Mugabe stole Xmas — Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday likened President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party to the Grinch that stole Christmas.

Delivering his end of year address at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare, the MDC leader said Zanu PF had failed dismally to deliver on all its election promises since last year’s disputed national elections.

“Zimbabweans are suffering. The carnival atmosphere synonymous with this time of the year is sorely absent in the country.

“In the run-up to this festive season, we are not seeing housewives pushing full trolleys out of supermarkets and food chains as they did during the inclusive government era.

“All we see are hard working vendors crowding our streets and struggling to survive,” Tsvangirai said.

He said Zimbabwe had become a nation of poor vendors.

“The people have no money in their pockets; there is no food in our homes and yet the shops and supermarkets are full of goods and products that we cannot afford,” he added.

He said after “stealing yet another election”, Mugabe promised to create 2,2 million jobs, increase productivity in our industries and add more disposable income in people’s pockets, among many other empty promises.

“But the reality is something completely different; companies are closing, all hope is now completely shattered and the economic prospects remain dim for the country and its people,” he said.

He said the current dark clouds covering the country under a Zanu PF government were in stark contrast to the progress registered under “the MDC magic moment in government.”

“Zimbabweans have no doubt whatsoever about our (MDC’s) capacity to deliver,” he said.

“In 2009, we restored the people’s battered hope and faith in government. We gave government workers some semblance of dignity, opened schools and hospitals that had closed and increased revenue collection from $280 million in 2008 to $4 billion by 2012.”

“Let us strengthen the gift of love by spending the holidays with our families, our parents and all our loved ones, including the infirm and the destitute.

This time of suffering must bring all of us together in the true spirit of love and solidarity,” Tsvangirai said.

He also denied media reports that he was broke and surviving on $50 handouts from MDC lawmakers.

In addition, he said, he had not called off mass demonstrations against the government, saying the timing was not yet ripe.

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the inclusive era was relatively good. you could have done better had it not been for your immoral show off. more so, you could have exceptionally well had you passed the baton at the end of your two term office. as it is you appear to be yet another dictator in the making. i would not risk having another handiende with whom the country would be stuck with for 35yrs. no sir, pass the baton to one of yours.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 December 2014

Thank you for the message of hope!

smoyo - 18 December 2014

I would like to think that things worked well during the inclusive government because your backers released some cash to make it appear as if things were working again, things are bad now because the so called backers have now hold onto their money, that is politics my man

Nyamhangambiri - 18 December 2014


bob90machanginja - 18 December 2014


peter geroge - 18 December 2014

kkkk the truth hurts paainyenga Africa yose taivapo, iwe warwadziwa anokupa chii Tsvangirai wacho, politicians are all the same, period, svotwa urutse nekamboro kako

Mabuse Mabuse - 18 December 2014

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dr - 18 December 2014

you paid that woman lorcadia 300000 now you are having a poor christmas as a loafer wakatambisa mari neshavi rekuda vakadzi ndiro rinokutadzisa kutonga

seti - 18 December 2014

Well said Danga Remombe cio rush to comment childish comments here . Morgan is not 90 yrs so he can have erection and is not a ngomwa , The man is speaking sense not the trash that we always hear from the limping old donkey .CIO agents Morgan is the only man at present Mugabe is a stupid old woman ,

Chimedza matombo - 18 December 2014

danga remombe usada kushungurudza tsvangirai zvekutonga haadi chaanoda kuti awane mukana we vakadzi ndokune chipo chake

dauda - 18 December 2014

Hey siyanai naTsvangson. Zvemabhebhi tese varume ndokubasa kwedu. Avao vanoitana varume vega ahh hameno. kkkk

Muchinda we Asia - 19 December 2014

We must never forget or brush aside the truth. Morgan made mistakes yes! But then we have ALL made mistakes! But Morgan won 2008 and 2013 elections. And 2002 elections were also rigged. The opposition must come together with all democratic forces in Zimbabwe. It is time to stand up and be heard. A place should be found for Morgan somewhere in the future of this nation. By all things fair and just he should have been in State House; like it or hate it. Bob and the boys stole his victory but God's will judge that believe me! God does NOT sweep sin under the carpet. God does NOT forget sin until it is confessed and repented of. The truth will come out. 73%!!!

Righteous judgment - 19 December 2014

Whether ma CIO mukaisa maAdevrts enyu mukanyomba. Isu hatina kupusa. You know the truth, ie. Your days are numbered. Tinoti pamberi na Tsvangson. MORGEN IS MORE!!!

Joe Banana - 19 December 2014

Lets not fyt vana vevhu. Lets us pray for our beautiful nation so that there will be total restoration. Mwari vanoita kuda kwavo nenguva yakafanira but only if we all allow Him to. Kutukana solves nothing

Trinity - 19 December 2014

All those CIO idiots have nothing sensible against Tsvangirai except that he beat RGM in all previous elections.Thanks to the rigging supported by the military that RGM is still in power to further ruin the country.More than 50% of ZPF men are either divorced or polygamists. Some even take other people's wives.CHIHURE CHIZERE MU ZPF! SMALLHOUSES ARE PLENTY IN ZPF!!NGOCHANI DZIZERE MUZPF!!! There are virtually NO morals for anyone to learn from ZPF. MT is a first class political leader.Even RGM knows that.The CIO operatives grudgingly understand that MT is a formidable opposition leader.They are blinded by the cash they are currently getting yet they foolishly ignore the future of their own children!! WHAT A BIG SHAME!!!!!!

TAPERERWA HAMAWEE - 19 December 2014

We do not necessarily have to focus our attention on Morgan and Mugabe, ndopatiri kudzirasa ipapo, there are many people with great potential yekutonga. Let's start looking elsewhere, try new people

Mabuse Mabuse - 19 December 2014

Zvevakadzi hazvinei nokutonga nyika.Vakadzi vanoda varume , naivo varume vanodawo vakadzi. Inga vamwe mai vakapedza nyika vachingotukirira asi unhu hwavo hunozivikanwa .Kana ivo vatongi vakawana sei mukadzi wavainaye?Saka uyu Tsvangirai akanyenga zvonzi zvaipa ?Kana mashaya mhosva pamunhu muvengei henyu makanyarara.

KUSHAYA BASA - 19 December 2014


MATOMBO - 19 December 2014

fambai Save fambai,tichasvika chete

MDC 4 lyf - 19 December 2014

fambai Save fambai,tichasvika chete

MDC 4 lyf - 19 December 2014

True and well said..........They are blinded by the cash they are currently getting yet they foolishly ignore the future of their own children!! WHAT A BIG SHAME!!!!!!

TT - 19 December 2014

Vna Mabuse Mabuse. Zvinongobva zvaonekwa pachena kuti waitove dofo kuchikoro, because one who is positive cannot be worried about private life yemutungamiriri when at a given time is talking about what can also bring better thing on your breakfast table. Uri kudaira zvekukwirana pane ambotaura zvekukwirana here apa? Iwe chaiye unokwira kana kukwirwa. so what????

tungamiraimozambique - 19 December 2014

Maita henyu mhuka huru vatapererwa hamawee. Mazvita henyu nekutaura kwapfuma zvakadaro. Chokwadi Tsvangiraikuno mukono chaiwo.. Mukono kana kuti murume pane vamwe varume.. VaMugabe vanozviziva, Mazuva ano unombonzwa vachitaura nezvaTsvangson. Inyaya yokuti vari kuziva kuti kwavo vari kupushika, kunonzi kunamira madhodhi, kumadziro nepasi(floor) mumba munotambira pwere, unenge uchiti zvizoita sei? Vashe woye dai marega zvinhu zvadzokera mugwara kani vakomana, nzara ipere.

tungamiraimozambique - 19 December 2014

at least he is not gay. mababy pamberi hatingode ngochani chete. Save

bbbb - 19 December 2014

morgan you are just one big FLOP you sold your people already when you agreed on the new constitution.

jack - 19 December 2014

tiri kuti paanomboenda kundo roora roora ndipo paanowana voti dzese dzabiridzirwa. you don't nead a leader who is not alert. you will always be crying nikuv. ma sponsors akatozviona kare vachibva vamunyima mari. iyemi muchiri kumuchemera ndimi mava moga. surely you can't argue that he is the only capable man to oppose mugabe. that is not true even if you looked within mdc t. ndo patinorasika ipapo. we revere these people too much till we make them into dictators. he served his two terms. he should pass the baton. that would make him a states-man.

zvirozviyedzwa - 19 December 2014

Only Morgan in this country has refused to be Mugabe zombie ,puppet or boot lick er . For that we salute this gallant son of zimbabwe whose parents are both zimbabweans for causing the limping donkey not to sleep well. hate him or like him he is simply the most liked politician across the country by all tribes of this country roverai pasi bwa !!!!!! one time kwamatibili.

Diibulaanyika - 19 December 2014

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