Zimbabweans turn to God

HARARE - While millions of people in the developed world turned on the style and spent billions of dollars entertaining themselves on New Year’s Eve, thousands of poor and desperate Zimbabweans decided to turn to God.

With the chaos in the ruling Zanu PF likely to escalate this year and no hope of economic revival, Zimbabweans are pinning their hopes of a better future in God.

“It’s better to put your trust in the Lord than in these politicians,” said 32-year-old Tafara Mudonhi, an economics graduate who has failed to land a proper job for the past six years.

Mudonhi joined thousands of other unemployed people who thronged Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Crossover Night in Chitungwiza to seek divine intervention for the country’s seemingly unending economic woes.

Zimbabwe’s already escalating unemployment rate, estimated at more than 85 percent, increased in the past year when hundreds of companies shut down.

The country’s economic crisis has deepened since long-time President Robert Mugabe, who will turn 91 next month, won re-election in a controversial plebiscite in July 2013.

Factories in the once bustling industrial zones in the main cities have crumbled unabated. Job seekers — mainly university graduates —on foot in the scorching heat are turned away. Railroad tracks once used by trains to ferry raw materials and supplies are now overgrown with weeds and are in advanced stages of decomposition.

With rains becoming sporadic in the last decade, most rural people are drifting into Harare to search for opportunities to make money but many end up selling vegetables, trinkets and mobile phone rechardge cards on the streets to make ends meet.

Statistics from the World Bank showed that 46 percent of Zimbabwe’s 13 million people now survive by running such informal businesses.

Preaching from the book of Psalm 62 verse 11, Makandiwa told the congregation to get ready for God’s power in 2015 that will bring abundant peace, order and increase in their lives.

Across town Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader Prophet Walter Magaya told thousands of congregates who braved the chilly weather that new minerals will be discovered in Zimbabwe this year.

“There shall be wonders in Mozambique. There shall be wonders in Zimbabwe. Barrenness is going forever. We are about to be fruitful. We are about to multiply,” said Magaya.

The situation was the same in most cities and towns across the country as various churches gathered to praise God and seek spiritual guidance in the New Year.

Political commentator Reason Wafawarova, however, urged Zimbabweans to put their focus on the Creator and not on miracles and get-rich-quickly schemes promised by the new breed of charismatic preachers.

“Essentially, prosperity gospel offers us an easily manipulated God. It places God on our side, not us on His side, and it eliminates his sanctity and his sovereignty. It gives us this vain God who can easily be manipulated through offerings and eloquent words of faith,” he said

Wafawarova noted that prosperity gospel derives its strength from greed and guilt.

“There is this cycle of greed and guilt, where the longer it takes for promises to come, the more one feels guilty of lacking in faith, or of not being good enough a giver in church,” he said adding that the greed for material returns coupled with this guilt would create an addiction that leads to cultic fanaticism.

“Naturally, the message of prosperity appeals to the flesh, and it capitalises on the natural desires for health and wealth.

“The message promises the desires of our sinful hearts, and no more do we find the call to repent from sin, no more do we find the call to deny oneself, no more do we find the call to pick up one’s cross, no more do we find the call to follow Jesus, and no more do we hear of the call to die for Christ,” added Wafawarova.

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    We thank you Man of God. We thank you our Prophet for such love for the Nation.

    Diva - 5 January 2015

    Prophet Makandiwa is the voice over this Nation.

    reeves - 5 January 2015


    Zimbabwe - 5 January 2015

    The only Man of God who has a genuine heart for the people and the Nation is Makandiwa. Some preachers preach against the prosperity of congregants yet they themselves drive nice cars and live in mansions. They preach against prosperity yet when the country is not prospering they denounce the leaders. Preachers practice what you preach.

    General - 5 January 2015

    Makandiwa is the true voice of God over this nation, not all the other guys.

    VOICE - 5 January 2015

    May zimbabweans open their eyes and see that Makandiwa is the most genuine of all these other preachers. We have never seen a man bold like that in teaching the uncompromised word of God nomatter the gravity of attacks thrown at him. God bless Makandiwa.

    asher - 5 January 2015

    We need more preachers to be like Makandiwa to tell the people the truth about this nation's economy

    jimmy - 5 January 2015

    Sure we dont want to become like SA where abortion is free and gays are rooming the streets.Pamberi nehutsvene veduwe.

    nyikayashanduka - 5 January 2015

    Makandiwa utiudzirewo vanhu vaMwari mumakereke umu vadzidzise vanhu hutsvene sezvamurikuita.

    marema - 5 January 2015

    The first article penned by one Reason Wafawa....made me hate him so much that I emailed him telling him my feelings about him. I am afraid for the first time he has said something I 110% agree with him on. Prosperity prophets!! You said it Katie!!!

    Amir - 5 January 2015

    Zimbabwe ikatya Mwari ndokuti economy idzike

    levi - 5 January 2015

    The first article penned by one Reason Wafawa....made me hate him so much that I emailed him telling him my feelings about him. I am afraid for the first time he has said something I 110% agree with him on. Prosperity prophets!! You said it Katie!!!

    Amir - 5 January 2015

    Taimbodoubter kuti Mkandiwa munhu waMwari but eish izvi zvaita ndichinje mafungiro angu this is a man of God veduwe.RIGHTEOUSNESS EXAUHAULTS THE NATION

    GIVEY - 5 January 2015

    Church should fear God and pray for the country and its leaders and thats excatly what Makandiwa is teaching us.Imboripiko church yake cause am convinced he is a true man of God.

    jackie - 5 January 2015

    Reason righteousness exauhaults the nation and right now thats what the man of God is actually encouraging our nation to do.Glory be to God takapihwa muporofita pakati pedu.

    prophet F - 5 January 2015

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    CARTRIDGE GALLERY - 5 January 2015

    Gospel is good, and it the only viable solution to a situation where all human wits are ending. However its sad that the politicians in Zimbabwe like during the colonisation of Africa, the missionaries seem to have been send by consotium of business men to softern the hearts of black person to remove hostility against colonisers. The same seem to be happening in Zimbabwe. The so called prophets are aligned in one way or another to political parties hence they are seemily providing a comfort zone for the politician to abuse and torment citizens without any revenge since the people are affraid of sinnig aganist God.

    ananian - 5 January 2015

    i could be wron but we are witness to stories of massive contributions made by soem prophets towards Bona's wedding and other such activities as birthday presents and parties. Now we may all be unware of what happens behind closed doors. But my fear is that why are they so keen on preaching for peace and prosperity when in actual fact there are basic rules for propsperity. Working hard and now the samw system the so called prophets support, is destroying the mechanics on the ground to ensure prosperity. Minerals found in Zimbabwe are more than enough for a small population to be struggling the way its doing. However because of the quest of peace the same prophets are saying people be peaceful. Hence the politician are becaming richer easily without any retribution from the deprived. Last year we saw even some politicians going to such agtherings of churches. Why did not the same prophets rebuke politician for abusing the people. True prophets would also speak against politicians doing wrong to people. Moses was at war with Pharaoh for ill treating Israel. He just did not ask Israel to be tollerant and give more of their labour to an abusive king. Samson. Gideon and Jephter were prophets (prophet is one who receive God's word for the people in the hour) and judges they set the tone for Israel to revolt against Philistines who were killing and taking their food. Politicians are corrupt and incomptent impoverishing people in Zimbabwe, why these prophets not speaking directly agaisnt these politicians insteady of saying peace peace when there is no peace in the country. John the baptist spoke strongly against Herod after he took the wife of philip his brother and married Heroditus, which was wrong.

    ananian - 5 January 2015

    One prominant politician took some ones wife and yet the same prophets are even attending gatherings to honour such a person. The bible states that who soever take a wife who is put away, they both live in adultery. How can God bless what his cursed. Elijah cursed Jezebel and Ahab in the bible since Jezebel had influenced Ahab to take the field of Naboth an innocent man. Some politicians took land of peasant in Mazoe, and killed soem people n the process. The so called prophets blesses the same. I do have little confidence in their calling. Remember bible speaks of false prophets.

    ananian - 5 January 2015

    The political commentator is blasting prosperity preachers for the good news of riches and economic boom to come yet its one of the core objectives of any government. I really dont understand how he can put up such a feat...nyika iri kuda kusumuka economically and you're blasting those in support of the notion...ahh haa hameno kty tinokakata sei mumusoro umu

    Are you blind? - 5 January 2015

    I would like to hear these men preach repentance to the nation, to the church and to the government. Jesus came preaching a gospel of repentance as did His forerunner John. All the OT prophets came with strong messages of repentance to the spiritual leaders of the day and the national leaders and the people. Without repentance we cannot go forward. God has given Zimbabwe much national wealth but it burns holes in our pockets due to our sin. We need to go back to the beginning and confess, repent and ask forgiveness. We cannot sweep the Gukurahundi and all that has happened since then under the carpet. God will NOT allow it. There needs to be a God driven truth, justice and reconciliation drive for Zimbabwe.

    Righteous Justice - 5 January 2015

    Sorry guys but the prosperity message is NOT the true gospel: preaching Christ and Christ crucified is! That was the gospel given to Paul: the gospel is Jesus Christ. I have been accused to preaching for poverty! That is not so but Zimbabwe has a big problem because of our sin. repentance must come first. Paul never stood up and preached about the economy. He preached Christ and nothing else. Everything else comes under that. If as a nation we put right our past and seek God with all our hearts being broken in repentance the Lord Himself will take care of Zimbabwe's needs. there is enough for all: repentance first! True repentance is a complete turning back to Christ Jesus.

    Righteous Justice - 5 January 2015

    ANANIAN. i couldnt have said it any better. all these prophets are after money including makandiwa wacho just that iye zvino vanhu vajaira kubirwa naye they now call him true prophet, true prophet??? hakuna zvakadaro. we are tired nekunyengedzwa nevanhu ava.

    jezebel - 5 January 2015

    Touch not my anointed servants. Am really shocked people on this forum have the audacity of comparing the two prophets. Who has made you the righteous judge? You are passing a judgement in your capacity as who???? May the Almighty God forgive you. For you do not know what you are doing.

    Tindo - 5 January 2015

    I dont think it is wise to compare this Prophets..There are all called to serve one purpose,to spread the word of God.We should be greatfull as Zimbabweans to be blessed with these powerfull man of God instead of saying negative things about other man of God...

    mwanawako - 5 January 2015

    IT's the economy, stupid!!

    Phaphamani - 5 January 2015

    its a pity when human beings are not even ashamed to say negative things about another man of God, that's so pathetic.

    Thomas - 5 January 2015

    When Prophets speak the wise listen. Zimbabwe is blessed with the prophetic gift. We thank God for raising Prophets in our nation. We thank God for answering our prayers. Our lives have been transformed. God said, "Be fruitful and multiply..." Genesis 1 v 28. Thank you Lord for the word you spoke through your servant Prophet W Magaya.

    Bridget - 5 January 2015

    i like what prophet Magaya said that we are going to be fruitful and we are going to multiply. surely its what we have been looking for in zimbabwe. he has even told us that new minerals are going to be discovered and zimbabwe is going to upgrade in technology. oh God m really happy for Zimbabwe cant wait for the turnaround to happen. oh again it is year of power, power to multiply. w e are going to have what we ddnt have for the past years. all the problems were let in 2014. God bless you papa Magaya. you are a true man of God

    nattie kays - 5 January 2015

    As Zimbabweans we are going to being fruitful and multiplying..We give all the glory to God and thank him for his power upon the Prophets..

    Sherryie - 5 January 2015

    Dont judge these Prophets because there are true Man of Gods sent to us to heal and deliver. touch not my annointed ones

    jada - 5 January 2015

    Not only one Prophet was sent to deliver people vanhu vaMwari it really shows how our level of worshiping and our level of knowing what the bible says is still very shallow. There is no need to brag about one Prophet but we need to thank God for all the prophets for their are making a great change in our lives.. Thank you God for blessing us with powerful prophets of our time.

    Dorothy - 5 January 2015

    i saw a vision of multiplication. indeed iam happy that the true man of God prophet W. Magaya revealed it to the nation. believe it, it is very true. the country is going to be rich. it for us to put our heads together to fulfill what the lord has said.

    prophet M Gautse - 5 January 2015

    Wow this is a very Powerful year God said Be fruitful and Multiply... Genesis 1vs 22

    tracy - 5 January 2015

    You people you never cease to amaze me-KO ZVAMAVE KUTOTONGANA PANO PASI KOKUDE KUDENGA. Your biggest problem is that you worship human beings. The presence of God is manifested through his works. More over if Magaya or Makandiwa are close to God, one is not guaranteed that by mere following these prophets of nowadays and pampering them-you earn yourself a ticket to heaven. Stop worship man and turn unto God. Dzava team dzebhora here dziri kuda kutora league cup .Do not be fooled by genetically modified miracles.

    MuShurugwi - 5 January 2015

    God of Prophet Emmanuel makandiwa has spocken. We shall rise as Zimbabweans.

    Diva dollar - 5 January 2015

    We thank God for remembering this nation with prophets .... hapana anosangana nemuporofita anoramba akadaro .. so touched by the powerful message from the highly anointed man of god prophet W.Magaya.that this year we shall be fruitful and we shall multiply.mbiri kuna Jesu

    sophia - 5 January 2015


    CHRISTIAN - 5 January 2015

    one biggest sign of a failed economy is when citizen turn to phoney prophets for solutions to their problems. Listening to the sermons, attending to their crusades, one finds nothing Christlike in whatever is happening. My Bible says, " My people die because of lack of knowledge" Hosea 4 vs 6. And the same Bible admonishes us to, "Study to show yourself approved..." 2 Timothy 2 vs 15. Hameno zvenyu...

    prof - 5 January 2015

    When a country is rich, should we copy everything they do or we can just admire their economy? What is wrong with those countries is that they want you to be gay before they buy your diamonds. Zimbabwe is not taking the begging bowl to Europe but we are saying remove the sanctions and pay a fair price for our minerals without giving us conditions to throw away our godliness. Surely we cant worship the devil for a loan. If you have a son, try to think of it that some white moron needs to sodomise your son before giving them scholership

    Reggie - 5 January 2015

    These Bible in hand enterpreuners should stop hoodwinking us, not all of us are that gullible and foolish. Of course new minerals will be discovered when policies that attract investors have been enacted, nothing new there. The potential this country has is known by everyone, hard work, rule of law and favorable policies will lead us to prosperity, not miracles.

    Dr Know - 5 January 2015

    2 Tim 4:3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

    Mhofu - 5 January 2015

    Rev 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. Rev 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

    THE TRUTH - 5 January 2015

    In bible times, the king would not reign without the aid of the Prophets. Every king would make efforts to make the current Prophet his own. American presidents consult these same prophets you have here in private whilst you are busy attacking them. Open your eyes Zimbabwe and see whta the Lord has done for you in your own land. You have minerals and also Prophets to your exposure. We love you Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa!

    cde dangarembwa - 5 January 2015

    Jer 35:15 I have sent also unto you all my servants the prophets, rising up early and sending them, saying, Return ye now every man from his evil way, and amend your doings, and go not after other gods to serve them, and ye shall dwell in the land which I have given to you and to your fathers: but ye have not inclined your ear, nor hearkened unto me....SO Why is it ana MakandiGaya always prophesy EARTHLY THINGS (PROSPERITY) AS OPPOSED TO THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST WHICH CALLS FOR REPENTANCE AND ETERNAL LIFE.....

    FAKE PROPHETS! - 5 January 2015

    If Makandiwa is false, who is the true prophet? If that verse allows you to see a false prophet, give us another verse that can point us to a true prophet.

    @THE TRUTH - 5 January 2015

    Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said on the 2015 new year's eve.Its always good to take the whole statement by the Prophet and analyse it or be thoughtful before spitting out what you think he meant.He said "IF(IF) If the leadership of this nation decides to attack the church….”,that was the key part of the statement which determines what will happen.

    tynash - 5 January 2015

    True prophets are found in ZPF and true they have prophesized the downfall of Zimbabwe through ZimASSET programme.

    Mukanya - 5 January 2015

    To me the prophecy warning the leadership not to touch the church is actually a follow up by the Prophet and he wants to make sure that we are restored as a country and we are on the way to the fulfilment of the Judgment Night promise and many others,he is actually monitoring his prophecies and warning us of any obstacles created by the devil to derail the initial prophecy. Also note that there are many other prophecies that are good for this country that have come to pass and other have not yet come to pass,some were stopped by the very person who has prophesied after he had prayed and negotiated with GOD since they were not good for us. There are conditions as well that came with that prophecy of which if we as a country decide not to observe,we will not see the prophecy come to pass.This is how God does it and its something that he has done even in the times written in the bible.

    SUZAN D - 5 January 2015

    mbiri kuna Jesu for raising these prophets am totally blessed and transformed in my life.

    foreal - 5 January 2015

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