Star FM's DJ Skywalker struggling to raise his family

HARARE - The superdad status of Star FM’s “Skywalker” recent exposition has shocked the nation for a man who was so well-loved on radio.

With eight wives and almost all of them having sired children for him, Skywalker is always cheerful while working as a radio DJ, the platform he is now being accused of abusing and getting hitched with so many women.

Born Ndumiso Dube, the popular DJ has hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons after some of his “wives” decided to wash their dirty linen in public.

This has instigated serious public scrutiny and criticism of Skywalkers’ private life. If stories  being told by some of his “wives” are anything to go by, then Dube qualifies for the macho-man tag.

Indeed, he qualifies to be a “Skywalker” — through building a solid ground for a Dube dynasty.

From Chipinge to Harare, the 29-year-old has used his charm to lure impressionable girls, and even those in the Diaspora also giving all of them his seed and siring children, whom he is now struggling to raise.

At 29, he has surpassed most older men in acquiring women and children. And he seems to show no sign of retreating.

His two wives Getrude Maseko and Tendai Manyame, who exposed this superdad status, bared their souls to the Daily News on Sunday, describing Skywalker as a “serial bed-hopper” and a deadbeat father.

They explained how the Skywalker “magic” had also won the heart of a United Kingdom-based woman Mandida Mpofu — his eighth wife.

The story would be incomplete without mentioning Skywalker’s Chipinge-based wife Shylow Chabata, acquired just before the UK woman, who has her own children.

It has been brought to the attention of the Daily News on Sunday that Skywalker has also sired a child with a South Africa-based woman and another one in Harare’s Epworth suburb, while another is believed to be in Bulawayo.

Maseko told the Daily News on Sunday that she stayed with Dube for five months, after the “charming” DJ lured her through Star FM’s WhatsApp platform.

She claimed they stayed together in Waterfalls, after he told her that he was living with his brother.

He told Maseko that he could not take her to his house since there was another pregnant girl there pursuing him.

Maseko said she only came to know about Manyame after she fell pregnant for Dube. She said the affair was characterised by many physical fights emanating from Dube’s insatiable desire for women.

“This is also because he does not know how to control his manhood and does not know what a condom looks like and how to use it,” Maseko said.

Dube last week told our sister paper the Daily News, that Maseko was the one influencing Manyame, because she was desperate to have him back.

But Maseko hit back, while Manyame on the other hand said she did not harbour any ulterior motives.

“How can I be desperate to have him back when he has always been coming to my house,” Maseko said.

“Can you go to a desperate person you do not want anymore, sleep with her, go out with her, go to your workplace with her, introduce her to your other relatives and tell them how much you love her?” Maseko asked.

She said Manyame claimed their “husband” is not educated and has Star FM to thank for his fortunes.

“He doesn’t even have a Grade 7 certificate,” she claimed.

“Star FM made him what he is today and he is abusing the privilege and using his status to get away with adultery and infidelity through the WhatsApp platform where he chaffs women,” Maseko said.

His wives said the radio DJ had nothing to his name, besides the six children he sired with different women and a pregnant Mpofu.

“He drives hired cars or sometimes borrows from friends or girlfriends,” Maseko said, adding that the DJ owed several people money.

Manyame said when she fell in love with the Skywalker, he told him that he had two children, but she later discovered that he had another child.

She said that he never bought clothes for her during the time that they were staying together.

“I went back to my parents,” she said.

“I ran away from him because there was no reason to stay with him since I was being looked after by my parents,” she said, adding that at some point she was assaulted by Skywalker’s girlfriends.

While two of Skywalker’s wives attacked him left, right and centre for his carefree-life, Chabata said despite Dube’s love for several women, he was a caring husband. She said problems only arose after he secured a job with the broadcasting station. “Marika inenge yawanda,” she said, suggesting that fame is taking its toll on the otherwise humble DJ.

The Chipinge-based woman, however, said Dube always provides for his child whenever he can.

The 25-year-old woman said that each time he calls Dube pertaining to the welfare of the child, he sends money, if he has it.

But the two women told the Daily News on Sunday that the UK-based Mpofu was threatening to take the “sweet-talker” to the Diaspora. The women claimed Skywalker  had bought Mpofu an engagement ring to cement their relationship. Mpofu, in one of the WhatsApp chat with Maseko, showed her “undying love” for the DJ, expressing that she was not moved by Dube’s perceived escapades with other women.

She vowed that she was going to change him from being a “player” to a better man.Skywalker:


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baba vano vanoda kukwira ava kuita kunge ndiye ega pipe sick

big linx - 12 January 2015

To me this story is all bullshit and just looking to tarnish his image. What these ladies are doing is silly and very stupid, if he looses his job then what, maintanence yavari kuda kupiwa ichabvepi. Are they thinking abt their kids they have with him not at all! Is it the information they want to be passed to them trust me these kids will hate their mothers when they are old enough to understand life. Nomatter how bad yf father is a woman potrays a good side of him to the child. I really feel sorry for the children who are being raised by these stupid women. Ladies i think yr issues are bcoming personal rather than failing kuchengeta vana becoz if you were exchanging texts with Mandida where they warning texts or to say leave our husband? . You should have find alternative routes of solving yr issues rather than press, im sure you all got parents and relatives . this is a digrace to you all especially vakadzi avo they throw themselves on person and complain. You are boasting about him not wearing condom but still boasting sleeping with him how stupid are you? Ahhh itai mushe! Thanks Editor

Tapiwa - 12 January 2015

Leopard, changing it's spots, are you sure you can change him? we shall see... hahaha

Denford - 12 January 2015

Ndumiso lesson learnt my brother, mukadzi haisi hama yako becarefull these women can even kill, they are heartless after pretending to love you now ndivo vakutaura bad about you. Stay away from women zvinenge zvaramba zvemadzimai. Its high time you put yr life together Sky.

Aggy - 12 January 2015

There is a saying which says nobody can change a person but someone can be the reason for a person to change, you have got yr last chance now to change yr way of life and keep that lady you have engaged to if you love her.

Karen - 12 January 2015

Panyaya yenyu panetsa kuti you did not focus on yr story of struggling to raise his family, instead these stupid ladies have got their motive to tarnish this person and they are looking for something to say, can they gather all 6 ladies vane vana naye and hear their story, already one aramba and describe him as a caring father. Inini i suspect kuti vane mapersonal issues naye vari2 because zvimwe zvavanga vakutiiudza hazvina kana nebasa rese. If they hv been to school themselves what are they doing about their lives besides kuswera vachivhura makumbo and getting publicity thru someome. They should get a life mhani, they will be jumping to the next DJ. Its a pity Ndumiso you fell in the trap yemahure aya, start opening yr eyes and concentrate on yr kids nemukadzi ane hunhu hwedu hwechivanhu not vakakurira kuEpworth. Talent is like land. If they make you fall uchamuka, chero vakapisa imba but land will remain same and you will build another structure. Its not all about holding a certificate its whats in you that matters. Footballers make a fortune but most of them hold noGCSE level.

Pathi - 12 January 2015

Hapana chinomboshamisa apa, varume vese tikada kuverenga kuti vanhu vangani vavakakwira totoona kuti number yakatopfuura apa. Problem yakaitika apa ndeyekusashandisa protection chete otherwise varume mese murimbwa. Itwo tumvana twekuEpworth twuchinyanya kuda nyoro kuti inyatsobata mimba vagonzi ndakaita mwana neCeleb zvino nhasi marumwa nechekuchera makutinyaudza pano. Tibvirei apa, Sky ita mushe tokuda chigadzirisa hunhu usiyane nezvinyangiri zvekuEpworth, plus protection mukoma to avoid maDramaQueen. Kkkkkkkkkk

Ethel - 12 January 2015

Vakushaya anoisa ndosaka vakuzotsvaga sympathy, manje nezvamaita izvi kuwana kwenyu varume kuchanetsa anamai handizivi kuti mambenge mazvifunga here musati maenda kupress, nekuti 1, takutya hunhu hwenyu hwekuti tikanetsana momhanya kupress, 2. Aids, 3 simbe dzisina zvadziri kuita nehupenyu hwadzo bcoz from yr last article hapana pamakambotaura nezvemabasa enyu, most likely kuti vamwe vese vakadzi vane mabasa ndosaka vasina kuda kubatana neni bcoz they are all having a life not miserable like yours! To skywalker sort out yr life its never too late and cut down on womem all thay do is destroy.

Nelly - 12 January 2015

vakadzi ava havasi kubatwa chibharo kana kumanikidzwa ndovarikumuvhurira makumbo, the issue here is sky haachada ivo vakuramba vachida size inokwana kuti taaaaaah. Nyaya yavo haina musoro its just tarnishing and wanting to embarass otherwise what they are saying has got nothing to do with kusachengeta vana, maseko wake is even on maintanance and the rest are. Which leaves us thinking kuti asi Editor vavhurirwawo makumbo.

Cassy - 12 January 2015

Tikwanirei imi madzimai. Endai muite macrossborder semanwe madzimai hamumbowana nguva yekuita maratarata iwayo, ndumiso size inokwana, size 4. Don't let this pull you down, ndovatoratidza kuva brainless but murume chaiye havachawana who wants Drama?

Ben ben - 12 January 2015

Vazviratidza vega kuti sei akatadza kugara navo, they are useless ladies, mandida way foward asingakudire huCeleb status, ava vaingoda kuzvimisa misa mavasingakwane. I am not buying their story! Its good they are making you more famous, size inokwanaaa kuti taah size 4!

Dadi - 12 January 2015

Ko mandida kandaka kacomment kako timbonzwawo!

Skinny - 12 January 2015

Hezvo nhai madzimai mashaya zvekuita here kuzoAdvertiser AIDS dzenyu!

riri - 12 January 2015

Panyaya yese iyi i feel bad for the ladies parents, its clearly shows kuti they liked status not love, Pastor imbotangai maiita huPastor mumba musati maiita kusangano nekuti kana wenyu mwana ari hure saka vedu vanodzidzeiwo. Ndapota vanaTete nanaMai vemahure aya garai navo pasi bcoz vatozvikanganisira future yavo, muzimbabwe chaimo murume havacgawana kunze kwana Oga nanaMairo!

Kate - 12 January 2015

Ndozvinoita Kana vana vasina zvekuita chihure chinowanda.

Stan stan - 12 January 2015

katorika mweya karima aari

NDASHAMISIKA - 12 January 2015

Ndo child spacing ka iyi lol.

Mubvandiripo - 12 January 2015

Vasikana havadzidzewo, waitsvagei pamunhu ane vana vake 2 already, wega hauna kuona tsoro yako kuti ichakudyisa pamberi apo. I have no sympathy with you ladies sorry to say. You looked for it, you found it, vana vevamwe vanenge vari busy kuronga ramangwana imi muribusy kuda kutsvaga mari nembiri yakunyengwa, hezvoka maiwana maSpotlight but murume chaiye hamuchafa makawana mese, motobuda kunze muchaonekwawo nevariko but ma1 enyu!

Tererai - 12 January 2015

Kkkkkkkkkkk size inokwana kuti taaa, vasikana ndimi munoda zvinhu dzidzai kushandisa macondom, mese you are responsible mese makabvumirana kusashandisa saka chaipa chii, pamainakirana makambotiudza, zvakuvava ndopamakutinyangadza. Tibvirei zvedu nechihure chenyu, imbonorairwa nababa Pastor pamwe ungaite mushe. Ndumiso be careful now with yr life. Ladies thanks to you i think youv done more good than harm on him, now he is gonna start putting his life tog, amongst the ones you have already choose the one who loves you for who you are and can help you reform yr life. We have seen worse situations than this people reforming saka zvekuti munhu haachinje ndezvekunyepa uyo wekuchipinge uyo kana Mandida wacho and forget these pfambi mbiri idzi

Ma1 - 12 January 2015

There is always the other side of the coin! Keep well Sky everyone has got their issues in life the only thing is that kunyorwa kwedu mubepa hakuunze mari unlike you! But my advice stay away from those two ladies they are up to no good, if you think mpofu is the one and will do good for you to make you a better man like she said go on with yr plans and wed her size yakanaka!!!!!

Kiki - 12 January 2015

Kushaya hunhu, i feel sorry for the children voti kukura vasina baba, then voti kurerwa nemahure, nemastupid mothers!

Sisy gire - 12 January 2015

Kkkkkkkk madzimai ayo akumhanya nebhora team yakabaiwa. Ko nhai Tendai & maseko pazvainaka musingaprotecti hamuna kutiudza wani, why telling us now, becoz size haichakwane pwaaaaaaah! Ndumiso that's the begining of yr life now.

Dembare - 12 January 2015

Pfambi idzi chokwadi hadzidi vana vadzo, they are tarnishing image yababa vevana vavo what are they gonna think about their mothers one day when they are reading all this crap their mothers are writing. Vana vaita bad luck ava baba benzi, mai mahure, skywalker put yr life back in track, at least iwe unaye achiri kukuda nezvese izvi. Mandida auya good time wakureforma, neuyu anzi chipinge uyu ndovakadzi vanomira newe. Avo i dont think they will ever get varume maybe akadzokera kuchurch kwababa zvavari Pastor vachamuwanira murume, but maseko anenge achingokwirwa asina protection kusvika zvanaka but kuiswa mumba ndaramba!

Karren - 12 January 2015

Skywalker my bro sort yr life, size inokwana kuti taaaah!

Nelly - 12 January 2015

Ladies kana mafunga chihure pfekai maCondoms pliz. Ndumiso handifungi kuti maCondoms anonyanyodhura! Ndatenda

Julie - 12 January 2015

Skywalker unetalent chidzikama, and start looking after yr kids with a more serious woman. Its never too late! We dont know what was going on in yr life but change yr life style it doesn't take you anywhere besides problems.

Jojo - 12 January 2015

Ndumiso ngaatipewo side rake these 2 ladies are just there to tarnish his image, if everyone wasn't happy all women would have come together vachitaura kuti he is failing but ava 2 vane mapersonal naye ngavataure nyaya yavo zvakanaka. Personally ndaona as if they did not sit down and think about the implications of this whole drama. Maseko is even getting maintanance of her child, so where is her issue? Dai vasina kuzvidzikisira vatsvaga varume vakanyarara, these days men are not bothered about someone with a child.

Ska - 12 January 2015

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