Outrage over Mugabe holiday

HARARE - Ordinary Zimbabweans and major opposition parties have roundly condemned the First Family’s penchant for glitzy and extravagant State-funded jaunts in faraway countries, at a time the country’s economy is well and truly in the doldrums.

Yesterday, the Daily News ran pictures of the First Family having a fabulous time in an expensive restaurant in Singapore.

Although Mugabe, who turns 91 in two months’ time, betrays no emotion and

appears to be out of sync with the jovial mood at the table, Zimbabweans and his political opponents back home have had no kind words for him and his family.

Jacob Mafume, spokesperson of the MDC renewal team, said the pictures of the First Family having extravagant fun were the latest and clearest sign that Mugabe had little regard for his own country.

“The First Family is showing cognitive dissonance which is opposed to the reality on the ground. The ordinary persons could not afford a piece of chicken at Christmas yet the First Family is showing the whole world that they are enjoying themselves.

“Mugabe has shown us that the people of Zimbabwe do not like him and he in turn does not like the people of Zimbabwe.

“The president should not be indulging himself in gluttonous acts when his people are wallowing in poverty that was caused by his misrule,” Mafume said.

In power since the attainment of independence from Britain in 1980, Mugabe is widely panned for having reduced the country from being the bread basket of Africa to a much-derided basket case.

During his long rule, the country’s social service delivery sectors have been on a steep downward spiral, with hospitals in intensive care, water getting scarce and thousands of children dropping out of school.

Douglas Mwonzora, the secretary general of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC said the snapshots of the First Family wining and dining overseas — were tantamount to rubbing salt in the wounds of Zimbabweans who were sleeping on empty stomachs.

“What the First Family is doing is a display of the typical last supper mentality that has gripped Zanu PF. “Zimbabweans are wallowing in misery and most of them do not have an income to spend at Christmas. They are hungry,” Mwonzora said.

On top of the 4 600 companies that have closed since 2010, more are expected to fold next year and the number of those unemployed will continue to shoot up.

End of year bonuses have all but dried up, with an astonishing 60 000 people having lost their jobs in company closures with nearly 5 000 leaving since Zanu PF’s disputed electoral triumph last year.

As a result, the sparkle long-associated with the festive season is gone and there is an overpowering feeling of dejection among the majority of Zimbabweans, especially the unemployed.

“The carefree attitude that the First Family is displaying has characterised Zanu PF leaders since 1980. Those left in charge are either partying at their farms ... when the country is desperately in need of leadership,” said Mwonzora.

Asked by one person on Twitter why the First Family was having a splendid time while “Zimbos” (Zimbabweans) are starving, Mugabe’s son Robert Jnr, who posted the pictures, replied rather arrogantly, “are you Zimbabwean and are you starving?”

In the unflattering pictures, posted on Instagram — a video and picture-sharing social platform — most of the family, except an out of sorts Mugabe, happily pose for the photos.

Grace — and sons Robert Jnr, Chatunga and Russell (from the first marriage) — along with daughter Bona and husband Simba Chikore, pose for the pictures, smiling smugly in what appears to be an upmarket restaurant.

Asked by his friends about the location of the restaurant, Robert Jnr replied “Nadaman in Singapore! Next time you think of going to the Far East you should try it out.”

Nadaman is an expensive Japanese restaurant for the most affluent in Singapore. It reportedly only serves the rich and famous.

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Ve MDC tibvirei,tsvangirai aiita sei achidya mari achipa mahure mari.....kovakasara muZim mamusinganakirwe here.Do u want him to suffer,he is the president..saka odya muboora here..kulake kwakazara wani,ko ichristmas ka.tibvire...he is loaded

topez - 30 December 2014

Iwe it is better kudya mari nemahure emuZimbabwe pane kupedza mari yedu kunze kwenyika. Mari ikapihwa hure remuZimbabwe at least it will end up in the hands of those poor Zimbabwean folks. Kasanyara kwakadini kwemukwasha kumira mushure maambuya Simba Chikore?. People the fact is no matter how you hate Tsvangirai he is in better position to get out of the mess we are other than the other guys, lets unite for once and get rid of these mbavhas and show our differences later, for now lets unite and find a way out. Fighting and blaming each other now can only benefit Gire and Matibiri.

kadyamahara - 30 December 2014

Disgrace Gucci loves her wine and the finer things for life while ordinary people cannot get basics while the rest of the world take care of the zimbabwean refugees what is sadc making of all this

Heres to Disgrace - 30 December 2014

guys regai vakuru vazorore. makaita sei musina ruremekedzo nevakuru imi? regai vazorore kunyika yechoice yavo. we are wasting a lot of time even on this forum which we could use to improve ourselves. basa reku shoropodzana day in and out. regai president nemhuri yavo vazorore.

taurai - 30 December 2014

Politicians are the same - Tsvangirai used to do the same when he was paper PM in the stupid unity government. Tsvangirai used to go to exotic places like Singapore, Seychelles with his girlfriends and his blind supporters did not say anything against the nonsense. And people like Biti and others were always in UK or USA "addressing conferences" when in reality these were conference trips-cum- shopping trips abroad. MDCs should be the last to condemn Mugabe. Pots calling kettles black.

Musona - 30 December 2014

Imi vanhu ve Daily News hamunyari here. You keep on bothering yourself by trying to flog a dead horse. Your stories are unproductive and you just want people to revolt against the duely elected president because he had taken his family for a holiday. Munofunga kuti vanhu vangazara mumastreet demonstrating why the President is on holiday in the far East- alas . Zimbabweans have come of age. That is why Gadaffi once said.......(....because I am an African leader you expect me to come to the summit on a camel's back......) He was responding to a silly question crafted by one inconsiderate journalist who was quizzing him why he had used a chartered plane to the summit when Libyans were grieving in poverty. You are just trying to jump start Zimbabweans to be negative about the President's holiday in the far east.Gone are the days when people of Zimbabwe were naive to your evil intent.Enjoy your Holiday Gushungo kusvika vabhowekana. Kana zvichiita kwirai kana pa Lurnar PARK chaipo motora mapictures motumira kuti vanyarare. Inguva yenyu gushungo. Kuno Ngwena varipanyanga- zvirikutofaya.

MuShurugwi - 30 December 2014

Grace deserves to take a break and go on holiday, after all the demolitions and destructions she instigated in the zany ZANU, she deserves it. Mugabe on the other hand was being pushed, pulled, told what to do and when to stop blabbering by his young wife. That's why even in the pictures Mugabe has no clue whether to smile or let loose, he was waiting for instructions! What doesn't go down well with us however is while they popping champaigne and making merry, most of us back home in the country they purport to love so much, have nothing to celebrate for even in this festive period.

Dr Know - 30 December 2014

How do you expect a ngomwa to feel sorry for the starving masses a ngomwa is cruel that is what we know . Never expect anything positive from a very negative and rude old frail and reeling from gaffes ngomwa bcoz he does not like you as nation .

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

Moda Bob abate gotsi aridze mhere pa xmas here??? Zvigodii??? People must stop concentrating on trivial matters. The economy is in a mess, election results have been tempered with since 2002, Zanoids continue to loot willy nilly, the list is endless. So, as long as noone is talking about finding solutions to our real problems, better you keep your loud mouths shut!! And by the way Morgiza can forget about being president of Zim, he is another dictator and we've had enough of those.

Dr Chakah - 30 December 2014

@Dr Chakah the economy is doing bad and Morgan can not be president so you say . so what should we do according to you.

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

Mugabe and his family are ruthless,they care for nobody but themselves

lisa tendai - 30 December 2014

Guys enough is enough we are tired of this family they are enjoying at our expense,nonsense.

ola - 30 December 2014

Kuenda Singapore, uchisiya ngoda kuZimba....Ngoda, my foot.

Biri - 30 December 2014

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Dr - 31 December 2014

amana.. I dont see anything wrong with a president having a lavish life... inga kana chidya ndechababa wani... this is a trivia story.. daily news get a life

mutongi - 31 December 2014

while thr might b nothing wrong to go fo a well deserved holiday e issue might b why not go to any of our holiday resorts and post e pictures fo e world to c wt zim has to offer at least we will b marketing our country

ntando - 31 December 2014

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Rodney - 31 December 2014


Rodney - 31 December 2014

MDC is very funny, Tsvangirayi was all over the place and spending money on women, both locally and internationally. So if he were to be in the same position he would even be worse. Better one family than dozens of women. So please MDC you failed. Just give us a break. People gave you a chance and instead of delivering you joined in the splendour during the unity govt. It is then that you revealed to us that you are no better so stop trying to use people to fight a battle that you already lost

T2015 - 1 January 2015

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