Mugabe's current Cabinet rated worst ever

HARARE - As 2014 comes to an end, the Daily News has rated President Robert Mugabe’s current Cabinet team — which is wracked by debilitating factional and succession wars that are devouring the ruling Zanu PF party — as the country’s worst ever.

Apart from scandalously participating in the ugly infighting within Zanu PF, that resulted in the brutal and sometimes violent purging of many party stalwarts such as former vice president Joice Mujuru, Mugabe and the current Cabinet have failed dismally to build on the momentum gained during the days of the government of national unity and to arrest the country’s ever deteriorating economic malaise.

A review conducted by the Daily News over the past two weeks returned an emphatic thumbs down for Mugabe and his Cabinet, with the review committee describing the team as “terribly mediocre” and “wholly underwhelming”.

The committee pointed out the fact that the attention of the country’s rulers had been devoted to either the “mudslinging” within

Zanu PF, or they were frantically trying to save their political careers ahead of the party’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare earlier this month.

As one committee member pointed out, this meant that the country had been effectively “on auto pilot” since Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s disputed victories in last year’s national elections.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai even joked in his end of year address last week that Mugabe’s Cabinet was packed with “enough deadwood” to build a 2014 version of Noah’s Ark.

Such is the political and economic paralysis in the country that analysts say both local and international investors have adopted a fatal wait-and-see attitude — with Zanu PF’s much-hyped economic blueprint, ZimAsset, seen as an empty political slogan and all-round dismal failure.

As a result, the analysts said, there had been more “sloganeering” and blaming of non-existent sanctions by politicians for the fact that Zimbabwe was once again “on the verge” of being a failed State.

Emanating from this, the Daily News rated Patrick Chinamasa, the man who holds the country’s critical Finance portfolio, a miserable 1 (one) out of a rating of 10 as he continues to flap and flail hopelessly ineffectively against the economic hardships bedevilling the country and its citizens.

One politician cruelly said of Chinamasa that he couldn’t even be trusted to “organise a piss-up in a brewery”, while an analyst said he could not “even run a rural bottle store, let alone an economy on its knees like Zimbabwe’s”.

With schools in a sorry state and the country’s once lauded education sector on its knees, Education minister Lazarus Dokora scored a fat 0 out of 10.

Apart from a dismal pass rate at the country’s schools, Dokora has also been tinkering and experimenting dangerously with the critical sector.

From controversial proposals to ban sports at school during the week, to outlandish statements that bordered on insulting the poor, Dokora left many Zimbabweans livid with anger.

His recent and ill-advised decision to close schools early in Bulawayo and Harare, when children were sitting for end-of-year examinations to pave the way for the Zanu PF congress, shocked many.

And as he maintains that parents should be dragged to court for failure to pay school fees, Zimbabweans have pointed out to the obvious fact that he has failed to take into account the reality that many parents fail to pay fees not because they do not want to, but because they do not have the means because Zanu PF has destroyed the country and its once prosperous economy.

Tied with Dokora at ground level (zero) is the Sports minister Andrew Langa.

The under-fire minister controversially flew to Brazil to watch the Soccer World Cup in June when the country’s national team, the Warriors, were nowhere near the Copa Cabana beaches of the South American country.

Analysts also point to the fact that sports in the country, just like the economy, is in intensive care, and the minister, apart from enjoying the costly Mercedes Benz and other luxuries associated with his lofty position, has been a dismal failure.

The minister came under a severe shellacking recently when he allocated $46 million for the little known African Union Sport Council Region Five Under-20 Youth Games, commonly known as the Zone Youth Games, which Zimbabwe hosted — yet he did not appear to give a hoot about the arts and all national sports.

Virtually all sports pundits felt this was wasted expenditure.

Health minister David Parirenyatwa, hamstrung by a lack of funding — with hospitals grossly understaffed, nurses struggling to get jobs and qualified doctors earning a paltry $283 a month — also scored zero.

The fact that the last time Parirenyatwa was minister of Health, that at least 4 000 people had needlessly died of cholera under his watch — did not help his rating.

But there was one predictable silver lining to the dark cloud engulfing the Cabinet ratings. Tourism and Hospitality minister Walter Mzembi continues to do well as was by far the best-rated politician — scoring 7 points out of 10.

Last year the indefatigable minister brought the world to Zimbabwe through the hugely successful United Nations World Tourism Organisation Assembly indaba, and  he has this year commendably ignored Zanu PF’s worthless factional politics, in large measure, to push through his tourism agenda.

Awed by the tourism awards bestowed on the country by the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT), even Mugabe, who usually keeps his cards close to his chest, went into overdrive as he praised the hardworking and high-flying Mzembi — right in front of all of his Cabinet and senior government officials nogal!

This year, Zimbabwe was honoured as a major tourism destination and as the 2013 world’s most preferred cultural destination after it successfully co-hosted the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly with Zambia.

Joseph Made, the  Agriculture ministers scored zero as has become the norm over the years. Made, despite being the minister of Agriculture for 14 years, has failed dismally to revive the sector with his flawed agricultural mechanisation policies.

The minister suffered a further blow when the review team felt he was too arrogant and selfish when dealing with issues concerning the ministry.

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Comments (21)

You should have started with Mugabe in your ratings , How does he rate we want to know or may be you are still working on his rating or you are scared to do so .You can underrate ministers but the bottom line is who chooses these ministers and that is the person who is not fit to be in the position of appointing ministers .In any organisation whenever they is some under achievement by some managers the fingers point to the CEO the same if good results are recorded the CEO is the one who gets the pat on the back and so on . I do not know if organizing some tourism indaba can make one a better minister when infrastructure at some premier tourist destinations are collapsing the few jobs that come by are given to some tribal folks ahead of the locals .What does Muzembi say about a work force for example at some hotels in victoria falls where 90% is not even from Matebeleland regions which i is against the constitution of the land and i think he does not care about it as long his tribes people are at an advantage, to me he remains useless like them all and such ministers who turn a blind eye to such sensitive issues are not good as they do not unite people.

Diibulaanyika - 26 December 2014

I agree with you Dibulaanyika. We want to see how the one who appoints these useless leeches is doing himself.

Kt - 26 December 2014

What you guys don't realise is that Mugabe has since stepped aside and Grace has taken over.She is the one running Zimbabwe right now and that is what Mai Mujuru failed to see and Ngwena correctly saw and capitalised on.All these appointments are being done by Dr Grace.

Chi chariot - 26 December 2014

The main problem is Zanu pf as a collective entity with its bad policies. Ministers are enforcing bad policies of their party. Nothing good can come out of them.

X-MAN IV - 26 December 2014

How can you say “…Zimbabwe was once again “on the verge” of being a failed state” when Zimbabwe has been a failed state since 2005? The last official world Failed State Index for 2013 has the following countries - Eritrea, Liberia, North Korea, Uganda, Syria, Burundi, Ethiopia, Niger, Kenya, Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Pakistan, Cote D'Ivoire, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Central Africa Republic, Haiti, Afghanistan, Yemen, Chad, South Sudan, Sudan, Congo, and Somalia. If you didn't know Zimbabwe has been a failed state since 2005 - it has been consistent.

Musona - 26 December 2014

The head of cabinet is not talked about much. He is old and no longer has the energy to effect policy changes that will prosper this nation. Big changes seem to rest with him and they are no happening. Mugabe is the man to appraise then comes his cabinet

State Chitate - 26 December 2014

You know there is a biblical principle that says that to whom much is given much is expected. In other words leaders are going to be held more accountable than the average citizen and the head of the leaders even more so. ZPF have made a massive rod for their own back and by extension for that of the nation by allowing RGM to stay in power for 35 years. There should have been leadership renewal every 5 or ten years depending on the quality of the President. It is disgraceful. Look at the fruit that Zimbabwe has become and tell me what you see??? It is past the time for a complete change.

Righteous Justice - 27 December 2014

Daily news please can you bring us stories of how our political leaders celebrate their new year but you must exclude those who are celebrating their new year in foreign land. If you can please show us their pictures .

Diibulaanyika - 27 December 2014

yOU ARE RIGHT-TUCKSHOP MANAGERS ARE BETTER MANAGERS THAN THE ZANU PF WAY OF MANAGING THIS COUNTRY. THAT'S WHY FAKE PHDs are being awarded to these loons who cant sit down and read even for five minutes.

THUVIBENJA - 27 December 2014

P. Chinamasa is a big disgrace to the legal fraternity and his family;more than the disaster he is to the economy. A senior lawyer bootlicking and arse creeping for a living.......shuwa

Abri - 27 December 2014

More jobs is what we want!

Goal Worth Global Network Employment Agency - 27 December 2014

how can you rate a company then exclude the CEO if zimbabwe was doing very well who would be taking the credit surely not ministers

Harare - 27 December 2014

ending over-due myths .... That there is a Shona people or language, ot an Ndebele ethinic group in so called Matebeleland - both serving colonial divide and rule tactics. That Israel is legitimate That Gukurahundi was an unprovoked project directed at ethic cleansing That ZanuPF is Mugabe and vice versa That speaking English with a foreign accent (esp Indian) is murdering the lingo That Bulawayo is the City of Kings and Queens, and Harare the Sunshine City That Daily News can and does rank Ministers That Unity Accord united the two separate entities (that remain separate inside PF) and That liberation war was about land. A people's liberation is essentially about their own sense of dignity.

Ken Girtz - 27 December 2014

At they free cars and benefits! Lucky niggers who enjoy their jiggers!

Tjingababili - 27 December 2014

At least they free cars and benefits! Lucky niggers who enjoy their jiggers!

Tjingababili - 27 December 2014

Mugabe has been an unmitigated disaster to Zimbabwe and ZPF a monumental failure. It is useless to rate them now. They should have been history and deserve no place in Zimbabwe,s future. Please Zimbabwe, lets all unite to get ourselves rid of this burden called ZPF that we are saddled with. As long as they remain in power, believe me, we are doomed as a people and a country. Enough is enough.

Kufakwejeyi - 27 December 2014


chikhangalapfula chwonyiwa+khumba. - 27 December 2014

I disagree with their rating of Chinamasa he is the only one running around to row the boat that all of them are rocking. His role before the elections was very toxic but he has since stopped cursing and ranting at political enemies. Blame him for worsening our domestic debt by refusing UNDP election funding now he has trouble sorting it. I would give him a 5 for concentrating on the economy though he wont win

Mtongigava - 28 December 2014

zim is rated 171 out of 189 countries on the ease of doing business index, the cabinet is filled with deadwood, zimasset projects the economy will grow @ an average 7% untill 2018 bt the country is failin to achieve at least 3%. Mukweguru is busy spendin millions in diaspora. Ah chopper akati Mon, Tues, Wed ...... ndaremerwa ini!

gandanga - 29 December 2014

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