Mnangagwa under siege

HARARE - A mere three weeks into his tenure as President Robert Mugabe’s senior lieutenant, the knives are now being sharpened against Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa as Zanu PF’s ugly infighting refuses to go away and the party faction that worked together to decimate former anti-Joice Mujuru falls apart.

The Daily News learnt yesterday that among Mnangagwa’s new rabid critics are erstwhile colleagues who played a critical role in annihilating Mujuru and her perceived sympathisers, a development that paved the way for his Phoenix-like rise from the political ashes to the presidium.

The sources said Mnangagwa’s former supporters were not just “peeved by his meteoric rise to the VP position” while they had to “make-do with scraps”, they were also upset that he had seemingly forgotten them and was allegedly acting as if he was now “the substantive head of State” while Mugabe was on holiday.

As a result, some within the former anti-Mujuru grouping — particularly the so-called “Gang of Four” — now expeditiously wanted the tail of the party strongman cut.

The sources also claimed that it had not helped that the much-feared vice president had recently hosted parties and business persons in his home province, the Midlands, where some of the disaffected hardliners had not been invited to.

Worse still, some of Mnangagwa’s most fervent followers, such as Psychomotor minister Josiah Hungwe, had made the fatal mistake of praising him overzealously at these gatherings — at worst silly faux pas that the hardliners had expediently latched on to, in their quest to cut Ngwena down to size.

“There are some within the victorious camp who feel that Mnangagwa in the first place did not deserve to be vice president after doing virtually nothing during the Mujuru demolition job where First Lady

Grace Mugabe was used to turn President Mugabe against Amai Mujuru,” a well-placed source told the Daily News.

He said in particular the so-called “Gang of Four”— comprising senior party bigwigs Oppah Muchinguri, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Saviour Kasukuwere — was allegedly working to undermine the VP and to “expose him as a power-hungry individual who is not fit to take over from Mugabe”.

This, the source added, supposedly explained why Mnangagwa, just like what had happened to Mujuru, was coming under vicious attack in the State media — “to discredit him as much as possible”.

Writing in the lickspittle Sunday Mail yesterday, a columnist who uses the bizarre pseudonym of Bishop Lazarus, and widely believed to be a senior Zanu PF bigwig, accused Mnangagwa of jettisoning party resolutions emanating from the party’s congress, and behaving like the deceased party stalwart Solomon Mujuru, who was widely regarded as a kingmaker.

Lazarus also queried why Mnangagwa had told a business delegation at his farm on the outskirts of Kwekwe that Zimbabwe’s indigenisation laws would be reviewed.

“Dear reader, there are two very worrying things about the statement above. The first worrying point is where this statement was made and secondly if indeed the VP said government would announce new business policies aimed at relaxing the indigenisation laws, then the bishop is amazed that the VP is throwing resolutions from the just ended Zanu PF into the dustbin so fast and furious,” the columnist said.

The columnist went on to say that it was also inappropriate for the VP to hold meetings at his Sherwood Farm, just like the late Solomon Mujuru had done.

“You see it starts with these courtesy calls at the farm and before we know it things get out of hand. There are so many places where these business people could have met VP Mnangagwa without raising any suspicion.

“Once upon a time, the bishop vividly remembers a famous farm somewhere in Beatrice where business people flocked to pay homage to some presumably powerful political skimmer who went on to get entangled in very dirty political games that are today haunting those he left behind.

“We don’t want a repeat of that in Kwekwe because that would be tragic and very unfortunate. VP Mnangagwa is a veteran politician and we hope he will move the courtesy calls to either his offices or some other place that suits his important office,” the columnist added.

The same paper also laid into the minister of State for Mashonaland West, Faber Chidarikire, yesterday for jokingly referring to Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxilia, as the acting First Lady.

“In my entire life I have never heard of an acting First Lady, where did he get that nonsense from. He is not the only one who is getting over-excited but most of these guys now regard Mnangagwa as the President,” a top Zanu PF official allegedly told the paper.

In an interview with the State media last week, Moyo also said people should not confuse Mnangagwa’s appointment as VP as anointment as Mugabe’s successor.

And Mugabe’s nephew, Zhuwao, also warned last week that those close to Mnangagwa needed to guard against getting too excited.

Respected political commentator and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Eldred Masunungure recently told the Daily News that Mujuru’s ouster would not translate into Mnangagwa’s automatic ascendency to the highest seat in government.

He said there were now two main factions in Zanu PF — namely the Gushungo (Mugabe’s totem) and Mnangagwa factions.

“The other two factions coalesced against Mujuru and now that they have decimated that faction, the question is which one remains the most dominant?

“To me the Gushungo faction is now in control of the party because Mugabe knows that real power lies in the party, not in the government, so Mnangagwa may not be the winner after all,” Masunungure said.


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"....they regard Mnangagwa as the President. Yes, why not if thats what they had sought to achive over the years. You don't want them to celebrate their victory. to Zvipfukuto Mnangagwa is the President not sekuru Mugabe.

President Mnangagwa - 29 December 2014

Achapedzana makudo aya achizorana matuzv-.

kkkkkkkkkkkk - 29 December 2014

The appointment of Mnangagwa was a stopgap measure only by Mugabe. What other choices did he have? Not many. I was actually surprised by the appointment - I never gave Mnangagwa any chance of being Vice-President because Mugabe does not like a powerful deputy near him. What I know is Robert G Mugabe will be succeeded by Robert G Mugabe - I don't mean the son. I thought Mugabe was going to appoint someone “harmless” like Gideon Gono as his deputy. Mugabe first and only love is leadership and then his family comes a distant second. Mnangagwa's problems are only just starting. Zhuwao is the main instigator because he wants to succeed his uncle but he is going to have problems winning the hearts and minds of people in ZanuPF. Zhuwao is myopic - once his uncle is dead he will have many, many problems. Jonathan Moyo also wants to succeed Mugabe but being Ndebele is a big hindrance, besides he has too many enemies in ZanuPF. Grace is just being used as a pawn in the power struggle.

Musona - 29 December 2014

Mzilikazi/Lobengula(ndebele), later Mugabe(zezuru) and now Mnangagwa(karanga)-fair isnt it ? Zimbabwe for us all.

Zezuru - 29 December 2014

va ngwena vachingo pinda chete vaktanga ne abuse of office kubudisa vanhu vanga vane nyaya dzavakatongerwa nemutongi asi vachingopinda chete vakati mutemo uri mumaoko angu kudiyi wo ikoko

mr honest - 29 December 2014

This lot is so power hungry they all want to be president at the same time. Ipananai chanzi varume, hamungagare mese pachigaro panguva imwe chete.

Fill - 29 December 2014

The problem with you Daily News reporters is that you just pick phraises and try to create imaginations to suite it. For record Mnangagwa was never picked from Political dust bin as you want us to believe .

MuShurugwi - 29 December 2014

But for the fact that this is a news worthy article the events have no value to the populace in general. What has changed? A cobra has replaced a puff adder. The other vipers complain.

Doctor do little - 29 December 2014

Mnangagwa beware the “devil incarnate”

JMC - 29 December 2014

mugabe is a tumbuka not a zezuru.

correction - 29 December 2014

@ Correction -Vana Correction makazviwanepi zvamave kutaura iwe usingatoziviwo kuti baba vako chaivo ndiyani.Tikwanire do your corrections well.DZOKORORA DZOKORORO YAKO.

MuShurugwi - 29 December 2014

While these thugs are busy fighting for the loot we need one very very strong punch which will crush them all into pieces , Then we can start cleaning and rebuilding our country once more . I see these days Munangagwa is being followed where ever he goes but i think he is counting the chicks before they are hatched he be will be in a huge rude awakening .

Diibulaanyika - 29 December 2014

wow i thot things wer now getting better in zanu,given that the so called distractor in the shape of mujuru was eliminated.gues i was wrong!!!!!

negomomupunzaguta - 29 December 2014

Some of these media created self serving titles are just ridiculous. Mnangagwa is no strongman by any stretch of the imagination. Its all make belief. Mujuru (mr & Mrs) were touted as strong man and woman, Mutasa was called the same and where are they now?

Galore 123 - 29 December 2014

Mnangagwa was appointed & he who appointed him said in his words as VP its a non-job they will be given piece jobs as and when Bob deems. He lost elections twice in his own back yard. Even Job Sikhala would get more national votes than this so called strong man.

Galore 123 - 29 December 2014

now things are now good for the useless four craps they shall see who His excellency Cde Emerson will do as he eventually wouls succeed the old man.muchakohwa zvamakarima vana Jonathan Moyo,Kasukuwere,Oppah Muchinguri and the close to nothing Zhuwawao.You all thought Cde Mnangangwa was a fool and you could manipulate him but in short time he is teaching practical lessons in politics

carson Macate - 29 December 2014 Makes me almost believe the daily news reporter.

Gotsi Rusero - 29 December 2014

There is no smoke without fire in zanu pf. In mutasa"s words "thats their style of work". It is at this farm some time ago a military general said "Crodile" is the surving member of initial politiburo meetings and there is a reason for that. Its all about power scrambles and everyone wants to be as close as possible to high ranking officials. Its like they are betting for a horses. What people in zanu pf dont realise is that Mugabe will die and take zanu pf to the grave. Noone will win these "zanu pf battles" at party level. After that going to national polls it will be a mountain to climb thats if it will be still in existance. Zanu pf will die a spectacular natural death sooner than we think. It is inevitable indegenisation laws will be reviewed after mugabe era.

X-MAN IV - 29 December 2014

I read both Bishop Lazarus and Nathaniel Manheru. Looking at the style and form of their writing, methinks their articles are written by the same person

Bishop Out - 29 December 2014

Please note that ngwena is the next president and a lot of unexpected good things are coming the zim way. He knows that he needs to leave a mark in Zim politics and ngwena cant be removed by media sa Maai mujuru he is smart. Ngwena is a smart politician read between the lines why is he still the justice minister. Minamato yedu had already revealed this to us. I am not a prophet of doom mark my words he is going to transform Zim into a powerful economy.

Ngwena for life - 29 December 2014

VaMugabe: The real people who are after regime change are actually Mnangangwa and your wife, Grace. BE WARNED!

Honaowo Kongonya - 29 December 2014

VaMugabe: The real people who are after regime change are actually Mnangangwa and your wife, Grace. BE WARNED!

Honaowo Kongonya - 29 December 2014

I am not at all surprised by this development. This is all because EDM was not elected and because of that he loses all respect. Everyone knows he is a Mugabe appointment and Mugabe can change him at any time. If he was elected at Congress then he could argue that the people elected him but as it is he will remain under siege because the other contenders think that they should also have been appointed to the post. Ironically it was EDM who pushed for the abolition of elections because he knew he didn't have the numbers.

Ngagwa - 29 December 2014

I remember a friend of mine telling me that the so called strongman Mnangagwa used to cry while they were in detention togather. So i wonder why people refer to this manipulator as a strongman

Referee - 30 December 2014

Mugabe made the fatal mistake of overstaying and not grooming a successor, now there doesn't seem to be anyone fit enough to fill in his shoes. Everyone in ZANU wants to be a leader, that's why you have someone who is over 60 years old still at the helm of the Youth League for example. Nothing happening in Zimbabwe at the moment is to be taken seriously by anyone in their right state of mind. The ink had hardly dried on Chinotimba's human rights award before he raided a farm (yet another one!) The only solution to all this madness is to hold fresh elections, monitored not just by the toothless bulldog SADC and the equally useless AU, but by anyone who wishes to see this nation progress.

Dr Know - 30 December 2014

president Mugabe is a canning fox . . he gives everyone a long rope to hang themselves and . . . . surely they all hang themselves in excitement! he made it clear a long time ago that his successor will be chosen by the people not by himself or the rabid or gutter newspapers as the daily news would want it to be!

critic - 30 December 2014

The mammoth task Mnangagwa faces at being well respected and winning any hearts is his tarnished legacy he already has. The Gukurahundi issue is tattooed on him, the killings and murders of innocent people at election time will forever be aligned with him. And the clumsy stitching up of a constituency in rural Kwekwe to merge with part of Mvuma after a serious serial bashing by little known Chebundo of MDC was a classic.

Dr Know - 30 December 2014

Compatriots its time we need to think why is it that Cde E.Mnangangwa never identified himself with the barbaric team that sought to demonise mai Mujuru and the Gammatox team?He is a crude and mature politician and one who proved he stands by his own gait.Lately he has shown that the gangsters or the group of four that he is no charlatan as the thought he was one amnong them.B e warned all foolish people that he is the man for that position we dont want people without a position to lead us.For their own information even President Mugabe as we speak he has no muscles to meet the standards of Cde Mnangagwa,hence the only honourable thing he can do is to let him take over without ant skirmishes and he should work to retain comrades victimized by Cde Mugabe because of his dictatorial tendencies like Cde Mujuru,Mutasa,Gumbo,Kaukonde,Goche,Midzi,Mliswa,Gwaneta,Mvundura,Machaya,Sibanda ,Francis Nhemaand all others that i have not mentioned to do a proper cleansing process and rid off the party of kakistocrats and carrying white elephants in the likes of Mr Chombo,Jonathan Moyo,Kasukuwere,Zhuwawao,Chiyangwa

carson Macate - 30 December 2014

Munangagwa is a snake period.

The H - 30 December 2014

Remember what Bill Clinton said to G.W. Bush before winning the 1992 elections in the USA. 'Its the economy, stupid!' We need leaders not rulers who can transform this economy. We seem not to have them in govt. All these bootlicking profs and docs; useless indeed. We are sick to the marrow of the politics of individual and personality cults. Political moral decadence has destroyed this once vibrant economy We are now the weeping boys and laughing stock of countries we used to assist e.g. Zambia and Namibia. Wake up Zimbabwe!

taneta - 30 December 2014

ko iwe mnangagwa unogoita mabiko kumusha kwako ati iwe ndiwe uchatora chigaro kana harawa yafa ndiyani? wakapusa. zvinouchaona moto.

Der - 30 December 2014

Mugabe is a nightmare that is refusing to end! All he wants is power to himself and now the whole country is obsessed with power plots. These people killed General Solomon Mujuru before shamelessly attacking his widow, what kind of shamelessness leader is that? Mnangagwa killed Ndebeles with his Gukurahundi operation, Mpoko was part of CIO hence also helped to carry out the genocide as a Ndebele agent. Mpoko was used to attack his own people by Ngwena the same way Mugabe used Nkala a Ndebele to attack Nkomo and Zapu. The current VPs appointed at will by Mugabe to lead Zimbabwe is blood thirsty and unrepentant! I will never go back to a Zimbabwe under Mnangagwa, I would rather die a refugee! nxa! Bayethe Mzilikazi!

Godonga - 30 December 2014

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