Fresh row over 1980s killings

HARARE - State media columnist Nathaniel Manheru — widely understood to be President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba — has ignited a fresh storm over Gukurahundi, claiming controversially that some politicians were using the massacres of the early 1980s in a desperate quest to seek political relevance.

In his latest offering in the Saturday edition of The Herald, Manheru described prominent political leaders such as Dumiso Dabengwa of Zapu as “little men” bent on furthering their personal interests over the killings that left an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians in Matabeleland and the Midlands provinces.

“I do so (writing about Gukurahundi) knowing how politicians, especially those embittered by the loss of what they view as posts natural to them, can very easily rake fresh these ominous fault lines.

“They hope to gain from the ensuing conflict, indeed hope to use these natural fault lines to mobilise people for what in reality amounts to narrow personal quest for power,” he said.

Mugabe himself has described the killings “as a moment of madness” in the history of the country.

Reacting to the columnist, political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that there was nothing necessarily wrong in anyone seeking political capital out of Gukurahundi, with the real issue being whether there was substance in what was being raised.

“What is wrong with political mileage?” the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) founder asked, adding that every politician was striving to achieve political mileage.

“The issue is... whether these politicians are raising substantive issues or not. In this case what they are saying is true. There is abundant evidence that there were human rights violations in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces committed by the State,” Ruhanya said.

He said if Manheru was sincere, his bosses were supposed to take steps to address the human rights violations that had been perpetrated, which culminated in the 1987 Unity Accord between Mugabe and the late PF Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo.

“It’s more than three decades after these massive, colossal human rights violations by the State, and nothing has been done.

“The other thing is that, the role of politicians is to make the government accountable for its behaviour through publicly raising such issues.  So, there is nothing wrong with what Dabengwa and others are doing,” Ruhanya said.

Asked what the government could do to deal with the Gukurahundi issue, he said, “The government should accept that there were human rights violations, sit down with the affected communities and people and come up with an acceptable position that comes from the victims of the violations that will adequately address their concerns in a manner that addresses both retributive and restorative justice.

“The State can only do that if voices such as those of Dabengwa continue to pressure the State to do the right thing. Dabengwa is doing the right thing. The issues Dabengwa and others are raising are substantive,” the ZDI director said.

Mnjobisa Noko, the spokesperson for Zapu, agreed with Ruhanya on the fact that the Gukurahundi issue remained both urgent and in desperate need of a solution, adding that it had deep and far-reaching implications for the country.

“The problem is that authorities do not want to bring the issue of Gukurahundi to finality and thus as the people who were directly affected, we always talk about it.

“As long as justice has not been delivered, with perpetrators admitting their crimes after the setting up of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the scars will always be felt by generations to come,” Noko said.

He also dismissed Manheru’s claims that Dabengwa was raising the Gukurahundi issue for political expediency.

This was after Manheru had written that, “That bitterness (regarding Gukurahundi) is about improving the appeal of Mthwakazi party, about providing Dabengwa and his anaemic Zapu with some credible platform from which to claim the Vice Presidency he so recklessly threw away through mindless, breakaway dissent”.

But Noko shot back, saying: “As Zapu, we are not saying these things to claim the Vice Presidency for Dabengwa like Manheru would want the nation to believe, but rather because we have hundreds of children who cannot get identity documents because they have no parents, and they can’t go to school.

“We have permanent scars. Dabengwa has said he doesn’t want to go back to Zanu PF and he will not.

“Remember, in the first place he did not voluntarily participate in the Unity Accord as he was dragged in because he had to follow the order of his commanders. He has always criticised the accord on the basis of its weaknesses which were glaring from day one”.

Nhlanhla Dube, spokesperson of the Welshman Ncube led-MDC, said Zimbabwe had two main political epochs.

“These are the liberation struggle in which heinous crimes were committed by the Ian Smith regime against the black majority. The crimes have been announced by Mugabe at every given opportunity which is only fair because it is part of our history which we can’t wish away.

“However, there is also the second epoch of the post-independence atrocities of Gukurahundi,” Dube said.

He said Gukurahundi consisted of heinous crimes that had been committed by the post-independence army against the masses it supposedly liberated, adding that people would always talk about it as long as justice was not done.

“In Shona, they say chinokanganwa idemo asi muti haukanganwi (the wronged will never forget). The nation should realise that Gukurahundi was not a tribal conflict but just an evil act by the regime as it also affected Shona citizens.

“It is unfortunate that when the crimes were committed the media was barred from covering it and most citizens do not really know what exactly took place. Hence the perpetrators today would not want it talked about and they would want to hide behind the greater Shona population and we are not surprised that Manheru is one of them,” Dube said.

While many Zimbabweans believe that Gukurahundi was not a closed chapter, Manheru said it was no sheer coincidence that the debate on the atrocities coincided with Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko’s recent appointments as vice presidents of the country.

Following the appointments, many Zapu cadres have labelled Mphoko as a sell-out who had betrayed the party by ditching it at the height of the struggle.

Meanwhile, Manheru also hinted in his column yesterday that Mugabe may finally be about to vacate the country’s political stage.

“Last December, Zanu PF tackled a tricky situation of leadership and integrity, tackled it with pluck and candour. That dealt and hopefully settled the leadership issue.

“Today, Zanu PF needs the same pluck and candour to deal with a potentially fatally divisive factor of ethnicity, expressing itself as synthetic bitterness raised and nurtured in the name of victims of Gukurahundi, yet unknown and offering nothing to them.

“It would be sad if Robert Mugabe, now the only surviving signatory to the Unity Accord, bows out, leaving this nation at the peril of centrifugal politics of disunity and recidivism. I shudder the thought,” Manheru said.

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hatitedzere zvana manheru isu. gukurahundi ngaitaurwe nguva yese. ko handiti mandevere vakapondwa na mugabe?

Der - 4 January 2015

Taura hako

Mfokamdala - 4 January 2015

Gukurahundi is of major historical significance to us zimbabweans. Its just like chimoyo massacres or nyadzonya massacres. Only a fool would like us to forget these events.Lets talk about gukurahundi as much as we like . Actually! , WE should set aside a holiday to commemorate the lost lives due to this moment of madness event

chimusoro - 4 January 2015

@chimusoro - wavekutaura nezve chimoyo zvineyi ne gukurahundi? urikuda kutiyi? kufunga kwako gukurahundi kwaive kutsiva chimoyo? unorwara iwe. ndokutaura kwe ma CIO ikoko. vamwe vacho inonzwa vachiti hakuna chinonzi gukurahundi.

Kondo - 4 January 2015

Kamhungira and Tafirenyika - You have extremely shallow and dangerous minds. The issue of Gukurahundi and the associated disturbances in Matabeleland and party of Midlands was delt with by the great J M Nkomo and the great R G Mugabe. They looked to all facets of the issues which were involved including matters you have raised. The blinkers you are using when looking at those disturbances shows you are not faithful in you approach. What started the Gukurahundi issue and the dissident issue? The dissident issue arose from the fact that ZAPU PF was not content with the elections results of 1980. This was as a result that ZAPU like ZANU had agenda during fighting to end up in government. Both Nkomo and Mugabe opened up to each other on deep secrets and hidden agenda. It was this thorough scrutiny that they agreed to bury the hatchet and map was forward. Dabengwe is being very insincere because he was one of the causative.

dungas - 4 January 2015

The problem with Manheru in this debate is that he tried to contour it to his needs and determine how the issue is debated and who should debate it. The VP stepped into it first by talking about his liberation heroics which called attention to his activities post independence. What Manheru fails to recognize is that the Unity Accord remains a political solution to what people think was a human rights problem. The fact that he continually pivots towards it shows how myopic he is, in fact the SA TRC is a similar case in point, we had political parties imposing a political solution without recognizing the larger problem.

Mhofu - 4 January 2015


Rodney - 4 January 2015

@Manheru, Whosoever you are, please note that Gukurahundi happened, and people I knew we're killed and we buried, and some vanished never to be seen again. The red berets started their campaign in our area by killing business men, Vundla in Komba/Lupane is one such victim, the Dlaminis in Mapanabomvu were living in abject fear,our teachers were not spared, though most were married the soldiers were now feasting forcibly on them, take for example the tall and gangly MaSimba, who though married to a certain mr Msipas daughter(no relation to the politician) was being devoured by Captain Nsimango. Our lessons were daily disrupted by assemblies where we were re-educated by such dissident athungi Brugwe nge wire....meaning..dissidents sew their tattered trousers with wire, the other of their popular song was....aiwa dikondo dii..sekuru aiwa dikondo dii.....I was there, young but i saw. Clever Ncube was shot point blank trying to run, fearing for his life, Mtothi Dlodlo was given an axe to chop his own father death, today Mthothi is still a haunted soul, you can grandstand, misinform others but the truth can not be buried have managed to misinform especially our shona brothers and sisters until you started killing them as well around 2008 elections. You are a callous people mr Manheru and your clique, am a general povo who is still hurting from the gukurahundi loses, but you have temerity to ask people to sweep this era under the carpet of history, ontopnof that pain you purposely malign the growth of Matabeleland and Midlands...imi baba imi...please again leave the gukurahundi question to the architect...Mugabe...Mnangagwa...and Sekeramayi......these and those.

Mbundu - 4 January 2015

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Rodney - 4 January 2015

Kondo, why were these fullish ex zipras still in the bush.what did they hope to achieve. You seem to forget that they also caused mayhem and killed innocent civilians. Can you account for the missing tourists.In my area we had notorious Mtunzi, and Gwasela. There was also tamborenyoka, ggaigusu, indevhuziyagwamulaamakomochi, Richard ngwenya to name but just a few of those idiots who caused thousands to die when the north Korea trained brigade descended on matebeland and Midlands. Its common cause they were acting on the instructions of their commands and Daventry was one of them

chimusoro - 4 January 2015

Th e net is closing in . Who ever thinks that this issue of gukurahundi will just vanish in the thin air is either insane or a pretender . More arrests are about to take place on these zigebengas including mhaneru .Everything has its time so are these arrests , If those who killed jews in concentration camps in the 40s are still being brought before courts of law then chances of those who formed gukurahundi just a few years ago are high that they will be arrested and possibly hanged . So you can brag this and that you are going to the gallows finish and klaa .Meanwhile we know who is gukurahundi it is Mugabe Sekeramayi, Munangagwa. Enos Nkala , Calistus Ndlovu. Perence Shiri.Rex Nhongo aka Mujuru. and Mpoko and many more others but those mentioned here are the ndunas of gukurahundi and they are no doubt about that .,

Diibulaanyika - 4 January 2015

@Chimusoro you know nothing about gukurahundi and better stop hallucinating here . You were not around during that time because you were still in your father's scrotum a gukurahundi himself . Only 115 unhappy exzipra forces came out after the unity agreement does that justify the killing of 2 0 000 people bcoz of 115 armed people? I was there in Mat i even gave food to the so called dissidents not even one day did they killed a civilian .All what you are saying you learnt it at Border Gezi camps and is very poisonous for you history wise . Never talk of things that you never know or basing your facts on hearsay you will look stupid .There was no gukurahundi in Mash where you originate so you know nothing about this issue better shut your beak .

Diibulaanyika - 4 January 2015

What were they doing all along in the bush.Its people like you diibulanyika who caused thousands to die.Why were you feeding them instead of reporting them to the police or army.You should have fed them Garmatox and they died quickly before thousands were killed. I THINK YOU ARE SICHELA NGWENYA, wena

chimusoro - 4 January 2015

Your father a gukurahundi and his friends were scared to confront these guys bcoz they were highly trained and well armed . So they turned to cheap preys civilians . They went into a killing spree and raping women as you know doing that is very easy do you understand . They wanted to remove Mugabe fast before he messed up every thing for the good of you and mean hence now you stuck with him as he destroys our country will nil .

Diibulaanyika - 4 January 2015

At some point I had to write a scholarly article on the social disturbances that occurred in the 1980s. Unfortunately I do not have the personal experiences to relate to, an advantage that Manheru and others on this forum seem to have. However, I had a lot of bias to my approach. I had often heard the Gukurahundi story before, and for my thesis I wanted to hit Zanu-PF and its leaders real hard for its contributions to the disturbances. I failed dismally. Even though I was working from primary and secondary articles, even the Catholic Report, I realized that Gukurahandi is more than Zanu-perpetration and Ndebele-victimhood. It is more complex than that, and like Manheru pointed out, there are victims and perpetrators on each side of this conflict that is usually divided into an ethnic one with one ethnic tribe getting all the blame. However I learned one important lesson, which our government seems to miss. It does not help to shroud issues in secrecy and thus creating unnecessary enigmas that fuel the fires of conspiracy theories. I think we should acknowledge historical complexities such as the Gukurahundi, and make issues clear enough so that people can have more accurate information on what really transpired, and why it transpired, not the so often emotionally charged narratives that people peddle, and for some time I accepted as Gospel truth. The bible says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, but it also does not help being vindictive, which is why justice should also be balanced by mercy even towards the merciless. (However I am not condoning anyone's gruesome actions, and this is a religiously motivated opinion not a politically correct one)

Gatsi Rusere - 4 January 2015

Also, the Western hypocrisy revealed by the Gukurahundi massacres is glaring. The West saw what was happening but did not dare intervene for fear of supporting "Umdala Wethu" who had some Soviet leanings. The other lesson that I learned was how the Rhodesian, Royal Armed Forces, were very happy to help quell some of the earlier disturbances at Entumbane, which also seemed like some kind of gleeful retribution to the Ndebeles for fighting them in the war. I will be wiling to share with anyone the sources that I have if a safe way of sharing can be obtained. They are mostly archived newspaper articles from the tumultuous times, which my academic institution requested for me during the time in which I wanted to explore the Matebeleland uprisings.

Gatsi Rusere - 4 January 2015

Can someone tell me who is responsible for the atrocities committed by the Dissidents in Matabeleland? Is it because it was a Ndebele Killing another Ndebele so this does not matter? Who is responsible for the killings of the Shonas during Entumbane war in the early eighties? It is a known factor that the Zipra went door to door in Njube, Luveve, Lobengula and other western suburbs in Bulawayo killing Shonas.Can someone tell me if it was Mugabe who sent a Zipra combatant to bayoneted a pregnant Shona woman in the stomach along Nketa drive in Mpopoma in the name of getting rid of a Shona baby in the stomach. Shona teachers and nurses in rural "Matabeleland" were murdered by such people as Gayigusu or Captain Gwasela, but no one ever mentions them! People who complain about Gukurahundi not only forget that they started the war and they also killed a lot of people at Entumbane and the Midlands. In my view I think we should be careful when dealing with such issues. We must also not down play the emotions of the shona towards the Ndebele raids. The raids did happen and they were brutal, this is of course oral tradition. But as long as the Ndebele people keep refusing this fact it will be hard to get sympathy from the shona people for Gukurahundi. The point that Lobengula died so no one can say sorry is invalid. See my first question. Mugabe must apologize and show remorse, this is for the betterment of our country. The same must also be done by one prominent Ndebele leader. It's pointless and dangerous keeping on denying historical facts. Thank you.

Parks Papindanyoka - 4 January 2015

mese murikuita sevanhu vasina kufunda. ko mugabe akavigireyi ma reports e commission ya dumbutshena ne commission ya chihambakwe yaitaura ne zve entumbane ne gukurahundi? iye mugabe akati dumbutshena ita report, akatauarira chihambakwe kuti aite report iye mugabe oviga ma reports. kuita here ikoko? handiti zvese zvirikuvhunzwa nevazvinji zvingadayi zvakaitwa solve ne ma reports iwayo? mugabe ndiye arikuviga mhosva dzaakapara. apa mugabe aida kuparadza zapu chete hapana chimwe. kana ivo varikunzi vaifamba kunana njube vachibaya vechishona handiti ndo basa remapurisa kusunga vane mhosva? mugabe is guilty of a cover-up.

Der - 4 January 2015

@Der, saka kuziva kuti Dumbutshena report haina kubuditswa pachena ndokufunda manje? And my friend, the assertion that you make is simplistic given the nature of the evidence. Even if your assertion true, the underlying questions are more complex. What caused such such annihilation-like behavior to be started in the first place. Would the president have just moved into Matebeleland without a pretext if the South African govt-backed dissidents were not threatening internal security of the new nation? And, what would you have done if you were the president on the verge of a possible civil war, in a nation just coming from war? And why the international silence back then when the issues were still fresh? How much of the turbulence do you know, and how do you know? Could this "moment of madness" be treated similar to other war crimes? is silence golden in issues like this? How will unravelling the feathers affect present day tribal relations, and how much are we willing to avenge every inter-tribal atrocity that was ever committed in Zimbabwe. How long back do we go to hunt for such cases? If you can answer these questions with simple straight forward answers then you need to be in a high political office somewhere. To me these are complex.

Gatsi Rusere - 4 January 2015

Whether Shona or Ndebele killed by a soldier of dissident the fact of the matter is that human beings were killed and the issue must be addressed for it will not dissipate. However, the difference between the Entumbane saga and the Gukurahundi massacre is that at Entumbane, armed soldiers were fighting, whereas in the Gukurahundi saga, the Government massacred innocent unarmed people using a plan orchestrated by the national leader.

clement moyo - 5 January 2015

Talk of chitungwiza disturbances as well bcoz zipra forces were shot at and that is when those in Bulawayo entubane revenged . Do not just say entubane entubane without mentioning the Chitungwiza or it was good that those zipra s who were in Chitungwiza were supposed to be shot ? We can not talk of Mzilikazi here bcoz we do not have numbers of those killed nor do we know their graves . We know graves of those killed by gukurahundi and the number is 20 000 dead . Mzilikazi was fighting those who were armed while your gukurahundi was shooting every one including those who were once under siege from Mzilikazi e g the Tongas . Then if that is not madness what is it?

Diibulaanyika - 5 January 2015

@Der spot on well said you summed up everything. if reports were made public this problem would have been solved long back .This thing of bring a lot of childish questions for something that is straight like a ruler shows you how crazy are some people.I remember very well towards elections of 1985 many people from Mat who were in Harare had their properties like houses forcibly taken from them why not mention that as well .Just Ntubane only come guys be serious .

Diibulaanyika - 5 January 2015

I think its fare to talk about it as long as we continue to get history of the liberation struggle on Radio,TV and during Heroes burial and heroes holiday.You cannot separate the two,liberation war and matebeleland masacre

chimusoro - 5 January 2015

It was unfortunate and very sad part of our History indeed. Of cause it should also be remembered because it is part of the History of Zimbabwe. The same should be said about the Battle of Entumbane which resulted in the implementation of Gukurahundi. The Battle of Entumbane saw all the Shona speaking people being massacred by the Ndebele speaking people and Mugabe and his team reacted with Gukurahundi which became worse than Entumbane though. All these events are a black cloud of our History. Lets unite and work to rebuild Zimbabwe for the coming generations

Mutema - 5 January 2015

All this debate illustrates is the need for a full commission of inquiry into Gukurahundi, and then the facts will speak for themselves.

tony reeler - 5 January 2015

gasi rusere -futseki wako. mbwa. mugabe wacho arikuhwandisireyi ma reports? zvaurikubvunza hazvina zvazvinoreva. ma reports arikuti kudii? futseki.

Der - 5 January 2015

This is the problem of keeping skeletons in a cabinet. One day someone will open the cabinet and report about the skeletons. For 27 good years we have been commemorating Unity Day without substance of spirit. What does that day stand for anyway, we don't know! When we celebrate Independence Day we know what it means and stands for - tell me what Unity Day covers. Don't say to me it was the day ZANU and ZAPU agreed to merge into ZANU PF. It won't wash. The government, all along led by Mugabe, is guilty of a sin of omission. This is a scandal of national proportions!

Kunda Kinde - 5 January 2015

Dungas, mukosho unonhuwa. The great JM Nkomo and the great Mugabe did not lose a single loved one during the Gukurahundi era. So don't tune us shit you imp of an evil prophet.Nxaaa

Chipoto vhaivhai - 5 January 2015

Well said Der. If I add anything else I might spoil your informed comment.Kwete zvaana Dungas vanofunga nemikosho.

Chipoto vhaivhai - 5 January 2015

good reasoning mfana wangu @der. for once i have to admit that you made a gaint contribution. its true, without information, people tend to speculate and that does help to fuel discord. kudos my bro.

taurai - 5 January 2015

Nathaniel Manheru you are bloody stinking coward who uses a pen name in covering for blood spillers in Zanu by calling a person who suffered in your hands,"little men". Shame to you and your generation. Asijiki!!! After Zanu' s demise, we will fish you out and bring you to face justice because from your writings it is clear that you are part of the gukurahundi equation

benard magugu - 5 January 2015

What surprises me is that we are told about chimurenga and the injustices that were done by Smith in 70s but we are to ingore the injustices of the 80 simply because they were done by Robert.

Ruka - 5 January 2015

It is at times like these that one gets to realise how selfish politicians are. It's so selfish that Jonathan Moyo who controls the news content in the Herald would allow such a hurtful article to be published when he himself lost his kith and kin in the massacres. Shame on you Jonathan, for that piece of cake you would do anything ain't that right?

Dr Know - 5 January 2015

Diibulanyika, your problem is you day dream.Who said told you those idiots were well trained.Do you know the reason why Ian Smith never bothered himself with the war in the western part of the country and instead committed more resources to the eastern part.It was because the Zipras force was a joke.Thats why he tasked Munro ewe's drake drakes to deal with zipras whilst the Rhodes a front was deployed to deal with zany a forces.Tell me of any notable battle the zipras fought.All they would do was spend time dancing skhokotsi and drinking beer.Thats why in 1978 we the zanlas had resolved to move into the Zambezi valley beyond karoi into areas like binga, nembudziya, gokwe, while the other groups would move through shurugwi, into mberengwa and then matebeland. It was because we had discovered how useless your zipras were.The idea was to wipe out zipras, dzakudzaku, pfumorevanhu, rrf, and consolidated the two fronts.This plan gained momentum until the British called for the Lancaster house conference. IF the war had progressed for two more years Zanla was on the verge of sweeping throughout the whole country. This problem of unity accord would have been averted. Even your leaders in zapu know this.Zipra was poorly trained and pathetically resourced.Thats why Joshua Nkomo was now resorting to abducting school children to use them as human shields.Remember the Tegwani and Solusi school abductions.I hope you were born by then or you were still in you father's balls.

chimusoro - 5 January 2015

Smith left Dzakudzaku and Pfumorevanhu to fight the zipras, Whilst he concentrated on the Zanla forces., who were better trained and we'll equipped.

chimusoro - 5 January 2015

After all has been said how does Manheru hope to help in healing the wounds of 'the moment of madness'. These wounds they even hurt those who caused them. Manheru's boss can not freely walk aroung this Matebeleland region without fear of the unknown....Manheru's boss sees ghosts from the past coming after him every time he thinks of Matebeleland....hence the creation of bootlickers from this side to try and appease. Tough u are in deep sh*t, the scares are to deep to wishofff. Manheru u full of rotting sh*t and even flies wont touch your sh*t

UNCLE REAL - 5 January 2015

I like it for @Chimusoro bring it and tear apart this unity accord which has caused so much discomfort of us in Matebeleland. Tell us more since you saw it all after having been ozzed out of your father's left ball!!!

UNCLE REAL - 5 January 2015

regazvipore akabva mukutsva. let the sleeping dogs lay. yes we heard Mugabe comments on moments of madeness... but what was Dr Nkomo's comment. he is the one who signed the unity and that was the end of the dissident erra. why were the dissidents only found mostly in the Zapu contrlled areas. i thought these big fishes agreed and sealed the issue before mr Nkomo left us. he the one who should have been forced by his people to reveale why he signe for their death

munyaradzi mabasa - 5 January 2015

Mugabe RobberT Garbagerearly, Kjiohhkcillj Kvuhilj Klkl Kin kL Emmerson Dambudzo Mabulala Mnangagwa. Ok K Uioofjokl Lol ml Kl Kl Lkn Sydney Vudzichena Sekeramayi Old L L L Lol Jillion L L Ok Ok K Ok .Perence the Suede Shiri Mlihkfcghvjnmk ,null Ml K ,M ......the blood of the ndebeles, of shown as, of whites, of your fellow freedom fighters, of the Congolese , of Mozambiquans is talking,,basop

Msuno'mhle - 5 January 2015

@Der, kutuka munhu does not improve the quality of your argument, nor does it melt down the opposing argument. Let's say ndirimbwa, or ndiri pfutsesk, whatever that means, did you even understand what I said? Your dodging my questions and responding to vitriolic slurs, and not even seeing how some of what I say generally agrees with what you say, I begin to doubt how much you actually know about the Gukurahundi massacres, and if you have any insights on what should be done. Personally, I also believe in the value of the truth (part of it which reveals the multi-faceted nature of the massacres), but what I try to swallow is what to make of all that information once I have hold of it, beyond using it to score political goals (like the Chimoio mantra) at the expense of the real victims, while pretending to be possessors of heavenly compassion. I hope you take a look at my stupid questions once again, and see if you can help to answer at least one. I also hope that you actually have some knowledge about Gukurahundi beyond the biased and subjective reports by politicians.

Gatsi Rusere - 5 January 2015

@Chimusoro First of all you are an infant i have nothing to talk to you lets i justfy your nonsense . The fuel bombings AT WORKINGTON IN Harare were done by zipra forces one of the guys who were there was Richard Ngwenya not zanla as you were misled . They did this while spending days at a farm owned by Msipa father in Mfakose . The battle of Hwange which had zipra forces and Umkonto wesizwe Dumiso Dabegwa was there including the late Chris HANI . The list is endless but the problem with you were brain washed by your father a gukurahundi and lot of lies about zipra SAID TO YOU .ZIPRA forces were well armed and they got their supplies from Russsia a super power by then while i do not know who supplied zanu with fire arms .But unfortunately border gezi lessons completely destroyed you such that you need serious rehabilitation .

Diibulaanyika - 5 January 2015

@Chimusoro or skop . All what i have told your i was never told by any one i saw it and someof the things happened while i was there nobody told me like you who is depending on a junk of lies . What you are doing is like an unborn child who will want to tell you about how Mugabe is misruling the country 30yrs from now are you going to listen to that person .? That is exactly what you are doing .

Diibulaanyika - 5 January 2015

@Der we readers have heard what you said you were spot on and to the point we now know who is clever and who not so clever and lacks common sense . For the sack of putting this issue to rest never respond lest you spoil what you had said before . what you must know dander heads take time to understand simple things.

Diibulaanyika - 5 January 2015

we readers = dibu

tose - 5 January 2015

@gatsi rusere don't worry. your arguments are well structured. i have always found depth in all you posts. just remember my brother that there are some who are trying to make sense with their typed material. that may not be as easy. the easiest simple friend may find easier is to denegrade others ne zvinyadzo. kunyora zvinyadzo does potray the mind that thinks zvinyadzo. ndiro basa ra @der na blazi wake @musona wenjanja munovi.

taurai - 5 January 2015

Ndebeles thought Shonas were still fast asleep like in 1890s, then they started a war which they did not see it coming. They were hit very hard even whites were impressed. That time it was real Zanla Forces retrained by North Korea. Usaderere

Parks Papindanyoka - 6 January 2015

After some time the ndebeles will hit back and people like Park s Papindanyoka vachapindwa nemanyoka .KKKKKKKKK

Chimedza matombo - 6 January 2015

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