Mnangagwa, Mphoko appointed VPs

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has appointed Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and career diplomat Phelekezela Mphoko as vice presidents.

Below are other appointments made;

Secretary for Administration - Ignatius Chombo

Secretary for the Commissariat - Saviour Kasukuwere

Secretary for Finance - Obert Mpofu

External Affairs - Simbarashe Mumbengegwi

National Security - Kembo Mohadi

Transport and Social Welfare - Oppah Muchinguri

Information and Publicity - SK Moyo

Legal Affairs - Patrick Chinamasa

Implementation Economic Empowerment Policy - Mike Bimha

Production and Labour - Josiah D. Hungwe

Health and Child welfare & the Elderly - Cleveria Chizema

Economic Affairs - Christopher Mushohwe

Women's Affairs - Grace Mugabe

Youth Affairs - Pupurai Togarepi

Education - Joram McDonald Gumbo

Gender and Culture - Thokozile Mathuthu

Disability - Joshua Malinga

Land Reform and Resettlement - Cain Mathema

Science and Tech - Jonathan Moyo

Business Dev - Sithembiso Nyoni

Environment and Tourism - Prisca Mupfumira

War Veterans - Sydney Sekeramayi



Comments (81)

This signals the death of Zimbabwe. Cry my beloved country.

Joel - 10 December 2014

A real Jurassic presidency and politburo. Now the fossil will announce the Jurassic cabinet. Cry the beloved country.

Tapfidza - 10 December 2014

iyi ndiyo inonzi creamora

onemayo - 10 December 2014

for ngwena the presidency is now in the bag. kwangosara tudikidi. harahwa ichangoitwa zvekuti ifume yakafa, thus completing the takeover. Ngwena-Grace Alliance.

Hondo, hondo - 10 December 2014

Watch out!!!!!!!! Kutongwa wakabatirwa DEMO/SANHU ne Banga!! Hameno, kune vane njere totopira kuna Mwari. Another 34 years rule.

Timmy - 10 December 2014

The brains cells of those on the above list comprises of cells from matibili's lower GIT. Kiss goodbye to FDI. To the gallant daughter of the soil, only senior politician with an authentic PHD from this year's graduations, leave the mandarins to expose themselves. Revenge is for the Lord. Our dearly departed galant commanders, Rex & Josiah must be turning in their graves. Cry the beloved country.

Tapfidza - 10 December 2014

I still don't think Mnangagwa is as bad as Mugabe! I think it's tribalistic insinuations. People fear Mnangagwa yes. He has participated in bad Zanu practices and operations, yes..... and so did the Mujurus and everyone else in Zanu. Let Mnangagwa take over and let's see. He sounds reasonable to me. He just comes out as tough. But then what do you expect? No one in that party is soft

Nduna - 10 December 2014

Where is christopher mutsvangwa? The obidient son is in charge of "cash". The going gets tougher!!

X-MAN IV - 10 December 2014

Who is the Chairman? Or are they waiting for Mutasa to recover? Poor Madala Mutasa........ shame

Nduna - 10 December 2014

who is this mboko anomboita nezvei am happy gushungo vati hamuna masimba amuinawo ,as for ED PLEASE CHISIYANA NEZVE KUDHAKWA .THIS ROUND NO.2 WAITING FOR ROUND 3

zander chigweda - 10 December 2014

Ladies and gentlemen another monster has been put in charge and ready to take power in this land and then further our sufferings . Some of us remember this guy during gukurahundi days .and how he led the killings of 20 000 harmless civilians . We can not have a man who has 20 000 skeletons under his belt to lead us .no we want a peace maker and Munangagwa is no way near that he is evil see how he framed Mujuru so that he can become vp . Lets put our heads together and block him from becoming president of this country during next election . Lets resist his method of winning elections whereby he uses threats and violets in rural areas . With Munangagwa zim will be plunged further into iron age days .Now we all know that zanu uses violets and threas to win elections and we must prepare to counter that head on they are humans we are humans .

Diibulaanyika - 10 December 2014

so when is dear leader going to Europe to collect his NOBEL peace price?,, ,for the good upkeep of Zimbabweans,signing mega deals with china,infrastructural projects,a lot of madicines for hospitals, making good use of proceeds from Marange germs ,combating corruption,and ofcourse promoting will of zimbos

kambudzi - 10 December 2014

We had an agreement during the 60s where the presidency would rotate among the major tribes Zezuru, Karanga, Manyika and Ndebele. Its now a Karanga. After that the Manyikas and Ndebele make sure you produce a good candidate

Ngoto - 10 December 2014

@dibulaanyika, ndiwe uneyese

rodney - 10 December 2014

In my opinion regardless of the impression that most have of VP Munangagwa I think if he takes over he will surprise all of us. He will strive to renew his image in our eyes & hate it or love it he will be a darling to all. No one in this world wants to be seen as bad & i think he will work towards winning our hearts. As for VP Mphoko I think his experience as a diplomat will help us on the international scene & we r now set for a restoration. Zimbabwe will be restored. Watch this space

zviko - 10 December 2014

Dream on dream on. These are Zanu appointees , Zimbabweans will have their say sooner than 2018 , what diplomatic experience , unenge unatwoo iwe . Get real. This has been put up by a very shallow woman who does not have any depth .

Gushuz - 10 December 2014

Unoita President usina anokusupporta here? Mnangagwa is fooling himself. if he still thinks that violence and intimidation of civilians particularly the rural folk is what will assure him of the presidency as they have done before then he is in for a big surprise this time. Hande tonosangana ikoko!!!!!!!!

Mabhanditi - 10 December 2014

nyararaizvenyu, tenzi vanoziva nguva yakwana vanopindira

oga - 10 December 2014

congradulation mr e mnangangwa. i pray you will do well in this position and nyanga if it so happens that you rule this great nation. all the best with the new cabinet.

taurai - 10 December 2014

nyararaizvenyu, tenzi vanoziva nguva yakwana vanopindira

oga - 10 December 2014

Thank god Mujuru is the only VP who has been sacked and the only surviving former VP others left through the Heroes Acre.

ISHUMAIRI - 10 December 2014

Tanga takarara tomuka zvino. Watch out dictator!!!!

Hondo, hondo - 10 December 2014

Mujuru akatadza kufira pahuVP mudhara ndokutsamwiswa and then fire her.Mamwe maVPs ose aifirapo.Mai Mujuru Mwari vachakudai chokwadi!!

daramombe - 10 December 2014

Congrads Cde Munangagwa, last time you won 8 provinces against two for Mujuru yet you humbled yourself and stepped aside. it right that you turn has been given back to you. Patience pays. Congrads once again

Prosper Chinamhora - 10 December 2014

Like it or note we now have a very dangerous situation in Zimbabwe , where our President Is incapacitated due to advance age and someone not capable is running the country by default. Due to the nature of the job on hand the whole nation is at risk and these are some of the result , we can chose yo joke about this but lives are at stake , it's by Grace of god that we do not have nuclear capabilities otherwise this would be a global threat.

Mupanduki - 10 December 2014

Mese manyora your comments are faggots.........jealous people musingade Change.........thats what we call change and its happening in the ZANU PF party not in the MDC-T ok.........This is Zimbabwe and mucha chema chete...........Zvangu zvaita ini

Clemence Tashaya - 10 December 2014

Replacing a thief with a serial corrupt thief. Replacing a python with a black mamba. replacing a bad woman with a woman of loose morals. Replacing a thug with killer. The more zanu changes the more it gets worse. Zanu pf is not transformig by doing merry go round its dead wood.

X-MAN IV - 10 December 2014

Obert Mpofu - mombe mumashanga! ko zvino wagara urikudakuita sekuputika wabva wapuhwa basa re finance - vakomana tichaonerera.

Der - 11 December 2014

oppah rushezha - mutengesi - wakatengesa mai mujuru kubva wapuhwa basa rema kombi ne ma pati. judas iscariot.

Der - 11 December 2014

@Clemence Tashaya: 1. "Mese manyora your comments are faggots.........jealous people musingade Change" See @Nduna, @ngoto, @zviko, @taurai, @Prosper Chinamhora. So why scold and accuse everyone of jealousy, even those who did not congratulate Mr. VP but just voiced their concerns/opinions? 2. "This is Zimbabwe and mucha chema chete" So there are people out there who delight in other people's mourning? 3. "Zvangu zvaita ini" This is the spirit that kills us Zimbabweans as a country. Some of us see everything from the lens of personal development not national development. The VP is a government post and government should represent ALL Zimbabweans, black/white/yellow with green dots/ndebele/shona/MDC(s)/ZPF.. But some are already celebrating in anticipated personal benefits.

Gatsi Rusere - 11 December 2014

@ Gatsi...wataura wakamirira vaya vamwe vasina vanovamiririra..u are a true patriot>.salute!!!!!

phd.. - 11 December 2014

Finance with Obert Mpofu, and they introduce coins. We will take the coins back to the bank not our US$. They want to rob us again, bonds or bearer cheques, its the same animal different names.

Hombarume - 11 December 2014

Though MUNANGARWA is history in zanu sometimes was circumstantial i believe he can do better than mai mujuru,we saw joice banda in malawi failing,getting influenced in her ruling and eventually malawians rejecting her,the truth is,power needs powerful people then you surround yourself with technocrafts,you allow relations to flow,its easy to raise ZIMBABWE after MUGABE just mend relations,everything will fall into MUNANGARWA.

TERRA COTTA - 11 December 2014

Makorokoto VaMunangagwa. Tinokudai.

lol - 11 December 2014

Oh maye, oh maye - when is this circus going to end. Surely, cry the beloved country. This country has become hell at its best - whats gona help us. God pliz intervene.

clement moyo - 11 December 2014

Assuming Mugabe wins 2018 elections ,he will be the president until 2023.Munanagagwa will be 78 years that time.Which means he could then become the president if Zanu still win the 2023 elections.Could Ngwena wait that long to be on the throne?I doubt it.

chimut - 11 December 2014

Now that Raw butt Moogabe has entrenched his beloved and trusted cadres onto powerful positions with his wife also on firm ground politically, the next step is him stepping down. In the couple of days to come, we are likely to hear a whole raft of policy changes from the new Presidium as they try to endear themselves with the populace and win back that lost love and trust. Prepare to hear lots of promises, some that are too good to be real but some that they will strive to fulfill.

Dr Know - 11 December 2014

Someone please explain the main difference between Ministers and Secretaries as announced by the President.

K.B - 11 December 2014

ko inini guys?

chinoz - 11 December 2014

Vana Matuzvi nyararai munozivei, munongowawata mumacomments, nxi mazigwara aya. Budai pachena mutaure zvamunoda. Stand up fo yo ryts, tell them in public kwete kutaura wakahwanda, tibvirei apa!

Citizen - 11 December 2014

no one is perfect. we strive to be perfect give him a chance

annointed - 11 December 2014

This is a team with diplomats and seasoned freedom fighters, not what some idiots once dreamt of , that is the circus party of chematama and fellow clowns. Tongai varume, Zimbabwe is on the right path, and not this drama we once thru with the renowned puppets of the sikalas, bitis etc.

reason - 11 December 2014

Tips for Mnangagwa. 1) while in office wear clothes Mugabe's head that's your uniform, not a suit, 2) have a double sized portrait of the first family, 3) when you want to have sex with your wife ask the president first, 4) if you want to go to the toilet even when away on country business be it Russia, Prussia or Asia, phone the president to ask for permission, whatsoever time it is, 5) if you bump to any to or are greeted by a white person, or saluted by anyone suspected to have been on Mujuru side tell the president, 6) if you think the cyanide was planted by the president's pipe to give you a stillbirth to your new found cosy position, thatniscwhy he kept on postponing the announcement of the presidium and he was the first to know , tell the president. 7)if you want to confess to the nation about Gukurahundi massacres, Solomon Mujuru death, how you made your billions, tell the president................but above all chenjerai hunzvi

Subtitle - 11 December 2014

To Mnangagwa,i say congradulations,to fellow Zimbabweans i say ,lets give him a chance and support him in his efforts for changing the people's lives for the better.Lets we not judge him before he has made a move.To midlanders this is our time of reckoning not kuteerera tumadhara vana Msipa nana Rugare Gumbo vaingorotomoka.

sinyoro - 11 December 2014

Ngwena has all the credential to be the leader and he is not that cruel as perceived by many.ITS ONLY ONLY THAT HE VERY STRICTLY AND VERY LOYAL TO THE PARTY AND COUNTRY.Ngwena is so simple that can be approachable but very ruthless when tackling all his tasks.To me he is the best of all chero MAI Mujuru knows.we can not have a head of state too weak and who make u-turns when facing challenges.Zimbabwe will be better with this man and many will love him.Ivo Mai Mujuru neshamwari dzavo also wanted him to look like bad character and cruel.

givemore - 11 December 2014

Welcome to Gushungo Holdings Pvt Ltd trading as Zimbabwe. Tatove stock in trade ya Gushungo

shepherd mukuze - 11 December 2014

those that wish Ngwena to be President remember that can only be after 2023 otherwise before that he will be accused of plotting to remove his excellence RGM. that will not go down well with Grace she will undress you

hezvoka - 11 December 2014

I remember Gatsi Rusere during our days at the Sunday Times as Columnist for that paper ra Hebert Munangatire. Thanks God kuti uchiri mupenyu hako Gatsi Rusere

Clemence Tashaya - 11 December 2014

The Crocodile has outfoxed Gushungo. Now Gushungo is a member of Munangagwa's faction without knowing. Ngwena is the man in charge.

Armstrong Sandura - 11 December 2014

Subtitle you are a brilliant said it all. Another thing...Jonathan was moved to science from publicity coz his terms of reference are finished. Beware educationalists soon we will have a new minister of education in the cabinet reshuffle. Grace is busy compiling the list of recommended ministers who can lick Mugabe's as... and do nothing. Zhuwao or whatever...sorry hapana chako for now, Chiyangwa once again warasiswa, Mutsvangwa we new you would not make the grade after all your unintelligent rhetoric...politics ny bros. Pasi neZanu, pasi naDisGrace, pasi neCongress, pamberi neMash East. For now vekwaWiri, vanaWasu nemiMakorekore hapana chedu...its a Mash West circus only plus a few dump Ndebeles being used for balance of power

Garikayi - 11 December 2014

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