Fearful Mnangagwa cancels celebrations

HARARE - Acting President Emmerson Mnangagwa has cancelled round two of his victory celebrations that were scheduled to take place today at his Sherwood Farm, just outside Kwekwe.

Sources told the Daily News yesterday that the secretive Zanu PF stalwart had apparently taken this unexpected decision because he was allegedly afraid of antagonising President Robert Mugabe following the controversial and sycophantic praise that he received from his supporters at the Zvishavane bash.

In particular, politburo member and Psychomotor Minister Josaya Hungwe received vicious stick from lickspittle State media this week after he overzealously described Mnangagwa as “the son of man” at the Zvishavane do last week.

But Cornelius Mupereri, the Zanu PF Midlands Province spokesperson, said the celebrations had been cancelled because of urgent provincial meetings that conflicted with the celebrations.

“People thought that the celebrations will be held this weekend. But it is not going to be, so we shall have to organise for another weekend for the celebrations.

“There are two party meetings in the province chaired by Kizito Chivamba the acting provincial chairman that are going to take place, so we can’t have the celebrations,” Mupereri claimed.

Asked about the ugly incident in Zvishavane where party bigwigs who were perceived to be sympathetic to former Vice President Joice Mujuru were chased from the celebration, Mupereri said this would not occur again.

“I was in Zvishavane for the celebrations but I did not see that happening. I read about it in the newspaper. We don’t expect the incident that happened in Zvishavane to happen again,” Mupereri said.

John Holder, Zvishavane-Ngezi MP, also confirmed the cancelation of the Kwekwe celebrations, but gave a conflicting reason.

“I don’t remember that the celebrations were to be held this weekend.

There was never a date for the celebrations. It was just announced that they shall be held at another day at the Vice President’s farm.

“We were only informed of the party provincial meetings today. We hope that people  are not going to lie that they were chased away from the party when they come uninvited,” Holder added.

However, authoritative sources said today’s function was cancelled because the first one had been mired in controversy.

“There is a general feeling that what Hungwe said could have upset President Mugabe so we saw it wise to cancel the celebrations.

“The VP is scared to be seen as another Mujuru who wants to present himself as an alternative centre of power in Zanu PF to President Mugabe,” one of the sources who  requested anonymity said.

“With Mnangagwa acting as the president, if he is likened to Jesus again this would be viewed as a coup de tat on President Mugabe who is on holiday.

“Mnangagwa is keen on portraying himself as Mugabe’s loyal lieutenant, so the celebrations will no longer go on as scheduled because there are some overzealous politicians who will go out of their way to put the VP in trouble. So it’s safe to play it safe.

“Mind you, some ministers and ambassadors were chased away from the celebrations in Zvishavane and VP Mnangagwa had not approved this.

“Yet this move portrayed him in bad light, so I can tell you that the first round of celebrations did more damage to him than good and we saw it best to cancel the Sherwood celebrations,” the source added.

Lapdog State media — which had reserved its vitriolic attacks for Mujuru and her allies — panned Hungwe’s slavish hero-worshipping of Mnangagwa, saying this carried the danger of creating an alternative centre of power in Zanu PF and implying  that VP Mnangagwa was above Mugabe who had appointed him to his new position.

Mujuru was dethroned as Mugabe’s deputy for allegedly creating her own centre of power and undermining her boss.

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Zezurus goodbye to politics! New era: karangas and Ndebele are in charge!

Tjingababili - 21 December 2014

nyika wotongwa navana mnangagwa haa tongogara akamuka anochema

gadziko - 21 December 2014

Live by the sword, die by the sword is an old adage.

Tahir Iqbal - 21 December 2014

This kind of reporting is shameful to say the least. Do you want us to believe that there won't be any celebration in Kwekwe for ever? What will tell us if the celebration is scheduled for another weekend when all those who are suppose to be there are free? Listen to your headline and tell me if that is true. Fear of what really? Munoshaya nenyadzi dzose vanhu imi. Nyaraiwo mhani.

MemaZimbo - 21 December 2014

Iwe MemoZimbo, ED arikutya bedzi, headline iyo haina kumborasika nyaya.VP ava varikutya heavy kuti vanogona kutsamwisa Bob bcz macomments evanhu vakaita sana Hungwe anobva anoita sekutoti ED ndiye atove president zvinova zvisingadi Bob.Also maitiro ana Mudha ekungodzinga vanhu varikufarira VP wavo ndeekushaya hunhu,maitiro iwayo ndeemakorokoza bcz VP ndeve nyika yese kunyange tisingavadi hedu tose va Ed vacho nenyaya dzekudeura ropa kwavakaita nekwavachaita.Ana Mudha ngavatiitire mushe.

Dokora - 21 December 2014

izvozvi muchaonaMnangagwa ouraya Bob kuti zvinzi ndimai Mujuru.

zvichanaka - 21 December 2014

mnangagwa way eying the presidency since 1980. ken flower the then CIO boss of smith predicted this when he went to swear allegiance to Robert Mugabe. lets brace for it guys. he will be president soon. vakaronga naGrace naMuchinguri. nyika yodzokera kumashure futi. enough z enough guys.

zvichanaka - 21 December 2014

Praise and worship is for God alone. Mugabe has been worshipped in place of God for too long. And ZPF. And there is never any humility or rejection of that worship. They actually think they are worthy. Dangerous place to be! Wake up Zimbabwe! Stop placing adulation on mere men. What, for goodness sake, have our politicians actually done for us except bring destruction and misery. It is pathetic.

Righteous Justice - 22 December 2014

Ngwena should learn from the past.If there is anything that he should know is that the monarch does not want who people prefer to replace.He can not envisage Zim without him or him without Zim. He is the Kim of Zim.At least he thinks so

tongesai - 22 December 2014

He has to cancell the celebrations. In zanu pf CULT , celebrating is always seen as a plot to oust mugabe. Prof moyo the spin doctor has already fired the shots that mnangagwa is will not take over from mugabe. Thats massage is coming from bedroom. A Congress will decide. All the people who were in zvishavane are marked people when mugabe dies. If zanu pf is to decide its presdential candidate mnangagwa's chances are ZERO. Mnangagwa has become VP at a wrong time in zanu pf. Mugabe will not hand over power to him and people will not vote for him at national polls. Zanu pf will die a natural cause.

X-MAN IV - 22 December 2014

It does not matter who finally takes over from Bob. The thing is anybody who can improve the lot of the people would be welcome. Basing policy formulation on rabid hatred wont get us anywhere. See how Republicans' rabid hatred of Obama has backfired.The US economy has registered unprecedented growth at 5% and seen the lowest unemployment levels in more than a decade.This thanks to Obama's much derided stimulus package. Zimbabwe needs pragmatic policies not hate- driven policies that have yielded stagnation, even negative growth in many sectors of the economy.It does not matter which leader brings this about- the people deserve better. It does not matter who leaves government or who comes in. We need a paradigm shift, we can't bury our heads in the sand for ever or lie to the people in perpetuity.

gandanzara - 24 December 2014

Thanks "gandanzara" not kuwawata kwana" x-man k"usina point empty vassel

murambwi - 26 December 2014

Thanks "gandanzara" not kuwawata kwana" x-man k"usina point empty vassel

murambwi - 26 December 2014

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