Police flush out 'mandimba-ndimba'

HARARE - Youths aligned to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF have been driven away from bus termini in Harare in a joint operation between commuter bus owners and police.

Moses Mutyasira, secretary-general of the Indigenous Commuter Operators Association, said his association had to call in the police to remove the touts.    

The Zanu PF activists had invaded Market Square, Copacabana, Rezende and Fourth Street bus termini demanding a $1 from every commuter minibus driver for every trip.

“There were serious problems with touts and marshals and we called in the police resulting in the arrest of 79 touts and this has helped us a lot to improve the situation at the bus termini,” Mutyasira said.

“We had an organised mop-up operation as commuter owners with the help of the police and it was very fruitful.

“We thank the Daily News for publishing the problems we were facing with touts and we saw swift action from the police following the publication of the story.”

The Zanu PF youths were operating under the ambit of the Urban Transport Association of Zimbabwe (Utaz), collecting an average of about $ 3 000 daily through their extortion ring.

Mutyasira said his association, which has over 1 500 members countrywide, had faced similar problems since last year by the group known as Mandimba-ndimba.

Wilbert Zhakata, chairman for Utaz,  said there were between 70-80 touts at one bus station.

“The problem we are having is that most of them are going to pay a fine and return to continue touting,” Zhakata said.

“We had some of our association members wanting to blame us saying these touts were registered by Utaz, which is not correct. We believed these youths are working with many associations dealing with commuter omnibuses and it is not correct that they belong to our association.”

Cosmas Mbonjani, chairperson of Greater Harare Association of Commuter Operators, said the joint operation with Utaz and police had flushed out the touts. “The problem can only end if the city council moves in and starts to control the bus terminus,” Mbonjani said.

The touts and marshals are “runners” for a shadowy group known as Mandimba-ndimba that controls commuter omnibus ranks and charges operators for carrying passengers.

In the past, they were allegedly working with Jim Kunaka, the former Zanu PF Harare province youth chairperson.

Godwin Gomwe, the new Zanu PF youth chairperson for Harare, was said to be leading the new extortion ring. But Gomwe staunchly denied this.

He claimed Zanu PF youths were disciplined.

“I am not involved in any way in the criminal activities as I am a law-abiding citizen and I don’t know the people who are doing that, these are people who are trying to tarnish my name and image,” Gomwe said.

In 2013, police rounded off touts at the ranks as part of a blitz to rid the city of rank marshals and touts who were terrorising commuters and extorting money from kombi operators.

Police arrested 308 rank marshals in that operation.

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Well done Moses & Co and ZRP for a job well executed. Please flush out similar madhibhadhibhas within the ZRP Traffic Section!!! Then we will have peace at the termini and along all routes

Garikayi - 6 January 2015

Thank you ZRP for flushing out this notorious mandimba-ndimba who are causing terror to the nation. If at all they are to be thrashed out forever and leave business and their owners instead of making money out of nothing. Commuter operators are doing a great job in the transport industries only to be disturbed by these so called ZANU-PF youths who are always interested in feeding from their dirty hands.

chidowe - 6 January 2015

job welldone "ZRP"pls do the same kwamutare, traffic police kunyanya benz ino parka pa pass,mapurisakadzi nevarume vacho vakuita corruption iri pachena,kana Chihuri haafari ne stage yazvasvika. though he tought them to be corrupt.

kamba - 6 January 2015

... next target for another 'flushing' should be Zanu PF itself..!!

Danny - 6 January 2015

I thank the ZRP for the job well done. But this should not end there. There should continous police presence around all bus termini across the country and the city council should now move in to control all termini. Thank again. Let us all unite against these criminals.

ecobee - 7 January 2015

why is that dailynews is always against Mugabe in every story. apa Mugabe anopinda papi pamaHwindi? so moda kundiudza kuti mahwindi ese ndeaVaMugabe here? food for thot

gama - 7 January 2015

touting is bad, but remember that is part of self job which chinamasa has blessed and said that Zimbabwe is going informal. informal job is like that confusion is the order of the day so long you managed to get some money for survival. however the matter is not with youth or the commuters. governement need to create a good atmosphere that will is conjusive for investment in the transport sector so that these youth are employed in cleaning the ranks, policing and maintenance of the facilities and then the commuter associations will be paying for the services that they will be providing. that way there will be no chaos. however without proper plan and way out they will arrest and create another problem since they will not be housed in prison since there is no food and clothing. More also some are married their family need food. with unemployment at 85% and public service being the only employer where will they go except touting. solution, ZANU PF has failed the youth. youth has been used in many different ways at their perile by ZANU PF its time youth rise aganist it and new government with workable solution be in power. MDC T is the answer.

ananian - 7 January 2015

Manje pa speed trap yekurunde pakona apo nerutenga kana ma rands vaitora no ticket.

maita - 7 January 2015

iwe gama shandisa kufunga Zanu pf ndeyaani or ndiani handiti ndiMugabe saka wese anoita chinhu in the name of zanu pf ndezvamugabe usatinyangadze nekuti Mugabe apinda papi, anopinda pese nekuti ndiye honzeri yenhamo muzimbabwe kuisa mbavha pazvigaro vanampofu.

tongombeya - 7 January 2015

Gama-it is true, 'mahwindi ese ndeaVaMugabe ,' if it hadnt been for his misrule, these youngsters would be employed somewhere in industry.

Referee - 7 January 2015

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