Zapu in talks with Zanu PF rebels

BULAWAYO - Zapu President Dumiso Dabengwa says his party has since held meetings with expelled Zanu PF cadres in a move likely to usher Zimbabwe into a new political discourse.

Addressing journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Friday, Dabengwa described the purging of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies as a well calculated move by the ruling party to establish a permanent dictatorship in the country.

“We have been meeting people that we fought with in the trenches. These are people who have been expelled from Zanu PF,” Dabengwa said.

“You know (Rugare) Gumbo was expelled and you know Ray Kaukonde was expelled from chairmanship and these are not just members from Zanu PF but officials from Zanla as much as we are officials from Zipra.

“We have been meeting those who were formerly in Zanu PF as much as we have been meeting those formerly in MDC-T,”  the Zapu president added.

Although he could not be drawn into naming those he had met Dabengwa went on to say; “But of course people who have been easier for us to discuss with are those that shared the trenches with us in the liberation struggle and this is why they have been bold in the leadership of Zanu PF.”

Asked whether he has personally engaged Mujuru as part of the so called on going meetings, Dabengwa said; “We have not yet discussed with the former Vice President but with individuals most of them being members of Parliament”.

The Zapu leader nicknamed the “Black Russian” during the liberation struggle said his party was not going to sit back and watch Zimbabwe turned into a dictatorship by Zanu PF.

“The same trend is to destroy all those progressive forces within the party (Zanu PF) such that they can form their own dictatorship where nobody asks a question and they do as they please,” he said.

Dabengwa said 2014 will be remembered as a year where “the beast feasted on its children displaying that its disdain for democracy was not reserved for the opposition but could be turned inward.”

Mujuru and eight ministers were fired from government by President Robert Mugabe on allegations of plotting to effect regime change but the Zapu leader felt it would be astounding if such a large number of previously key political actors from the Mujuru faction remained silent after such a callous purge.

“We have not sought their collective views but we have it on reliable authority that people like Rugare Gumbo, Ambrose Mutinhiri and Ray Kaukonde are not going to take fate lying down,” said Dabengwa, adding that all those who were purged should stick to their principles and fight for democratic space.

Dabengwa, however, dismissed claims that Mujuru was the mastermind in the alleged plot to unseat Mugabe who is currently on his annual leave in the Far East.

“If VP Mujuru had been plotting, as we are made to understand, and we have got a very sharp CIO operative security network in this country she could have been tracked down.

“In actual fact she could have been charged even before Amai Mugabe came in with her countrywide rallies and more so she was VP and she would even act when the president is away but only come congress (time) she gets chucked out, that is personal,” he said.

Dabengwa, a former Home Affairs minister said the Robert Mugabe government was an “expert” of fabricating charges against their perceived enemies.

“But as far as they are concerned it’s the matter that they are now probing very vigorously and we suppose they will come up with charges for that matter. But for somebody who at one time was charged with treason in this country I know exactly how they operate, they will fabricate anything that will enable them to keep you in prison as long as they want,” he said.

He also bemoaned the continuous hero worshipping of Mugabe which he said was a sign of an evolution of the dynastic Gushungo clan.

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Those who have failed before can not teach us anything. If Dabengwa thinks Cde Joshua Nkomo was stupid to accept the unity accord,then what can he teach us as Zimbabweans? These people formed mavambo long time ago,so,let them join hands and we will see where it will take them. What can Rugare Gumbo do now? Let alone Mutasa and Kaukonde. Zanu PF haipererwi nevanhu. If one thinks they are big than Zanu PF,then the result is there for us all to see. Aiva madziva ava mazambuko.

MemaZimbo - 21 December 2014

matricks ndiwo asingaperi.

Tahir Iqbal - 21 December 2014

this man says a lot of sense. we all have some bad past to account for. but lets judge the man by what he says. I believe that no-one is spotlessly clean. whilst others have their Damascus moment early in their lives, for others it comes late. When they finally see the light lets welcome them. By continuing to alienating them, we perpetuate evil.

madagara kasulumane - 21 December 2014

@Memazimbo to me it sounds as if you were born last week when you praise zanu of not running out of tricks but as soon as you finish your praise worshiping you drink water from the well heavily polluted by human waste from blocked and broken sewage pipes right in the capital city . Zanu has no tricks to win elections in the country as some dander heads would like to think but it uses force and threat especially in rural areas nothing else . ZANU is now zuru rakapinda nyoka it has completely run out of new ideas.

Diibulaanyika - 21 December 2014

Lets hear from the ones who were at the river. This man knows what he is saying "Dabengwa". I believe anyone who has a clear conscience, a sound mind & is after a pure heart cannot stay in Zanu PF otherwise he/they will be chased out. Light cannot mix with darkness & the devils know this very well. Lets STOP Dictatorship for the better of future generations. WHO CAN BE OUR OWN NELSON MANDELA. ?????

springboard - 21 December 2014

Zanu under the Leadership of Mugabe has failed Zimbabwe & the Southern African Region. It pains but that the truth & that's what it does.

springboard - 21 December 2014

Mugabe is taking all us to his grave bcoz we zimbabweans have developed parasitical tendences where we think someone will come and chase away Mugabe for us whilst we sleep with our wives and girl friends . Lice go into the grave still sticking to the dead body and that is exactly what is going to happen to us in a future which is just around the corner.We ARE SO DOCILE LIKE ZVICHEMBERE ZVEMA DONKEY NJENGEZALUKAZI ZABOBABHEMI ZICHEMBELE ZYIAMADONKEY .

Diibulaanyika - 21 December 2014

Any political party that associates its with these limping rejects is bringing poison within its ranks ..It is like including old injured players in you team to play against a formidable side which has young fit and injury free players . Parties must be careful before they swallow poison .

Diibulaanyika - 21 December 2014

There is nothing meaningful to gain from the Mujuru clan. What political milage does Mr Dabengwa think he will gain from Shamhu, Jabulani, Joice, Skhanyiso, Muchena, to name a few. I think Mr Dabengwa is not politically intelligent as he has always been portrayed. I always question how became the Zipra intelligence and security supremo but maybe age is fast catching up with him.However I think it was by chance. As of now he is simply making one bad political move after another. I do not see him rising again in Zimbabwean politics unless some drastic change occurs. He now seems so desperately seeking relevancy and influence but both are gone. Given the opportunity I would advise him to quit active politics. His best before date like all his political colleagues is long past. They should now sit back and ponder whether their race was run well or not??.

mosquito - 21 December 2014

Should read "how he became"

mosquito - 21 December 2014

Dear Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa. Much as I personally respect you as one of our liberators whose liberation credentials are unquestionable You seem to play circus politics You were involved in the formation of Mavambo BUT you chickened out when push came to shove? We can never TRUST you with a future Zimbabwe COMRADE YOU ARE A COWARD!

Tonderayi Chanakira - 22 December 2014

Dear Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa. Much as I personally respect you as one of our liberators whose liberation credentials are unquestionable You seem to play circus politics You were involved in the formation of Mavambo BUT you chickened out when push came to shove? We can never TRUST you with a future Zimbabwe COMRADE YOU ARE A COWARD!

Tonderayi Chanakira - 22 December 2014

haaaaaa, ma 1 chaiwo.

fatso - 22 December 2014

so many tricks and so many FAILURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Mzite - 22 December 2014

Lets have the following in place for 2018 as a coalition 1. Jpyce Mujuru (President of State) 2. Dumiso Dabengwa (Coalition Parties President) 3. Morgan Tsvangirai (State Prime Minister) 4. Tendai Biti (Deputy President Coalition Parties) 5. Welshamn Ncube (Deputy State President) 6. Simba Makoni (Deputy Prime Minister) 7. Didymus Mutasa (Coalition Parties Chairman) 8. Rugare Gumbo (Coalition Parties Spokesperson) 9. Elton Mangoma (Secretary General Coalition Parties) 10. Thokozani Khupe (Women Affairs Secretary Coalition parties)

Command Center - 22 December 2014

@Mamezimbo for own information Mugabe, for one, thinks he is bigger than Zanu pf.To him it has become his project ,soon to be or already a family project.So what are you saying about one thinking that he or she is bigger than Zanu pf? I understand your pisition esp if you are benefiting from this mess.Hamupererwe nevanhu asi makasopererwa nemaIdeas kare kare zvako.

tongesai - 22 December 2014

Zanu pf rejects have nothing to offer in this dynamic world. Speaking of " trenches zanla and zipra'. Its 2014 people still talk of trenches. Bornfrees are 34years. In 5years times they will be elligible as presidential candidates.

X-MAN IV - 22 December 2014

l agree Dabegwa must rest, he is too old for politics. Zimbababwe shame on us luk at RSA the development, not even talking abt Singapole or far east where we always want to go and admire their development. its possible to make zim luk like malesia, we have the mineral resources. all we nid to do is jus manage them well n stop living like the devil. power power but we do not know the meaning of it. shame on us. when will development come?

ndionei - 22 December 2014

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