Is Chinotimba serious?

EDITOR — I refer to the story “Chinotimba invades 300ha farm”. And so this is the wise, caring, humorous MP and the one who won some “human rights” award?

Truly, I am gobsmacked at this nation’s stupidity. Zimbabwe is never going to go forward, only backwards.

Although late in the day, we thought that Lands minister Douglas Mombeshora’s change in land policy direction was at least a step in the right direction.

I read somewhere recently that the ruling party had accepted that there were errors in the whole land debacle and that they admitted it had been wrong in at least three areas.

They admitted that they should never have taken land from the black Zimbabwean farmer; they admitted they had erred in not compensating the commercial farmer for his fixed and movable assets and they admitted that they should have paid compensation to land held and farmed by foreign countries under bilateral agreements.

Any person’s admission of a fault or wrongdoing is a very positive thing.

Always, just when there is a glimmer of hope, someone in Zanu PF comes forward to kill the light.

We can kiss our foreign direct investment and future goodbye. What sort of country has Zimbabwe become? Zanu PF are bringing themselves down.

Although it is extremely painful for an entire nation, we can be assured that the Lord will not put up with this wilful oppression and sin forever.

May God have mercy on us and may He raise up a man to lead this nation: a man after His own heart.



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The story of Zimbabwe is sad on many levels. The unfortunate thing is we turn trivialise things in Zimbabwe even matters as serious as a road leading certain "Failed State" status soon. We have and continue to see total disregard for the rule of law and selective prosecution, victimization of perceived and real political opponents, systematic destruction of the social fabric, economic pillars and so on. The ruling elite are only concerned about lining their pockets, their cronies' and their children's. We have a nation with no running water, barely functional electricity system, roads that are so old and dangerous, and yet the government continues to blame the West for imagined sanctions which the majority of Zimbabweans have bought. I am sure one of the problems if not the biggest is our lack of spine. We are too risk averse in Zimbabwe, too docile and too conforming. We are the only country in the region to have so much done to us we keep turning the other cheek hoping that things will one day be better. Honest to goodness, we give people like Chinotimba farms, and make him a lawmaker. A self styled killer and destroyer of what others worked so hard to build. The irony of such corruption is whatever you did not work for does not last. That is why Mugabe and his people have never been able to build anything. They inherited a sewer system, road network and electricity systems that was working but never serviced it, never repaired it and now its all gone. Our Nation is a laughing stork today but worse its destined to be a failed state tomorrow and we need to wake up to that reality.

tino - 11 January 2015

At once I was proud to be a Zimbabwean,now with this devilish behavior of destroying anything that appears good or what someone else has worked for is disgusting.Those people are demon possessed as they have no regard of anyone else, and their thinking that they fought for this country.Their sins can only be handled spiritually and we pray that they rot in hell and their spirits are tormented each second.

Mike - 12 January 2015

Depressing..... makes me wanna cry..... Cry my beloved country...

Den - 17 February 2015

if Chinos did that he must be arrested ,plz.Farm invasions are gone now.economy need to be grown n cant hapen when we stil invading land.Anyone wth an offer letter signed this year must be arrested plus the signing crook.VP Mnangagwa said its over ,its tyme to plough yo own crops ,not to invade other peoples crops.This fellow comes from the so calld G40 and thats how they want to get rich.Since the day he attended that Mazowe meeting ,he has been looking for a farm to invade,.he got somebordy s blessing on that,but our economy wont grow with zealots like chinotimba ,who hope from farm to farm ,looking for loot.Arrest this fellow.he is a disgrace to warvets n he is not even 1.

viola gwena - 1 December 2015

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