Tribalism rocks warring Zanu PF

HARARE - Tribalism and regionalism are threatening to rip apart the warring Zanu PF, with the once dominant Zezuru group in the party apparently angry that President Robert Mugabe overlooked them and affirmed Ndebeles and Karangas after the recent brutal purging of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her perceived allies.

While the presidium — with Mugabe (a Zezuru) at the helm and deputised by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko (who are Karanga and Ndebele respectively) appears to be evenly balanced — well-placed sources in the ruling party told the Daily News yesterday that the Zezurus and the Manyikas were allegedly feeling that they got a raw deal after Mujuru’s thuggish ouster.

“The (factional and succession) war in the party is far from over. If anything, it is raging even more, only that this time it is under the surface after the firing of Mai Mujuru and her people, and it (the war) has become more complex and confused.

“It is obvious people are not fighting about the present, but are looking at life after Mugabe, with who people are and where they come from an important part of the war.

“It is also plain obvious that Mnangagwa has an unfair advantage over his rivals at the moment, but still it’s aluta continua (the war continues),” a top ranking Zanu PF official said.New fight over spoils of victory FROM P1

While senior party officials, including Mugabe, have been putting up a façade of unity after the controversial purges — the sources said there was “a feeling of betrayal within the high echelons of the party”, particularly among the Manyikas who felt that “they deserve better” as they had borne the full brunt of the liberation struggle and had played a leading role in ousting Mujuru and her sympathisers from power.

“They are particularly sore that they were not rewarded with key politburo and Cabinet positions in the recent appointments by President Mugabe,” a central committee member said.

In that light, there was a feeling that Oppah Muchinguri, a Manyika — who is now the secretary for Transport and Social Welfare in the politburo after giving First Lady Grace Mugabe her influential Women’s League post on a silver platter — was unfairly treated by Mugabe.

Supporters of Muchinguri from Manicaland had hoped that she would at the very least be appointed the party’s secretary for Administration, if not one of the vice presidents, but instead it was Chombo, an academic with no liberation war credentials who was given the key post that formerly belonged to veteran and now discarded nationalist Didymus Mutasa, a Manyika.

However, the presence of Chombo, a Zezuru, in the high corridors of power, had done little to allay the misgivings of the Zezurus overall, who apparently regard him not only as “a mafikizolo” (johnny-come-lately) but also “an unpopular, but blue-eyed boy of Mugabe who has been deployed in this position to spy on them”.

“After the decimation of the Mujuru camp there is now none in the top hierarchy of the party from the once powerful Zezurus who can fancy his or her chances of competing for the reins of power with Mnangagwa, who is well poised to succeed President Mugabe.

“This is not going down very well in that constituency as it has long been thought that it was ordained by the Creator from the days of Southern Rhodesia to run Zimbabwe,” another party veteran said.

Also of concern to the Zezurus is the humiliation that was handed to Sydney Sekeramayi, the minister of Defence, who was once the secretary for security in the politburo and now occupies the “lowly, obscure and little-regarded portfolio” of secretary for war veterans, detainees, restrictees and their welfare.

Sekeramayi survived spirited attempts to have him ejected altogether from the party’s leadership on allegations that he was working with Mujuru.

This ultimately saw him losing his secretary for security post to Kembo Mohadi, a Venda, and Sekeramayi’s wife being shamefully roughed up at Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” conference earlier this month.

“Of all the Zezurus in the politburo it is Sekeramayi, who is the most senior and experienced, but look at the position he was given. He is of no significance as the secretary for a few thousand genuine war veterans and ex-detainees.

“The country has now clearly gone to the Karangas and Ndebeles,” said  another senior party source from Mashonaland.

Analysts told the Daily News yesterday that the tribal and regional schisms devouring the party amid its factional and succession wars were not new.

They pointed out to the fact that the country’s history had always been littered with tribal and regional tensions between various groups and particularly between the “victorious Shonas” and the Ndebeles soon after the country’s independence from the British in 1980. This had escalated into a civil war which witnessed an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians brutally losing their lives in the early 1980s in the Matabeleland and Midlands regions.

“Before and during the recent purges in Zanu PF, there was a loose alignment of forces who felt at the time that their interests were tied together against the dominant Zezuru-fronted group.

“But with Mujuru and her allies now brutally booted out of the way, this group which coalesced around Mnangagwa is now turning on each other viciously as the infighting takes a different dimension and tribe and region become important considerations as the time to share spoils arrives.

“As sad as this is, in a way it was almost entirely predictable and it will probably get worse as President Mugabe’s time in office comes to an end,” said analyst Shepherd Mntungwa.

So bad have relations become in the Mnangagwa camp that some of its members were quoted by the Daily News earlier this week begrudging the fact that Mugabe had rewarded him with the VP post despite the fact that he had allegedly “played a lesser role in the ousting of Mai Mujuru”.

Sources also told the Daily News that the so-called “Gang of Four” — comprising senior party bigwigs Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, Oppah Muchinguri and Saviour Kasukuwere — were allegedly deeply mired in the intra-faction brawls, amid suggestions that they were looking to grabbing more power in the party.

This group, the sources alleged, were working closely with controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe, and at times operated as the brains trust of the Gushungo (Mugabe’s totem) clan — that looked after the interests of the nonagenarian and his family.

It is further alleged that this group has worked very hard to try and get Senate President Edna Madzongwe, a Zezuru, to become vice president, and not Mnangagwa — whom they allegedly believed had not done enough in the lead-up to Zanu PF’s congress to deserve the post.

The new Zanu PF Politburo members are:

* Ignatius Chombo (Secretary for Administration) Zezuru
* Obert Mpofu (Secretary for Finance) Ndebele
* Saviour Kasukuwere (National commissar) Zezuru
* Simbarashe Mumbengegwi (Secretary for External Affairs) Karanga
* Kembo Mohadi (Secretary for National Security) Venda
* Oppah Muchinguri (Secretary for Transport) Manyika
* SK Moyo (Secretary for Information) Ndebele
* Patrick Chinamasa (Secretary for Legal Affairs) Manyika
* Mike Bimha (Secretary for Economic Empowerment) Zezuru
* Josiah Hungwe (Secretary for Production and Labour) Karanga
* T. Chizema (Secretary for Health) Zezuru
* Chris Mushowe (Secretary for Economic Affairs) Manyika
* Grace Mugabe (Secretary for Women’s Affairs) Zezuru
* Pupurai Togarepi (Secretary for Youth Affairs)
* Joram Gumbo (Secretary for Education) Karanga
* Thokozile Mathuthu (Secretary for Gender) Ndebele
* Joshua Malinga (Secretary for Disabled Affairs) Ndebele
* Cain Mathema (Secretary for Land Reform) Ndebele
* Jonathan Moyo (Secretary for Science and Technology) Ndebele
* Sithembiso Nyoni (Secretary for Business Liaison) Ndebele
* Prisca Mupfumira (Secretary for Environment and Tourism) Zezuru
* Sydney Sekeramayi (Secretary for War Vets Affairs) Zezuru
* Sekeramayi will be deputised by Chris Mutsvangwa who will also sit in the politburo.Tribalism rocks warring Zanu PF

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S Khaya is not Ndebele but Kalanga, just as you have put Mohadi as Venda.

Nkalanga - 19 December 2014

me dont see no change. mazezuru and ?Ndebele two dominant groups in ZANUPF politiburo. Manyika as usual, we support. others to get power. From what has been presented Zezuru including Mugabe=7; Ndebele 8 including Mphoko, Karanga, 4 including Mnangagwa, Manyika 4 assuming Mutsvanga is Manyika. Pupurai Togarepi was not assigned his tribe.

madagara kasulumane - 19 December 2014

Mukaranga panyanga dzii. Iam sooo happy. Zvedu Zvichaita chete! Saka Munangagwa chiita mushe kwete humondi neuori. Takangatisingadi asi tadzora moyo.

Muvhitori - 19 December 2014

hazvinei kuti munhu anotaura rurimi rwupi. tose tirima Zimbabweans. what matters is how much one works for the development of the country. so far pur politicians have only been known for corrupt tendencies. i wish this team realise the importance of establishing practices that will contribute to the ethos of good politics. we have to think of the future generation in all that we do.

taurai - 19 December 2014

We need to grow up as a nation and stop these childish tribalism games.South Africans with 11 official languages have managed so far to accomodate each other, especially the blacks. You hardly here of stupid tribalism fights , i guess their moto is no tribe is more important than the other.i applaud them when it comes to that, they are definitely a step ahead of us.

tariro - 19 December 2014

at least minority tribe such as VENDA , is represented unlike NDAU. no MINISTER to date from this tribe.

hemwaimboti - 19 December 2014

@Tariro and @Taurai, I salute you. Looks like we have a serious problem here, or at least there are forces trying to create chaos in our country. There are too many tribes in Zim but we are all Zimbabweans. Please, people, let's grow up a little. This Middle Ages-like thinking will destroy homes, villages and the country at large since you find each tribe now scattered all over the country, and not to mention inter marriages. European, Asians and the Americans and the rest of the world know us as Zimbabweans, because that is what we are and should always be. Pasi nevano promota tribalism.

Anti Tribalist - 19 December 2014

This moron who writes under the names kudo muchena or taurai or gatsi rusere or the truth is employed by Daily News to be some sort of bolshie or devil's advocate maybe to keep the debate going or to fool the snooping authorities that Daily News is not entirely one-sided. Most Zimbabwean publications do the same. This idiot comes up with very stupid responses. Townships were cheap rental houses built by the whites to house urban employees who could not afford to build or buy houses of their own. White people did not come all the way from Europe to indulge black people by building expensive mansions for blacks for free. Chiyangwa and Obert Mpofu are rich by African standards but are they building expensive mansions for all their employees? No. Why would whites, total strangers, build expensive mansions for every black person? Senseless. How many of the affluent blacks built or are building expensive mansions for their nannies or garden boys? None. When whites first came they faced stiff resistance from the few local blacks to instil some kind of order. Blacks refused to work for whites understandably so because working from morning to sunset for someone was an entirely new phenomenon to them. Blacks preferred to go hunting and spend the whole day drinking beer - that was the norm then. This resulted in the whites searching for labour far afield in Mozambique, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland. (Continued below)…..

Musona - 19 December 2014

zano zano zano haya hameno after 5 years mnangagwa anobviswa futi akuda kuuya president hameno musvene chaiye ndiyani kumdhara uyu

gadzano - 19 December 2014

(Continued from above)…Are the townships which were built by the whites still there? Yes. If these townships were unsuitable for human habitation then, as some idiot politicians used to say, why are people still living in these township 35 years into black rule? Township houses were a massive improvement to the mud-round houses (rondavels) blacks were used to in the Reserves. Blacks in townships were regarded as the elite. Whites had the money to build expensive houses for themselves. There was nothing stopping those who did not like living in townships buying stands and building their own houses but they had to build in designated areas for reasons of control and good town planning. There's no way affluent blacks would have dared live or build houses in white suburbs because they would have been labelled “sell-out” by other jealous blacks. It was only in the mid-to-late 1970s that intrepid blacks started building and buying houses in white suburbs. The other reason was white HYGENIC habits and black HYGENIC habits were totally different. Some blacks had never used a flushing toilet and were only used to dumping in the bush and leaving without washing hands. OH YES it was the truth and is still true today despite what anyone says. Blacks only started using electricity in 1960. Most could not afford to pay for electricity then. These are some of the reasons why blacks were in cheap rental housing in the townships. Most people will be offended because they do not want to know the truth. I know the truth because I saw all the changes taking place. There was a logical reason for what was happening. I was brought up in an era when owning a bicycle was regarded as a sign of affluence in the black cycles. Age matters when debating Zimbabwean politics. You have to be familiar with what the situation was from the 1940s right up to 1979 and thereafter.

Musona - 19 December 2014


Jay - 19 December 2014

The ZANU PF Politburo has no Ndebele. They are all localised Shona of Karanga origin. Look at this: Obert Mpofu is from Jambezi ( Nambiya),SK Moyo is Kalanga, Thokozile Mathuthu is a muroora in Matabeleland North. She comes from Belingwe, Cain Mathema is a Gushungo unless you say Bob is a Ndebele. Jonathna Nathaniel Moyo is a Kalanga, hakuna Moyo yechindevere, Moyo unonzi nhliziyo nechindevere. Sithembiso Nyoni is Kalanga from Matobo district, uko kwaana Lovemore Moyo we MDC ya Tsvangirai. Ndiyani asara? Hapachina.

Simweena Bantu - 19 December 2014

no Tonga, no Nambya, no Sotho! and no one seem to be worried

manqoba mamamela - 19 December 2014

mr musona, was is fair then that another people came into another's space and imposed themselves on us? where is justice in that phenomenon? i am not saying the oppression of blacks by blacks is acceptable. no. two wrongs do not make a right. i wish for a propserous zimbabwe - led by a zimbabwean. my argument is that that era is envisageable. i choose to see beyond this current government. that is my prayer.

taurai - 19 December 2014

Dont take this Gamatox Paper seriously. Which well placed sources. U are just trying to plant tribal divisions that dont exist in ZPF. Ndopanotangira zvechi Hutu Tutsi ipapa! Hamunyari here DailyNews?

Manje so - 19 December 2014

Point of correction guys...Mugabe is not Zezuru!!! We are waiting for God to take away these our leaders who still pursue tribalism and at the same time do nothing for their tribes...IwomaZezuru mune maUniversity mangani in the provinces???

Garikayi - 19 December 2014

Mr journalist you are the one propagating these childish tribal games but speculating on imaginary linkages.. Its a very dangerous game indeed. Some of us don't pander to your primitive speculations.

Observer - 19 December 2014

Munangagwa ndewezhira? Zvinofadza chose after all these years. Zimbabwe is not a Zezuru state.

ceee - 19 December 2014

If you went to school and are not just playing devil's advocate you would not be coming up with stupid replies which show low intellect. To build an house costs an arm and a leg and you expected the WHITES to come, use their own money to build expensive mansions for blacks FOR FREE while the blacks sat on their backsides doing nothing? Why would they do that? If someone built an expensive house and gave it to me for free I would think that person has gone mad. It's nonsense to say whites imposed themselves on the locals. When whites came in 1890 there were no borders, no nation-state, no central authority, just a few tribesmen living aimlessly in village clusters. The Ndebeles came to the south west in October 1837 from Zululand. The Ndebeles used to raid the Midlands and Victoria provinces looting and taking slaves. So far nobody has told the Ndebeles that they should go back and this is not their land. The Ndebele colonialists did not improve the lives of the earlier Zezuru colonialists, the whites did. The Zezuru colonialists came from the Great Lakes area via Mozambique. The Zezuru are not the original inhabitants of this land, the Arabs and the Bushmen are. It was the Bushmen first, then the Arabs, then the Zezuru, then the Ndau (1820) from Zululand, then the Ndebele (October 1837) and lastly the Whites (1890). I have got a Zambian map which shows the movement of various tribes in the Central Africa area and the approximate dates. The Zambians are not fussy about where they came from unlike Zimbabweans who lie about their history and say the Arab Zimbabwe Ruins were built by the Zezuru. And when you ask whether it was also the Zezuru who built the similar Mapungubwe in S Africa or the Dombo Shaba in Botswana they have no answer. The Zezuru came looking for gold just like the whites. Who made all the Rock paintings we see all around Zimbabwe? When?

Musona - 19 December 2014

mr musona with all due respect sir you are the one being illogical. why did they come in the first place? did they use their own money to build the houses or was it not part of the loot. you seem to suggest that they brought the resources from their own country which to me is illogical. just be honest this once and spell out why they came, what they did and why they got frog marched out of government. can you tell this forum three wrongs that was committed by smith to the majority black population of this country? if you do, i will also point out three good things that smith did.

taurai - 19 December 2014

Sekeramayi is too dull and has been there as Mugabe keep anihilating others and he did not know he was also sliding down the ladder, vakapata baba ava vabva vapihwa vanhu vaivaita jeer ku Marondera zvikanzi tungamira ivavo.

maita - 19 December 2014

Daily News, look at what you have done. Dividing and initiating hate and 'fighting' over tribal garbage. Look at the fighting and horror from all around the world over these 'imagined identities' and you are perpetuating such destructive ideologies. You are an irresponsible publication and a shame for all 'right' minded Zimbabweans. Find a better agenda to write about.

Wezhira - 19 December 2014

Obert Mpofu is Mofu. We actually know the true Ndebeles - the Khumalos, Masuku, etc. All these Moyos are Moyondizvos. The Nyathis are Mutasas. But does that matter in the running of the affairs of our country? No, it does not. We need to get the best people for the job. Mai Mujuru is Korekore,(and not Zezuru) and people don't support her because of being from that ethnic group. The problem is that it is only desperate people who use tribalism for political purposes.

Chenjerai Hove - 19 December 2014

Nothing to do with our sekuru and aged President. The Ndebele and Karanga appointments were by Jonathan Moyo and E. Mnangagwa

Sekuru Ndaronga - 19 December 2014

Newsdays newspaper should stop fanning and dividing the Zimbabwean people by using and harping on tribalism.What is your aim really ?

Jatropha - 19 December 2014

To tell the the truth i do not care if the Tonga people are not in a zanu govt actually i am happy bcoz they are not part of the thieves that are looting our resources . But as far as i know the Tonga people came second after the the bush man in this country . They are one of the largest tribal groups in the country .Ba Tonga can are found in Mash west eg Siakovu is pure tonga ,Midlands ,and almost the entire of Mat north . But as a normal person who does not think like a stone edge person i do not care whether a Shangani or avenda or a white man is elected president in this country as long he or she will deliver the goods . That a zezuru is a president does not make all zezurus or zwezuru rich how many zezurus are suffering just like ba Tonga? If we are to make our country a fair place to live in zezurus must not be given power until all tribes at list have had one of them gracing the position of the president.

Diibulaanyika - 19 December 2014

Tribalism is a problem in Africa You may remember how Mandela chose Mbeki a Ngxosa to take his place ahead of Ramaphosa a Venda who was tipped to take over . But South African when it comes to politics are clever .smart and matured . They together removed Mbeki a ngxosa and put a Zulu the ngxosas not all of them tried to split ANC resulting in the formation of cope which is always dogged by endless squabbles . However a venda will take over in SA after a zulu . venda is the smallest tribal group in SA.

Diibulaanyika - 19 December 2014

Musona - taurai does not work for daily news but CIO. Ndechekuma hosteri straight from border gezi training school. Kana ukamupindura anoramba achidzokerera - he was taught kuramba achibvudza achingodzokorora kuti munhu anete. Imbwa yemunhu. Kupedza nguva.

Der - 19 December 2014

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dr - 19 December 2014

These are events happening in zanu pf. Its important we understand who is and what is zanu pf and its activities. Zanu pf is Corrupt and brutal organisaion that has run down the country. It is composed of people whom I call "were once of different Tribes found in the country" and they have ceased to be from such official tribes. The behaviour of people in zanu pf does not represent the characters of Tribes found in the country. In zanu pf there is no Ndebele, Zezuru, Karanga, Venda , manyika , Ndau,Tonga, Kalanga, Korekore and other tribes found in the country. Zanu people have created their own tribe/clan "zanu" with their chief being Mugabe. They have their own culture different from other tribes. All other official tribes are currently under seige from "ZANU TRIBE". Ndebeles, zezurus,karangas,ndau and the rest Tribes rejected " ZANU TRIBE" in 2008 elections. Zanu Tribe is savaging other Tribes left, right and centre indiscrimantly for 34 years. All Tribes subscribe to Ten commandments expect ZANU TRIBE. Zanu is brutal, thuggish, heartless and self centred. The end is near for "ZANU tribe".

X-MAN IV - 19 December 2014

People we have all come this far, let us stop these petty fights and concentrate on building our country. pot holes affect all of us. we need national leaders. not people with village mentality. once they start this tribe issue they will forget why they are there. what about the economy. to them is about power. Africa needs leaders, its sad to see that at the moment there is none. lets jus make sure Mnangagwa does his 2 terms only and hand over to someone. how come the whole country loves Tswangirai n no one bothers about where he comes from. lets be mature please. our fellow black brother is ruling America how come?

ndionei - 19 December 2014

Mr Editor, it is very misleading to say there was a civil war in Matabeleland and parts of the Midlands in the early 1980's. That was genocide, not civil war. Please get your facts right. An army brigade was ordered to go after citizens of a particular area and ethnic group.

Ini Bate-Reke - 19 December 2014

for your own information Kasukuwere is not zezuru but korekore. Don't bunch them all together

e muzira - 20 December 2014

Its not lost to me that the writer Kwaramba is a zezuru who is pursuing a Frolizi like agenda via this paper. kwaramba u must know that for a long season in manicaland we had people like mutasa, makoni and made but what did they do for the people ? Nothing at all. What matters is a man's vision and projects that he delivers to his people not the tribe. As it is, they loot diamonds from there but what remains for the people ? Nyarara kwaramba enda uno fudza mbudzi mupfanha unoda kukonzeresa with this insidious but naked attempt tosow tribal divisions.satan.

the watcher - 20 December 2014

Dail News is owned or run by a tribal zezuru because the numbers you give show a majority of zezeurus in politburo and yet its karanga this karanga that. Look at his credintials and tell me ed does not deserve to be where he is. Think of Diyane. Please do not try to divide the manyikas and karanga because you liked mai mujuru. Hamunyari here. why did you not react like that after Diyane which sought a tribal balance in any case. The average zim does not care about tribalism and why should you? Is Mai Mujuru zezuru?

Mudzungairi - 20 December 2014

Mugabe is Chewa / Nyanja. He comes from Malawi in the area bordering Mozambique's Zomue border. He cant be Mbire/Zezuru. We are too smart and clean to be associated with such. Grace is not Zezuru but KARANGA. She cant be one of us and her blood has been urinated into and heavily diluted and polluted by a Bwidi STUPID!!!!

washaya - 20 December 2014

Musona, once again you have got it spot on. As you already know I have always maintained that we are all colonizers from north of the Zambezi, just from different time periods that's all, and that the bushmen " rock dwellers" are the only aboriginals of this land. Once we all can understand our truthful past and not the lies that we are told, only then can we move forward and all be Zimbabweans regardless of tribe, colour etc etc

ronaldos - 20 December 2014

Taurai, you ask Musona why these people came here in the first place ? When talking of the Arabs the answer is gold, gold and gold. If you follow the ancient story of gold from appox 3000 years back you will get the full story. If it's we bantu you speak of then there is two answers. The first being that we were running away from the dreaded slave trade which we bantu created and secondly the rival Arab's tribes connived with us to help them annihilate existing Arab tribes that were already working with the aboriginal bush peoples of the land of Ophir ( Havilah ) ie Zimbabwe. Of course then we annihilated the Arab's later on in time. This reply comes to you with respect.

ronaldos - 20 December 2014

Tribalism and Racism have no place at all in these modern times. The constitution encompasses us all as equals regardless of color, creed, religion, gender or tribe. And this nonsense about Arabs, when will that ever end?

Dr Know - 20 December 2014

Ndebeles are a mixture of Ngunis who came from S.A and assimilated tribes who were conquered all the way along from S.A till KwaBulawayo. So there r sothos (Gwanda), Kalangas (parts of Plumtree,Kezi & Tsholotsho), Vendas, Shonas, Nambyas, Tongas etc who through assimilationhave been fused into Ndebele. This doesnt mean there are no Sothos, Kalangas, Vendas, Tshangane, Shonas, Nambyas who remained pure. And for the record, Ndebeles dont separate Karangas, Zezuru etc.....You are all SHONAs period. You all speak one language, behave the same.

Bhinikwa - 20 December 2014

Where is the man who will, under God, unite Zimbabwe and be a leader after God's own heart. A man where we can all be simply Zimbabwean and whether we are black, white, in between, zezuru, manyika, Ndebele, karanga, venda et al will not matter. Mugabe has divided. ZPF have divided. They are racialistic, tribalistic etc. They must go or radically change.

Righteous Justice - 21 December 2014

Are people actually cowering before Musona's evidenceless, white-supremacist theory of Zimbabwe's Arab occupation, which seeks to distance black people from anything that is considered noble? anyway, Mr. Musona, I just checked this forum today and discovered that you had started peddling your lies again. I dont have time for a throrough rebuttal of your arguments but am coming back. I wonder what taurai or Kuda Muchena think when they always get mixed up together with me, as one person.. ndofunga vanobvaruka nekuseka..

Gatsi Rusere - 21 December 2014

F*** the nonsense of being Ze..., Kara..., Nde..., Che...., Ar...., Kore....Ro...., white, black, yellow, pink, coloured, tainted.... we are all human beings.

Garikayi - 22 December 2014

Yes we are all human beings, but when is Mugabe and his merry men going to treat us ALL as ZIMBABWEANS. My wish for 2015 is that it will become a reality. Let's make it happen, all of us no matter who we are.

ronaldos - 22 December 2014

The problem is that our leaders don't treat us with respect. They see us as tools, that they can use whenever they want our votes. we don't feel safe in this country, we have been taught to hurt others and call them names. let us unite as Zimbabweans and pray that God will deliver us as he did with the children of Israel. HEAR OUR PRAYERS OH LORD!!!!!!

ndionei - 23 December 2014

The problem is that our leaders don't treat us with respect. They see us as tools, that they can use whenever they want our votes. we don't feel safe in this country, we have been taught to hurt others and call them names. let us unite as Zimbabweans and pray that God will deliver us as he did with the children of Israel. HEAR OUR PRAYERS OH LORD!!!!!!

ndionei - 23 December 2014

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