Students reject Muchinguri as Higher Education minister

HARARE - Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) has rejected the new Higher Education minister Oppah Muchinguri, saying she is not qualified to hold that post.

Makomborero Haruzivishe, the Zinasu spokesperson, told the Daily News that the appointment of Muchinguri to replace Olivia Muchena, who was sacked last week, was a retrogressive step.

“As Zinasu, we mourn the appointment of Oppah Muchinguri as the minister of Higher Education,” he said.

“This dubious appointment literally highlights the burial of higher educational system whose massacre we witnessed with pain a few months ago with the equally dubious distribution of dubious doctorates.”

Haruzivishe further accused the government of deliberately running down universities and colleges.

“As Zinasu, we are strongly against the current trend of perpetuation of mediocrity which is resulting in the depreciation of our educational standards in Zimbabwe. “This perpetuation has been embodied in the doctoring of doctorates for academically shy political individuals and now the appointment of Muchinguri who neither  knows the basic concepts of appreciating modern day academic and educational systems nor can help pioneer the development of our higher educational system to spearhead socio-economic revival,” Haruzivishe said.

Although Muchinguri does not hold a doctorate, she holds a masters degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Haruzivishe said government is not committed to improving the standards of education and welfare of students.

“As Zinasu, we have now come to terms with the fact that our government is totally not committed to our welfare and as such is doing all it can to sabotage us,” he said.

“The appointment of Muchinguri to the post of minister of Higher Education should not have been treated as just a mere seat filling exercise for our universities.

“It requires a real academic with the requisite acumen to revolutionise our educational system and spearhead its growth for the sustainable development of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Thus an academic is required not a baby sitter.”

The Zinasu spokesperson said the students’ body is holding a meeting this week to chart a way forward following the appointment of Muchinguri.

“We denounce this irresponsible appointment in the strongest possible terms and we are to hold our general council meeting this week to come up with a clear way-forward to make our government wake up from this deep slumber they are in and view academics and education with a more responsible eye,” he said.


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Anhuwe house gero munhuwo, mwati ndiitewo zvokudinini Ngenyi anhu imimi muine hutsinye, ndoti kuruza purezidhendi, kwakuzoo ruza futi huminister hwakangobvirobooka kudai

Mabuse Mabuse - 18 December 2014

It's now your turn to be rejected. Pay back time, uchanzwa butter margarine, sell out, enemy of progress, mudzvinyiriri wevamwe vakadzi

Marume Rwondora - 18 December 2014

Mugabe will give her a PHD and she will be qualified like Grace & Mujuru.

Lt General - 18 December 2014

Is this Makomborero Haruzivishe a student? Worse still he is not the Spokesperson for Zinasu cause he was never elected into the Zinasu NEC. What's happening at Zinasu?

Cde Julious Malema - 18 December 2014

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cabinet yacho zvayo yese marara anhuwee. better vaisa zvavo grace Mugabe pauVP tanyatsonakirwa zvedu. kakaoma Grace zanu pfoo yaparadzwa in 3months hakatambe. ndochete zvandokadira kutaura chero hakasafe zvako mashoko kungoati bvuuu toseka zvedu.

matozviitiro - 18 December 2014

kikikikikiki psi dhiii nekuseka

SHELZ - 18 December 2014

Kana vodonzwavo usati mavara angu azara Ivhu. When you are good at destroying others there is always your turn to be destroyed. Chishandisa munyati wako tione. These are educated Students who cannot tolerate having you as there Minister. Answer them now

Karigamombe - 18 December 2014

this makomborero is a lunatic which powers do you have to reject a minister appointed by the president baba vakaroora mumwe mukadzi unoramba iwe you are a spoiled child

toro - 18 December 2014

This nonsense is interesting. Why would Muchinguri be unsuitable to head the ministry of Education? Do we really need a mining Engineer. Geologist or a holder in a PhD in mining to have such a ministry running? Students? Well, that's the best we expect from students anyway. What does a student know? They know something; why are they 'students'? So, farmers must choose the minister for Agriculture, because they and them alone know farming?

Chenjerai Makudo - 18 December 2014

VaMugabe chikoro hachimo vaka ngwarira paduri sehuku.Munhu wepi anowisira nyika pasi opedza oti ndakadzidza kudarikwa navana Muswati vana mari yavo isu yedu yakanyangarika muma bearers cheque.Zvinongo ratidza zvega kuti chikoro hapana nekuteerera makuhwa kubva kumukadzi asina kana grade 7 certificate toto shamisika kunzwa kuti doctor. Kana maneta kutonga chimbosudurikai mupewo chitanda cheushe kune vamwe vane focus.Kutaura chirungu hakusi kudzidza ingawani Chinotimba anotaura.Matinyadzisa nemadegrees enyu emujeri haashandi chinhu ndekunyepa.

D.Gwitira - 18 December 2014

It is disappointing that dailynews gave these students a platform to say something but there is no room for readers to respond. most reader posts do not show. I posted a response several times but no showing. will try again. Oppah Muchinguri is qualified to be minister of higher education Zinasu is of the mistaken belief that tertiary and higher education means university education period. That is a very primitive way of looking at education. it shows a lot of ignorance Higher education tertiary education involves all those learnings people do after they finish with high school. formal and informal apprenticeships, polytechnic education, university education all the typing schools all the red cross education places. kushinga pikelela mlezu and the like siyaso apprenticeships. kurukwa misoro kusona madoily learning welding brickwork carpentry under vana siyaso. kurima the regular nursing education teachers those that teach people kugadzira sipo migomo etc and of cause university education. Now what fraction of higher education is university education and what percentage of the entire student populaton are members of zinasu. a tiny dot that will show you how insignificant zinasu is in representing students. They are wrong and are spoilt to think they know it all for all students.this small percentage should not dictate who is relevant . What ministry of higher education needs is a person who can ennunciate practical policies for our education. we have too many useless degreed people lets see if a thrust towards skills will not produce for us the people that can make the country productive again. Pamberi Na Oppah Muchinguri. we do not need an armchair academic for the ministry. we need a practical person to ennunciate policy and allow the technocrats to do their work.. these students are a product of our misplaced importance on book education and they do not realise the tide has changed . I feel sorry for them

grace Jones - 19 December 2014

Ah ndapererwa, sure mungaise Opa Muchinguri paEducation? Vana vedu mavarwadzisa vaMugabe. Asi makaita basa nekuti isu makati bvumidza kudzidza cambirigi. Zimbabwe will never be a Zimbabwe again at this rate.

Guramatunhu Museve - 19 December 2014

CHENJERAI MAKUDO,right to the point,good comment,nothing more nothing less.

TERRA COTTA - 19 December 2014

kkkkk whoever supports oppah is a dog

green masvingo - 19 December 2014

Oh sorry, But can't she spare just 3 months to register and obtain a PHD with University of Zimbabwe?

JDickhead - 19 December 2014

You do not require technical competence to be a Minister. Inga vana Chinamasa are running Finance when they are lawyers. Cde Mavhaire was running ZESA without any Engineering degree. The truth is that the students are loosing focus and guidance. Oppah Muchinguri has not been appointed to lecture in tertiary education so let us not confuse issues. She is very capable of running if she listens to the people and the technocrats in the Ministry. Students should leave politics and continue with their studies. May God Bless them.

Zanu we - 19 December 2014

I beg your pardon. As much as some ministries just require a non professional manager or care taker there are some ministries that require academics like the ministry of Health , definitely requires a Doctor and the ministry of Higher Education requires an academic at least . Some people comment just for the sake of commenting which is their right but it also shows how narrow minded they are . Dr Muchena sent the right message sitting at the helm of Higher Education , she could resonate with the ministry and as such could represent the portfolio professionally . Vedu atete Ava Havana kana clue whether we are going or coming ......Nyika yaita mamvemve

One in - 19 December 2014

She is being rewarded for supporting Dr Grace to oust Mai Mujuru--period !

PHD- self awarded - 19 December 2014

I wonder how i am going to understand these intellectuals' concerns when I am not one... Thank you all who are supporting me, I know you will be with me until I graduate next year with my PHD...but first things first, how do you like my proposal for University Student to put on uniforms and serve at various Border Gezi centers which will be set up soon before they graduate. Mmmmm I am so excited about it ini...

Opah - 19 December 2014

A ministry is best run by people who have experience and passion in that area. someone who has been through the system. Ana Oppah are best suited to things like ministry of youths what what womens business zviya zvinoda ginya. Apa pakashaishwa allocation apa.

Diva Chipitiri - 19 December 2014

It is very,very foolish to make an idiot like Oppah,a minister of higher education.This is just a reward for pushing Gire into politics.What an insult to the suffering masses! Never mind the ZANU PF chefs's children learn at overseas schools, colleges & universities.

RONGEKAYI - 19 December 2014

It is true Oppah cannot be minister of a ministry like Higher and Tertiary Education. All those who are saying ZINASU has no right to call for the reversal of the appointment you are mistaken. As university students it is their right to safeguard the integrity of the university and all other tertiary education in the country. The fact that Oppah is not an academic or that she has no academic record or academic contribution her entire life means she probably has no idea how to move forward or what meeting to call for with the technocrats. This is the same reason why Zimbabwe is where it is as a country today because all appointments are based on factors outside the important ones. The president himself is not fit to be president and we the millions have allowed him to rule for 34 years failure after failure. This means we the millions do not care at all about our nation or our future. Undeserving people are crowned in all matters including doctorates to the likes of Grace. This is why our country is not making progress but falling year after year while we watch. Wake up Zimbabwe, Morgan was right, we are too docile to push for anything we want or to refuse what we do not want and when someone stands up we fight him just like most of you are doing to this ZINASU guy. He is calling for a just thing Oppah does not deserve to be minister of higher and tertiary education, she should go back to gender where she will do better with confidence. She has no passion for education so whay should she be at the helm. The speed of the leader (Minister) determines the speed of the followers (technocrats, academics etc).

Zimbostyle - 19 December 2014

Where is that ZICOSU leader? What is his name by the way? Achademba kuti zvatakabvisisa mutengesi wekwaMuzorehwa uye!

Simweena Bantu - 19 December 2014

Its a shame that a nobody is appointed to lead the educated,We have professors and doctors who can lead the ministry better than those with honorary doctorates,it was going to be a better devil if Prof Jonathan Moyo was appointed to that post,We are going where we are coming from

NHAITAI - 23 December 2014

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