MDC relishes polls

HARARE - Buoyed by the ructions bedevilling their bitter political foes Zanu PF— the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC is upbeat that they will win elections at any given time.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu told journalists on Saturday that President Robert Mugabe’s days are now numbered and cited deep-rooted divisions in Zanu PF over the brutal ouster of former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

And with the parliamentary seats of at least over 100 legislators linked to Mujuru not secure as victorious hawks push for their ouster — the MDC is also relishing for by-elections to be held even before the 2018 plebiscite.

“We are going to win elections whenever there are held. We have studied the animal we are dealing with, and it does not need a rocket scientist to see that Zanu PF is crumbling like a deck of cards,” said Gutu.

The total annihilation of the Mujuru faction — widely regarded as moderate and commanding grassroots support — has revived the sagging hopes of the opposition — which believes that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s camp is not as popular with the people.

But analysts last week told the Daily News that the removal of the “popular” Mujuru camp confirms the opposition fears that Zanu PF manipulates the electoral process to win polls.

Gutu said as long as there is a “crisis of legitimacy” then the country cannot expect any solutions from a “government that is trapped in unending succession battles.”

“What is happening is a circus, they held a praise and worship congress and cannot fix the economy.

“If you look at what we have in the MDC, you will see that Zanu PF is a party of the past and cannot deal with present issues,” said Gutu.

Asked if the MDC has engaged ostracised Zanu PF officials including Mujuru, Gutu said the MDC is “ready to work with anyone who believes in democracy”.

“Whatever is happening in Zanu PF is their business. Zanu PF is crumbling and we are open to work with those who realise that Zanu PF is now in intensive care,” said Gutu.

On Saturday, the MDC held its national council meeting — in order to finish congress business — and resolved to tackle Zanu PF and offer solutions to the problems Zimbabweans are faced with.

“With a fractured party in government whose top priority is an unending circus of succession battles, the plight of the ordinary Zimbabwean will worsen with Zanu PF in the seat of government.

“There is no respite for ordinary Zimbabweans if the crisis of legitimacy, which is at the centre of the national challenges, is not immediately addressed.”

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Please, if we can manage to unlock this rigging by zanu. The same people who rigged are still the same and are boosting that (hamumbotongi nyangwe mukawiner) Lets be on top of it.

Lever Dewah - 15 December 2014

Idiot. Nikuv to date is in overdrive to omit, exclude or misspell all those voters in Mdc areas at the same time Zpf now automatically transfers only its members to the electronic voters roll without going through Mdedes strict processes. How on earth now will you win stupid MDC. START TO FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY IN THE FIRST PLACE LIKE WHAT DABENGWA SAID.

Sanction Nikuv - 15 December 2014

Zimbabwe has 8 million adults but barely has 3 million active voters. Which party do you think the excluded 5 million adults belong to?

Hellet - 15 December 2014

All opposition parties, civil groups etc should be pushing very hard for a totally new voters roll and a totally new system. Haven't MDC T learned from last time??

Free&Fair - 15 December 2014

If the Zanu pf elective congress and change of some leaders means Zanu Is now weak , Then MDC is already buried , Having split into 4 to 5 five parties in a space of 13 years . All MDC knows is to fight for positions and if they are few you then split in order to create more positions .Besides talking about Zanu pf , what have you got to offer Zimbabweans . Stop talking about Zanu pf and start telling us what you have on offer in real terms . Gutu , tell us about MDC and not Zanu pf.

P Changwara - 15 December 2014

Every progressive force should push for war against the incumbents if we cannot have a clean voters roll that guarantees universal suffrage.

Hondo, hondo - 15 December 2014

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GALLERYCARTRIDGES - 15 December 2014

MDC please the most important issues to tackle are 1. THe NEW VOTERS' ROLL and ensuring ZEC starts the voter registration process. How can you even advocate for an election when constitutionally ZEC is not even registering any voter?. We need to DEMONSTRATE and UPROOT anything that stands between the People and a VOTERS' ROLL managed by ZEC. This is what we should be fighting for.

Mupinyu Wasvotoka - 15 December 2014

kwaramba you are a day dreamer just like this gutu guy you said mujuru commands grassroots support who told you so mujuru is just like a biti you dont have support if breakaway from the main stream party we support zanupf and the president ask tekere sithole dongo simba makoni mai mujuru is now an ordinary member thus politics its now stronger

mombe - 15 December 2014

The greatest enemy is the system used by Zanu Pf to rig the elections making them permanent winners. Yes MDC should concentrate on selling its party policies to the people of Zimbabwe as a serious party and an alternative to Zanu Pf but over and above that, it has to confront the biggest animal in the name of the 'voters roll'. Time is running out and the sooner this is done, the better. Let's not read much in what is happening in Zanu Pf because as it stands, it is not the voters but those who count and announce the election results who determines the winner. Why would Zec hide the electronic voters roll from public scrutiny one year after the elections? FOOD for thought.

Mtape - 15 December 2014

MDC has fallen in the same ideological supremacy as ZPF and good at manipulating their own constitution. Gutu is good at superlatives that will never translate to action. ZPF at the moment is there to stay. Forget about the what happened in the last two months. These guys are united ever before. They have been in the game and they are still in the game

Nyezi - 15 December 2014

It is very disappointing to see the MDC leadership losing focus once again. It is crucial that they emulate Dabengwa and rally all opposition forces on the voters roll and genuine reform of related electoral processes now. This will require relentless pressure by a dedicated project team. Without a new and transparent voters roll and registration process real democracy in Zimbabwe is doomed.

Ini Bate-Reke - 15 December 2014

You can never win elections in Zimbabwe when Mugabe is alive and ruling this country and when the army is still in charge. New voters role or old - you cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clement moyo - 16 December 2014

I thought MDC-T had learnt their lesson. Now I know they haven't. When you fight Zanu pf political, you don't focus on and celebrate its purported lows. They will play the game as if they are a dying party, and then wrong-foot you at the last minute. Morgan was saying MDC-T would win last years election only two days before the vote. Gutu, you haven't studied the animal you are dealing with, but the animal has studied you and will allow you to believe you have the political upper hand, until 2018. MDC-T is making the fatal mistake again, of booing Zanu pf and failing to make its own plans to win power. It's not Nikuv, Gutu, it is the dump MDC-T leadership that cost that party victory.

machakachaka - 16 December 2014

the problem with mdc-t is that they are so blind, they must first understand real politics not jus textbook politicking. do they realy have the stamina and pedigree to win against zanu pf.

THANDO - 16 December 2014

the problem with mdct is that its a party that belongs to one person mr t. until it becmoes a national opposition party it will always lose elections. the whole party is a person. here comes umdc!

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 December 2014

Everyone knows MDC.T is the biggest party in Zimbabwe. Problem is the system does not allow its supporters to register as voters. Its not a joke that they are 73% of Zimbabweans

Suture - 16 December 2014

Controlled and restrictive Voter registration propelled Mugabe's support from a mere 1 million in 08 to 2 million in 2013 whilst that of Morgan remained stagnant at 1.3 million. With the coming electronic registration in Zanu, we shall see Mugabe 'wins' further go up whilst millions more are excluded from elections.

juluka - 16 December 2014

But in Maputo 2013 Sadc leaders warned MT not to go for skewed elections given the Voters roll was tempered with and classified, silly enough Morgan was busy making silly noise on security sector reforms yet millions of his supporters were deleted or transfered in the official roll. Kurara pabasa chaiko. Yet to date he idiotically talk of elections yet he hasnt seen the Voters roll.

Bhazuka - 16 December 2014

Dumb fools, what have changed since July 31. You think you can win an election. Think twice.

jackovick - 16 December 2014

No country on the face of the earth ever called the 2013 election was 'fair' due to the Voters roll issue yet up to now the document is still hidden and classified. Do we have democracy in this country? Time to go back to war

kirkman - 16 December 2014

If Tsvangirai continues to talk about elections and nothing on Voter registration, I will quit the party. Taneta kuzadza mastadium with ppl who dont vote

kuyuky - 16 December 2014

In 2013, Makarau gave only 35 RG officers to register a population of 2.5 million voters in one month from Epworth, Chitungwiza and Harare. Kutijairira chaiko.

Rita Makararwa - 16 December 2014

dabengwa ane vision, asiyana naTsvangirai. iyi ndofair manje. Dabengwa ndizvo

doom - 17 December 2014

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