I'm not afraid: Mujuru

HARARE - Much-harassed former vice president Joice Mujuru says she is not afraid of the ruthless and unrelenting onslaught on her — that includes the murky allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate President Robert Mugabe, as well as the corruption, abuse of office and extortion charges that she faces and that are being “investigated” by police.

In a brief telephone interview with the Daily News yesterday, the widowed Mujuru sounded surprisingly confident and unfazed by the seemingly unending attacks on her by her erstwhile Zanu PF colleagues.

Lickspittle State media have this week alone been reporting that police were supposedly rounding up their “investigations” regarding sleazy dealings that she allegedly committed while she was still in high office.

Police also stormed the Harare head office of the country’s leading newspaper, the Daily News, last week after Mugabe’s wife, Grace, lied maliciously and egregiously that Mujuru owned a 10 percent stake in the paper late last year.

Police went to the extent of obtaining a court order from Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Douglas Chikwekwe on December 18, 2014, which authorised them to search and seize key documents pertaining to the ownership of the newspaper’s parent company, Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ).

Not only is this information easily obtainable from the Registrar of Companies and from statutory media regulation body, the Zimbabwe Media Commission, a casual perusal of the warrant of seizure that the police used suggested that they already had this information anyway, rendering their mission suspicious and somewhat pointless.

The quarrelsome and increasingly influential Grace first made the outrageous claim that Mujuru had bought the fictitious stake in the Daily News while addressing one of her controversial “Meet the People” rallies at her vast Mazowe business hub in late October — a pitiably false claim that she went on to repeat on a number of other occasions.

But the calm Mujuru told the newspaper yesterday that she was “enjoying the dawn of a new year” at home and preferred to enjoy her peace without intrusions from the media.

“I am still in the new year mood, muri kundinetserei (why are you bothering me),” she said.

Asked if she was not afraid of all the police “investigations” into her life, including the false allegations that she owned a stake in the Daily News, she said, “Hazvina basa izvo (That does not matter)”.

Although Mujuru appears to be taking her brutal ouster from power by the combined forces of Mugabe, Grace and supporters of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in her stride, this has not stopped her Zanu PF enemies from continuing to want to destroy her completely.

Political analysts say this betrays the fact that although Mujuru appeared to be down and out, her detractors realised that she remained a force to reckon with both within Zanu PF and outside the party — and thus needed to deal with her “once and for all” so that she could never bounce back in future.

Number two to Mugabe for 10 years and for many years tipped to become Zimbabwe’s first woman president and only the country’s second post-independence leader, Mujuru has previously said that although she was grateful that she had had her time in office, life needed to go on.

Mujuru was fired in December last year at the instigation of Grace who had threatened to deal with the former VP herself if her nonagenarian husband did not dismiss her.

Mugabe has openly admitted that Grace tells him what to do.

But instead of being hostile, Mujuru has surprised both friends and foes alike by being conciliatory to her party enemies, going to the extent of congratulating some of her persecutors when they were appointed into Cabinet, and quietly retreating to her farm.

Still, some hardliners in the ruling party are agitating for more drastic action to be taken against her and her allies, with some calling for her arrest over the murky assassination plot.

Analysts told the Daily News this week that Zanu PF’s continuing infighting, and growing speculation inside the party around the possibility of Mugabe relinquishing the reins of power before the end of his current term, betrayed the fact that many ruling party bigwigs were desperate for the nonagenarian to leave office.

At the same time, there was almost 100 percent agreement among the analysts who spoke to the newspaper that it would be “nothing short of a miracle” if Mugabe willingly handed over complete power to one of his lieutenants anytime soon.

These sentiments came amid the political storm ignited by fraud-accused businessman and prominent Zanu PF member Energy Mutodi, who sensationally claimed on social media at the weekend that Mnangagwa would succeed Mugabe by March this year.

Rather disappointingly, the musician-cum-politician did not say how his cryptic New Year wishes would come true.

Analyst Shepherd Mntungwa said there appeared to be a growing sentiment within the party that it was time for Mugabe to hand over the reins of power to one of his lieutenants.

“Events of the past few months, including the vicious succession wars, also suggest that this sentiment cuts across the major factional lines in the party, with the only issue being who should take over from president Mugabe — hence the brutal purging of Mujuru and her allies.

“But we must not confuse the fact that many Zanu PF bigwigs want Mugabe to go, even if they won’t climb Mount Everest to say so, with Mugabe actually going.

“My own reading is that president Mugabe has no immediate plans to go anytime soon. In addition, Grace’s starring role in the purges of last year suggest an inert fear within the family about any possible political changes within Zanu PF’s power matrices,” Mntungwa said.

Piers Pigou, southern African director of the International Crisis Group, said it was likely that speculation around Mugabe’s imminent departure and Mnangagwa taking over would escalate within Zanu PF, even as some senior party apparatchiks tried to argue, unconvincingly, that “succession was a non-issue”.

“But unless there has been a significant and rapid deterioration in his (Mugabe’s) health, it would make little sense for him to pull out ... but the possibility of running out of steam is ever present given his age,” he said.

Mugabe took over from Malawi’s Peter Mutharika as Sadc chairman in August last year, after the regional bloc controversially endorsed the outcome of Zimbabwe’s disputed 2013 elections.

The African Union will be conferring a similar honour on Mugabe this year, with the analysts saying regional and continental leaders were in a way also suggesting that these honorary positions were some sort of “golden handshake or farewell incentive” for him to hand over power in Zimbabwe.

Political analyst Takura Zhangazha also said a Mnangagwa take-over was unlikely to occur anytime soon, except if this was orchestrated by Mugabe himself.

He added that it was “too soon for Mnangagwa to have consolidated his own power base,” outside Mugabe to force his way to the top.

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is it true that during the war in Mozambique - Maputo mujuru ran a brothel where she would force young girls to have sex with the Portuguese whilst she collected payment. Ask her and can she deny this

peter george - 7 January 2015


Editor - 7 January 2015

I was too young to run a brothel, actually I was also a young girl!

mujuru - 7 January 2015

Peter George, you are very sick indeed! You need help soon.

Johno - 7 January 2015

I was in Maputo that time a woman called mrs George with a son Peter ran a well known brothel and i even bonked her as well.

Chimedza matombo - 7 January 2015

These herald people trying to stir a poy and create a story for mai J. Mujuru. Peter George who are you instructing to ask mai Mujuru???? What is your real name???

Garikayi - 7 January 2015

Peter George you are such a pathetic liar. You must be an alien to not appreciate the contribution Joice "Teurai Ropa" Mujuru made during the liberation struggle. Who does not know her? By the way its you who doesn't. Just leave her in peace and go ahead with your hallucinations. Go on sing for your supper you will surely get some crumbs from the "Richman's" table. And oh! a word of advice to you Mr. Alien from an unknown planet "Okuyenz' uBanda loPhiri laye kuzamenza ngoba bonke ngabe Malawi." Hamba cimbi bazakugola phambili.

Mabhengeza - 7 January 2015

There's absolutely nothing for Mujuru to be afraid of, she is getting her full salary and other undisclosed perks in the comfort of her own home away from all the political madness. Not only that, she is also enjoying watching the same madness that got her ousted unfold yet again from 'know it all' big headed Jonathan Moyo, this time on her rival Mnangagwa. Knowing as she does that no one in ZANU can claim to be clean, she is well aware that all the so called investigations taking place are nothing but a curtain cover to try and hoodwink the public that something is being done about the allegations on her. It will soon blow over but her salary and perks will keep finding their way to her back pocket. I wouldn't be fazed too if I were in her lofty shoes.

Dr Know - 7 January 2015

Mai Mujuru enjoy your rest and peace let the fiction writers clean their mess.

asi chii - 7 January 2015

This woman and Sheba Tavarwisa, were the most outstanding female cadres, with battlefield experience. It is Joice Mujuru who came up with the idea of blowing up the Salisbury fuel depot. The original idea was to attack the sewage works in Mufakose. Destiny maybe delayed but cannot be denied!!

Twoboy - 7 January 2015

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Rodney - 7 January 2015

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Rodney - 7 January 2015

@ Twoboy stop spewing nonsense, Anyone who loves the truth knows that the fuel depot was a ZIPRA operation. What is it with praise singers and making up stories? If you are a praise singer first research i know its operating procedure for ex-Zanla and Zanu members to claim victories they did not fight or know nothing about. Find yourself The Herald publication of December 2 1978 and all will be revealed.

Lt General - 7 January 2015

Apparently Teurai Ropa was a victim of sexual abuse by shefs in Moza like all other female combatants. she was only saved from this horrendous act by her marriage to Rex. Bvunza ana Margaret Dongo nana Nyasha Chikwinya vanokuudza zvese. Kuzoti Oppah ndiye aitozvifarira even nazvino thats why she chooses to betray fellow woman combatants for men favors.

stop insulting mujuru - 7 January 2015

for starters mai mujuru was never based in maputo, once she was at osibisa after coming from the front and then she was later based in chimoio with her husband the late general mujuru, izvi zvebrothel its utter rubbish.

cde churucheminzwa - 7 January 2015

for starters mai mujuru was never based in maputo, once she was at osibisa after coming from the front and then she was later based in chimoio with her husband the late general mujuru, izvi zvebrothel its utter rubbish.

cde churucheminzwa - 7 January 2015

the fuel depot bombing was masterminded by perence shiri who was the provincial commander of gaza sector which covered salisbury. members of the commando group which executed the operation were based in chinamhora, kudomboshava and some of them include cde Lobo who is now domiciled in highfields, harare pamagovernment flats apo along willowvale road. the other comrade is based in gweru and presumably alive. others have since met their creator. the only notable military operation carried out by zipra albeit on a civilian target was the downing of the viscounts in the kariba area in 1978 and 1979. zanla unlike zipra was poorly equipped but was an effective fighting machine. that joyce mujuru was part and parcel of the military planning to hit the target might the work of propagandists who wanted to prop her image during the internecine factional fights in zanu pf. but this does take away her otherwise illustrious contribution to the liberation of the fatherland.


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CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 7 January 2015

Joice Mujuru (aka Teurai Ropa) is typical rabid racist Zanu pf goon.... Whites don't belong in Africa she famously said. .....The then British Ambassador praised her for her frankness...... This Teurai Ropa liar claimed that she shot down a helicopter..... In actuality she was the traveling mattress / groundsheet for her entourage of sex-starved unhygienic terrorists..... WHY did Solomon “marry” this ugly bag of soiled goods? .....No wonder Solomon was driven to drink. George.Shire@gmail.com

George Shire - 7 January 2015

@ Lt General... don't distort history. That attack was carried out by ZANLA forces and this is well documented. And for you George Shire, why spew all this hatred in a national newspaper. I might as well ask about you: Why did your father marry that bull-frog?

Twoboy - 7 January 2015

Fore the sake of not distorting history the fuel bombing were never , never carried out by zanla but zipra forces Richard Mataure now Richard Ngwenya with his crew did the bomping of the fuel depot in workington and this guy was never a zanla but zipra any other info other than that is blue lies .

Diibulaanyika - 7 January 2015

In fact Cde Churucheminzwa, it's Vice Marshall Shiri who said this in an interview with The Patriot. She was not really part of the planning team. Google the story!!

Twoboy - 7 January 2015

No one will win these zanu pf wars. As soon as mugabe dies, Zanu pf will liquidate thats the end story. Mujuru and her zanu pf clan have run down this country so badly. She must just rest.

X-MAN IV - 7 January 2015

"I am still in the new year mood, muri kundinetserei (why are you bothering me). Dailynews, I wonder whether the above statement which you attribute to Mai Mujuru amounts to saying "I am not afraid" If anything you are only trying to make news out of Mai Mujuru hence her complaint that you are bothering her.

Ndugu - 7 January 2015

Most of us were surprised to here that nonsense after independence that zanla bombed fuel tanks but as you know that time they was nothing that we could do to correct this rubbish which some youngsters have swallowed . The whole documentation was done by zanu so as we all know zanu is a liar it is up to you to believe zanu lies.

Diibulaanyika - 7 January 2015

1. Dr. Mujuru really denied to be interviewed by the Daily news, she just did it modestly and they made news out of her. The contribution from Dr. Mujuru in this article amounts to a mere three, 1-sentence responses. the rest is the stale news that the daily news already reported in past installments. Dai pari padare Daily news moreporter zvakadai mainzi "enda unovhiya mbudz.i" My opinion is that your article lacks substance. (cont'd)

Gatsi Rusere - 7 January 2015

2. The comments once again carry us back in time, into Zimbabwe's disputed history. I don't even know what to believe anymore since everyone comes with their own version of what happened, hence the need for self-study and independent research. Hopefully one day I will contribute to the nationally discourse formally through a book.

Gatsi Rusere - 7 January 2015

3. I know the need for historical accuracy, hence why some are concerned with who-bombed-what during the liberation struggle, and who-conceived-of-what idea, but hey, it is really sad that the only things that Zimbabweans can brag about are stuff that happened more than 34 years ago. Nothing new to celebrate. Instead of only celebrating the destruction of buildings during the war, I wish we had also started celebrating the construction of more infrastructure, and maybe debate on who contributed to the best. Imagine two parents with a grade one child, on Christmas day pasina chikafu but each parent trying to convince her that "ndini ndakabika chicken iye yainaka paChristmas yemakore apfuura but wanga usati wazvarwa". Unobva watoona kuti matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana. Hopefully one day we will see a Zimbabwe were we celebrate the past gains, but also celebrate improvement and development, thus avoid making void our own heroic efforts in history.

Gatsi Rusere - 7 January 2015

From Mugabe's early life history I am able to make certain deductions - Around the late 1940s Mugabe got a scholarship from whites to study in S Africa at Fort Hare - he felt to make it as a politician he had to be educated. When he finished his studies he went to live in Northern Rhodesia then part of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Federation. At the time Northern Rhodesia blacks were already engaged in nationalist politics and Mugabe went there to see how they were organising. His intended destination was Gold Coast (Ghana) soon to be granted independence - to look for a political ideology. He wanted to see and copy how Nkrumah managed to get independence after having been Prime Minister of Gold Coast from 1952 - 1957. Having friends male or female would have been a distraction from his goal of being a leader. As soon as NDP was formed in 1960 in Southern Rhodesia Mugabe, single, at the age of 36 years, took leave and came back to S Rhodesia and promptly joined NDP. He married Sally in 1961 just to look normal among married fellow politicians otherwise people would have asked whether there was something wrong with him sexually. It's fair to say Sally was just a trophy wife. There was no coincidence in all this. How can such a person relinquish power? Mugabe is not your normal politician/person who entered into politics impulsively - with Mugabe it took years of planning, and has all gone according to plan and he takes no prisoners to retain power. This is why I say Mugabe will never ever relinquish power under any circumstances.

Musona - 7 January 2015

Peter George,by then your mother was in her prime time and she was very sweet.."zimuswe"

jombe - 7 January 2015

Hey guys, your arguments about the past do not carry any value for us as a nation. Better give us clues and tips on how to survive in 2015. Last year was very bad for us, someone please tell us what to expect in 2015.

ninjamagic - 8 January 2015

If she could run a brothel at such a tender age then she miles ahead of those who are trying to turn the whole nation it something worse than a brothel now.

paddington muchemei - 8 January 2015

And where will all this get Zimbabwe? Truly we need God's help. The mess is just too big. Actually words fail me. No wonder we are a mess. Where is the voice of reason? Where is the man who will stand up and LEAD? Musona is right. Ninjamagic is right

Righteous Justice - 8 January 2015

Quoting: "is it true that during the war in Mozambique - Maputo mujuru ran a brothel where she would force young girls to have sex with the Portuguese whilst she collected payment. Ask her and can she deny this" Well, peter george, are you trying to insinuate that she has a stake in the Avenues Area just as much as the ZRP alleges she has a stake in the Daily News? Stupid thats what; and a very big shame and a half u a.

Shame - 8 January 2015

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Gregory - 8 January 2015

No Zimbabwean combatant or refugee needed any money in Mozambique.What would Joice do with the money from the foolishly alleged brothel?The brothel allegation against Joice Mujuru is first class rubbish.

mbodza - 9 January 2015

One day I was having an argument with my colleagues at our drinking hole. Of coz in front of moles. One of my colleagues said Mujuru is a very successful business woman because all companies associated with her name are thriving and the only ones running while others not linked to her are shutting down. The same person attacked Chinamasa for being the worst Finance Minister ever from 2009......because he fails to understand that Zimbabwe has no industry to protect....even the chicken farmers who are producing expensive chicken are not worthy protecting if they are reducing the buying power of most households he said. He went on to say for Zimbabweans to succeed they need more buying power first, save and then use those savings to build a new industry but Chinamasa compared to Biti is really stifling the saving concept and hence the economy is on a free fall. Journalists, is this observation correct?

Majuru - 9 January 2015

Kudzingwa kwaJoyce Mujuru hakuna basa. Chatinoda kuwana zvekudya zvakakwana. Mujuru wacho akapusa.

tembo - 10 January 2015

Kudzingwa kwaJoyce Mujuru hakuna basa manhingi. Regai zvirwisane zvega. Chatinoda kuwana zvekudya zvakakwana nemari yekubhadharira vana chikoro. . Mujuru wacho akapusa akadii kudzinga Mugabe. Ainyanya kumutyorera muzura paAirport kana achibuda kuenda kuAsia. Aifarira kunzi Acting President. t

tembo - 10 January 2015

mai mujuru it is high time that you you spit the venom to zun pf and expose them ( join the peoples party the choice is yours)

ngwena - 11 January 2015

Zimbabweans should now aware that zanu pf will not help them any more because people in this party want to enrich themselves only (e.g Grace who evicted innocent people for her own interest) wake up Zimbabweans fit for your wrights

ngwena - 11 January 2015

Zimbabwe's hopes of changing its fortunes lay and only with mai mujuru.She is level headed and as a mother understands the suffering people of zimbabwe are going through. Madzimai ndivo vachengeti vemhuri.

Hatso - 11 January 2015

peter george if u are a former rhodesian say it clearly, you comment on this respected iron lady of great zim is very shameful. its clear u do not know her completly. she is suh a super lady.

munyaradzi mabasa - 12 January 2015

Mujuru Joyce is it True that you and your close-net tried in vain to kill Mugabe via Obama's America spies? Tell me heart on heart my beloved sister! Hallelujah. Amen.

Victor Vusi Nkomo - 13 January 2015

George Shire it is a fact that Whites dont belong to Africa no more than Blacks belong to America or Europe. Difference is she said it bluntly while In America the justice system speaks for them.

menzies - 14 January 2015

I totally agree with Lt General that the petrol tanks were blown by Zipra guerillas not Zanla as Twoboy claimed and also as Zanu claims.Date I think is 08.12.1978 so check the Rhodesia herald of 09.12.1978.

Truth - 14 January 2015

Iam sure all comments claiming that petrol tanks in Salisbury were blown by Zanla are written by people born after the war or by those reading from the distorted information by Zanu.I was in Salisbury that year.For your own information the Zipra didnot attack the petrol tanks only before that they attacked Glen-Norah police,Spaceman beer garden,Salisbury United willowvale depot and at the Chitubu beer garden a lone guerilla took money from the cash and he proceeded to Glen-NorahB and met with the reserve police after the stream between A and B.There was an exchange of fire.some police reserves lost their lives.

Truth - 14 January 2015

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