Gono responds to media land reports

HARARE - Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono has responded to media reports that he will be investigated for owning vast tracts of land in Bulawayo.

The allegations come as reports indicate that Zanu PF heavyweights in Manicaland are planning to completely block him from being appointed senator for Buhera.

Here is Gono’s response in full.

1. Recent media reports emanating from Bulawayo City Council have suggested that “ Dr Gideon Gono is among a number of top politicians and business people  being investigated for owning “vast “tracts of land in Bulawayo which they have neglected developing over the years.

2. The reports further state that my family risks losing the “vast tracts of land to Council for unpaid rates”.

3. A few people were also named in the report as falling in the same category of “ land barons” at risk of losing their properties.

4. While I cannot speak on behalf of any of the listed land owners, and do not dispute the fact that my family have not been able to move an inch to develop our “vast piece of land/stand due to reasons the City Council  is aware of (water etc), I, however, find it strange that neither the Bulawayo City Council itself nor the media practitioners who carried the story failed to provide vital statistics that would have given the public a better appreciation of the “size of the land” each of the “listed land barons” own, and the amounts owed to the city council in respect thereof.

5. Appreciating though that not everyone is adequately trained to deal with and skilled in writing financial and economic reports apart from a universal ability to raise disproportionate alarm that borders on skullduggery in the absence of facts, my family wishes to set the record straight, in the interest of public disclosure of a now public matter to what the “ vast piece(s) of land”we own in Bulawayo entail and in the process, hopefully, give a template to future reports of the same nature:

6. Name and description of property owned: “a certain undeveloped piece of land situate...called Lot  81 Windsor Park.... Bulawayo.

7. SIZE of Land: 4 166 square metres (about 1 acre).

8. Title Deed no: 945/92

9. Name of registered owner: Gideon Gono.

10. Bought for $25 000 (Twenty five thousand Zimdollars)

11. Date of Purchase: 9 April, 1992.

12. Estimated current value: US$10-15 000.

13. Outstanding rates: less than US$1 500,00.

14. This “VAST” piece of undeveloped land will, after paying off the rates owing,  be surrendered in exchange for fair value, to City of Bulawayo.

15. There is no need to waste resources “investigating” anything pertaining to this property when Council could better use the resources so earmarked to improve water supplies in and around Windsor Park area, the very reason why my family opted, way back, to purchase a completely built house in the City of Kings and Queens, than develop that “one acre vast piece of land into a house”.

16. Hopefully the media will in future try to place their facts in proper context so they do not mislead the public for reasons best known to the authors as a certain section of society outside Bulawayo was already excited about this “Gono corruption...of owning vast tracts of land when others do not have half an acre to build their houses...and dispatching people to my home area ( Buhera) with the report and to spread news of Gono’s corruption” KIKIKIKIKIK!

17. Where people have legitimate queries or concerns about my integrity and family property portfolio, including what, where, how acquired, they should seek answers in a proper manner, in a proper context, and answers will always be happily provided! Happy and prosperous 2015!

Dr G Gono

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When we needed you most you abandoned us. We suffered hard, unimaginably hard. In addition, you robbed the diaspora sending money back home to us. You allowed Jocelyn, Robert, Grace, Ngwena and numerous other top ranking hyenas to suck our sweat and, oh yes, our blood tirivapenyu. Now mhanduwe, feel the heat.

ndoozvo - 1 January 2015

1. The chickens are coming home to roost. Remember capitalism recreates itself; the revolution eats its own. 2. After all, all those who draw the sword shall die by the sword 3. Dyiwa iwe uri nyama

Munyazozo - 2 January 2015

Waste on energy Dr G'. we do not care about how much you own...because we know you are very reach from those days you were printing zimdollars, give the useless money to your runners who fulled the nation and collect real money from us while they gave us your useless agro, bearer cheques and 100 trillion notes!!! Yu wuld buy those mitsubish trucks to give your soldiers and your RBZ employees using the loot during those days when yu were the minister of agriculture, RBZ governor, Min of Edu, Min of everything! Then the forex you raided from the bank accounts of many companies-what did you use the money for? Murambattsvina was your own making accusing ghetto people and flee market owners of hiding USD in their zvinyedas...at the end of your Devils' work everyone had zero in his/her bankc account forcing every man and woman in zim a fresh start!!! When will you pay back....so yes, you are corrupt whether this article is true, false or exaggerated...usashamisika zvenhema

TaTanga - 2 January 2015

What rubbish is all that Dr Gono. Who do you think you can fool. Who do you think will ever forget that this country is in this pathetic economic state because of you and you alone. Who can ever forget you striding on the streets of Harare like a peacock with ZBC cameras in tour. Who will forget you going round banks intimidating bankers. Who can ever forget you parading people like on TV insulting them like you did Mr Gwasira ZABG. Who can ever forget how you impoverished thousands by senseless closure of banks like Trust. Who can ever forget your daughter Pride and Praise living the lives of Princesses in Australia. Who can forget how your daughter bought her boyfriend a car when they were both in college. Who can ever forget you having all those illicit affairs with married women at RBZ. How about all those women that you married during your tenure at RBZ. Who doesn't know that when you left CBZ it was technically insolvent and you did not allow it to go down as this would tarnish your "good name". We are not stupid Dr Gono. Please just shut the hell up and watch as ZANU PF move a gear up to finish you off. Actually you are such an idiot.

Tafanana Zhou - 2 January 2015

Dr. Gono. Maybe you dont even deserve to be a doctor like Grace. You are the architect of true corruption in Zimbabwe. in God's name every Zimbabwean would be happy to see you reap what you think you sow. You dont deserve to be breathing zimbabwean oxygen, carbon monoxide better for you and your top piolitical Zanu Pf friends

chiriseri - 2 January 2015

Dr Gono; your chickens at chishawasha Mtoko road toll gate live in state of the art pens yet the workers that keep them live in the worst accommodation like changing room ye zvigure. If you cant improve their conditions why dont you hide them in a durawall its a shame to look at them as we queue at the tollgate. What black empowerment is this!!! You tempting Travelers to attempt to take pictures and get into trouble kunge pa state house, I hear someone got in trouble. Unotinyadzisa mhani pa road pakadaro!!!

Lunar Chicken slum camp - 2 January 2015

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Rodney - 3 January 2015


Rodney - 3 January 2015

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