It's not over, says Mutasa

HARARE - Former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa says he and others who were recently ousted from the party for allegedly plotting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe from power and assassinate the nonagenarian will not be forced out of the party.

At the same time, Zimbabwe could soon find itself back on Sadc’s political agenda after Mutasa wrote a hard-hitting letter to regional leaders on Tuesday, imploring them to intervene in the country’s deepening political crisis spawned by the ruling party’s brutal and sometimes violent infighting.

Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday from India, where his wife is receiving medical attention, a miffed Mutasa also rubbished State media reports that he and other former party bigwigs perceived to be close to dismissed former Vice President Joice Mujuru were working with the MDC and “regime change” organisations funded by the West, ostensibly to remove Mugabe and Zanu PF from power illegally.

State media also alleged that Mutasa had approached Matthews Phosa, the former treasurer-general (who was erroneously referred to as former secretary-general) of the ANC to host him at his farm in South Africa.

The Herald said Mutasa was reported to have used his contacts in MDC to try and get the issue of his failure to land a central committee seat and dismissal from government tabled at a meeting of the Socialist International Council, which met at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, from December 12 to 13.

The Socialist International Council comprises social democratic, socialist and labour parties, and brings together 168 political parties and organisations from around the world.

“Cde Mutasa, who is in India where his wife is receiving treatment, is reported to have begun calling secretaries-general of sister liberation movements in southern Africa to make the same claims he had made to South African president Cde Jacob Zuma, whom he lobbied, saying Dr Mujuru, several ministers and him had been unjustly ejected from Zanu PF and Government.

“Cde Mutasa, who has traditionally represented Zanu PF at meetings of sister liberation movements, appeared keen on exploiting the synergies he built on official party business,” it added.

The paper claimed further that Mutasa had asked Phosa to house him at his farm in South Africa on his return from India, where his wife is receiving medical attention, “as a prelude to seeking asylum, a request which Mr Phosa is said to have acceded to”.

But the former Presidential Affairs minister vehemently refuted the claims.

“How can we rope in MDC as if Zanu PF is no more. What we are doing is to correct what is wrong in the party, the mistakes that have been done by very few and new people in the party.

“Nobody can push us out of the party that we formed ... in my case, I have been in the struggle since around 1957 during the days of the Southern Rhodesia ANC (SRANC), moving from one party to the other after they were banned.

“The fact that they (his Zanu PF opponents) are now fighting amongst themselves should tell you that we surely will bring the party back on track and our president will always be VaMugabe and we are engaging him through Sadc as he is the chairman.

“It’s a pity that now we can only talk to you, the independent media because you tell it like it is unlike our own media. I have never heard them say the truth.

“What they are claiming is not true and the people they allege I talked to have written to them to register their displeasure and I hope they will publish that,” a fuming Mutasa said.

In his blunt letter to Sadc on Tuesday — which was ironically addressed to Mugabe and copied to all regional heads of state — Mutasa described the political environment pertaining in the country as “critical” and said pointedly that Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare earlier this month was “a farce.”

The letter shows that far from ending Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession wars, as party leaders had hoped, the congress may have in fact once again internationalised Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

Until his ouster, Mutasa was regarded both as a close aide of Mugabe and also a key advisor to Mujuru who was until recently touted as the most likely successor to the country’s long-ruling nonagenarian.

“We write to you at a critical time for the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“After a number of weeks of what might be regarded as ‘political squabbling’ in the Republic of Zimbabwe, events have taken a much more severe turn. We refuse to simply stand by and watch as constitutional democracy and due process are tossed aside for political expediency.

“Even the most impartial observer could not fail to regard the recent Congress of the governing party, Zanu PF, as a farce.

“In the days leading up to the congress, significant changes to the electoral process of the party leadership were introduced, with limited consultation.

“These changes were part of a wider campaign to discredit and then force out a number of good men and women, comrades who have served their country and party with loyalty, under the distinguished leadership of His Excellency, President R.G Mugabe.

“To suggest that (former) Vice President (Joice) Mujuru, ministers serving in the government and other party members are somehow plotting to oust our President from office, as has been relentlessly and recklessly reported and repeated in recent weeks, is ridiculous.

“Further, it is offensive to insinuate that those who put their lives and families at risk to fight for a free and fair Zimbabwe would now somehow put themselves before their country. Such actions are outrageous to those of us represented by this letter.

“Unfortunately, recent weeks have demonstrated that the same cannot be said of others in Zanu PF. They are the ones putting their own careers ahead of democracy, due process and the stability of the country, destroying as it were, the party from within.

“As the governing party of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF has a responsibility to hold itself to the highest standards of transparency and integrity. The decisions the party takes ultimately have implications for millions of Zimbabweans.

“Therefore we would like to stress to the Sadc Community that those for whom this letter speaks denounce the flagrant abuse of party procedure and the subversion of due process as a means of exercising personal political ambition and score-settling.

“Given its constitutional implications, we are appealing to the Sadc Community to provide oversight in this on-going dispute. It despairs us to say that we have completely lost confidence in our party, government and legislature to deliver proper justice,” Mutasa’s letter said.

Specifically, Mutasa added in his letter, he and other ousted officials wanted Sadc to be aware of their position on a number of matters.

“We refuse to be expelled from Zanu PF. We have sacrificed too much over five decades, to be forced out on the basis of completely fabricated allegations.

“We demand the restoration of the principle of “one man, one vote” to the constitution of Zanu PF. The recent amendments adopted at the 6th congress surrender all votes to the President. It is a violation of the supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe and therefore invalidates all binding decisions taken at the 6th congress.

“By implication, we demand that the Party immediately re-establish the exact constitutional, operational and procedural principles extant before the 6th congress.

“We require impartial oversight by the (Sadc) Community, or another appropriate body, to ensure the peaceful resolution of this matter.

“Most importantly, we would like the Community and others to be aware that we do not endorse violence or intimidation of any sort in the name of our cause to restore constitutional order to Zimbabwe. We fought in the liberation struggle so we would never have to fight again,” Mutasa’s letter added.

Although efforts to solicit comment from new Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo were unsuccessful yesterday, it is anticipated that the letter will exacerbate the party’s brutal infighting.

Before this letter to Sadc, it had been reported that Mutasa had attempted to engage Zuma to intervene once again in Zimbabwe’s deepening political crisis.

In an interview at the weekend with South African media, Mutasa called on Zuma to alert other regional governments about Zanu PF’s controversial congress, again pointedly stating that his ouster from power and that of other officials such as Mujuru had been both “unprocedural and undemocratic”.

Mujuru, Mutasa and other senior officials were removed from their party positions and subsequently sacked from government after they were accused of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe, among a litany of other damaging but untested allegations.

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at least Mutasa now knows that herald does not tell the truth. zvinonakira mbudza ichinyenga imbwa asi kana imbwa yonyenga mbudzi zvonzi yoshaishe muriwo.

fide - 18 December 2014

Very interesting. Did (no pun intended) Mutasa pluck those words from More Gain? When did the Herald start to lie and the independent media start to tell it like it is? You see, Cde Mutasa, you cant have your cake and eat it. Since 1999 the MDC has been telling everyone that your party is a brutal and undemocratic party, and that elections were rigged, but somehow you did not see it. So SADC should take action because Team Gamatox (less than 50 people) has been disenfranchised in ZANU-PF? How about the 13-odd million people whose vote you have been stealing and whose rights you have abused? Isn't it ironic that the Daily News, which your party closed down some time ago is the one airing your views? I think this is the time you should be telling the truth about RGM and ZANU-PF's rottenness, but no, you still want to go back to the feeding trough. Shame on you and all Gushungos, Weevils and Gamatoxes!

Gamatox - 18 December 2014

shut up mutasa.isnt it ironic that u rush to dailynews becoz u are on the ropes yet you have always been critical of the so called independent media.and for u to say herald always lies is hypocricy to say the least,rubbish at most.and for u to think that sadc will intervene in internal party politics is stupidity at its worst,maybe u are sick.did sadc intervene when ANC fired malema? did malema cry to sadc? who are u to cry to sadc in the manner MDC have always been shows that u are also MDC made money from zanupf and vamugabe,shut up and enjoy your money.isnt it you are in india for treatment? if you didnt have money,would you be in india? and u think MDC would want to take such an old man into their ranks,one who doesnt even have support in rusape,shame

cheyameni - 18 December 2014

At least he is speaking out against a bigger evil. For that he should be applauded. He certainly had erred in the past, but the principles he is speaking about here are what millions of other Zimboz are yearning for.

Tingoringo - 18 December 2014

mutasa wazoona chokwadi nhasi maimbotidzvanyorira

ko - 18 December 2014

mutasa wazoona chokwadi nhasi maimbotidzvanyorira

ko - 18 December 2014

Type dzaana Mutasa idzi hadzisi dzekuhwira tsisi kana ka one.

Gwati - 18 December 2014

"It's a pity that now we can only talk to you, the independent media because you tell it like it is unlike our own media. I have never heard them say the truth". VaMutasa vatendeutswa nezanu pakaipa mheni

Truth Matters - 18 December 2014

What about "soverinity" Mr Diesel from the rocks Mutasa? Your contribution to the struggle to liberate the people of Zimbabwe is debatable & is outweighed by your complicity in shackling her people and denying them their freedoms as you sang praises to your god Bob.

Galore 123 - 18 December 2014

hahahahaha vanamutasa machiti tasa zvino. vanhu woye avavanhu havafaniri kana kutombotaura nezvecommunity. vakuziva kuti kune vanhu nhai. pavaiuraya vana vevamwe vaiti zvichaenda nepi. atanga yake ngaaipedze majaira kushandisa vanhu. VaMutasa woye povo yangwara haichadi. chamungatoita kutiudza mubiro wamaiita murizanu pfoooo yenyu nekutaura muriggiro wenyu maelections. sadc and AU are just dead chavakaita chii kunyika ipi zvayo tibvigwe. dzokai kumusha muonane nengozi dzenyu. chisingaperi chinoshura. makauraya zvipatara ikozvino venyu vakadzi morapisa india ko parirenyatwa kwadii. shut up old man

matozviitiro - 18 December 2014

Mudhara ane shock uyu and very confused. Akungohumana haachaziva pekutangira, after looting and contributing to bringing down our country, who are you expecting to sympathise with you. Ndokunonzi kurumwa nechekuchera, mira wega Gamatox, there is noone to rescue you. Your Faction is too weak and noone wants to have anything to do with you. Wototenda Daily News iri kukuteerera, isu tinonyatsokuziva hatidi kana kumbokuona. Pawaimbobhururuka waisaona kuti Zanu ine honye.

Swerengoma - 18 December 2014

Zanu PF is bad for a progressive Zimbabwe. They are bad for all of us, just imagine a government that boasts of bringing prosperity and economic independence to its people yet it struggles month in month out to pay its civil service and worse still cant afford to give them a year. With just a year after winning elections they have failed to raise money for their workers' bonuses and yet they spent millions of state funds on a stupid party congress.

Danger - 18 December 2014

True Diesel oozed from the Rock Didymus Diesel Gamatox witnessed the event in traditional norm- bare footed and sniffing snuff in the company of Sekeramayi,Mohadi, Chivende and etc

Mukanya - 18 December 2014

why do you say Mutasa is former Presidential affairs minister? Who told you that? So who is the new Presidential Affairs minister?

moto - 18 December 2014

This same Mr Mutasa used to denounce others through The Herald and state media. Now that he is forced to taste his own bitter medicine, he is praising the independent media. This habit of hypocrisy should not be tolerated. Only the other day Mutasa(who is my muzukuru) was boasting about how he can, as secret police chef, take pictures of people in their bed rooms. Can you imagine! But he did not know that the same secret police which he headed was also recording his voice and pictures in his bedroom. Mr Mutasa is known for his arrogance, and I think he does not deserve anyone's sympathy. He is part of those who created the monster, and the monster is devouring its creators. Frankenstein! Sorry muzukuru, I am not in sympathy with you. You are on your own. Since when have you known SADC to interfere in internal party matters of other countries? No one is going to tell ZPF how to conduct their party business from either SADC or AU.

Chenjerai Hove - 18 December 2014

kkkkkkk I laughed my lungs out panzi, imbwa yonyenga mbudzi hanzi yosvibisa/kushaisha muriwo kkkkkk kwaa kwaaaaa pidigu dhiii....tht aside much as Mutasa is tasting his own medicine...its also good tht everyone is now seeing the truth without having to say, "a brutish hand is behind the scene" kp up th gud poor old madhara....chokwadi chinosunungura, the truth shall set u free.....makapenga mudgara...nyika ngaione huipi hwezanu thru original party founders

jmunyongorosi - 18 December 2014

kkkkkkk I laughed my lungs out panzi, imbwa yonyenga mbudzi hanzi yosvibisa/kushaisha muriwo kkkkkk kwaa kwaaaaa pidigu dhiii....tht aside much as Mutasa is tasting his own medicine...its also good tht everyone is now seeing the truth without having to say, "a brutish hand is behind the scene" kp up th gud poor old madhara....chokwadi chinosunungura, the truth shall set u free.....makapenga mudgara...nyika ngaione huipi hwezanu thru original party founders

jmunyongorosi - 18 December 2014

we hv heard it frm th horse's up th gud work madhara....chasara kutiudza th modus operandi u hv bn using to "win" election or to rigi irecksheni kkkkkkk seka hako mwana wachinja......

jmunyongorosi - 18 December 2014

Ikozvino Zanu Pf yava panguva yakaoma. Yakadzinga povho yese mumusangano, nekuti kana vachidzinga maChairmen avhoterwa nepovo, saka zvinorevei? Chavakadya chichamuka chete, zvatotanga.

Richard - 18 December 2014

SADC doesnt have time for Zanu Pf, this is not a government issue so why should SADC be bothered. Zanu is not Zimbabwe

mogo - 18 December 2014


karanda mission hospital - 18 December 2014

It has been interesting going thru all the above comments, Well done guys. I have heard that there is rule of law in Zim, Good Courts, honest police, Excellent State media all being run by Great ZanuPF. So my question is: what's wrong with Mutasa? He is seeking help & justice from outside. Why not seek from within. Look now you are in india, whats wrong with the home grown solutions? All Zanu pf hypocrits crying foul now are shameless. No need to feel sorry for you. From Mai Mujuru to the least of you FIRED by your master Monster. EAT your own food now. Test your own medicine. Mashokwa ka! NDIYO INONZI ZANU, HAMUZIVI KUTI CHIWOROWO! NHASI MAWORORWA. TSVATU WARO. CHAMAKADYA CHAMUKA! I support Mugabe when he said "PASI ne ZANU PF".

whitehorse - 18 December 2014

Nyati , nyaya yenyu yakaoma,imi muri untouchable mu Zpf maiita mandidye chipi,Rusape yese infact maive father Manicaland,remember all that violence,kusvika pastage yekupa hure purazi , nhasi maakumisa mhanza muchifunga kuti marutswa na Matibili motongodii,iti tsvakai pekupotera kan ku india hameno,by the way Matibili anouraya sezvamaingo itira vamwe since 1980.Zanu pf icha dealer nemi mhukahuru,you protected zimwana renyu riya Toyi,mbavha yemombe kumakombo eku Inyati,mune zvitema zvakanyanyisa pamuri ipapo,maituma ma youth enyu kurova vanhu maRusape nenzvimbo dzakapoteredza,maitadzisa circulation ye Daily news ,nhasi makukanganwa chezuro nehope...usadzoke ku zw mdara,wakamirirwa ne vanhu/povo yeRusape ne Zanupf,chenjerai ngozi Vanyati.

kambudzi - 18 December 2014

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dr - 18 December 2014

I Quote from Mutasa: “Nobody can push us out of the party that we formed ..." haa hezvoka Nobody wacho has pushed you out. Wakatanga kubata matako emwana wawakazvara unokwanda muchitokisi. Ejected & rejected by ZANU chiwororo. KKKKKKKKKK pasi dhii ......

springboard - 18 December 2014

Next stage is Didymus being expelled from ZanuPF. How things have changed! You would not believe this is the man who kicked Roy Bennett in Parliament in 2004. Now Mutasa is going to get the proverbial kick himself from ZanuPF. He will now know how Bennett felt in 2004. Mutasa is getting his comeuppance. Politics is indeed a dirty game. Length of membership counts for nothing. Ndabaningi Sithole was fired despite being President and Tekere was fired despite being Secretary-General and Enos Nkala lost his position in a party formed at his house.

Musona - 18 December 2014

Mutasa speaking from India!!!!!!! Is this man now in exile.Does he not know the physical address of zanu pf HQ or its 1st secretary. Why are they seeking medical treatment in India. The country has too many General hospitals. Unemployed Medical stuff is too much in the country. Too much double standards you zanu pf chefs. Mutasa where were you when zanu fired "NKALA" after you formed the party in his house. It is such thinking like Mutasa that zimbabwe as a country we find ourselves in a mess. They think they own zimbabwe. Democratic and progressing people have for the past three decades complaining at zanu pf brutality. What did you say? Mutasa is testing the effects of being excess buggage on board a sinking pirate ship trying to remain afloat. Wakandwa mumvura na captain. If Mutasa flees zanu pf running scared to SADC what about povo zvayo. The naked truth is that Mutasa and all zanu clan " We dont want you taneta nemi please. Mutasa why do you fear Mugabe so much. Mutasa and your gang chimbo rohwai nechando mozo muka kana mugabe afa, motora party yenyu yave mamvemve.

X-MAN IV - 18 December 2014

Nyati wat goes around comes around Remember ndimi manna muchida kuunza Gideon Gono thru back door kuti aite senator at the expense of shadreck chipanga hu was next in line bcz u wntd to promote yo camp to extent yekuda kuchinja constitution , ndoo factionalism ka yamaiita iyi manje makanyura

ba chiko - 18 December 2014

I recall Didymus Mutasa saying that he would rather 7 million Zimbabweans left Zimbabwe and 6 million loyal to Zanu PF remain. Now that the shoe is on the other foot! You were complicit in the murders of innocent Zimbabweans, the total destruction of the economy. Manzwa sugar butter!!!!

H Wesa - 18 December 2014

SADC must be having a pile of letters from zimbabwe especially from mcd t complaining about Mugabe . Another letter from zanu to SADC complaining about the same person but i am sorry baba Mutasa SADC is useless you are just wasting your time and when you come back home you are going in . But the happiest person is Roy Benet bcoz you will be joining him in South Africa and you can finish your un finish story which you started during that fracas in parliament leading to Roy being jailed.Things fall apart hey.

Diibulaanyika - 18 December 2014

Maybe Cdes Mutasa and Amai Mujuru would follow the example of Zacheus in the bible. His change of heart was followed by returning of all ill-gotten fortune and apologies for the ruthlessness with which he maintained his powerful lifestyle in an oppressive government. Baba Didymus and Amai Mujuru, professing Christains ca still be used by God to turn our country around if they truly and humbly repent . Maybe Baba Mutasa's first stop would be at Headlands where much suffering was caused at his instigation driven by blind allegiance to power and wealth.

Abri - 18 December 2014

"We write to you at a critical time for the Republic of Zimbabwe...." Pardon me please, but I'm missing several issues here. Who is Mr Mutasa referring to as "WE". The sacked ministers or the Zimbabweans at large? He raised 'flagrant abuse of power,' since when has there been this flagrant abuse of power? Is it a recent phenomenon or it has always been there? Why didn't Mr Mutasa raise the issue all these years. He was blind, and someone has just opened his sight. The old man is obviously mistaking misfortunes for his team with misfortunes for the whole country. It appears there is a feeling, which will take time to fizzle into the air for many people, that the world does not revolve around them. Finally, living a splash life blinds many people, and they only enter reality after someone has knocked sense into them by letting go the leash they live on. Many people have attempted this circus of writing to SADC , Europe, this here ...that there...forgetting one CRITICAL point: ONE NEEDS SOME CAPACITY TO SPEAK TO THOSE REGIONAL BLOCKS. In what capacity is Mr Mutasa writing to all these regional blocks? He is living in denial. he really needs to shake his head out of this nightmare. "We refuse to be chucked out of ZANU". OK. So, what has SADC or Europe got to do with that...with who is in or out of ZANU PF? How does it translate to bread and butter issues for all Zimbos?

chenjerai Makudo - 18 December 2014

Mutasa, Mushohwe and Jonathan Moyo destroyed thriving Kondos, looted its implements, stocks and uprooted its pipes before handing the shell to Arda. Many people were biter with you over this.

MaCadre - 18 December 2014

Mutasa is talking garbage that “…those who put their lives and families at risk to fight for a free and fair Zimbabwe…”. From the 1960s Zanu and Zapu used to talk of their vision for egalitarian society but once in power they started calling each other gangsterishly as “comrades” - those who are more equal than others. They now own multiple farms. What fairness is Mutasa talking about? We were very free under white rule. Freer than at present. Life was fairer under the circumstances than in modern Zimbabwe. Politicians like Mutasa wanted power, if you wanted political power you had to come up with a plausible ideology, and talking to the gullible about freedom and fairness was the default ideological position for all black politicians. When the rich whites came in 1890 they found the locals hopelessly poor. The locals were never going to catch up. The whites were always going to get even richer simply because the had the unique skills and money to start and run businesses. They were not going to stop getting filthy rich. Mutasa will soon find out that the freedom and fairness he thought was present all along is a just a pipe dream.

Musona - 18 December 2014

Zvataurwa neruzhinji ndizvo chaizvo--Mudhidhimas garako Hindiya. Ko Musona waive muive free muRudhizha sei wega wega?

Mhofu - 19 December 2014

"Whatsoever you sow you shall reap." God's own words! The chickens are coming home to roost. Same thing. What goes around comes around. And so now Diddy knows how the rest of us feel. The half that has been chopped off should come clean and tell the truth; reveal all the dirty secrets of rigging and murder and theft etc etc!!! And the half that is left-Bob and the boys must understand that God is watching. Will they escape judgement? Absolutely not! No one will who stays with a hard and unrepentant heart and secret sin!!!!

Righteous Justice - 19 December 2014

One is at a loss whether to cry or laugh at Mutasa. Such a BIG cry baby!

Johno - 19 December 2014

Just a comment of wisdom from me. Its not wrong for anyone to change from one you knew then to one you would know today. There are comments that suggest Mutasa is wrong to have to say what he is saying today. Its the Zim syndrome of lunacy. People are labelled that and never allowed to change. Ndiko kupusa hama. The progressive should be congratulating the cause and encourage these huge changing times forward. Someone even suggests he shuts up - for whose benefit? If he shuts up will we ever know the truth as to how we were and are manipulated? We also need to see where the winds of change are taking us. We will forever remain Zimbabweans whether your party is in power or not. We do not score agaisnt each other by formenting hatred. Ndiko kupata kwadai kutidzorera shure zvakanyanya. Let Mutasa and others tell us what it is we do not know so we are a better people kwete kuti nyarara nekuti Morgan aizvitaura muchiramba.

Bindu Mupindu - 19 December 2014

I am happy this Mutasa complaining of changing constitution now but i remember saying that "..kune vakuru.." the constitution should be changed to suit them when referrring to Gono, so is he implying that Mugabe is not as big as Gono for the Zanu PF constitution to be changed to suit his desire of power?I am happy that the Mujuru cabal has been dismantled these people had the capacity to oppress us further because they were hoodwinked by their stolen riches to think the law does not exist when one is rich and is in postion of power, i want to extend heartfelt thank you to Dr Grace for acting as a responsible citizen when you got exposed to the filthiness of these people, thank you so much, now we are better without these as was before, there are a few more people left who think and feel they more zimbabweans than others.

ArrestMutasa - 19 December 2014

With Mugabe as the leader-- this Dydlimus msut be carze the sam Mugabe who is hunting him down like a rat he still has confidence in him. As long as you think Mugabe should be leader we will celebrate you demise Mutas, go and don't come back if your coming back is to have Mugabe in power forever, stay there benzi.

maita - 19 December 2014

After reading all these comments I can only say these are indeed interesting times. Time, time the wizard of all will surely tell us what is going to happen in future

kurarama - 19 December 2014

@Mhofu - just parroting what someone told you. WE WERE VERY VERY FREE IN WHITE-RULED RHODESIA - MUCH FREER THAN NOW. Mutasa is telling that the Southern Rhodesia African National Congress (SRANC) was formed in Southern Rhodesia which shows people were free to form political parties. NDP, Zapu, Zanu and Muzorewa's UANC were formed during white rule. The only reason why Zanu and Zapu were banned was because they were fighting each other in the townships causing untold mayhem. If you were not born at the time or were an infant then shut up, do not just parrot what other fools tell you. When you argue you should say what you were not free to do. WHAT IS IT THAT PEOPLE WERE NOT FREE TO DO? Give real life examples not FAKE ones. If some people were fools then they should not say everyone was like them. IF YOU WERE CLEVER THE SKY WAS THE LIMIT. People my age cannot work the computer and are unable to make their views known. WE WERE A BILLION TIMES BETTER OFF. Rhodesia was the second most prosperous economy in Africa. We the clever ones took advantage. There were black multi-millionaires in white-ruled Rhodesia.

Musona - 19 December 2014

One sentence should read, "Mutasa is telling you that the Southern Rhodesia African National Congress (SRANC) was formed in Southern Rhodesia which shows people were free to form political parties".

Musona - 19 December 2014

Didymus Mutasa should realize that ZANU PF & Mugabe are so ungrateful.Please apologize to the people & repent. Say out all the cruel sins by ZANU PF against innocent Zimbabweans.Welcome to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe fighting to be free from Mugabe.

RAMBAKUUDZWA - 19 December 2014

There were thousands of black multi-millionaires in white-ruled Rhodesia the first was George Tavengwa with 9 large commercial farms in white-ruled Rhodesia. If he was a multi-millionaire then what was stopping others being multi-millionaires?

Musona - 19 December 2014

Whatever Mudhidhimus is saying, the recent congress was a damp squib. The Central Committee made decisions for us without consultations.A sure sign of disrespect to the delegates. We were there just to sing, ululate, sloganeer, eat, drink, sleep and fart.

Chipoto Vhaivhai - 19 December 2014

It is very true that unbeknown to them,blacks were much better off in Southern Rhodesia,even under Ian Smith than under ZANU PF today. ZANU's break up from ZAPU caused mayhem to blacks in the black townships,hence nationalists' s arrests.People then enjoyed milked tea with buttered bread, liver&eggs.ZANU PF brought nothing new except suffering. Gukurahundi was a repeat of the evils of the 1960s.No wonder Mugabe himself called it a moment of madness.It served no purpose.

Truth - 19 December 2014

While Zimbabwe boasts of a high literacy rate in Africa,it is unthinkable that we can have Oppah Muchinguri as minister of higher education.Yes she could be rewarded with something else for blackmailing Mujuru&helping Gire's entry into full time politics.

DONGAWATONGA - 19 December 2014

why black townships in the first place? why were there no white townships? zvaana musona ndezve kurumbidza rudzi rwavo. the failure of zanu has become a weapon for him to demean black people. hondo yakakonzerwa nehudzwanyiriri nehupambe pfuma. its so much a sorry state of affairs that the same hudzwanyiriri the majority suffered at the hands of the whites is now being perpetrated by blacks on thier fellow kind. that everyone condemns. we are all against it. that does not however mean that we should retrogress back to the smith era. we should condemn corruption in all its forms while encouraging good leadership. i beleive with time a good leader will be realised from our own kind who will transform things so that our country would become ones more the bread basket.

taurai - 19 December 2014

mutasa's utterances smacks of insencerity. how can he continue praising mugabe at the same time insinuating that there was flagrant violation of the party's constitution. by who? i thot mugabe wacho is the one who presided over the whole fiasco. such kind of thinking is what got zim in this unpalatable situation: people think mugabe is right but is leading a bunch of crooks. what are the responsibilities of a leader? accountability is one of them and i am inclined to think that whatever happens in any organisation should be taken as a collectivity responsibility and accountability should be heaped on the leader. the ''vamwe vose vakashata and mugabe is right mantra'' haishande.

haya - 19 December 2014

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