Mugabe's Cabinet to be sworn-in today

HARARE - Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe last night revealed his new cabinet, following a turbulent purge in the ruling party that saw the vice president and eight ministers fired.

The announcement of the new make-up of the cabinet on state television follows the nomination of Emmerson Mnangagwa, a lawyer and senior official since independence in 1980, as deputy president.

Chief secretary to President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda said Mnangagwa remains the justice minister, while second vice president Phelekezela Mphoko, like his predecessor, would  focus on national healing, peace and reconciliation.

The cabinet that will be sworn-in today at State House replaces the large part of an authority established to lead Zimbabwe after disputed presidential elections in July last year that were expected to restore democratic order and unlock billions of dollars in foreign aid.

The economy has markedly worsened a year and half after Mugabe was re-elected, and the latest shuffle has nothing to do with addressing the deepening economic problems but managing internal Zanu PF politics and dynamics, analysts say.

Mugabe promoted Supa Mandiwanzira to a full ICT ministry, and did not replace the Women's minister amid swirling speculation that his wife Grace could snap up the post.

Former deputy foreign affairs minister Chris Mutsvangwa was rewarded with a ministerial post responsible for welfare services for war veterans, war collaborators and ex-detainees after leading attacks against ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Demoted Simon Khaya-Moyo is the new minister of economic planning.

Find below a full list of the ministers and their portfolios


Name and Portfolio

E Mnangagwa: Vice President

P Mphoko: Vice President

P Mupfumira: Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Services

O Muchinguri: Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development

S Udenge: Minister of Energy and Power Development

C Mushohwe: Minister of Youth Development, Indegenisation and Economic Empowerment

S Mandiwanzira: Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Courier Services

C Mutsvangwa: Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees

Comments (28)

We are yet to witness a total catastrophe countrymen.Oppah Muchinguri at Higher and Teartiary Education,Chris Mushohwe at Indigenisation and Mutsvangwa at War Veterans and political detainees and restrictees and Biggie Matiza as Governor for Mash East.What has the people of Zimbabwe done to deserve such a cruel monster?

carson Macate - 12 December 2014

zvinotibatsireiko izvi ...non event

tmhlanga - 12 December 2014

reorganising the party is not reorganising the economy. nothing new here except putting people in offices as a thank you for supporting Grace.

jobless - 12 December 2014

cry the beloved country! the appointments seem to reflect political patronage rather than the developmental agenda for zimbabwe. in times past, the president has created what he once called: a. war cabinet; b. cabinet of technocrats. this one can be called a loyalty cabinet. zimbabwe, at the moment needs a forward thinking, innovative and morally forthright cabinet. creating a new ministry for war vets and crew does not help even the already presented budget. but then, have we been following our budgets. this team is destined for failure like those that went before because there is no innovation, there is still the central debilitating attitude of loyalty to the party and not to the people of zimbabwe. freedom will come one day. i think we should adopt the american system where appointees of the president have to be vetted by parliament and have to undergo an interview in which they present their vision for the various ministries. why should we expect less for an already impoverished country even though its potential is tremendous.

taura chokwadi - 12 December 2014

hahahahahaha, who is actually advicing the president, Grace?, Charamba?, Chinamasa?, Misheck sibanda?, Surely we cant rest and think the old man can lead this country to anywhere better. for 34 years, his boot licking madharas and the so called political analysts will always say to this'' and i quote, '' VaMugabe vagona apa, tafara nema ministes aiswa. and the media will say ''the public have hailed the cabinet reshuffle by HE cde RG'' heeee this is the best cabinet ever set up.'' i hope this will be his last appointments.

Cde Ben - 12 December 2014

Give credit to where it is due. The team that planned the downfall of VP Mujuru and the subsequent elevation of now VP E.D, are politically smart and very intelligent. If theories are anything to by, these guys seemed to conscientiously draft in the first lady (thus H.E) into the struggle a mere 3 months before Zanu PF's elective congress and within the three months launched a blitzkrieg attack on all perceived enemies and today we will have a new VP. I hope historians are recording current events! The winning team made "good" use of the press to character assassinate any perceived allies of the then incumbent VP, and despite the touted popular support that the first-fired VP in Zim's history was said to have, the incoming team won anyway. Objectively speaking, I think these guys are political strategists, who managed to outmaneuver apparent giants against all odds. Note that I am not moralizing, judging whether the actions mentioned here are right or wrong. I am just stating an observation about those I think exhibited political intelligence (albeit self-serving), and those who can set their mind on something and achieve it. But everyone knows that the common man does not eat politics.

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

(cont'd) I still remember when I was young I said that I would never vote in any election because that was the same as just giving another person's father a job promotion while my own father would continue to wallow in poverty. My point is, the team that is being sworn in today is capable of strategic thinking. From today onward, I am not going to accept the ancient excuse about sanctions being the source of all our nation's woes when we have such sharp strategists within our nation's ranks. I wish to see the same wily people who outmaneuvered the past VP, also outmaneuver the economy, and apply the same critical thinking skills in dealing with international powers like Britain and America, delicately balancing our fundamental need for sovereignty and the current need for foreign direct investment. It would be sad if the current team can only outfox widowed women, but can not handle the nuances of international politics. It will be sad if our countrymen can only make intelligent moves when gaining power to themselves but then fail to make intelligent decisions in the development of the country. But we wait and see. Congrats to those who will be sworn in today, and hopefully you now focus your demonstrated energy and intellect in the finishing of the Harare-Masvingo road, real economic empowerment to each citizen of Zimbabwe, improvement of our healthcare system and the general upward trajectory of national development. You showed us you can.

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

Utter rubbish when we are suffering,hazvutipi sadza pa table izvi,so Mugabe has enemies everywhere,if that were the case he shld have been killedka.Come to opposition all those booted out

hoto - 12 December 2014

Mugabe unveils his new team of parrots. These cabinet parrots will be spied on 24/7 by Mugabe to see if they are not plotting his downfall. What a job! The real Vice President here is Grace. Mnangagwa and Mpoko are deputies only on paper. Decisions are made by Grace, husband and nephew, Patrick Joao (Zhuwawo). What people must bear in mind is that since childhood Mugabe never had any known friends, male or female, until he met Sally in Ghana in 1960 at the age of 36 years. This indeed is a very strange person. Didymus Mutasa thought he knew Mugabe very well since the 1960s but Mugabe threw him out of cabinet like some piece of dirt. Mugabe is only concerned about his own self-importance. Didymus Mutasa is now in a position confirm that you can never please Mugabe. He does not know what hit him. Praise-singing got Mutasa nowhere. Mugabe is very unpredictable. An expansive psychopath.

Musona - 12 December 2014

With all due respect Mr President, Why did you leave Lazarus Dokora with his post. Why! Why! He was supposed to be the first one to go. Better kutoisa henyu Chinoz pana Dofora apo.

Zororai - 12 December 2014

lets be positive guys. who suffers if the country's economy isn't performing as it is? in my view, it isus the genaral public. are we going to encourage failure as well by writing them off even before they assume office? if the answer is yes, who do we want to work with? given the circumstances that we find ourselves in, it may be wise to work with these guys even if we do not subscribe to their philosophy of leadership. reform is a slow process. i can see and trust this process. kukwira gomo hupoterera hama. for the sack of the next generation, lets give our unreserved support to the new presidium.

taurai - 12 December 2014

I subscribe to the same line of thinking as taurai. No matter who is in power life goes on, so make the best of any given situation, even those that are naturally not preferable. Let us not be despondent fellow Zimbabweans.

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

Why did we remove the white rulers if we can work with what we have at any given time . For 34 yrs we have been hoping things were going to change for better and look now where we are stone age times . This group of idiots has nothing to offer to this nation and only insane persons can wish to work with it . Watch this space we are headed for the worse days unless if you are benefiting from the chaos then you have reason to want to work with thieves .

Diibulaanyika - 12 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika; what is your solution to the current mess? See it this way, while the nationalists were busy waging a war against the Rhodesian government, ordinary poeple's lives did not automatically stop because of the state of affairs. People still had to go to school, and those who went to those Rhodesian schools, thus taking advantage of the opportunities given by the colonizers, benefited even more after the independence was won. Because they were educated they could make use more of the economic opportunities then. This is sad to say, but some were even in a better position to prosper in new Zimbabwe than the people who sacrificed their lives (war vets, I really wish their welfare will be considered but that is not my point here). So my point is in as much as Zimbabwe is not the ideal country to live in, there are still opportunities that can be exploited in an unscrupulous way, and there is no answer that can absolutely come from politics. We are still in some respects the architects of our own destiny, and we should not let the bad economic situation deter us from the path of personal responsibility and development. Personally, if I have a project that I wish to undertake (I actually had one in August) I go and find anyone who can help despite of their political affiliation, and I go in my capacity as a citizen in need of help from civil authority not in the guise of any political affiliation. Not everyone is going to help, but you might also be surprised that there are still people who still view people as people, not just agents of furthering political agendas. This is my practical advice, and I will be happy to learn any proposed solutions that you have.

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

one of my statements meant to say "in a scrupulous way"

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

The team that planned the downfall of VP Mujuru is the same that wants mnangagwa to go. All these happenings have origin in the Zanu pf. They raised him to makeup as the cause of "enemies wanting him down" We are 5 who share this secret & who will know who blew the whistle?

whistleBlower - 12 December 2014

I do not know how old are you or where you lived during war as they were few children who went to schools as most schools were closed down . As of solutions to the present situation i will answer that by a question what do you do to a group of people who bring hunger to you by destroying your source of income ,? What can anyone do to make a living in a failed state with no currency of its own may be for the benefit of the suffering masses please make a list of some projects which you think they can make for a living. Being overzealous is not good meanwhile change of govt is the only permanent solution in this country finish and klaa.

Diibulaanyika - 12 December 2014

Recently I put up a joke on this forum that Zanu pf might create a new ministry of war vets for Mutsvangwa. Its not a joke any more its now a reality. Did Chinamasa proposed or avail money for such unwarranted expense. There is no need for Ministers under mugabe its waste of money and resources. This is a cabinet "yemashanga". What can Oppah do with Higher Edcuaction and science. Ko ivo mbuya Chitepo vanga vapihwa Women affairs. Zimbabwe needs a change of government. Zanu pf has failed dismally. A complete overhaul, is required to take the country out of this grave. E.D will not win presidential polls on zanu pf ticket. He has gone one up at a very wrong time. The corrupt mujuru must remain in this evil party. Three months from 2018 polls , mujuru must throw her name for presidential polls. E.D/Mugabe Vs Mujuru Vs other Democratic parties. Spoil the party for E.D and both became losers.

X-MAN IV - 12 December 2014

@Dibulaanyika; One of your fundamental assumptions is that merely changing government would change the economical prospects of a country. As you can see, I am not a politician, and sometimes indifferent to politics, which explains the key to most of my reasoning. But if merely changing a government would bring positive change then does it also not follow that the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe was going to be a move to the promised land? History proves us otherwise. So I am not sure if you will be willing to share on what grounds that you think replacing the current government, however corrupt it may be, will automatically transform the life of Zimbabweans. It can go either way: things can improve or they might go worse, nobody knows since we are incapable of foretasting the future. So my initial point was to remind people that it is still possible to do your best in life and even succeed even in the worst of political environments. Before Canaan comes, which it might never do, we can't just wallow in self-pity fantasizing of a better future. We should do something. Do something for yourself. Do something for for your family. Don't stop there do something for your neighbors, and do something for your nation, making use of any opportunity that comes your way regardless whether it is presented by your supposed enemies or not. Together our termite-like efforts might actually yield a strong anthill even with minimal government assistance. So I will end by positing that it is possible to make a living in failed Zimbabwe: it might take more effort than in other countries, but it is still possible to do your best.. and the cliche but true saying goes on to say .. "and God will do the rest"

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

Also, give me some time but very soon I will make the list that you requested: my opinion of specific things that we can do to better our lives/country despite the status quo, for the benefit of anyone who still believes that in some ways we are still the architects of our own destiny.

Gatsi Rusere - 12 December 2014

Is this the beginning of the end of Mugabe's dictatorship? Old age is like disease. Who knew Mugabe would be used and misused and abused by a whore like Grace who is ready to do anything to get power and glory? Joyce Mujuru has one noble cause left, join the opposition and unseat this dying old donkey and see what will his whore do. Interestingly the crocodile Mnangagwa is facing off with an ever hungry hyena.

Nkwazi Mhango - 13 December 2014

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dr - 13 December 2014

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