Moyo blasts Mugabe, Zanu PF and Zimbabweans

BULAWAYO - Makokoba constituency Member of Parliament, Gorden Moyo says Zimbabweans’ much-lauded high literacy rate in Africa has not helped them to resist being oppressed by President Robert Mugabe since the country’s independence in April 1980.

Briefing journalists in Bulawayo last week, Moyo — a United MDC official — said Mugabe’s leadership had also plunged the country into economic depression.

“We have a country that is being led by somebody who is over 90 (years old) in this 21st Century,” Moyo said.

He said it was appalling that Zanu PF, which had some of the most educated cadres within its ranks, had stampeded to endorse Mugabe as the sole candidate for the country’s 2018 elections.

“The absurdity of it is so alarming and so scary, we don’t understand why a country that boasts of a literacy rate of over 90 percent is still making these decisions that put somebody who is hardly present, somebody who is absent in his presence.

“When he is there he is not there and that is why we saw his wife running all over the country,” Moyo said.

The former State Enterprises and Parastatals minister said despite still exuding confidence and the will to continue ruling this country, Mugabe was well past his sell-by date.

“We have a problem with him as our leader at that age. As he is unable to say the right slogan for his own party, how can he be leading us?

“We have a problem with a president who is now running the country not with his Cabinet and not even his securocrats, but with his wife.

“That becomes the problem and we think that is the problem of age because before that, the man was strong and he would not accept that,” Moyo said.

He said as a result, the nonagenarian leader had failed to steer the economic ship to the shores of success after running down the economy with his decades of misrule.

“We have a serious problem of unemployment and I have not heard either from the Zim Asset document or from Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s budget the issue of unemployment which is soaring above 80 percent,” Moyo said, adding that under Zanu PF, the country’s future looked bleak.

Referring to the on-going chaos within the ruling party, Moyo said this was shoving the already stuttering economy further into the doldrums.

“What has happened over the last four months in Zimbabwe in the ruling party has had ripple effects on the economy. We cannot run away from it. Zanu PF is a ruling and governing party and what happens within it affects all of us,” he said.

He also accused the opposition parties of failing the nation as they disintegrated instead of stepping in at a time when Zanu PF was at its weakest.

“As opposition we showed that we are not strong, if only we were, they (Zanu PF) could not have done that (infighting) because they could have focused on us and not within themselves,” Moyo said.

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Yes we have a serious political problem in the country bcoz of people like you Moyo who are always jikamajika just following winds totally confused .Today you are in this political party the other day on that one what is that you have no respect of people who voted you in parliament you just abandon them and join your party of choice without consulting them and that makes you and Mugabe same same.You talk of reading text books and pass some questions at vasity level but remain confined to the textbook as being educated . This country need natural clever people who can not be blown by wind so cheaply .

Diibulaanyika - 28 December 2014


cheyameni - 28 December 2014

Look at this G. Moyo, a former minister in Unity Government who was reporting to Mugabe. What nonsense is he now dishing out. He is one of the agents of a split in MDC. These are people never to be listened to.

Umagondhlogondhlo - 28 December 2014

My question to you Gorden Moyo is this: Knowing full well that Tsvangison is the most trusted (by us Zimbabweans) and most able political leader (again the general opinion), would you (as his subordinate) join forces with him and usher Zimbabwe into a better political and economic landscape?

TanakaHonest - 28 December 2014

What is the connection between high literacy rate and Mugabe's 90 years? Is he saying the high literacy should push Mugabe out of power? If so how? The fact that the majority of voters endorsed a stupid Constitution shows high literacy without common sense and street wisdom is useless. Has this Gorden Moyo just realised now that Mugabe was 90 years old? Did he not realise that when he was a Minister in the stupid unity government? Why did he not mention this while he was in the unity government? His mate Biti once said Mugabe was “a fountain of knowledge, a fountain of wisdom” and Moyo did not say anything. Gorden Moyo is a moron.

Musona - 28 December 2014

u're right Gorden, 100% right. The mentalities of our fellow countrymen are still 3 decades behind the democratic ideals u guys are at. They will understand what you guys are preaching in the 37th year of Tsvangison rule.

mageza - 28 December 2014

moyo and co have a democratic right to abandon mdc t for two reasons. first of all, the party belongs to tsvangirai no wonder it is suffixed t for tsvangirai. its his personal property. second, perhaps emerging from the idea that the party is his, tsvangirai has overstayed. he finished his legal two terms of office and scrupulously altered the constitution in order to legalise his overstay. moyo and co are right. we need to confrant handiendes somehow so we nip dictatorial tendences in the bud even before such tendences take root. tsvangison must on those grounds be rejected by the people of zimbabwe. if we allow his overstay we would have created dictatoeship our selves. mdc t people do us a favour and replace that man with another of your own people. otherwise you want us to be stark with another 34yrs of morgan leadership. as a people we should be encouraging only two term offices no matter how good a person appears to be.

zvirozviyedzwa - 28 December 2014

Gorden Moyo & co should focus more on problems with the voters roll, voter registration and the reform of electoral laws. Do they and their opposition colleagues even know which voters roll will be used if Mugabe decided to call snap by-elections in constituencies held by the so-called "Mujuru sympathisers" ? It is critical that they join Dabengwa and push for these reforms immediately, otherwise they are forever doomed! The whole opposition seems to be illiterate when it comes to electoral strategies. They should realize that the victors in this round of Zanu-PF infighting are essentially the riggers-in-chief for the ruling party.

Ini Bate-Reke - 28 December 2014

I have no problems with any democratic and progressing people,groups and parties. Moyo on this issue is "OFFSIDE". 2008 mugabe was defeated at the national polls. Moyo failed to push for security reforms during GNU. Moyo is an MP I expect him to make noise in parliament on mugabe issue. I will rate ITAI DZAMARA and his group as best democratic force for 2014 in quest to get Mugabe. Moyo must pull up his socks, when democracy prevails one day, he will realise the effects of high literacy. Bogus politicians will have no chance.

X-MAN IV - 28 December 2014

It is waste of time to listen to political wanderers with no political fixed abondi just gold digging very soon he will be in a move again should another political party is formed by gamatox he is just one of izi phukupukus pliz never listen to him he is lost.

Mavuunakulya - 29 December 2014

Moyo instead of joing those fools you should have joined Itai Dzamara. MDC-T is called MDC it only got a T so as not to confuse the electorate now that there is UMDC I encourage MDC-T to revert back to MDC with its open palm minus Morgan's face. Once Mugabe is removed it will be easy to remove the next leader ask the Zambians. Once Chiluba removed Kaunda and wanted to stay on they said no so it will be easy to tell MT kuti thank you bye.

maita - 29 December 2014

The alleged high literacy rate in Africa of Zimbabweans is pure fiction that Zanu PF loonies love to recite. The teaching profession is a shambles and is a continuous state of regression. The biggest publisher of fiction (Zimpapers) recently claimed Zimbabwe schools are extremely highly rated in Africa. They also claimed that Zimbabwean Universities were in the top 10 in Africa. ~ [LIES]. The founders of the “high literacy rate” myths were of course ass-licking deadbeats from the United Nations and certain other bodies and NGO's. In Zimbabwe they say if you cannot earn an honest living then join the Police force. At the UN they willfully employ incompetent political drop-outs to fictionalize facts and praise sing the “heroic leaders” in the country they are deployed to. ~~~~~~~~~ EXAMPLES :- Take a close look at the background and profiles of newly appointed IMF Resident Representative Christian Beddies, and Alain Noudehou, the United Nations Resident Coordinator .

Crispen Makedenge - 29 December 2014

g.moyo has no zimbabwean at heart.he is a power hungry person as evidenced by his departure from mdc t.continue your power hunting sprees and stop boggling our will end up nowhere if not in zanupf.

DISunity - 29 December 2014

This much paraded high literacy rate is a nonsensical piece of statistics. A lot of people drop out in primary school grade 4 and they are added to that number. What contribution can a grade 4 dropout make in terms of understanding & influencing the system that governs them? Even Olevel and some A'level graduates are happy to take $10 & a piece of bread to go and beat up political opponets with the promise of jobs etc that never materialise.

Galore 123 - 29 December 2014

Phew! when I saw the headline I thought "Jonso" is at it again. But i realize it's a different Moyo. Hey!!

Nathanjo Yomo - 30 December 2014

if you take your time analsying what Moyo has said you see a lot of sense but the problem is the one who is saying it .he was a minister he is a member of parliament who abandoned the party and the people who voted for him what a sellout trying to help us go to hell

mr honest - 31 December 2014

if you take your time analsying what Moyo has said you see a lot of sense but the problem is the one who is saying it .he was a minister he is a member of parliament who abandoned the party and the people who voted for him what a sellout trying to help us go to hell

mr honest - 31 December 2014

oh! yes. People must try and talk sense, reason when they talk of ones age. president Mugabe yes he is 90 but he has not failed to do his work. and to my surprise these guys were in government and they never told Mugabe point blank that he is failing but instead every one of them when coming from a one to one meeting with his would shower praises that they never thought he was such a person so humble, full of wisdom and s courageous leader who would teach, and direct well. one of those is Welshman Ncube and Morgan Tswangirai who they did not wait to say that. so Gorden please look at how you can go back to government and start enjoying again. lastly, l think the president is well focused and he knows that he is old and knows what he can stil do and what he can not do at this stage, so he has his second in charge assigned to do some of those things as evidenced by a wise assignment on the cluster ministries to his two vice presidents. well done gushungo, long live..

nqabeni nkala - 2 January 2015

Strange things are happening to Zimbabwe yet it is supposed to be one of the most literate countries in Africa - really? Here are the reasons for questioning the statement. (1) The Party, is whipped into nominating, the soon to be ninety-four year old grandfather, as its Presidential Candidate for the 2018 elections. (ii) The supposed to be highly educated people, again, were forced to hold a squid - bath, nominating Congress, eventhough, this grandfather, is not to be found anywhere and at anytime. Funny enough, he is the one who does the nominating. (iii) These same people are forced to literally worship (bootlick), the ninety-one, year-old grandfather, as if they were robots or people walking in a trance. Therefore, because of the above reasons, I am forced to "Cry for my beloved Zimbabwe".

Yepec - 3 January 2015

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