Mutasa back, 'raring to go'

HARARE - Former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa (pictured) has returned home from India and is expected to join a team of disaffected party cadres who are set to challenge the outcome of the party’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare last year.

Sources close to the Makoni North legislator told the Daily News yesterday that Mutasa was currently recuperating at his home in Rusape after he and his wife underwent treatment, first in South Africa and then in India late last year.

“Yes, Nyathi is back and is resting. Soon he is going to issue a statement around the sham congress and also announce the progress made in engaging regional partners to censure the party,” one of the sources said.

While efforts to speak to Mutasa yesterday did not bear fruit, his close associates said he returned home on Saturday, together with his wife.

Mutasa has mockingly referred to Zanu PF’s congress as “a non-event” and his return home is likely to ignite a showdown between him and party hardliners — with many of them already baying for his blood.

And with Mutasa and other disgruntled former party heavyweights refusing to accept their brutal purge — Zimbabwe could soon find itself back on Sadc’s political agenda after the fearless former close confidant of Mugabe wrote a hard-hitting letter to regional leaders imploring them to intervene in the country’s deepening political crisis spawned by the ruling party’s ruthless and sometimes violent infighting.

In his blunt letter to Sadc late last year — which was ironically addressed to Mugabe and copied to all regional heads of state — Mutasa described the political environment prevailing in the country as “critical” and said pointedly that Zanu PF’s December congress was “a farce”.

The letter also showed that far from ending Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession wars, as party leaders had hoped, the congress may have in fact once again internationalised Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

Until his ouster, Mutasa was regarded both as a close aide of Mugabe and also a key advisor to Mujuru, who was until recently touted as the most likely successor to the country’s long-ruling nonagenarian.

In the letter, Mutasa said Zimbabwe was presently trapped in a critical time that required the intervention of the regional body.

“After a number of weeks of what might be regarded as ‘political squabbling’ in the Republic of Zimbabwe, events have taken a much more severe turn. We refuse to simply stand by and watch as constitutional democracy and due process are tossed aside for political expediency.

“Even the most impartial observer could not fail to regard the recent Congress of the governing party, Zanu PF, as a farce.

“In the days leading up to the congress,

significant changes to the electoral process of the party leadership were introduced, with limited consultation.

“These changes were part of a wider campaign to discredit and then force out a number of good men and women, comrades who have served their country and party with loyalty, under the distinguished leadership of His Excellency, President R.G Mugabe.

“To suggest that (former) Vice President (Joice) Mujuru, ministers serving in the government and other party members are somehow plotting to oust our President from office, as has been relentlessly and recklessly reported and repeated in recent weeks, is ridiculous.

“Further, it is offensive to insinuate that those who put their lives and families at risk to fight for a free and fair Zimbabwe would now somehow put themselves before their country. Such actions are outrageous to those of us represented by this letter.

“Unfortunately, recent weeks have demonstrated that the same cannot be said of others in Zanu PF. They are the ones putting their own careers ahead of democracy, due process and the stability of the country, destroying as it were, the party from within.

“As the governing party of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF has a responsibility to hold itself to the highest standards of transparency and integrity.

The decisions the party takes ultimately have implications for millions of Zimbabweans.

“Therefore we would like to stress to the Sadc Community that those for whom this letter speaks denounce the flagrant abuse of party procedure and the subversion of due process as a means of exercising personal political ambition and score-settling.

“Given its constitutional implications, we are appealing to the Sadc Community to provide oversight in this on-going dispute. It despairs us to say that we have completely lost confidence in our party, government and legislature to deliver proper justice,” Mutasa’s letter said.

Specifically, Mutasa added in his letter, he and other ousted officials wanted Sadc to be aware of their position on a number of matters.

“We refuse to be expelled from Zanu PF. We have sacrificed too much over five decades, to be forced out on the basis of completely fabricated allegations.

“We demand the restoration of the principle of “one man, one vote” to the constitution of Zanu PF. The recent amendments adopted at the 6th congress surrender all votes to the President. It is a violation of the supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe and therefore invalidates all binding decisions taken at the 6th congress.

“By implication, we demand that the Party immediately re-establish the exact constitutional, operational and procedural principles extant before the 6th congress.

“We require impartial oversight by the (Sadc) Community, or another appropriate body, to ensure the peaceful resolution of this matter.

“Most importantly, we would like the Community and others to be aware that we do not endorse violence or intimidation of any sort in the name of our cause to restore constitutional order to Zimbabwe. We fought in the liberation struggle so we would never have to fight again,” Mutasa’s letter added.

Before this letter to Sadc, it had been reported that Mutasa had attempted to engage Zuma to intervene once again in Zimbabwe’s deepening political crisis.

Mujuru, Mutasa and other senior officials were removed from their party positions and subsequently sacked from government after they were accused of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe, among a litany of other damaging but untested allegations.


Comments (53)

nyaya iyi imbishi. isu tiri kufunga kuti tochi enderera mberi congress zvayaka pera so that people can now move forward but alas, vakuru varikuti kwete. some of us are now confused.

taurai - 7 January 2015

Which SADC is MUTASA appealling to ? has he forgotten that SADC is a dinning club, no serious bzness takes place therein.

asi chii - 7 January 2015

oooooooooh ! it happens mazvionaka vaMutasa however ana Tsvangirai maivati vanopenga kkkkkkkkkkkk. just form your own party sir

me - 7 January 2015

“Fought for a free and fair Zimbabwe” - absolute tosh. Ian Smith's Rhodesia was the freest and fairest you will ever get. Mutasa is talking nonsense. People in Zanu and Zapu were fighting for political power for themselves. To say they were fighting for s free and fair Zimbabwe is nonsense. What is happening now shows there is no freedom or fairness. Mutasa is a fool. In Ian Smith's Rhodesia black were richer and freer than at present. I will take on anyone who says otherwise.

Musona - 7 January 2015

Ko Dailynews, the only new thing here is that Mutasa is back in Zimbabwe. The rest eissh things are tight in this country neh, including newspapers cant find fresh stories. Repeats, and sucking our money such rubbish. What kind?

UNCLE REAL - 7 January 2015

@Musona. You always amaze me. You defend Rhodesia as if it was your heaven on earth. You are a case of “throwing out dirty water together with the child”. Yes Zanu is dirty. Yes they are clueless and in hind-sight, I'm sure Zimbabweans could have voted differently. But you forget that Smith was building Rhodesia for his people. Black doctors, teachers, nurses etc. were there to sustain his labour reservoir and not human beings that we are. In Rhodesia blacks were at the periphery of everything and contrary to those days, today, more blacks have a better standard of living than black Rhodesians of those days. We are not where we thought we would after 34 years of black rule. But that doesn't mean that Smith's direction was the best for blacks. Why do I think that you are just a in denial for argument's sake?

selele - 7 January 2015

“Yes, Nyathi is back and is resting. Soon he is going to issue a statement around the sham congress and also announce the progress made in engaging regional partners to censure the party,” one of the sources said. This is comedy...Diesel fom the Rock Mutasa has no power base so what "regional partners" will give him a sympathetic ear? He should just hope that he can keep his loot, otherwise he is finished.

Galore 123 - 7 January 2015

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Rodney - 7 January 2015

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Rodney - 7 January 2015

I kind of feel sorry for this fossil called Mutasa who had to be hospitalised together with his wife over trauma. However when it comes to getting any help from that toothless bulldog SADC, Tsvangirai and people like me would tell him not to waste his time. The whole world saw everything wrong about the Apartheid system in South Africa and Rhodesia and yet till this day we have some people who are trying to convince us that it was the best thing that ever happened to black people. Yes the economy was good then in Rhodesia, but just like today, the system of governance was anything but. It was cruel. South Africa is a rainbow nation now, anyone regardless of their race or ethnicity can be anything they dream of, as long as they are willing to work hard. That, in my book is good.

Dr Know - 7 January 2015

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CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 7 January 2015

Didymus Mutasa is a certifiable psychopath.----- He is also a liar and a thief.----- i.e. he is a typical Zanu pf kleptomaniac.------ He will soon be rotting and maggot ridden 6 foot under – and not in heroes acre. Good riddance.------ Like his other fellow goons, he cannot take any of his loot with him.------

Rezza Hossanie - 7 January 2015

Mutasa should admit that despite being in control of the security apparatus he was taken by surprise. the blitzkrieg on zpf people was planned and executed and Mutasa did not even know about it. Mujuru should just keep quite and continue to beg for mercy from r. g. Mugabe the master of everything. Vanoti zvirinyorwe kuappear in court. besides she maybe detained in cells as her case proceeds. Inonzi zpf. Mujuru be warned that they may just detain you to allow the police to investigate you. kkkkkkkk

gwabu - 7 January 2015

Will never sympathize with Mutasa coz is an idiot as well. ZPF shld make that stove hotter & see if u can sit on it. Ana Mutasa, ikozvino mazoti tasa zvino!

Musoja - 7 January 2015

Mutasa " raring to go". Where can he go? to SADC? maybe into the grave. Mutasa has reached retirement age and is of no use in this morden world. Security minister kubatwa ne "honey trap" hanzi he will be shot. Mutasa and others created this zanu pf and monster mugabe. He must feel what democratic people are fighting. Enyoy the fruits of liberation mutasa. Welcome to the real world fantasy is over!!

X-MAN IV - 7 January 2015

Zim put back on the SADC agenda just because a political party has fired one of its on? Dailynews can youfor once give us real news not this shit.

Ndugu - 7 January 2015

Zim put back on the SADC agenda just because a political party has fired one of its on? Dailynews can youfor once give us real news not this shit.

Ndugu - 7 January 2015

All what you have said baba Mutasa in your letter to sadc is exactly what Morgan and company had been telling SADC about what zanu was busy doing here but bcoz you were still enjoying the wealthy you said Morgan was being sent by whites . because baba Mudidimus you are a dander head you take time to understand things until you are directly affected it is now too late Ngwena or Mutale muchiTonga is on top and he will need a lot of beating to subdue him which you clearly lack as you and your wife are ailing and frail but anywhere zviroziyedza you never know but chances of you making it are remote .Shame mani malumami sorry malume neh.

Diibulaanyika - 7 January 2015

Vana Mutasa,mazvionaka zvamaisiti Tsvangirai anopenga! Chititaurirai kuti maiba maelections seyi.Motiudza futi kuti kana muchiti mavakuda free and fair votes,murikureva kupart yenyu chete here kana kuti muZimbabwe yose?Dai makabvuma maresults a2008 mungadai iyezvino muri parinani.Sakamuchaona moto.Ko nhai vaMutasa kana mava munhu aripachokwadi chitiudzai kuti ndiyani ane mandate yekutonga Mugabe wenyu na Tsvangirai ,pamwe tingangoti mavakuona manje,kwete kuuraya kwamakaita vaya vamakati imba yakatsva nefertilizer

kabila - 7 January 2015

@selele or taurai or your other silly names - Everyone has a right to be stupid but some people just abuse this right like you. You have been brainwashed. Regurgitating nonsense to say “Smith was building Rhodesia for his people”. Blacks have a better standard of living today!!!! Very stupid. HOW CAN BLACKS ENJOY A HIGHER STANDARD IN A FAILED STATE? If you are not aware Zimbabwe is a failed state. Rhodesia was the SECOND most prosperous economy in Africa. I will give you names which were famous multimillionaires in Rhodesia. George Tavengwa had 9 large commercial farms. John Ruredzo employed white and mixed race diesel mechanics to fix his buses. What periphery are you on about? Honor Mkushi was a company director in a whites' company in Rhodesia, Solomon Tavengwa was a company director in Rhodesia. Douglas Chingoka was a Police Sub-Inspector. George Kahari was a lecturer at the University of Rhodesia. Are you sure you know the meaning of “periphery”? Whether black doctors and nurses were there to sustain labour does not matter because THEY GOT PAID ON TIME for doing so but nowadays they will be lucky to get paid at all. Godfrey Chidyausiku was an Member of Parliament for Harare in Rhodesia. Those blacks who were on the periphery chose to do so while the clever ones like George Tavengwa were making millions. In Rhodesia blacks were exempt from paying income tax and black businesses were exempt from paying corporation taxes but now they are compelled to pay these taxes by ZanuPF. There were no tollgates in Rhodesia but in Zimbabwe people are taxed to death by ZanuPF. Blacks in Rhodesia had the highest standard of living in the whole of Africa. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. You state the same lies every week. Idiot.

Musona - 7 January 2015

One sentence should read, "Honor Mkushi was a company director in a number of whites' companies in Rhodesia - the same with Solomon Tavengwa was a company director of some whites' companies in Rhodesia".

Musona - 7 January 2015

@selele or taurai or whatever - you should even have the cheek to be talking of any “standard of living”. Before whites came in 1890 blacks used to live worse than they live in the Reserves today. There was nothing, no electricity, no roads, no cars, no industries, no schools, no hospitals,…the list is endless. People were in the pre-Iron Age before 1890 living in the same round mud huts (rondavels) you still see in the Reserves. You should be thanking whites for colonising this part of the land not moaning for better facilities or jobs. The whites turned a jungle into towns with industries. You cannot look a gift horse in the mouth. You should be counting yourselves lucky the whites came to this land otherwise you would be hunting and gathering berries for a living. You suffer from cognitive dissonance. I have just given you the cognitive therapy. One minute you say you do not like colonialism and the next minute you are complaining about same facilities as the colonialists - you have to make up your mind what exactly you want. Nothing was/is for free by the way. You seem to think it was the whites' duty to do everything for you while you sat on your backside doing nothing. Were it not for the whites there would be no standard of living to talk about. Whites did not come all the way from Britain to indulge black people. It is not as if they had run out of things to do and decided to come and indulge the black people here. What was stopping blacks building their own schools or hospitals or factories? Brainless.

Musona - 8 January 2015

Region and Party politics where is the link. Solutions should show seriousness. Country is Sovereign.

liberty shungu - 8 January 2015

@ Musona.It is not the turning of jungles into towns that raise people's standards of living, or living in apartments. For your own information , did you know that the hunter-gatherers in the jungles of Peru are some of the happiest people right now in the world? Smith's regime and Mugabe's are two sides of the same coin, they are both racist and evil. Yes the economy was good in the Rhodesian days, it still has the potential to be even better if we get forward thinking leaders like Makoni or Tsvangirai who already have a good track record both internationally and locally. Such hero worshipping and boot licking is dangerous.

Dr Know - 8 January 2015

Raring to go where?

Kuda Muchena - 8 January 2015

@ Musona. I surrender with you. Words fail me.

Kuda Muchena - 8 January 2015

Musona Ngaende ku England

kunta kinte - 8 January 2015

Mutasa and partners are right to be complaining of the deliberate abuse of the ZANU PF constitution by the Mugabes in order to intrench their power and protect ill gotten wealth. Farms, houses, money, company shares and jewelery including crimes aganist human and stolen elections. However its sad that Mutasa and company should have realised this long time ago before Mugabes are too big and while there were other level headed fearless caders like Hamadziripi Machingura. Tongogara, Morris Nyagumbo, Ushewekunze, Tekere, Enos Nkala, Mhanda, Solomon Mujuru, Joshua Nkomo, Lookout Masuka and all the fallen heroes. They would have teamed up and dealth with Mugabe then. Now to speak amongst the cowards like Mnangagwa, Chombo, Sekeramai, Chiwenga, Bonyongo, Chihuri, Gumbo and partners is useless. The possible solution is to risk it all, join the MDC T. Devulge how the 2002 elections to present were stolen by ZANU PF. Present all these and other henious crime of ZANU PF including Gukurahwindi, Murambatsvina and the murders committed from 2002-2013 at least. Galvenise support including children, cats and dogs and match towards Borrowdale Mansion and destroy it and call upon the citizen for mod justice on all the ZANU PF stoogies.

ananian - 8 January 2015

ko ini ndapinda papi panyaya ya musona na selele. sorry maningi dad. endai pa london. zim yakurambai

taurai - 8 January 2015

Mutasa ane nyaya yakanaka. If he refuses to be expelled from Zanu PF because the congress was a sham,him,Mujuru,Rugare Gumbo,Kaukonde and others become ZanuPF Renewal,the booted ministers and Mujuru members of parliament can not be recalled before the whole congress process goes through the courts,by then 2018 is here and we have a Zimbabwe Orange Movement comprising of all opposition parties.Viva Mutasa.

Kufandada - 8 January 2015

@Dr Know nothing or selele or taurai - what point are you trying to put across you stupid fool? There was no racism in Rhodesia. You are showing your ignorance. Smith did not choose jobs for blacks. If you sat on your backside the world would pass you by. You are brainwashed moron. IAN SMITH WAS A CLASS ACT.

Musona - 8 January 2015

chakabaya chika tyokera. mabook e colonialism akanyorwa nevarungu akakuvadza baba ava. nobody is siding with the failures of the current government in this particular issue. its just that some are saying hatinga pisi imba nekuti maita tsikidzi. we have to look for ways of solving problem ye tsikidzi in an appropriate manner. we can not give back this country to londoners whatvever our shortcomings are. i personaly hope that one day a zimbabwean will lead this country properly. whether it is mnangagwa, mujuru, makoni or tsvangirai i wouldn't mind.

taurai - 8 January 2015

@kunta kinte or taurai or Dr Know or kuda muchena - idiot. You can use as many names as you want you are still an idiot. You should tell your mother to go to England.

Musona - 8 January 2015

nyaya yenyu ndainzwa vakuru vangu. sorry tatadza kuwirirana panyaya iyi. lets agree to disagree amicably. no need to scold one another. imi hingirandi ini harare zimbabwe. pakadii apo!

taurai - 8 January 2015

Tripple 'D'.Diesel, DCC, now Demotion. What a shame!

Shame - 8 January 2015

@taurai or kunta kinte or kuda muchena or Dr Know - stupid idiot. Employed by Daily News to write nonsense because Daily News is scared of ZanuPF. You are doing a disservice misinforming to the public. Moron.

Musona - 8 January 2015

@ Musona.There is a reason why God created us with eyes on the front part of the head and not the back. You, just like ZANU keep taking us back to the days of old, we don't want to be stuck in the past like you and your dirty vitriol you keep spewing. You and that late VP Msika are just the same, you find it so easy to spew dirty unprintable words. For an old man such as yourself, it's disgusting!!

Dr Know - 8 January 2015

@dr Know or taurai or kunta kinte - stupid bastard, son of a trollop. The back you are talking about is your mother's back you idiot. You can see this is printable what is not printable is your mother's fat bottom. Idiot.

Musona - 8 January 2015

kwaari smith is forward thinking any black person, him included is backward thinking. chakabaya chika tyokera. akakuvadzwa nemabhuku e colonialism. the problem is mabook acho akanyorwa nevarungu so that they could exploit us. it sounds quite demanding to knock sense into his head. vamwe nanoti 'he who does not know, does not know that he does not know'. this man does not know that he was colonised to the core.

taurai - 8 January 2015

Guys leave the Rhodesian Selous Scout Musona alone. He has valid points about the failures of Zanu Pf

Referee - 8 January 2015

@Referee or taurai or Dr Know - stupid bastard. Son of a trollop. Two of your mother's boyfriends were in the Selous Scouts.

Musona - 8 January 2015

........but if this MUSONA SELOUS SCOUT IS WHITE, I SALUTE HIM BECAUSE HE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO DEFEND HIS OWN, unlike our own leaders who are butchering us and as a result giving very good excusses to the likes of Musona to criticize EVERYTHING that is black. Musona keep it up, maybe one day we might wake up and change.

Referee - 8 January 2015

If you were not colonised why are you using the colonialists' language and the colonialists' computer you stupid son of a trollop? 99.99% of your habits and things you use were brought by the colonialists you ignorant bastard. I am very very colonised - you show me a black person who is walking around in nhembe then I will show you an uncolonised person. Cretin

Musona - 8 January 2015

@Referee or taurai or Dr Know - two of your mother's boyfriends including the one with the surname you are using were in the Selous Scouts. Moron

Musona - 8 January 2015

--well said Musona, togather with my mother's two boyfiends you were in the Selous Scouts murdering and raping innocent women just like what your zanu Pf brothers are doing up to this day-disguised !!!

Referee - 8 January 2015

@taurai or Dr Know or Referee - You should be grateful that whites brought the lavatory to Africa. Black people were/and are still defecating in the bush and using hands to wipe their bottoms and go on to cook meals for families. That is why I defend colonialism because they brought the LAVATORY.

Musona - 8 January 2015

@Referee or taurai or Dr Know - you are a product of the Selous Scouts. At least you have a surname. Son of trollop. Your mother was the local bicycle of the Selous Scouts.

Musona - 8 January 2015

Taurai,let's face it.the whole of Africa was at some point colonized just like America was colonized by the British.We should in fact thank God that we were colonized by the civilized British.Musona is simply a realist.We can not dwell in the stupid,meaningless ZANU PF rhetoric that we defeated colonialism as if that brought Heaven into Zimbabwe where we continue to suffer under ZANU PF.We are sick&tired of zanu pf platitudes& useless propaganda.


..Musona now disguised as NDANGARIRO DZOMOYO -you have a point, i give up on you

Referee - 8 January 2015

@Musona.I'll be the bigger man and keep my words to myself. I feel sorry for you bitter old man, it's not me you should be mad at. It's your other ancient fossil colleagues in ZANU who left you behind with the gravy train that you should put your blame on. And I'm very certain your mum has a bottom too bitter old dinasaur.

Dr Know - 8 January 2015

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