MDC salivates as Zanu PF implodes

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC is salivating at the prospects of contesting dozens of by-elections across the country should the brutal infighting within President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF party result in the booting out of up to 100 ruling party legislators from Parliament.

So bad has Zanu PF’s factional and succession wars become — which have so far claimed the political careers of dozens of its bigwigs, including former Vice President Joice Mujuru — that there are growing calls by the party’s hardliners to recall up to 100 legislators from Parliament who are perceived to be loyal to the deposed 59-year-old widow of revered liberation war hero, the late Solomon Mujuru.

And it is this “suicidal threat to liquidate all of Amai Mujuru's allies”, as a senior Zanu PF official put it to the Daily News yesterday, that is giving — the MDC renewed hope of reversing its controversial electoral losses that it suffered last year, through by-elections.

Egged on by his quarrelsome wife Grace and erstwhile supporters of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Mugabe has already fired 16 ministers and deputies, with well-placed sources in government suggesting strongly yesterday that permanent secretaries and service chiefs linked to Mujuru were in line for “similar treatment” when the nonagenarian returns from his holiday jaunt in the Far East next month.

“It’s not just MPs who will lose their jobs soon, permanent secretaries and a good number of service chiefs will receive similar treatment, a kind of new year present, when the president returns (from his holiday),” one of the sources told the Daily News.

As a result, the MDC said yesterday that it was ready to recover lost ground from Zanu PF which was in the throes of a debilitating power struggle as its ugly factional and succession fights crystallised into a monumental bloodbath that was seeing its most popular cadres thuggishly removed from office.

Obert Gutu, MDC spokesperson, said while his party was more eager on “completely fresh polls”, it would nevertheless participate in any by-elections that may be held, provided the political playing field was levelled.

“The fact that Zanu PF is disintegrating is now beyond disputation.

Zanu PF is going to recall no less than 100 of its Members of Parliament (MPs) as the factional fighting continues unabated.

“The MDC will resoundingly win any election in Zimbabwe provided that such an election is free and fair,” Gutu said.

After being ambushed and stampeded into elections last year that were subsequently disputed, with the MDC alleging that Mugabe and Zanu PF had hired an Israeli company, Nikuv, to manipulate the process, the party is keen not to fall into the same trap.

On the other hand, however, critics of the MDC doubt that the opposition party is in a position to capitalise on Zanu PF’s internal wars to wrestle power from the ruling party if the mooted by-elections do eventually take place.

These critics point out to the fact that the MDC, which was part of the inclusive government, failed to push for critical electoral reforms when it was in government from 2009 to 2013, and thus, are now not in a position to influence things from outside. However, Gutu said “unlike Zanu PF which is structurally disintegrating, the MDC recently held a highly successful elective congress that ushered into office a new and invigorated leadership.”

He added that the newly-elected MDC leadership was “already busy” strategising and plotting the way forward.

“Zanu PF held a praise and worship ceremony that virtually created a political dinosaur in the form of Robert Mugabe. The MDC is quite capable of mobilising adequate financial and material resources to launch an effective election campaign.

“We are the real deal and the only game in town,” Gutu said.

With up to 100 Zanu PF legislators facing the boot from Parliament, many legal experts say the most ideal scenario in such an event would be for the country to hold fresh elections altogether.

Zanu PF’s Mashonaland Central province has already thrown the gauntlet in this endeavour — with new provincial chairperson Dickson Mafios saying nine legislators from the province should be recalled as they are allegedly supporters of Mujuru.

Other provincial chairpersons, who like Mafios assumed their positions in controversial fashion, have also been quoted in lapdog State media calling for the ejection of all Mujuru-linked legislators across the country.

“Right now we don’t know what they (MPs) are planning as they were loyal to Cde Mujuru,” Mafios recently told regional party structures.

“There are also rumours that they want to impeach President Mugabe if they unite with the MDC-T. So, right now we are not sure if their allegiance is towards the President and how loyal they are to Government,” he added. Meanwhile, some analysts also say it will bode well for any elections in future the fact that a mere three weeks into his tenure as Mugabe’s senior lieutenant, the knives are being sharpened against Mnangagwa as the Zanu PF faction that worked together to decimate Mujuru falls apart.

The Daily News learnt at the weekend that among Mnangagwa’s new rabid critics were erstwhile colleagues who played a critical role in annihilating Mujuru and her perceived sympathisers, a development that paved the way for his Phoenix-like rise from the political ashes to the presidium.

The sources said Mnangagwa’s former supporters were not just “peeved by his meteoric rise to the VP position” while they had to “make-do with scraps”, they were also upset that he had seemingly forgotten them and was allegedly acting as if he was now “the substantive head of State” while Mugabe was on holiday. As a result, some within the former anti-Mujuru grouping — particularly the so-called “Gang of Four” — now expeditiously wanted the tail of the party strongman cut.

The sources also claimed that it had not helped that the much-feared vice president had recently hosted parties and business persons in his home province, the Midlands, where some of the disaffected hardliners had not been invited to.

Worse still, some of Mnangagwa’s most fervent followers, such as Psychomotor minister Josiah Hungwe, had made the fatal mistake of praising him overzealously at these gatherings — at worst a silly faux  pas that the hardliners had expediently latched on to, in their quest to cut the Vice President down to size.

“There are some within the victorious camp who feel that Mnangagwa in the first place did not deserve to be vice president after doing virtually nothing during the Mujuru demolition job where First Lady Grace Mugabe was used to turn President Mugabe against Amai Mujuru,” a well-placed source told the Daily News.

He said in particular the so-called “Gang of Four”— comprising senior party bigwigs Oppah Muchinguri, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Savior Kasukuwere — was allegedly working to undermine the VP and to “expose him as a power-hungry individual who is not fit to take over from Mugabe”. This, the source added, supposedly explained why Mnangagwa, just like what had happened to Mujuru, was coming under vicious attack in the lickspittle State media — “to discredit him as much as possible”.

Respected political commentator and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Eldred Masunungure recently told the Daily News that Mujuru’s ouster would not translate into Mnangagwa’s automatic ascendency to the highest seat in government.

He said there were now two main factions in Zanu PF — namely the Gushungo (Mugabe’s totem) and Mnangagwa factions.

“The other two factions coalesced against Mujuru and now that they have decimated that faction, the question is which one remains the most dominant?

“To me the Gushungo faction is now in control of the party because Mugabe knows that real power lies in the party, not in the government, so Mnangagwa may not be the winner after all,” Masunungure said.

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The opposition cannot salivate at Zanu-PF's implosion by any stretch. They are themselves so fragmented that they pose a very weak threat, even with ZPF at its knees. Votes will be split across MDC-T, Renewal, Mavambo, Dabengwa and the winner will be Zanu PF.

Goreriyariya - 30 December 2014

there is nothing to salivate for, the opposition is down under ,gorged by the selfish Tsvangirai who thinks no-one is capable of leading the opposition mvt other than himself........cry our beloved opposition twinkle of yester years.

kano tea boy - 30 December 2014

maihwiiii, honai mazitununu eMDC atanga kuhumana, kuti tikanonga dhora totengeyi. Matununu, Zanu haifi yakafunga sembiti semi. What if Zanu decides to just remove the hardliners of the Mujuru faction which translates to close to 24MPs from rural constituencies handiti munotozoita saTocky kuti aah aah ummh ummh VaMugabe vaenda nenyika. Otherwise if MDC decides to recall its MPs they must be sure of what they are doing and possible outcomes. Remember Zanu yaita zvaidiwa nevanhu kubvisa vose vasiri exemplary vari corrupt. Do not cry for elections without a manifesto like MDC T did last time. Look for seasoned polictical advisers, Zimbos in the region or in African, there are so many of them not tumburira sanaMagaisa. There are so many Zimbabweans who are advising ruling parties in Africa contract them.

Haile - 30 December 2014

Can the legal experts enlighten me on the impechment, maybe the opposition can sweet talk the ZPF MPs under fire to draw a fast one on Matibiri before he strikes them down. The impeachment has never been realistic option before now that Gire's bedroom coup has give us a chance lets try and explore it. Lets put our difference aside and strike Matibiri at his weakest moment. Wether you are loyal to Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Renewal, Ncube, Zapu, Mawambo and other parties lets just get rid of Matibiri

kadyamahara - 30 December 2014

mdc t has always been salivating thats all they can do. salivati

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 December 2014

salivating for michato mizvinji pa munhu one. by the time he shows up it would only be for announcing that the elections would have been nikuved. ko kufambira chimwechete se amburenzi zvinei? chance yekutonga yakaenda vakuru vaenda kunoroora mumwedzi we mbudzi.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 December 2014

“…revered liberation war hero, the late Solomon Mujuru”! Utter, utter, tosh. For starters the attainment of black rule had no connection whatsoever with the fighting by Zanu and Zapu. The second thing is - Solomon was the most corrupt government official in Zimbabwe and is no hero because proper heroes are not corrupt. Black rule was attained through two significant round table negotiations the last which was the Thatcher-initiated Lancaster House Conference resulting in a general election in 1980 where Mugabe was voted into power and Muzorewa was voted out. Mugabe and Nkomo did not want to go to this Lancaster House Conference but were FORCED by the Front Line Presidents, Machel, Nyerere and Kaunda. Solomon Mujuru is revered by those who are hopelessly ignorant, those who were born after 1980, or were infants around 1980 and those in ZanuPF who were petrified of him. I want to get that message very, very clear first before I write about possible by-elections.

Musona - 30 December 2014

@Haile above....unogarepi? wandishamisa!!! I would agree with mr reporter that its renewed hope for MDC's to try and restle it from Zhanu. However thier tents are torn too it will be hard to take the opportunity and put up a fight. If only Mujuru could realise her full potential and form her own party....she is the next Republic of Zim presedent. why not when she is well supported more than Mugabe, Grace and Emmerson collectively

TaTanga - 30 December 2014

MDC has always been a deluded party with a deluded leadership, and thats why they have failed to rule this country even with 75% backing of the electorate and international partners. to think that they will simply gain mileage from zanupf problems without initiating their own fight is delusion of the worst order.

Deluded MDC-T - 30 December 2014

Read Tsvangira's end of year message published on 18 December 2014. Here is an excerpt: "Our position on all these issues, guided by our experience in government and our social democratic ethos, is part of our resolutions of the MDC's 4th Congress held last month. Having learnt a lot from our painful experience, we also adopted far-reaching resolutions including one which says that as a party, we will never again participate in any election in the absence of comprehensive reforms that enhance both the framework and environment for free and fair elections." I wonder if the so called political field will ever be level, and if it will be anytime soon. Otherwise we can safely accuse some party of hypocrisy.

Gatsi Rusere - 30 December 2014

we need more leadership in politics not more politicians in leadership- dr myles munroe

mutape - 30 December 2014

The MDC need to stop salivating on this dead rotten chunk of flesh called ZANU, instead they should focus on voter education and mobilise their supporters to go and cast that vote when the time comes. The current happenings in this country point to fresh polls taking place well before 2018, and even it takes us until then for elections to be held, now is the time to show your presence to the electorate. I'm not too sure if MDC's proposals of naming a suburb after Mujuru was a way of trying to lure her onto their side or it was just to spite the other camp. She might also be one of your opponents, keep that in mind and don't ever let down your guard.

Dr Know - 30 December 2014

it is funny that some people can try to twist every thing and tell us that the opposition especially mdc t is in pieces . Since Biti and gang left we are told about this nonsense .Which rally since Biti left which was addressed by Morgan which was poorly attended ? Right now if Morgan calls are rally it will be fully packed It is this paper which told us that Morgan regained his mojo when he addressed well attended rally in Masvingo. if you stay among the masses in locations then you know what i mean Morgan is liked you like it or not people are behind this guy finish and klaa.

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

morgan is another handiende who will refuse to give another and last his whole life as a leader. if that is what we want then we go ahead with him but one thing is certain that we will be stuck with the guy till he is 100yrs old. a dictator in the making he is.

zvirozviyedzwa - 30 December 2014

There won't be any MP's who are going to be recalled, period.

Mfokamdala - 30 December 2014

Then tell us who do you think is better than MORGAN at present ? Do you think you are more clever than the millions who had been voting for him all those people know nothing only you?.Or you hate MORGAN bcoz he is a threat to your loved one Mugabe.

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika, you do not have to love Zanu PF to observe some lack of prnciple in the MDC-T leader. Some people simply feel that he is also developing a cult of personality around him, and once he tastes the full reins of power it might be hard for him to fully let go. Power corrupts even the best of us. And I think there are able leaders in Zimbabwe beyond the ones that we currently have.

Gatsi Rusere - 30 December 2014

Given that Tsvangirai can neither make good decisions nor mobilize his supporters effectively, its doubtful that the so called by elections will usher a new political environment in Zimbabwe-muchangonzwa chete kuti tabirirwa the by elections where not free and fair-leadership failures sink unsinkable ship zvotoda musiki izvi ndiye chete woga achatipa mutungamiriri

Nyamhangambiri - 30 December 2014

It is mugabe who gave these zanu pf M.Ps victories at the polls, which M.Ps themselves could not understand how they won. As long as mugabe is alive he can fire them and paste new names on the elections results which he is in possession already. If ever they are to be by-elections they are just a delayed game. The playing field is not level for free and fair elections. Zanu pf dont have support of the electorate but they are in possession of the results which makes any participation in such polls as legitimising a fraudulent act. Economy is dead already. In my view Elections are meaningless at this point in time. I dont see the importance of M.Ps whilst mugabe is still the president. If zanu pf M.Ps try to impeach mugabe they will be charged with "treason" mugabe style.In any case removing mugabe is like putting an end to their corrupt life which they cant afford. They were put in parliament to sing, dance and cause chaos.

X-MAN IV - 30 December 2014

MDC-T must not tempt fate because since the last mock elections in 2013 MDC-T has split up, others are now MDC-Renewal and there is no guarantee that MDC-T will equal or better their measly 37% of 2013 or that they will fare better in by-elections. ZanuPF will use the same “winning” or rigging formula to win any mock elections. Why would ZanuPF change their “winning” or rigging formula?

Musona - 30 December 2014

it is better for a donkey to rule zimbabwe than the mdc and its womanising leader tsvangirai . The mdc t has nothing to offer and what kind of a party has a name with a surname . SHUT UP MDC T , WE SAW YOUR TRUE COLOURS during the unity goverment u are just a greedy and power hungry party and we will not be fooled .

Smart Moyo - 30 December 2014

@Gasti Rusere who are those who are saying Morgan has developed a cult of not wanting to go . The only people who said so are Mbiti and Mangoma after they unlawfully tried to remove him . So i do not know whether your self can believe such trash although from your comments you sound fairly clever . Biti is a looser never base on his statements against Morgan just listen to the masses in locations and rural areas what are they saying . Remember when Ncube left same things like what you have said were said and guess what next elections Morgan won by 73% . We the common voters see nothing wrong with Morgan so we will not listen to some stupid theories by those who feel he is a threat to their Mugabe . T

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

If you are used to eating rubbish like Smart Moyo you will always fight those who try to re move you from matudzi .

Gammatox - 30 December 2014

This guy Morgan is his own worst enemy. He lacks diplomacy, especially so his call on public forums to try and court his erstwhile dissenters, that split from his party. One would have expected him to talk directly to these gentlemen personally, than trumpet his '' one tent '' theory from a hill top. Those who his message is intended for feel belittled, insulted, big time. The fact that so popular an institution he led, just disintegrated before his eyes begs the question about the style of his leadership. If Gutu and co. are really salivating at the thought of a showdown with Zpf, then maybe he is not in sync with his boss, who has emphatically emphasized that he wont participate in any election under conditions reminiscent to previous electoral conditions. If they participate, then this party does not follow its publicly declared principles and does not deserve the peoples support, for they will have exhibited that they are only interested in attaining power at any cost. In any case they demonstrated their penchant for power when they got railroaded into an election without any meaningful electoral changes, having their heads buried in the sand and dreaming already waltzing into State House.

P. Diddy - 30 December 2014

You like him or you hate him Morgan remains the one who refused to be p Mugabe's puppet that is well documented .You shout do what Morgan is the darling of the nation and we like him we will vote for him Save Chikwapuro

Gammatox - 30 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika, When I said that Morgan is developing a cult of personality, I was not regurgitating any other person's opinion but was just saying out my independent observation. I do not follow Biti and Ncube to know much of what they say, but i do also form independent opinions. if it so happens that my opinion fits what others have said before then so be it. My problem with the MDC-T leader is first how we the masses might have made him to think that he is the only good alternative to the current leader, such that he can't seem to yield the role of opposition leader even though his constitution would have mandated him to. But what did he do? Simple: he changed the constitution, and now the party bears both his last name (hence the T) and its symbol bears his handsome face. If he was true to principle he would have continued the '"struggle" under any other role in his party, and yield the presidency to someone else (as per the democracy that he preaches). But alas, he is already dreaming about contesting in 2018 just like any other politician is. I, a common voter as well, fear that your dear leader, if he ever has the king's seat, he will be there forever (with the purported masses consent as well, just like they all say).

Gatsi Rusere - 30 December 2014

Zanu pf will never recall anyone from parliament. Please stop dreaming and come out with your own strategy as MDC-T to win the next election.Zanu pf has always been like that, soon they will be more stronger than before in terms of rigging strategies. Remember how they bring in the Baba Jukwa issue and the Nikuv saga. MDC-T must wake up and learn, even your power base is shrinking because there is no tangible actions from the leadership to talk about.

Adventure - 30 December 2014

@Adventure, sadly Zimbabwe's politics does not allow constructive criticism.

Gatsi Rusere - 30 December 2014

@ Gasti have you been in the country for the past ten years ? Suwa how can you fail to understand a very simple strategy which even a magogo in Binga understands that every one who moves away from the party wants to continue using the name mdc so in order to keep his voters he used a T a late from his surname and it has worked is there anything wrong about that ? If the constitution has loop holes which are pron to be used by some power hungry thugs in the party surely nothing wrong if you plug those holes . Ncube came through those holes . Biti the same thing so what is that if you were in his shoes what would you have done . if you were normal plug the holes no matter what those who sent Biti say Pluggingg is the answer . One thing you should know if you see a person hated by Mugabe that person is clever that is a fact . Mugabe hates Morgan so much why bcoz he is threat to him More over some of us are not like what the late Joseph Musika called imigodoyi the dog that just follow every one we stand by one person till to the end not to be blown by wind so easily no that type .

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

Ncube is using N on his MDC Mutambara used M on his party did you call them dictators ?

Diibulaanyika - 30 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika, yes I have been in the country for most of the past 10 years, and for the times that I have not been, I try to be abreast with what is happening on the ground. I understand the common sense behind using the T for the party's name, but I am always amazed how few people stop to ask themselves why the Secretary Generals end up leaving in the first place. There is a significance to that which any reflective party should probe beyond a mere changing of the constitution. (Wongorora chikonzero chaita musoro uteme). I am not sure I buy the claim that "Mugabe hates Morgan so much" and that "a person hated by Mugabe is clever." But I see how you mean that the current president loves power (just like the MDC-T leader does), and that he will do what it takes to remain in power (which for him means dealing with opposition leaders like Morgan), and for Morgan the love for power means dealing with in-house dissenters like Biti. Both have plugged holes into their constitutions so as to quell the voice of dissent, so I am not really sure why Morgan is that glorified. Also, for a moment I almost thought that the likes of Mujuru, Mutasa, Goche and the likes one morning woke up being clever once the president's favor was not on their side. I think we should judge Morgan by his virtues not by his opponent's vices. And I sometimes struggle to list the virtues. Could you please help me out?

Gatsi Rusere - 30 December 2014

Also, when you have a chance please do enlighten us on why Mambo Save varikurambirawo pachigaro chamambo we MDC. Panenge panonakidza kugara pachigaro chamambo. Is Zimbabwe that lacking of presidential material that only two people deserve consideration?

Gatsi Rusere - 30 December 2014

Do these politician realize that when they get elected, they actually have to do some work - not just shout their mouths off?

david taylor - 31 December 2014

I fad a dream last night. I saw a very rich and flourishing Zimbabwe. People with joy in their hearts. Happy children in sound education. A very different government in place with very high morals and ethics facing towards God. Pray and turn your eyes to the creator and watch what will happen.

Ken Van Staden - 31 December 2014

How sad that our politicians have seemingly forgotten their roots and the wise words their grandmothers and mothers instilled in them. The mud-slinging, corruption, and greed surely was not taught to them, - I agree with Ken's comment, we do need a government with exceptionally high morals - that is my fervent wish for 2015.

Ronnie Hewitt - 31 December 2014

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Dr - 31 December 2014

@ Gasti Rusere you sound childish and a blind follower of Mbiti as you are just repeating nonsense which was vomiteded by Biti as he tried to defend his failed take over at mdc t . Thorough investigation was made internally and and the problem found was constitution simply as that . ask even the drunkard at any beer garden they will give the same answer now were are you getting lost and confused . ?May you tell us the day Morgan said he will never go as we have never him saying so ? You see some of us are not imigodoyi who can follow anything that just crops like the Bitis of this world . We started with Morgan and we have seen nothing wrong with him finish and klaa . When I said EVERY one hated by Mugabe is clever and gave example of Morgan i thought you will think of people like father zimbabwe ,Ndabaningi .Muzorewa and Smith . but alas hey you just mix up everything eish dander head.

Diibulaanyika - 31 December 2014

You talk of Presidential material people who are hiding themselves bcoz they are scared of Mugabe how do we know them . ? We are talking of amadoda sibili who are not afraid of Matili and the only person who has done that with distinguish is none other Morgan i know you Gasti hate to hear that but it is like that and you wont change that unless you yourself contest the post of president and beat that record if can.

Diibulaanyika - 31 December 2014


Suture - 31 December 2014

the confused one is @diibulaanyika. you are fixed on morgan such that to sensible advice would make you change your mind. this has been the same with many zanu supporters till it got too late. yrs are going by while mogiza is president of mdc t. trust me he will soon clock his own 34 and beyond. we the people of zimbabwe are our own enemy. we glorify politicians to cult levels. no wonder they treat us like rubbish. good or bad, terms of office should be strickly limited. by changing the constitution, mogiza demonstrated that he is just like mugabe period. no difference. another handiende.

zvirozviyedzwa - 31 December 2014

@kenvanstaden: I have been praying for a very long time that the Lord will Himself raise up a man to lead Zimbabwe. A man like King David: a man after God's own heart. To all our fellow bloggers: let us stop picking on one another and debate healthily. let us forgive and pray. God is our only chance. Zimbabwe needs repentance: the church, the people and the leadership.

Righteous Justice - 31 December 2014

i predict that zanu pf will gain seats simply because MDC voters will stay at home and not vote since Tsvangirai has mugabe'd his seat as head of MDC. Zimbabweans are tired of his corrupt vices, his inability to win, his inability to properly strategise. Definitely zanu will gain seats. write this down and record it.

prophet steve blomefield - 31 December 2014

Gatsi should understand that in any contest it is your opponent's mistakes more than your own ingenuity which will carry the day for you. Thus Zanu PF's vices are counting in Morgan's favour big time, if I may help as you requested, Morgan's only virtue is exposing ZanuPF's vices to the nation.

teaboy - 31 December 2014


Rodney - 31 December 2014

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Rodney - 31 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika, I have never listened to Biti, nor to the line of reasoning on why he broke from MDC-T. I am not that much into politics to follow everyone. But it is sort of amusing to know that I sound like I am repeating Biti's reasoning yet I have never listened to him. To say the least, it just makes two of us who have similar opinions on what's going in the MDC-T, not that I care much about the party for political reasons, save for my interest in studying Zimbabwe's past and present, which is an individual endeavor. But yeah, I think the MDC-T can do better than blame its constitution for its woes. MDC-T is not the first political party in the world to have a secretary general nor is it the first one to have people with political ambitions that are stifled by an almost lifetime president, so yes, that was such a thorough and deep introspection! And the results of the introspection: More power to Morgan. Morgan is more! contd below

Gatsi Rusere - 31 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika, Now my friend, there is something called principle, a small word pregnant with meaning, but seldom understood in the political world. How long shall Zimbabweans wait until Morgan reaches the finishing line, if it ever exists? Can we not say that about the current president, and shall we wait for him until he has the 100th Chimurenga under his belt? Once we start changing our own laws to cushion our seats in power then we have started the downward spiral on the slippery slope of power. Obviously nobody will ever say, "I am here to stay". They say what you just said, "I still have a struggle to finish" and use that as a pretext to bend the constitution with the public approval. Now we have two demi-gods in Zimbabwe, whose worshipers are only different to the way they wave their palms in the air (fist vs. open palm) and the regalia that they wear. I think our politics is doomed if we can't see beyond the current presidents of the MDC-T and Zanu-PF, without discrediting any of their contributions (or lack of) to Zimbabweans. And, I am not talking of new plitical parties. I am saying if all that the MDC-T and Zanu-PF can give us are their current leaders, and they can't see beyond those then I am afraid of even having an MP. I would love an MP, a cabinet minister, and whosoever leadeth me, to have at least the potential to lead a country. But according to Dibulaanyika's argument, sorry Zimbabweans for the meantime its only Morgan. Indoda Sibili! Ngiyabonga!

Gatsi Rusere - 31 December 2014

Tsvangirai and Mugabe are poles apart, it makes no sense comparing the two. Mugabe has refused to leave office with the blessing of War veterans, collaborators and the service chiefs, not to mention the support from regional liberation parties like FRELIMO, SWAPO and the ANC . Tsvangirai on the other hand only has the people's love behind him, when the time comes that they do not like him anymore, he will be out of that high office faster than he can say 'More gain'.

Dr Know - 31 December 2014

@ Gasti this is mylast respond to you can you tell us here your reasons why you want Morgan out . But you are going to say what Biti said already which has left me with no doubt that you are his follower . If people say Morgan go he will go but as of now they have not said so only your Biti has said so .and said so unlawfully . It amazes me that you are thinking of have a better person from zanu to rule again after all this shiite the party has done to this country and i have no doubt that they is something wrong with you . .

Diibulaanyika - 31 December 2014

@zirozviyedza come out tell us who is your alternative of Mugabe not just wara wara wara Morgan Morgan is not good . I have told you all point blank that Morgan is the only guy who has refused to be screwed by Mugabe and he deserve my vote and is my right make that choice and i don;t feel ashamed by my choice . I challenge you right here tell us your political leader do not just jump fanika nkuku yenasutile sikafu.

Diibulaanyika - 31 December 2014

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