Chinotimba invades 300ha farm

HARARE - Self-styled war veteran and Buhera South Zanu PF MP Joseph Chinotimba and his son Edwin have taken over a 300-hectare macadamia-producing farm in Chipinge.

The farm, owned by former mining executive Collen Gura, was acquired in 2005 from Vince Cugnet.

It currently has 60 hectares under macadamia nuts, 10 hectares under avocado pears and also has a 100-hectare nursery with over 31 000 plants.

Gura stands accused of fronting for the previous owner despite having provided title deeds and an agreement of sale showing his purchase of the property.

The purchase was handled through a local bank.

Onai Sithole, the acting Chipinge district lands officer, ordered Gura to vacate the farm within 45 days, in a December 11, 2014 letter, to make way for Chinotimba.

The eviction violated the stipulated three months’ notice period.

“This letter serves to notify you, Collen Gura, to vacate remainder of Strepie of Hofstede, Chipinge district as you do not have lawful authority from government to occupy the farm,” read the letter.

“In terms of the Gazetted Land (Consequential Provisions) Act, it is a criminal offence for one to occupy gazetted land without an offer letter, resettlement lease, or land permit from the ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement.

“You are therefore directed to vacate the farm within the next 45 days as you do not have an offer letter, lease or permit from the acquiring authority to occupy remainder of Strepie of Hofstede commonly known as Chihosa Chipinge district.”

The invasion coincides with the harvesting of macadamia nuts, due in two months’ time.

“Mdara (Gura) invested a lot of money on this farm since 2011 when he planted 100 hectares of nursery trees and he also bought machines in preparation for the export of the macadamia nuts to South Africa,” said a worker at the farm who preferred anonymity fearing victimisation.

“Now that the nuts are ready for harvest, we now have this taking place.”

Gura, who retired from Metallon in 2011 to take up full time farming, referred all questions to the ministry of Lands.

Chinotimba, who was allocated a farm in Concession at the height of the land reform programme, defended the takeover.

“Edwin is a grown-up man and there is nothing wrong with him having been allocated the farm,” he told the Daily News.

“After all, his father is a war veteran who fought for this country. What’s so special about that?

“I was present when he went to claim his farm and right now as we speak, I am on my way there, what’s wrong with that?”

When quizzed on reports that  he planned to exchange his Concession Farm with his son, Chinotimba arrogantly said whatever arrangement he entered with his son over the property was his business.

“If I am going to exchange farms with Edwin, it is our business and has nothing to do with anyone,” he said.

Mandi Chimene, the Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister,  declined to comment.

“I do not speak to the Daily News and have nothing to say to you,” she said.

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Chinotimba,Human Rights Guru?????

Guranyanga - 8 January 2015

Goodbye FDI. Goodbye Zimbabwe. Further down the sewer we go

Righteos Justice - 8 January 2015

This country is run bt cats and dogs, nemadhoti azvo. This is so rubbish mhani. Now they take farms from fellow blacks? where is the excuse about varungu vane land yakawanda? KUKARA CHETE UKU. TOZVITORA IZVI WITHIN NEXT 8 MONTHS. MAKAJAIDZWA NAMATIBILI MHONDI TOO MUCH!

Donato - 8 January 2015

A lot of eggs have been smeared on the faces of these bogus human rights groups who chose to honor thugs like Chinotimba.Zimbabweans need to be serious in order to be taken serious by the outside world and those who honored Chinotimba must reverse that honor a,s,p . Further more changing farms like under pants is not producing food for the nation . Investigate this idiot . find out how has he faired at his other many farms dotted in Mash .

Diibulaanyika - 8 January 2015

When this was done to whites we cheered now its now a brother to a brother. This has to stop and we need to share this Zimbabwe. Common people have a right to land.

Simon Kanyenze - 8 January 2015

Kkkkkkkkk. Makes me laugh but this is no laughing matter. Sorry Zimbabwe!

Kunda Kinde - 8 January 2015

chinoz wakurashika manje

dzungu - 8 January 2015

Ayiwa chimboitai anachinos inguva yenyu yedu ichasvika muchaitiza Zimbabwe yacho coz hatikuregedzei mese henyu naana gire venyu

maiwe zimbabwe yacho - 8 January 2015

all 300 hectares shuwa here. Ini I only need 60 hectares to farm asi tinonyimwa.

Telescope - 8 January 2015

The previous and the present constitution never said a white zimbabwean was not zimbabwean and had no right of owning land .The whole thing was a political gimmick after the birth of the MDC . Political gimmicks never last they are like chewing gums .The whole thing is a big yawn and none of those who say they need land know what that main or have slight idea about farming . Dander heads take time to see political gimmicks . Meanwhile NO FARMER NO FOOD . Suffer continue.

Diibulaanyika - 8 January 2015

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CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 8 January 2015

The problem with ZANU is that they are so used to failure, when they see success it doesn't go down well with them. Mutumwa Mawere and Shabanie mines is another example. Here is one shining example of a successful farmer whose hard work should be upheld and shown off as a success story. Not with ZANU PF, they are falling for that stereotyping that behind every black man's successful story, there has to be a white man behind , which is very unfortunate. And all this being pushed by somebody who only recently scooped a human rights award. That should say something about our human rights in this country and that something isn't pretty..

Dr Know - 8 January 2015

You cant even make it up even if you tried. "After all, his father is a war veteran who fought for this country. What's so special about that?" this fraudster is not even a war veteran. Multiple farms via the back door. Rot starts from the top. Bob has a farm, Grace has one and their 4 kids each have a farm & probably the son-inlaw and daughter in-law will also get a farm each. This Edwin fellow should have waited to get his inheritence from his father not from Mr Collen Gura.

Galore 123 - 8 January 2015

Sorry Mr Gura join the club of disgruntled former farmers...white, black, yellow, pink and blue farmers. These ZANU thugs invaded farms and took all the heifers, all the milk cows, all the gum trees, maize, irrigation pipes, tractors, implements, scrap metal, nuts, farm houses and so on and so talk of liberating Zimbabwe!!!

Garikayi - 8 January 2015

Who is going to compensate Gura. Go to Gejo RaRubi a well managed farm with good school now we hear Biggie Matiza (a failure if the roads in Murehwa are a testimony of this MP) want to have it taken away. So the word success to zanupf means treason and must be dealt with severely.

maita - 8 January 2015

Who can forget Chinotimba with his grass made hat in the early 2000.. .. Human rights award. The right to steal, the right to kill. The end is near Chinos save your loot...

X-MAN IV - 8 January 2015

Who ever removed one tooth from Chinotimba did a shoddy job he should have destroyed the whole front line , bastard .

Diibulaanyika - 9 January 2015

I land suppossed to be allocated to war veterants only? are they the only rightful citizents of this country? The President must take time to explain these things, it's getting too evil, Chinotimba is going too far. Buhera hakuchina nzvimbo here????

Colo - 9 January 2015

Hailing or rewarding the illiterate idiot Joseph Chinotimba illustrates just how sick and mentally polluted Zimbabwe has incrementally become. Zimbabwe is now well past rehabilitation. Their fellow ANC buffoons in South Africa are on autopilot to emulate the lunacy of their Zanu pf heroes / role models, fellow mental paraplegics, kleptomaniacs and sociopaths. It is only the PC deadbeats in the west endowed with advanced liberal brain disease that afflicts the likes of ambassadors Aldo Dell'Ariccia, Deborah Bronnert, Catriona Laing, Carl Skau and Philippe Van Damme that are deluded to believe that Zimbabwe is redeemable. Additionally some European “luminaries” appear to have been liberated from the realities of the basket case states in Africa. Included with this form of selective dementia are:- High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini; Former EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton; Donald Tusk; Gera Sneller- Dutch Ambassador to Zimbabwe; Lars Ronnås - Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe; Erik Brogger Rasmussen - Danish ambassador to Zimbabwe

Prophet Profit - 9 January 2015

Please,JOSEPH CHINOTIMBA is NOT a war vet.He is only exploiting ZANU PF's blind corruption&politics of patronage. Be a good political boot licker to the leadership & all will be fine.

NDANGARIRO - 9 January 2015

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Rodney - 9 January 2015

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teevic - 9 January 2015

My beloved country cries everyday, Eishh

Denford - 9 January 2015

"Chinoz wakurashika manje" by Dzangu Kkkkkk Dzangu are you serious that you are just realising kurashika kwaChinoz. Akarashika kubva late 1985 pamwe nevamwe vake veZanuPF anaMugabe and other little minded people when they started looting Zimbabwe and consolidating their regime

PasinaMugabe - 9 January 2015

Bathi isilwane singalamba Sidla Labantwabaso, Okungapheliyo kuyahlola,

Mfana Ka Sobhuku - 14 January 2015

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