Mugabe under fire for shunning Zim, Africa

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe and his family have as usual gone to the Far East for his annual holiday amid growing criticism that he is a double-faced leader who loves to talk a tough pan-African language only when it is politically expedient to do so.

Analysts and the opposition told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe seemingly “hates anything African” as Zimbabweans have never been told that he is vacationing in tourist-friendly countries on the continent such as Malawi, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Mauritius.

In addition, the MDC also feels that it is immoral that the nonagenarian should “even think” of taking a holiday at this time while Zimbabweans are suffering “untold” economic pain resulting from Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s misrule.

“For a country’s chief executive officer to go on a fully State-funded overseas holiday whilst the national economy is virtually comatose just confirms what we in the MDC have always said about the Zanu PF regime, that this is a rogue regime that is being led by a man who is no longer fit for purpose; an old and tired gentleman who doesn’t care one iota whether or not the economy implodes.

“Mugabe has deliberately avoided making the State of the nation address because he has absolutely nothing to say about his government’s plan in order to rescue the economy from intensive care  where it is now permanently domiciled.

“Mugabe is past his sell-by date. He is no longer fit for purpose. It is also a tragedy of monumental proportions that Zanu PF rigged itself into power on July 31, 2013.

“While the majority of the people of Zimbabwe are struggling to put one meal on the table per day, Mugabe and his coterie of selfish bootlickers are living large, wining and dining in high society. The sooner this rogue regime gets out of power, the better for the people of Zimbabwe,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

Another opposition official, while not opposing Mugabe’s request for permission to take leave, called for the government to provide more information about his health, arguing that this latest “sojourn” was less of a holiday but a “medical trip”.

“When you don’t speak with clarity, with transparency, the speculation begins, and understandably so that the president is not well. Zimbabweans have the right to know what the real story is.

“All the indications are that Mugabe doubles up these kinds of vacations with visits to his physicians in the Far East,” he said.

Analysts also pointed out to the Daily News yesterday that before he was banned in the West, Mugabe used to go there on holiday and was a regular visitor to the UK where he, together with his fashion-loving wife, Grace — nicknamed Gucci Grace for her alleged penchant for shopping — were regulars at the famous Harrods store in London.

In his absence, new Deputy President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is the acting president.

It is the first time that crown prince Mnangagwa is acting as interim Head of State and he will be in charge until mid to late January next year when Mugabe is expected back.

He was appointed first vice president just after the ruling Zanu PF party’s damp squib “elective” congress in Harare last week, replacing the sacked Joice Mujuru who was sensationally accused of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe.

Surprisingly, lickspittle State media such as the shamelessly pro-Zanu PF, Sunday Mail have in the last few days begun to check back embarrassingly on their murky claims that Mujuru planned to kill Mugabe.

Analyst Shephard Mntungwa said it was a mystery and “a great shame” that Mugabe, like many other African leaders, liked to speak “a good language” about Africa, but never “walked the talk”.

“The president talks a good game about Africa but like his counterparts on the rest of the continent never walks the talk. Thus, he is carted away to places such as Singapore and Malaysia for holidays and medical checkups, usually in secret.

“Very sadly too, many of these trips are disguised as official trips to stop citizens from scrutinising them.

“The question is, why can’t he go to Victoria Falls or Durban or Arusha for his holidays or for medical trips if we are to believe his tough rhetoric about Africa and African solidarity and Rennaissance?

“Surely, Africa cannot just be good to talk about and not to vacation in and get medical assistance in,” Mntungwa said.

Mugabe went on his annual vacation at least two weeks ahead of the usual schedule. In years gone by, he traditionally went on leave around December 28.

Mugabe, who is under European Union and American travel sanctions, has in recent years vacationed in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Mugabe also quietly left the country without any funfare, State newspaper pictures and ZBC video footages as is usually the case when he is travelling outside the country.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba was unreachable when the Daily News tried to solicit comment from him yesterday.

Comments (36)

Why criticise Mugabe for Far East holidays when Morgan Tsvangirai also went to places like Singapore with his S African girlfriend? You people have short memories.

Musona - 16 December 2014

These MDC apes had a hance to shine and they blew it by being more corrupt than Zanu. dc shut the F up!

WAX - 16 December 2014

regai president vazorore vanhu takaita sei ko isu? Regai baba vaende kundo zorora hapana chakaipa ipapo.

taurai - 16 December 2014

hie there im using watsapp

SJAAY - 16 December 2014

If idiotic and nose poking reporters like the ones from this daily litter africa, i would not even dare send my puppy for a holiday in any African Country. MAY you do us a favour by telling us any of the African leaders who have come here on holiday, hog wash.

reason - 16 December 2014

The issue is not about whether the President should go on vacation or not. The President can go on vacation as he likes, as long as it is within the law. The issue however is about the Presidents character. That he is DOUBLE FACED which in itself is an understatement because in actual fact he is MULTI FACED. The President always presents himself as principled,pure and one without blemish yet when he says yes most probably he'll be saying no. When he is indicating left most probably he will turn right and when he says God bless you, he would be simply saying be cursed. Most often the President castigates double standards, yet practicing them daily. That is why he sends his children overseas for schooling yet he is always asking " what's wrong with our colleges here?".He goes overseas for his and his family's medicals yet everyday he asks why we are leaving our "majestic" hospitals. Finally if Tsvangirai also goes or went to such places, it does not make it all right. It does not justify the President who himself should learn to say what he does,and to do what he says. He is the President. Mr Tsvangirai is not the benchmark. He is just one of the citizens challenging the President.

mosquito - 16 December 2014

Mugabe has never been a pan-africanist or a nationalist for that matter. A pan-africanist would never have accepted a knighthood as defender of the british empire. A nationalist would never engage or fan tribalism, racism and factionalism. He is an opportunist who unfortunately has a critical mass of simple minded people who support to him.

Galore 123 - 16 December 2014

kikikiki so why talk of being more African than others ,when there is nothing of interest for you in Africa except power kikikik.May you explain this Reason ?.

the hypocrict one - 16 December 2014

before mugabe was banned from england he went there not the middle east infact he hated all paces except england

Harare - 16 December 2014

before mugabe was banned from england he went there not the middle east infact he hated all places except england, infact he thinks he is better than africans

Harare - 16 December 2014

morgan paid 300 000 us to a prostitute mugabe is going with his family its okay .

buri - 16 December 2014

MOSQUITO, you are a good analyst / Scrutinizer / observer /commenter. I do not allow to be blind folded by whoever/whatever i support. The problem of many zimbabweans today is they think if you support someone or some party, you cant queation or have different opinion(s) or even condemn some actions/policies or laws of them. We should only do so if its GOD Almighty, not for Zanu or MDC. There are things to cherish in either of the two and some to condemn in both. Zimbabwe is where it is not because of One person worse Mugabe. Its there because many do not challenge ideas, policies, laws, which gets implemented gradually for selfish reasons. The general public should be educated on what it means to support some party . I respect people like MOSQUITO (the 6th comment above this one)

whitehorse - 16 December 2014

sorry Mosquito is on the 8th comment above this

whitehorse - 16 December 2014

thumbs up whitehorse & Mosquito

free& fair - 16 December 2014

You hear them saying 'African solutions to African problems'. Hypocrites of the highest order. Reason is one of them

tongesai - 16 December 2014

If the president wants other people from the rest of the world to come as tourists to our country, at least he could spend one of his annual holidays in Victoria Falls or another place of interest. How do you expect people to holiday in your country when all you think about is leaving it. If you don't like your own food, how do you expect to persuade a foreign to eat sadza nenyama when you are eating spaggetti? African leaders are busy making fools of themselves. They claim that the health system in our countries is the best, but when they fall ill, they go to other countries for treatment. They claim that Zimbabwe has the best education system, but their children are studying in other countries, including the so-called imperialist British and American universities. This kind of hypocrisy is no longer acceptable. Why do African leaders never feel that telling lies to the citizens is not good political and moral conduct?

Chenjerai Hove - 16 December 2014

He must start zinatha medication bcoz is cheap. The country is broke and can not afford pumping out millions on someone who is at quarter to the grave . Recent gaffes clearly indicated that he was sick .But what can he do when he is being forced by Grace to do as she pleases. The man is half dead right now he does not know where he is .

Diibulaanyika - 16 December 2014

I second you C.Hove,our Leader prefer united Kingdom,asiri masanctions ari kunonoka kubviswa,pane paangaende ku Gomo here kundorapwa,ik kusina mishonga

kambudzi - 16 December 2014

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dr - 16 December 2014

Haunzwe kuti vanonzi President not with a small "p". Even Chief vako vedunhu rako unovati chii iwe..unless otherwise wakaberekwa kuMbare kusina madazishe,,,chitupa chako chakanzi "Matererine Flats" along Harare Chambwino imi......respect vanotonga...chete......even your bible and my bible says that....cdes and friends

clemence tashaya - 16 December 2014

Its indicative of the fact that all of you use pseudonyms that FEAR is prevalent in Zimbabwe. Until you stop being so pusillanimous Mugabe and the Crocodile will rape your country until there is nothing left. Rise up and throw him and his minions into jail. remember ZVAKWANA? what happened to all your dreams of a just, benevolent Government? Are you all just cowards at heart. If so you deserve all you get. Long live Freedom .

miles anderson - 16 December 2014

@ Obert Gutu It is all very well for "motor-mouth" Obert Gutu to talk of Mugabe as a "man who is no longer fit for purpose; an old and tired gentleman." The fact of the matter is Mugabe was able to outwit Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC leadership including motor-mouth into doing nothing about the democratic reforms for five years. Tsvangirai went on a sea cruise “Legend of the Sea” with his floozy when the economy was in trouble why did motor-mouth say nothing then? Those who live in $ 4 million Highland mansions (glass houses) must not throw verbal abuse at those living in $20 million Blue Roof mansions (glass houses) because we the taxpayers who have paid for the two do not like hypocrites and will throw stones to shut your motor-mouth!

Wilbert Mukori - 16 December 2014

Miles Anderson has hit the nail on the head. The country is haemorrhaging not only because of Mugabe and his boot-licking cronies but also because a whole lot of Zimbabweans are true chickens of the highest order. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Elvis Kupara - 17 December 2014

i kindly ask all of you guys to read about jesuits in politics or freemason and illuminats ,and you will find mugabe is found in these

green masvingo - 17 December 2014

Wake up Zimbabwe. “Let all men of war draw near. Hammer your ploughshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears-Joel 3vs10”. I too am sick of war my countrymen, but we must consistently ask ourselves-what is worth fighting for? What is worth laying our lives on the line for? Josiah Tongogara, Learnmore Jongwe and several others gave their lives for this undertaking. This democracy ideology. And I assure you, they did not give their lives in vain, for they knew what this democracy would mean to us as a nation. They knew that democracy is a new birth of freedom. Not just the freedom from colonialism and now, this tyranny; but freedom to choose your fate; the freedom to make your fortunes on this untainted land. We cannot let that freedom be threatened by rag tag bands of marauding stone-age primitives who keep holding this nation hostage to their own foolish nationalism ideologies. If they lay down their corrupt, inept and selfish acts and come into the fold like Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dhabengwa. Look at them, wearing our clothes, speaking our language- washed in the blood of our Saviour. If these violent Zanu PF nomads roaming the political plains are willing to do as they have done, then there is very will hope that our mission might be accomplished peacefully. If not, then they are the authors of their own destruction.

patriot - 17 December 2014

Let this old man go whereever he wants for partying but one thing we do not like about himis just one and simple the way he chose to govern our country and put us in tatters at the advice of his clueless wife,kakistocratic subordinates,relatives that he sought to put in positions of responsibility

carson Macate - 17 December 2014

Holiday packages to exotic places usually include walking along sandy beaches in swimming trunks and bikinis, drinking those expensive cocktails with little umbrellas on them and then retiring to a bungalow. That is not what Mugabe and his wife are doing right now, they are probably holed up in some private hospital going through check ups, why it has to be such top secret remains a mystery. All this after the other tired clueless clown left in charge is busy throwing away lavish parties. How can we ever be taken seriously by the outside world when everything Zimbabwean seems to be so gloomy and childish. The constitution is not even adhered to, there is no rule of law, money is now minted not printed. Heaven help us all.

Dr Know - 17 December 2014

It is a difficult task to hold to account a brutal dictator. Mugabe has failed the country. the country is dead economically and all Gvt institution are part of the corrupt system. Mugabe is backed by the East to stay in office , and the east get their share of plunder in the process. Pasi ne zanu!! 73% defeat!! President Mphoko!!! Mukadzi wangu anondi tonga kumba!!! Surely mugabe has to go east and get dosage. It could be his last trip he must enjoy it. Time is up.

X-MAN IV - 17 December 2014


mapingire we belingwe - 17 December 2014

Country on its knees leaders whether in power or in the opposition go scrounging here and there essential services like health services falling apart keep it up africa

povo - 17 December 2014

get away

ko - 17 December 2014

mapingire boro raamai vako

ko - 17 December 2014

Morgan ndizvo zvaangadai akaita noise about when he was PM. Instead akananzviswawo shuga naRobert and he didn't say anything back then, only to resurface after kubirirwa muna 2013 and two lobola payments plus one later (plus other women) achirotomoka. Ngaatibvire kumhepo - both Morgan and Robert are/were useless.

Gen'a remahobi - 17 December 2014

Morgan never used state money to pay lobola please do not involve him in Mugabe nonsense . Over and about Morgan is zimbabwean .

Chimedza matombo - 17 December 2014

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