offence to agree with someone’s point of view, and or to appreciate their integrity as a leader in upholding Party values and principles.

“The culling of the Provincial Chairmen and people who were elected by the majority of members in their provinces by small rented crowds of hooligans, purporting to represent the majority provincial members who had previously voted by secret ballot was and remains unconstitutional and therefore illegal,” they added.

They also bemoaned the fact that members had been robbed of their constitutional right to appeal through the party’s National Disciplinary Committee as provided for in Zanu PF’s constitution.

“The continued threats on party office bearers rendered the National Disciplinary Committee powerless, and further eroding the democratic principles and values that have been the foundation of the valiant party since its inception.

“?The ‘votes of no confidence’ were passed by people who were not in the party structures.  How could a person elected into office by thousands in the province be removed from office by a group of people who are not even provincial members?

“These ‘votes of no confidence’ were illegal, null and void. We reject the summary dismissals of people without following Zanu PF’s own constitution, and the basic rules of natural justice provided by the Zanu PF and National Constitutions, such as the right to be heard, free of bias and prejudice,” they said.

They further noted that all this had resulted in the erosion of internal party democracy.

In remarks that are set to needle Grace and raise emotions among party hardliners, the group roundly criticised “destructive pre-congress rallies”.

“The rallies leading to the so-called “6th National People’s Congress” left a trail of destruction and division in the party.

“Outside the party and the country’s constitutions and any moral tenets, Amai Grace Mugabe went around the country preaching the gospel of hate in the presence of our very impressionable youths and the traumatised impoverished population,” the statement said pointedly.

It added that “clique of evil plotters” had successfully “waylaid” Grace and Mugabe, using them as “weapons to unleash venomous and uncouth statements against anyone they perceived to be standing for the original Zanu PF values, ideals and ethos”.

“As upright cadres of the revolution, we resolutely and patiently waited for the cardinal direction of our elected First Secretary and President of Zanu PF, but his customary clear and unequivocal stance did not come until this undemocratic congress.

“In disbelief Zanu PF and the whole nation listened to their leader berating his own protégés not only in the party but in government and the august House of parliament.

“It will go down in the annals of our Zanu PF history that for the first time the elected leader alienated himself from the people by this behaviour.  Instead of mapping the road for Zimbabwe’s economic recovery and major policies uplifting our people, the congress became a farce and degenerated into a praise and worship playhouse.

“We strongly and regrettably bemoan the fact that this clique has robbed President R.G. Mugabe of his legacy as a unifier, a rational thinker and not only a national leader, but also one who inspired the region and the continent of Africa.

“After the 2014 whirlwind of legislation of mob rule, summarily expulsion of loyal members for perceived support of a sitting Vice

President and as mentioned above, departure from the undisputable tenet  of the liberation struggle – “one-man one-vote” to imposition of leaders, we now wonder how the nation, region and continent view our once revered President,” the statement said scathingly.

Given the alleged illegality of “the so-called congress”, there was “neither constitutional nor moral authority for it to form structures that can lead both the party and the government”.

Comments (59)

regai zvipedzerane isu takatarisa.hakuna chisina mugumo.chinobhururuka chinomhara.

Powderkerg - 13 January 2015

Tapinda tapinda.......... maita Nyati ! Pasi nezvipfukuto na Grace. Pasi na Gushungo ne Ngwena....... Its time for change

Zvaita - 13 January 2015

ZANU PF Renewal Team

Preston Zvauya - 13 January 2015

Seriousyly speaking, is Robert Mugabe a hero? His conduct is far worse than Bishop Abel Muzorewa to say the least.

Edzai - 13 January 2015

Mugabe is no longer a hero

CHIBWIDO - 13 January 2015

kuregedza Grace achitonga noudofo hwake kwaparira mudhara. ivo vakambodanana sei vamugabe nemukadzi anoita semwana wegrade 0??? uuummm, Ophah wakaona maweaknesses aGrace , akaona mukana wokupinda pachigaro. hameno

mufudzi - 13 January 2015

Ayishe, sakutshela ukuthi okungapheliyo kuyahlola mdala! You have made your bed of thorns, please lie on it blissfully bruu.

OkaSlwane - 13 January 2015

We all thank you Mudhidhimas Mutasa for such bravery. Its high time the old man's barbaric actions should be challenged from angles. Honestly there is nowhere we can go when the country is in the hands of a murderer Mnangagwa? Remember how he spearheaded gukurahundi, 2008 murders and the current purging of elected provincial chairpersons. Come on guys, chiri mumusoro mekadhara aka hadzisi nyanga, manhenga. Mavhaire, Gumbo, Shamhu, Khaya Moyo muripiko. Haiite, haiite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zvakwana vakomana isu kuno takakutsigirai. kana muchizvida kuzviona ngapaitwe by election paMazoe apo muone grace achiruza masikati machena kana achallenga. Mbuya nehanda huyai muone zvoite nyika.

takazvionakare - 13 January 2015

Mutasa and his group welcome to the real world. "Fantasy is over". All In One zanu pf Immune pf metal jacket is gone. Mutasa now knows about constitution and democracy. He will fool noone. "Restore the zanu pf image". Mutasa is a founding member and he created the "image" that is skinning him alive. This image has been a bad one since day one, I dont know which part he wants to restore. Even in this allaged Mutasa signed latter he is worshiping and praise singing mugabe. Wake up Mutasa " Mugabe and his wife Grace" are the real problem in this country. Stop beating about the bush like grace. It is Mugabe who overrides country's laws and everything. Direct your concerns to him and moreso you know where zanu pf headquarters is and stop using imperialist media that you hated all along. The real zanu pf battle will come when 1924 model kicks bucket. There will be no winner in that battle. Zanu pf will die a natural death, it will be by shear luck that it will be in existance by year 2030 letest. Democratic forces must begin to seal and weld its doors. Noone must come in from zanu pf including mujuru.

X-MAN IV - 13 January 2015

hatikunzwire tsitsi mutasa. tsvatu waro. wanga wakagarika zvino wapunzirwa kuruzhinji runenzara. ramba uchituka. urikuzodzingwa mu party na mugabe. saka waifunga kuti vanhu tese tirikuchema ne zanupf tino penga nhayi? tsvatu waro. didymus diesel from rocks mutasa. hapana chisinga pere. uchadya izvozvo. mapurazi achatorwa. uku urikurwara, mukadzi arikurwara, uku mugabe arikukudzinga pachigaro. nhamo dzakumomotera bhururu. ndozvionita hupenyu. kubvira 1980 pasina chawayiita uchitambira mazimari.

Der - 13 January 2015

This is taking yet another turn. The president really looks cornered because these are hard facts. I actually saw hoards of pple who were forced into Crown Plaza in preparation to the Mash East escapade which saw Kaukonde thrown out. The mob was led by the old man we ma warveterans Nyaruwata I think he is called. I even joked saying so how are these village people who are not resident there going to vote there and he shot back saying ndianiko uyu. Now they have braved to say these things I wonder how mudhara can ignore these allegations. Unless he says muZanu I am the constitution ini mbune so what! Otherwise to come clean here means he is going to have egg on his face. Its people who know him well who are at the forefront here not just ana Tsvangirai kana ana Biti ka. Saka hameno kwananga tsvimbo ne matohwe acho. Ngoma ndiyo ndiyo zvakaitika zuro zviye!!!

Bindu Mupindu - 13 January 2015

Robert Mugabe is now worse than Dr Kamuzu Banda. Mutasa is right. Mugabe has created more Zanu (PF) than reducing them. Can someone whisper to Bob that there are words in this world called 'succession' and 'retirement'. Hanzi gudo guru peta muswe kuti vadiki vakutye

James Mangwiro - 13 January 2015

Vanhu ava vaka URAYA Zimbabwe Vese hapana musvinhu weumwe.Mu Zanu hamunakana munhu asirimbabva asi daipamwe vachiti Mai Mujuru vakaba kuvakunda.Imbavha mani idzo hapana kana anofanira kumbonwirwa tsitsi ndazvibayane zvimwasungata,ndinovavenga vose kubva kuna Mugabe kusvika kubwa dzavo

Sviro Mutotesi - 13 January 2015

The most popular politician ever liked and wanted by Zimbabweans is Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. Every ZANU PF (Zero Ability No Unity Positive Failure) asl know!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chabvondoka Maitizvinosvikepi - 13 January 2015

“The sad events of the past months reflect a deep-seated historical failure by the party leadership to correctly handle internal contradictions in the party. Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force....this is not only in the party Mutasa, it is everywhere in the administratetion of the whole country!

Chimbwido - 13 January 2015

Hapana! Magwara aya. Mungadai makazviita pacongress kwete zvino.2015 tiri tese munhamo nematambudziko. Icho!

matt - 13 January 2015

kufunga kwemasupporters aMorgan kunoshamisa. Here we have someone who has chosen to challenge Mugabe and face him head-on, they don't want, they think fighting Mugabe must be the preserve of their blunt Morgan. VaMutasa thank you for choosing to take this route. you inspire the down trodden and you give the people hope. Change must come now. Viva Mutasa's bravery, viva!!!!

MDC-T Delusion - 13 January 2015

zanu chiororo muChiredzi tonginwao vanaCader vepressure group havachabvi muvakadzi vevanhu,panemapikicha avakatorwa vanemumwe mukadzi wemunhu anogara muward 4 tshovani t.ship achabudiswa muDaiynews kana iye akaramba ku apologiser mubepa rino,utotyisa kushanyirwa naye

chingwizi - 13 January 2015

Anyone would be forgiven for mistaking Mutasa's words as a cut and paste statement coming from Tsvangirai as this is exactly what he has been complaining about all along. The major problem with ZANU PF is that it is a combination of different people whose only common factor bringing them together is their penchant love of reaping where they did not sow, greed and grabbing. One group claims to have liberated us from the yoke of colonialism, another is that of the unemployed youth who have found an easy sweat free way of making a living just by being aligned to the party. There is also the other group of rasputins in which belongs the likes of Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo. Because it is now very apparent Mugabe is on his way out one way or the other, the fight is on from all these different groups to get that piece of the pie they know tastes so well. A taste of sweet wine is worse than none at all, they have been there, and they want to stay there at all costs.

Dr Know - 13 January 2015

For all his transgressions, Mutasa seems to provide his cause with very hard facts. Looks like he can easily mobilise his berated colleagues. Where in the opposition , can we have strong rallying point as well now. Someone who will present hard facts and sell to the populace. Some who can clearly spell that there is clear lack of leadership in Zim now and mobilise people

madagara kasulumane - 13 January 2015

regai nguruve izvikange nemafuta ayo

Mapombwa Kennedy - 13 January 2015

Thank you vaMutasa for realising that Robert Mugabe is not "our Jesus" as you once proclaimed. On this issue, many of us will surely be on your side and you are sure to lead a "one-ma-one-vote" petition which will easily sail through in the party. But make sure you don't split the party. mnangagwa is in fact a coward who lies low when theings get really hot, so fire fire!! When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. Victor Hugo WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO WITHDRAW OUR ALLEGIANCE UNTIL WE VOTE FOR LEADERS OF OUR CHOICE AND NOT THE PRESENT. The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting. Charles Bukowski .....WE WANT TO VOTE FIRST!!

selele - 13 January 2015

Liberation struggle 2. thru kubatana, tinowina, but its gonna be brutal. pamberi nekushinga kwenyu SaMutasa.

CHARIRA - 13 January 2015

A case of sour grapes Mutasa, nyarara zvako vanhu vanechigumbu newe

Nyamhangambiri - 13 January 2015

edzai don't compare Mugabe with Bishop muzorewa aiwa maybe with Mobutu Idi Amin and Theogpore Nguema. Leave our good bishop alone.

maita - 13 January 2015

Let the fight begin every zimbabwean is itching for it .I know ubaba Mutasa in 1993 while addressing zanu supporters in Gwanda he called for Mugabe to vamus .He was suspended from the party but bounced back later . You see Malume Nyathi I was wrong when i said you were ailing no you are not the Indian juju has worked wonders and revived you. Now we see indoda sibili kuzadabuka amabhulugwe never agree to lick that side of Mugabe again never azitshe !!!!!

Diibulaanyika - 13 January 2015

How can a person who was behind the importation of polony,chickens, fuel products killing companies through shady deals be all of a sudden be a victim. Didnt u guys want change u got it it and you cry foul. Nonsense

asi nhai - 13 January 2015

I will respect vaMutasa , and you can judge him but it takes being a real man to acknowledge your mistakes and fix them . Let's wake up and be like him and stop being arm chair critics , let's fix Zimbabwe

Sekuru Kaguvi - 13 January 2015

Of course Mutasa is right what Mugabe has done is undemocratic and therefore unacceptable and all those who were purged have cause to challenge the tyrant. What people like Mutasa must never forget is this is what Mugabe have subjected the rest of us all these 35 years. We are disappointed that people like Mutasa see all these undemocratic things now and, worse still, that they are only keen to restore their own position in the dictatorship. We want the dictatorship dismantled now; that is not negotiable!

Wilbert Mukori - 13 January 2015

Mutasa nhasi zvaradza pawaitorera vamwe vakadzi vavo marusape uchiti ndiwe mukuru weZANU PF waiti zvinosvikepi. ko vana vedu vawakakwira pamadiro tisingatauri vawakauraya vachidawo kurarama sewe. nhasi zviri kwauri utsinye hwakudzokera kana kumbonzwa zvauri kutaura. Huori hwawaiita waiti hunosvika kupi. Edro motors wakatora uchidya mari nevapfana vako. Zanu chiwororo. Pana Gono waiti what is a constitution it can be ammended to suit zvatinoda. Yakaitwa iwe usipo usanya.

Marozva - 13 January 2015

Mugabe is a Xamu/Dungwa full of amaxolo. Just like Grace who was graduated "Dr" via Professor R.G. Mugabe's private-parts under their blankets during the night. That is the Question/ Topic. Plz Discuss.

Victor Vusi Nkomo - 13 January 2015

The worst enemy of Zimbabweans is fear. At least, vaMutasa has seen the light and let all Zimbabweans free themselves from fear and reclaim their country from the dictatorship of the aging Mugabe and his flightened wife, Grace. Long live vaMutasa and liberator Tsivangirai.

Otoigo Choti - 13 January 2015

Daily News please visit Kondozi Farms near Odzi and run a story comparing the once TransZambezi farms and the now Chritopher Mushhwe and brother farns.

Kondozi v Mutasa - 13 January 2015

That is one hell of a long fawning-suicide note. The Mujuru/Mutasa faction is committing mass suicide here. The note is fawning and savaging Mugabe and ZanuPF at the same time! Will those who were fired from their party and government positions distance themselves from this long suicide note to save their skins? Will they all be fired from the party en masse? I must say this is one of the hilarious political notes I have read. “So-called 6th National People's Congress”! “…the imposition of party leadership by one person…”. “Each time the party faces challenges, it resorts to brute force”. This is coming from top top party officials savaging their OWN party which they had been praising slavishly as democratic for close to 40 years and in the case of Mutasa over 50 years. You couldn't make it up. I cannot wait for Mugabe's response.

Musona - 13 January 2015

Christpowers Maisiri!

Peter Mudzinge - 14 January 2015

yaa vaMutasa vakamboti TASA nhasi vazoti TASANU. at least makuzviona kuti vanhu takaura nechembere iyi. we thank Zvipfukuto zvakakudzingai at least murikunze kwezanu pfoo makuona reality. apa we support you. Anhu woye Inga mbavha dzinoenda for correctional services dzotozoita vanhu kwavo kupfuura vasati vamboba. apa lets support vaMutasa he went through correctional services nekudzingwa muupfu saka vavabho vakuona kuipa kweudzvanyiriri hwavaita vachinaMatibili vadzidza. ngativasupportei nekuti chatoda kuti kamunyasa Mugabe kaende nedofo rako giresi.

sokospower - 14 January 2015

It's high time, we Zimbabweans should rise up and say no to this barbaric act by Zanu PF in our beloved motherland. Surely, can Zanu PF take us anyway when they have failed us in 30 years. Mutasa and team must seriously act against Mugabe, Zanu PF now and all quit politics because they are all a bunch of failures. Please allow the young blood to take over, zimwe nyika yedu ingamukawo. Vanhu vatambura. God bless Zimbabwe.

Arnold Sululu - 14 January 2015

The authenticity of that "Press statement" is quite questionable to say the least in a country where there are factions trying to destroy one another politically; economically; socially etc etc. A merely signed piece of paper can be a fabrication to discredit Cde Mutasa - then compel the Politbro to act swifty by firing him from the party. We remain skeptical especially on such stories written by "nameless" Herald Reporters!! However; if indeed the statement came from him - Mr Mutasa; then chava Chimbwasungata!!!

Chief Justice - 14 January 2015

The authenticity of that "Press statement" is quite questionable to say the least in a country where there are factions trying to destroy one another politically; economically; socially etc etc. A merely signed piece of paper can be a fabrication to discredit Cde Mutasa - then compel the Politbro to act swifty by firing him from the party. We remain skeptical especially on such stories written by "nameless" Herald Reporters!! However; if indeed the statement came from him - Mr Mutasa; then chava Chimbwasungata!!!

Chief Justice - 14 January 2015


SEKURU KAGUVI SNR - 14 January 2015

Nguruve irikuzvikanga nemafuta ayo!

Tony - 14 January 2015

Ko Mutasa ari kuti anoda kudzokera panyanga muZanu PF saka ndiyo democracy yacho here? Saka anoda kuti tivhote kuti chii?

Wezhira - 14 January 2015

Kamudhara aka kari kuti chii chaizvo? Ini ndashaya musoro wenyaya. Hanzi tibvise mugabe here? Hanzi timudzorere paposition muZanu Pf here? Saka anoda kuti Dabengwa naMakoni vamubatsire pane izvozvo ivo vaine maParty avo? Nyaya yake ndeipi chaiyo apa? Ini hangu ndaona sekuti ave kupenga.

harare - 14 January 2015

va mutasa muchiri kurangarira pama elections a 2002 vanhu vachirohwa ve mdc ne ve bato renyu re zanu pf ramava kuendesa ku sadc, vanhu vachitiza misha kuzogara pa harvest house,panguva iyoyo tsvangirai akenda ku sadc ,mukamutuka chaizvo mu chiti arikunyepa nezvekurohwa kweva notevera mdc t .mubvunzo ndowekuti koimi moindirei ku sadc, uyezve chairman wayo ndiyani,va mutasa ,masorry sorry,maizvuzvurudza tsvangirai panguva yenyu asi iyezvino ndimi asi makuti ndinoda kuzvuzvurudzirwa mu lawn mushanje...... hapoka...... wakati vamugabe.grace ndiye avakutonga nyika inga mukuru akataura wani kuti ndaakuudzwa zvuita kana kumba chaiko samunoda kuudzwa ne swahili here? eramuna.

kumabharaima - 14 January 2015

Mutasa, Mujuru, iwewe F Kwaramba and the entire Daily News crew you really shock me to the bone. isn't it mind boggling that you are proponents of the rule of law, that you now subscribe to the "one man one vote" constitutional provision. So Mr D Mutasa you want to be appointed back to your post and you claim that you were constitutionally elected, wow, isn't that sarcastic. Where were you in 2008? Why didn't you raise all these issues in 2013 if you really had the people of Zimbabwe at heart? How many people were killed, displaced, maimed, beaten and you turned a blind eye: because you were still riding the gravy train, now that you are thrown to the dogs you claim to be morally upright and a proponent of the rule of law and the constitution. So today you are now realising that the economy is free falling and there is need to turn it around? Tell you what; you can go to hell for all we care, DAI MWARI AKUTORAI MESE ZVENYU. Don't dare waste our precious time telling us rubbish, you have been in government since 1980 and all you have done ever since is to loot and loot and loot while the masses suffer. Remind me one positive development or cause you have pursued since besides taking people's livelihoods. As for the Daily News crew stop being a mouth peace for losers, Mujuru, Mutasa and camp have been beaten at their own game, suck it and move on. Mugabe, Mujuru, Mnangagwa, Mutasa and everything ZANU PF is a liability to ZIMBABWE saka tichiti DAI MWARI AKUTORAI.

Jah Son - 14 January 2015

Lovely this war between the top fatnecks in zanu pf just hope they kill them selfs all.

jack - 14 January 2015

Jah Son, you tell them like it is. I like your spunk. Every Zimbabwean must find that spunk. RGM must GO! ZPF must go! I heard about a Zimbabwean bus going into SA recently and 2 corrupt SA police boarded that bus, demanded passports and then demanded R100 from everyone to release the bus. They got attacked and fled and the driver filed a report. The two cops were arrested. We all need to find this courage. We are zvakwana!

Righteous Justice - 14 January 2015

Mugabe created the opposition. Mutasa is simply repeating the outcry of opposition political party leaders like MT.There would never have been MDC-T if Mugabe had handled the affairs of this country democratically.Too much LOVE for power corrupted him big time.

KUPERERWA - 14 January 2015

Ve Tjolotjo Pavakadzindwa Va Mutasa makaPromotwa hamuna kuchema nhasi ndezveduvo mavakuchema Chikuriri chine chikuri chacho

madube - 14 January 2015

FUNGI KWARAMBA, Mutasa is a sour looser, why did he participate in the nomination process for the Central Committee position? ask him that, why they did not boycot the nomination process, all of them even former VP did put her name for nomination, why participate in a flowed process. had they been nominated, why they going to refuse the nominations? I wonder kkkkkkkk. Poor Didymus

Prosper Chinamhora - 14 January 2015

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