Mnangagwa not guaranteed presidency: Moyo

HARARE - Information minister Jonathan Moyo has set tongues wagging with his comments at the weekend that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rise to the position did not mean that he would automatically take over from President Robert Mugabe when the 90-year-old leaves office.

Analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday were baffled by why Moyo had felt compelled to comment on the thorny succession issue now, given that the subject had proven to be seriously divisive in the ruling party — leading to the brutal purging of former vice president Joice Mujuru and all officials perceived to be loyal to her.

In an interview carried by State media yesterday, Moyo said both the Zanu PF and the country’s constitutions did not prescribe that Mugabe should designate his successor, an averment that was supported by Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao in his weekly column in the same State media.

What made Moyo’s comments even more interesting is that since Mnangagwa’s appointment, temperatures have allegedly been rising within the faction that propelled the party strongman to power — amid talk that the faction of party hardliners was reportedly locked in a nasty and escalating dogfight among themselves.

A senior Zanu PF official even claimed in an interview with the Daily News last week that Moyo did not “entirely trust Mnangagwa” since the 2004 Tsholotsho Declaration, which allegedly saw the VP dumping his followers who were savagely dealt with by Mugabe for plotting a coup against the 90-year-old.

And by having risen from the ashes of that Tsholotsho debacle so spectacularly, many analysts and Zanu PF members alike have been of the opinion that Mnangagwa was now crown prince and that the leadership of both the party and the country were now his to lose.

Political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya said yesterday, Mnangagwa’s ascendency to power had not been sanctioned by Moyo or Zhuwao.

He also said apart from being Mugabe’s nephew, Zhuwao was “a nobody” in Zanu PF, adding that all top party and government appointments were the sole preserve of Mugabe and top securocrats.

“If Mugabe fails through incapacitation, Mnangagwa will become the leader of Zanu PF and government and surely he will not fail.

“What this camp is doing is to make sure that Mnangagwa does not fall in the same trap as Mujuru. Moyo and Zhuwao are not necessarily enemies of Mnangagwa,” he said.

However, soon after Mujuru’s purge, respected political commentator and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Eldred Masunungure, told the Daily News that Mujuru’s ouster would not translate into Mnangagwa’s automatic ascendency to the highest seat in government.

He said there were now two main factions in Zanu PF — namely the Gushungo (Mugabe’s totem) and Mnangagwa factions.

He said the two factions had operated as one to destroy the Mujuru camp and it now remained to be seen if they could work together.

“The other two factions coalesced against Mujuru and now that they have decimated that faction, the question is, which one remains the most dominant?

“To me the Gushungo faction is now in control of the party because Mugabe knows that real power lies in the party not in the government, so Mnangagwa may not be the winner after all,” he said.

Moyo and Zhuwao are considered not just to be part of the Mnangagwa faction, but also members of the so-called “Gang of Four” that also comprises senior party bigwigs Oppah Muchinguri and Savior Kasukuwere.

The Daily News reported last week that the Mnangagwa camp was allegedly deeply mired in intra-faction brawls, amid suggestions that the “Gang of Four” was looking forward to grab more power in the party — and that it was allegedly not happy with Mnangagwa’s ascendency — on account of the fact that he had allegedly played a minor role in Mujuru’s ouster.

“It would be unconstitutional and indeed undemocratic for the president to do that. As such, those who want the president to designate a successor are either charlatans or enemies of constitutionalism and democracy,” Moyo told the lapdog Sunday Mail yesterday.

Moyo claimed further that there were people who were bent on confusing an appointment with an anointment, adding that the Zanu PF constitution and the Constitution of Zimbabwe did not provide for the anointment of a successor.

“And in the case of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the current succession provision does not allow for automatic elevation but requires the political party of the previous incumbent to nominate the successor in accordance with its internal constitutional procedures, and the Zanu PF constitutional procedure provides for the convening of an extraordinary Congress to elect a successor should that be necessary.

“Anyone who wants to succeed president Mugabe will have to win the hearts and minds first of the membership of Zanu PF and then of Zimbabweans,” he said.

On the other hand, Zhuwao described the averments that Mnangagwa would automatically take over from Mugabe, by virtue of being a VP, as “mischievous”.

“The appointments are not about succession, nor are the appointments about succession’s toxic cousin, factionalism. The newspapers of December 11, 2014 had headlines like ‘It’s Mnangagwa’ and ‘Mnangagwa finally arrives’.

“This narrative is further bolstered by the mention of a non-existent distinction between the two VPs by seeking to address Cde Mnangagwa as the ‘First Vice President’. This is then reinforced by mischievous statements that say VP Mnangagwa has been set to succeed president Mugabe,” Zhuwao said.

He added, “Such a narrative naturally leads to high expectations by those who are close to and are part of VP Mnangagwa’s family in both the natural sense and the political one. The exuberance can quite easily result in such statements as the ones attributed to honourable Josaya Hungwe which have been described as ‘blasphemous praise singing’”.

Hungwe was attacked by the State media after he likened Mnangagwa to the “Son of Man” — wherein analysts were quoted saying such kind of hero-worshipping would create an alternative centre of power.

Commenting on how some Zanu PF officials believed to be aligned to the former VP Mujuru faction were chased away from Mnangagwa’s party celebrations, Zhuwao said, “They (VPs) cannot be denied to anyone as was unfortunately done in Zvishavane where some people were chased away from their VP,” he said.

Dewa Mavhinga, a political analyst, said yesterday that uncertainty continued to shroud the succession saga.

“Judging by the shenanigans of the 6th Zanu PF congress where internal Zanu PF rules and constitutional provisions were blatantly disregarded in a well-orchestrated move to stop the people’s choice, former vice president Joice Mujuru from contesting, while paving way for Mnangagwa and (Phelekezela) Mphoko, one would agree with Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao that by becoming vice president it does not mean Mnangagwa is an automatic successor to Mugabe.

“If Mnangagwa falls out of favour with Mugabe, like Mujuru did, then he will be cast into the political dustbin, like Mujuru was,” he said, adding that for as long as Mugabe wielded total control over the party, it was difficult for Mnangagwa to consider himself a successor.

But analyst Shepherd Mntungwa said the utterances by Moyo and Zhuwao yesterday created confusion “at a political perception level” about their loyalty to Mnangagwa.

“It’s possible that their statements are innocent, but given the turbulent events inside Zanu PF over the past few months, this creates serious confusion at a political level about their loyalty to VP Mnangagwa and what their real game plan is,” he said.

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Thank you Mr Pedzisayi Ruhanya for a very intelligent observation.the truth of the matter is Mnangangwa is not the new Head of State whether his erstwhile friends the likes of Jonathan Moyo,Zhuwawao and the Kasukuwere.For their own information they were all used by the Vice President as they do not meet his style and political matrix.The president is apparently in the stage of incapacitation as witnessed by his utterances at the Congress " Pasi ne Zanu Pf,Ndatenda zvangu" "Ndozvandinoitwa kana kumba veduwe"

carson Macate - 22 December 2014

There is rule of law in ZANU PF and government so Mugabe, senile or not, he will do as he wishes. Bob is the problem in ZANU and for the country.

Garikayi - 22 December 2014

The president is apparently in the stage of incapacitation as witnessed by his utterances at the Congress " Pasi ne Zanu Pf,Ndatenda zvangu" "Ndozvandinoitwa kana kumba veduwe" THE MAN PRESIDENT DESERVES A BILLION VOTES OF NO CONFIDENCE. HE IS ALREADY INCAPABLE, FULL STOP.

springboard - 22 December 2014

On a personal level, whats so special about ruling Zimbabwe or any other country for that matter ? Useless stress??

selele - 22 December 2014

Cabinet iri mu bedroom menyu. ghire na bob.

lodza - 22 December 2014

it takes two or more atagonising forces to form factions. zvino mugabe chose to deal with one faction leaving the other for expedience. saka iyoyi faction yezvipfukuto yochinatsozviratidza zvayiri especially after its purported victory

Zvipfukuto faction on the rampage - 22 December 2014

On the 11 December 2014, I stated, among other things, “Mnangagwa has been appointed to spite Mujuru. Mnangagwa's problems are only starting. He is Mugabe's choice not ZanuPF as a whole's choice. Mnangagwa is not Mugabe. In any case Mnangagwa's appointment is technically illegal or unprocedural”. Mnangangwa will have a lot of problems if Mugabe dies. He was chosen by Mugabe as a stop-gap measure. Most in ZanuPF do not like him. Everyone in ZanuPF want to be the President. Jonathan Moyo also wants to be President - he is not saying all this out of national duty but for his own presidential ambitions. It is wrong to say Zhuwao is a “nobody” in ZanuPF. The country is owned by his uncle and all appointments in party and government are made by Robert Mugabe, Grace together with Zhuwao. What Zhuwao says should be taken seriously as the official position. Zhuwao is Mugabe's megaphone, if you like. Zhuwao will be a “nobody” when Mugabe dies but as long as Mugabe is alive Zhuwao's utterances should be taken seriously.

Musona - 22 December 2014

Ukasakoshesa mukadzi wasabhuku, mwana wasabhuku kana kiti zvayo yasabhuku unofunga kuti ungapagara pabasa pacho? kkkkkkkk

maths - 22 December 2014

Mnangagwa is like his boss Boss Bob, both cowards. They leave the heavy lifting for others and they come in to claim the spoils and claim they did the lifting all by themselves. Mugabe eliminated or neutralised all the potential leaders leading up to 1980 by using simpletons to do his dirty jobs and has continued in the same vein.

Lt General - 22 December 2014

They is nothing new said by motor mouth Moyo .Mugabe himself said his deputies were just boys like ball boys at a soccer game who just wait for the ball to go out and nothing else They are not being groomed to take over from inkosi Mugabe that is a taboo . So this thing of counting on chicks before they are hatched by Munangagwa is being overzealous and also dangerous to his life . Especially when some of his boot lickers praise him instead of Mugabe .

Diibulaanyika - 22 December 2014

The "crocodile's" chances of becoming the country sitting President are NONE. His best shot will be on interim basis like now when mugabe is in the Far east. Zanu pf is like a jungle and gloves are always off. There is no smoke without fire in zanu pf. Whoever makes such remarks in zanu must be taken seriously. Its exactly how it began and eventually led to mujuru being fired. Prof Moyo is the spin in zanu and he dont spin for nothing. Something is indeed cooking in zanu. Zanu pf's biggest battle is yet to come and when it comes there will be no winner. Mugabe will die with zanu pf. People in zanu dont trust each other. They all want to be leaders and at the rate they are moving currently. Zanu will explode sooner than we think. I believe that there is people in zanu who are aware of the medical confirmed expiry date of 1924 model. The dust is seems not to settle after mujuru's sacking.

X-MAN IV - 22 December 2014

Mnangagwa has outsmarted the First Couple. Robert because of his chronic paranoia and Grace because she is mentally pliable and not very intellectually endowed. In the process, the couple have lost their most loyal and reliable lieutenants to the once-beaten-twice-shy Mnangagwa. Although it may well be that Bob opted to support the "better devil", the "devil" he chose to get rid of was actually no devil at all but his best mate. After nature takes its course and Bob is gone, Grace will realise that she is not different from the average Zimbabwean after all. She will no longer be useful to the "better devil" and will be discarded in the political rubbish bin.

wabhwaira shasha - 22 December 2014

It's all about a game of politics in Zimbabwe every top ZANU pf member is trying to make a name and prove innocence in Mugabe,s face to win his heart. Let the ball roll and see

Sipho Nkiwanae - 22 December 2014

Prophecy Prophecy Prophecy..Botswana I am seeing a coffin of a high profile figure very very soon may the Lord guide you,,

Prophet Andrew - 22 December 2014

Povho yakaita payo ikavhota - zvimwe zvasariremi makapinda pazvigaro zvinovhoterwa. Ko tichazvidya moyo sei pazvinhu zvatisina simba rekushandura?

TumaJeremiah - 23 December 2014

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chiremba - 23 December 2014

UJonathan yinyoka enkulu esingene endlini, uma bengananzeleli uzoyiqeda iZanu. Grace will be the biggest looser, she is being used as a pawn by both Moyo and Mnangagwa, and her purpose has alomost been accomplished. When they are done with her she will find herself left alone and useless like a used condom! The political machinations that took place in a space of 2 moths; starting the so called meet the people by the fake dr have all the signature of my hommy, J Moyo; by the time they wake up it will be too late. Jonathan cares for no one but himself!

Gordin Malaba - 23 December 2014

I'm one of the few who insist Mujuru may be down, but not out. I still see a ZANU.PF Democratic Party fielding a candidate in 2018. What with all the 'sensible ones' out of the Mugabe/ camp, do they have a choice? Perhaps going back tail in between the legs, cap in hand asking for ruregerero / uxolo!

Rejoice Ngwenya - 23 December 2014

The problem we have given lofty labels to nonentities, really Saviour Kausukuwere and Oppah being considered big wigs ah ndatya hangu shows the level of politicians we have mediocre.

maita - 23 December 2014

This is a clear case of sour grapes on the part of Zhuwao and Jonathan Moyo. They worked so hard to get Mujuru out of the way with their eyes set on getting themselves onto powerful positions both in the party and the government, but it didn't turn out that way. Muchinguri had a her eyes set on the Vice Presidency, Moyo wanted the Information post. The fact that Mnangagwa will not become President is not debatable, he has a very small following in the party and the citizenry do not like him at all, a fact that he is very much aware of himself. In the few days that he is been at the helm, he has already shown that he is not leadership material by chucking away perceived enemies who had come to celebrate with him his ascendance to power. What kind of a leader is that openly selective? His close allies are mostly thuggish school drop outs like that one Gokwe MP who was once involved in a fist fight with another legislator.

Dr Know - 23 December 2014

Just waiting for the next elections!

zuruvi - 23 December 2014

will chose to be myself. its better i start to believe in myself.

Tichaona Revai Sithole - 23 December 2014

Jonathan Moyo. I've just watched an episode of a German documentary series called 'Hitler's Henchmen'. The literature-based doctorate on which 'Doctor Joseph Goebbels' relied for gravitas, underpinned his overwhelming need for respect and acknowledgement from Die Fuhrer. Sound familiar? Your convoluted language, past and present easily identify you as a follower of Reich propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. For the record, he was Chancellor for one day, May 1, 1945, after Hitler and Eva Braun had killed themselves in the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin just ahead of the Soviet taking of Berlin. That day he shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. Their bodies were then burned in a shallow trench by SS guards. Hours before, they killed their five children in the bunker with strychnine. I hope you have the intestinal fortitude to save your wife and children and send the south before the povo come for you. Which they surely will. Netsai

Netsai - 23 December 2014

Its a long way to go ,3 issues govern the country:viz security agents,army &constitutiom

Chimuka Toddy - 23 December 2014

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flixcom solutions - 23 December 2014

veduwe tumirai mikumbiro kuna mwari siyanai nezvakawanda munofa

muzenda wezaka - 23 December 2014

"Information minister Jonathan Moyo has set tongues wagging with his comments at the weekend that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa's rise to the position did not mean that he would automatically take over from President Robert Mugabe when the 90-year-old leaves office." Jonathan Moyo's interview was very staright forward and it is also obvious that E.D Munangagwa has been appointed VP and not President or Heir Apparent as others would like us to believe. It is as clear as that. I have seen Mutumwa's referance to Prof.'s articale and another one by Zhuwao and wondered why intellectuals would want to misrepresent facts. The theme of JM's interview was to clarify the difference between anointment and appointment and Munangagwa's position of Vice president.

Timothy Thorton - 23 December 2014

Daily News stop writing rubbish. Find scribes who are mature in terms of this nation. Your toddler journalists are doing more harm to the repetition of this otherwise reputable paper. Look they even assisted in sinking their own boss.

dungas - 23 December 2014

Dr known hapana zvamunoziva nePolitics kana mashaya zvekutaura ridzayi muridzo. Mnangagwa achakutongai muchida musingade. kana SHUMBA vasina vanhu ko ane vanhu wacho ndiani. Ndiwe wega asingamude vanhu vese tinovada Shumba

Murambwi - 23 December 2014

The people of Zimbabwe needs food on their tables nekuendesa vana kuchikoro kwete kushaya basa seDaily News swero nyora zvisina basa. we are not interested nenyaya dzanaMnangagwa, Jona etc we need way forward of Zimbabweans chete not wewe isina basa. Adini Mnangagwa respect him ndiye next President for yo info even JONA, Kasukuwere and Zhuwao knows it very well.Siyai maKaranga timbotonga

Murambwi - 23 December 2014

Mnangagwa wairasa. Ko unogoita party seyi kunge ndiwe uchaita president?

Der - 23 December 2014

To all those idiots who are criticizing the daily news you have the alternative read your Herald bcoz it writes what pleases you as well as Munangagwa and Mugabe or else go and hang your self

Chimedza matombo - 24 December 2014 - 24 December 2014 - 24 December 2014

chimedza matombo - ko iwe ndiwe ani kutaurira vanhu zvekuita? kusure kwako. tinoverenga zvatinoda uchida usingade. pfutseki.

Der - 24 December 2014

In zimbabwe were there is no rule of law, bad governance, brutal political system and no democracy, A media press like daily news is a "NECCESSITY".

X-MAN IV - 24 December 2014

@Der urimata isinga geze anditi pepa renyu ma cio i herald iwewe ndiwe unoda kutaurira vamwe chete sa Mugabe irichituta.

Chimedza matombo - 24 December 2014

chimedza matombo - mhata ya mbuya vako. mbwa.

Der - 24 December 2014

chimedza matombo - kana usingade kuti tiverenge daily news regera kuburitsa pa internet - mhata ya mbuya vako

Der - 24 December 2014

musatukane vana vezimbabwe. we are all aspiring for a functioning economy and country. our concern is the same. lets debate with resoect, both of the publishers of this news paper and this forum. Have a lovely holiday and a prosperous 2015.

taurai - 24 December 2014

where is my comments I sent yestaday

Murambwi - 24 December 2014

Daily News a peace of Shit hamuna News swero dzokorora better copy News from Herald kkkkkkkk. Mapererwa ndozvakaipira kunyepa unosvka pakupererwa end up repeating news ki Sell Outs

dzikamai - 24 December 2014

Yes dzikamai u are rit this paper is full of shit

Murambwi - 24 December 2014

You see fools expose themselves read again what i said before never did I say do not read this paper but that if you feel it is writing what you do not want read your herald as a cio of which this moron calling its Der is .Tucheche twakazwarwa ne mashottime urimwana wevambi iwewe Der donkey asi wakuda kwita dictator sa sekuru vako Matibili zimba .

Chimedza matombo - 24 December 2014

@Der uregere kusutu madodi kana uchjnyora pa internet savage son of a bitch .

Chimedza matombo - 24 December 2014

chimedza matombo - machende amai vako.

Der - 24 December 2014

@Der awuchasuti madodi asi kuti waku seva nemadodi ndo saka muromo wako uchinuwa mai vako ndinovaziva ndakambo vakwira muchitima .

Chimedza matombo - 24 December 2014

chimedza matombo - mboro amai vako.

Der - 24 December 2014

The reason why the country is in such a mess is pursuit of parochial policies.The way forward is pragmatism-acceptance of the need to reengage the world and to transact business on the basis of what the world understands.We seem so paranoid nobody wants to deal with us or help us.

gandanzara - 24 December 2014

i just read maxillar prophecy , part of it reads : 5. IT IS WHERE WE ARE NOW! The Spirit of God tells me that the BREAK is over! Things will start to move now! There will be the last run towards the liberation of your nation! But no matter what happens keep God first! Your nation is God's! Your country is God's! God loves your people! He will liberate your economy! Zimbabwe shall be a giant in the world economically and your people shall become giants in ruling the world and in offering leadership to the world! The beginning is back from the end! Those who thought it will never happen; you are only blinded by your short-sightedness! WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN: I speak passionately about your president because God keeps revealing about him >>> I see weakness, feableness and I see him making LARGE chunk of news worldwide with his slow exit from power and later to his grave! If He goes to be with the Lord - it is well there is nothing wrong with that! It is not wishing him bad but speaking it as it is! His exit is NIGH! I see diplomats coming in and going out fast! I see they are coming to bid farewell to this family! I see they do not hold anything against Zimbabwe but they are still afraid for their lives! So they come and go but the news agencies are in Zimbabwe in numbers to cover this end! This death will bring Zimbabwe to a stand still BUT BOOMING in BUSINESS! Business people GET READY for your KILL! I see the passing on of another leader of the same generation as that of this president almost the same time but this one precedes! I see then that power will be quickly thrown to a Zanu pf leader to rule Zimbabwe but their leadership shall not hold water! God shall create the platform for you people of Zimbabwe as God spoke to choose your God given leader! The question still remains; WILL YOU CHOOSE HIM or DENY HIM?

tariro - 25 December 2014

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